The Stark Truth: Ethnic replacement, Special Interests, and Feminist Decay

February 23, 2011

Kay S. Hymowitz [sic]

Robert Stark & Mike Conner discuss:

  • Middle East Update: Mubarak flees Cairo and Libya succumbs to violence;
  • Ethnic replacement of Shia in Bahrain by Sunnis, and of Whites in the UK by the Labour Party;
  • Irresponsible, pampered Democratic public sector unions vs. irresponsible, “let’s give tax cuts to the rich” Republican politicians in Wisconsin—who is worse?
  • Kay S. Hymowitz [sic] complains about modern men, who are a logical result of societal demise brought about by her ilk, female hypergamy and the state of modern women.

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One Response to “The Stark Truth: Ethnic replacement, Special Interests, and Feminist Decay”

  1. A German on February 25th, 2011 5:21 pm

    A good analysis you both!

    “fiirst they want a criminal daredevil and then later a boring sloppy couch potato to leech off”

    “I don’t think that’s an Irish name, or an English name – Perhaps German?”

    “Actually I’m not that old, but I think we are running out of time.”

    Very funny show guys, master of irony.
    I also loved the social part of the brioadcast.
    That’s really they core difference between us White Nationalists and those luke warm kosher conservatives.
    We have a social consciesness and a heart for the worker, our kinsmen. We feel responsible and want social justice.
    That’s called CIVITAS.

    Something the kosher conservatives never will understand.