American Dark Age Shadow Conference

February 20, 2011

Daryl Lamont Jenkins

By Matt Parrott

As far as the mainstream media was concerned, the American Renaissance Conference had been canceled. By all outward appearances, the conference had indeed been canceled. Hundreds who had planned to descend on Charlotte to privately and politely have a conversation about race were thwarted. Antifa thug Daryl Lamont Jenkins, anti-White hustler Leonard Zeskind, and the Charlotte Observer rejoiced. They basked in the respect of the small cohort of burned-out hippies and snot-nosed hipsters who showed up to take credit for having silenced their opponents in the only way they know how: intimidation and force.

Meanwhile, in two different hotels in Charlotte, two separate conferences were taking place: a secret conference and a shadow conference. The scheduled speakers were gathered with Jared Taylor of American Renaissance at the “secret conference” to record their speeches for an Internet audience several times greater than the number of people who would have attended. Those videos are being released through NPI TV, the National Policy Institute‘s recently debuted Internet video project.

Jaenelle Antas of Lighthouse LiteratureJaenelle Antas of Lighthouse Literature

A few blocks away, determined supporters of American Renaissance were meeting at a “shadow conference“. This conference, organized by a team effort of grassroots activists spearheaded by Jaenelle Antas’s Lighthouse Literature book store, included dozens of White Advocates and race realists. Some flew from as far as Canada, Wisconsin, and Oregon. Some drove from as far as Texas and Indiana. A few supporters from North Carolina dropped by, as well. Far fewer people were able to attend than wanted to attend, and the enemies of free assembly can go ahead and claim that as a win.

But while they were busy doing what they do best: congratulating one another for being winners, we were busy doing what we need to do: networking and devising winning strategies. Andrew Yeoman of the Bay Area National Anarchists and I stayed up well past midnight the night before the conference comparing notes and brainstorming better ways to coordinate our advocacy initiatives across regional, organizational, and ideological boundaries. Gerald Martin, Reuben Hayat, and I stayed up well past midnight the night after the conference drawing protest signs on the floor of the hotel room for a street demonstration the following day.

Technical issues interfered with our original plan of simulcasting the speeches from the secret conference, so we improvised, delivering our own speeches. Voice of Reason’s very own Paul Fromm, a relentless Canadian free speech activist, was kind enough to deliver two excellent speeches – one on freedom of speech in America and one called “Numbers”, that applied race realism and common sense to some current events. Reuben Hayat, better known online as JewAmongYou, delivered a thought-provoking speech on the distinction between hate and resentment. Andrew Yeoman discussed his beliefs and activities in a very informative Q&A with our attendees.

The American Dark Age Shadow Conference

Paul Fromm (left), Andrew Yeoman (right)

Paul Fromm compares and contrasts the state of free speech in America and in his native Canada. He then discusses its implication for White Advocates.

Reuben Hayat (JewAmongYou) contrasts hate and resentment, contextualizing and validating our frustration.

Andrew Yeoman of the Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA) discusses his National Anarchist philosophy and describes his experiences as a street activist.

Paul Fromm explores the impact of “foreign aid” on Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake, explaining how the unfortunate situation ultimately comes down to the numbers.

We would like to express our appreciation to Kevin Slaughter, who came with an impressive A/V setup and took charge of recording the speeches. We also enjoyed his amusing and provocative take on things both at lunch and at the bar after the conference. Thank you, Richard Smith, author of Religion of Macho, for delivering an interesting speech that we were not able to record. Thank you to the many more who can’t be thanked by name, including the benefactors who helped finance this project and the attendees who purchased books while there. There’s still time to show your support and help Jaenelle pay down the rest of her investment in this project by patronizing her online bookstore.

American Dark Age Shadow Conference
American Dark Age Shadow Conference

It’s satisfying to assemble with comrades who can join you in speaking and hearing the truth. It’s satisfying to defy the enemies of free expression and free association. But it’s important to remember that, for all the fun we had, our work is deadly serious. Our work, that of spreading our ideas, is the first step in a much larger struggle to assure a safe and successful future for ourselves and our future generations. It’s to ensure that our communities are safe to live in and our “leaders” are fighting for us instead of fighting us.

The Anti-Racist Activists would like you to believe that we’re the violent haters, but their death threats against the hotels, their threats against us, and their code of silence when hateful violence is actually committed betrays them. Bearing that in mind, I stopped by Channon Christian’s grave in Knoxville on the way home from the conference, placing a rose on her grave. We dedicate this conference to the legacy of a smart and beautiful young woman whose life was cut tragically short by senseless (but not random) violence. If advocacy efforts inspired by her trials can empower us to stop the epidemic of anti-White violence once and for all, then she will not have died in vain.

Channon Christian
Your Light Will Shine Forever