The Sunic Journal: Interview with Susan Lindauer

February 15, 2011

Susan Lindauer

Susan Lindauer, a former CIA asset and author of the book Extreme Prejudice, was the first non-Arab American indicted under the Patriot Act. She recounts the backstory of the 9-11 terrorist attack and the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq, and how events led to her arrest.

Susan’s book can be found at Amazon (US or UK) and her blog can be found here.

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14 Responses to “The Sunic Journal: Interview with Susan Lindauer”

  1. Joe Rizoli on February 17th, 2011 10:56 pm

    I have listened to a few of Susans interviews by others and here. Suasan is a true American Patriot who really gets it. She understands where The USA really has to distant itself from Israel.
    Her story is spell binding as is her book. She needs to keep telling her story. Her trials and tribulations with the Patriot Act shows the danger that can happen to ANY U.S Citizen. Incredible story. She really is an American hero.

    Joe Rizoli

  2. A German on February 18th, 2011 4:06 am

    Nice pick Dr. Sunic!
    You proved once again that you have a knapp to choose the right guest. Very interesting.

    What Mrs. Lindauer said about the Mossad camera men is totally plausible. It’s really strange that so many “independant” all over NY filmed the impact. These people should play the lottery ;-)

    And this totally explains why there were Israelis on a parking lot dancing. They had an order to document it, did so and rejoiced when it happened, because they knew waht opportunities it would give Israel.

    Vrlo dobar Dr. Sunic!

  3. Akira on February 18th, 2011 4:14 am

    Yeah, great interview with this “ex” spy.

    I for one enjoy — LOL — hearing grown women giggle — LOL LOL — like silly little schoolgirls LOL :) ;) after every question or statement LOL.


  4. Akira on February 18th, 2011 4:22 am

    Jose Padilla (not an Arab) was indicted under the Patriot Act long before Lindauer was tasked with accepting that charge.

    Lindauer: “My status was pretty close to an enemy non-combatant.”

    Pretty close? But no cigar.

    Lindauer: “I got indicted for protesting the War in Iraq.”

    That’s funny. How come millions of others who did the same thing managed to not get arrested?

    Oh, Lindauer writes for the ubiquitous Veterans Today?

    What’s she a veteran of?

    Oh right — The CIA.

  5. Akira on February 18th, 2011 5:03 am

    NYT September 9, 2006:

    “Investigators said she had tried to influence American policy by presenting herself as an agent of Saddam Hussein’s government in early 2003 to Andrew H. Card Jr., then the White House chief of staff, who was described as a distant relative.

    “Judge Mukasey said that for Ms. Lindauer to succeed as an agent of the Iraqi government, she would have had to influence other people. But her mental condition makes that highly unlikely, he said.

    ““The record shows that even lay people recognize that she is seriously disturbed,” Judge Mukasey said in a 35-page ruling


    “Prosecutors said she met with Iraqi intelligence officers at places in Baghdad, including Al Rashid Hotel, in 2002, where she accepted $5,000 in cash.


    At least a half dozen doctors for both the defense and the prosecution have found that Ms. Lindauer suffers from delusions of grandeur and paranoia, which makes her incompetent to stand trial, the judge said. But she refuses to accept the diagnosis or to take medication, he said. One doctor found that Ms. Lindauer had a history of psychotic episodes going back to her childhood, possibly at the age of 7, the judge said. These include her contention that she had gifts of prophecy that allowed her to report 11 bombings before they happened, that she spoke with divine inspiration and that she was an angel.”

    I note that her family tree has a few Moritz’s (common amongst Ashkenazim for “Maurice”) and at least one Jacob (who change his name to Edwin). At least five Salome’s, and a few Ira’s and Hannah’s. The patriarch was Oscar Arthur Moritz Lindauer (1815-1866) who came from Strasbourg with his Parisian wife to New York.

    Susan “LOL” Lindauer’s father was charged with perjury and election fraud in 1999. I wonder if those charges were also conveniently dropped due to mental defect?

    Many Lindauers are Jew (e.g.: Shelley Lindauer, Executive Director of Women of Reform Judaism)

    Perhaps that’s how she can see the future and transform into an angel? Because Jews are closest to some sort of deity?

  6. Mike Conner on February 18th, 2011 7:39 am

    “Prosecutors said she met with Iraqi intelligence officers at places in Baghdad, including Al Rashid Hotel, in 2002, where she accepted $5,000 in cash.

    Many Lindauers are Jew (e.g.: Shelley Lindauer, Executive Director of Women of Reform Judaism)

    Yeah, most people with German last names are actually Jews working on behalf of the likes of Saddam Hussein. Thanks, Akira, for making it all fit together.

  7. johnUK on February 18th, 2011 2:56 pm

    Prior to 9/11 London based security firms like Sakina Security Services were running Islamic terrorist training camps in the US for jihadists to fight in Kosovo, Kashmir and Chechnya working through Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammeds Al-Muhajiroun organisation on behalf of British intelligence.

    Actually I just found this out by accident but there is a Patriot Act terrorist exclusion list.


    Your buddy Mike Piper thinks we should not criticise the “evil moooozlums” who is happy to disclose Jewish conspiracies as long as they involve Israel and exclude Muslims.

  8. Akira on February 18th, 2011 9:59 pm

    Dear Mike,

    Your welcome.

    However, I never said that most people with German names are Jews. I pointed out that her family is rancid with Jew-names, and that the patriarch is from Alsace.

    I don’t like to appear pedantic, and also assume at times that other people are as Jew-wise as I have unfortunately been forced to become.

    Perhaps I should have explained that Alsace was one of the more Jewey parts of France since the “French” revolutionaries forced the territory to readmit Jews (to settle in the homes confiscated from the anti-revjewlutionary Alsations who had been driven out, to Russia and parts east), until the Great Jew-German war of the 1930s and 40s. (And recently it’s been somewhat Jewed again with transplanted Algerian Jews.) And that the Lindauer patriarch crossed the Atlantic at the time when Alsace was at the height of it’s Jew-population.

    The head of Napoleon’s sanhedrin was the chief rabbi of Alsace. Dreyfuss was an Alsation.

    And many of the Jew Lindauers in America trace their origins back to Alsace.

    I didn’t make anything “all fit together”, but just added some possibly relevant details, for the benefit of your colleage Carolyn who wondered aloud (or suggested or surmised — I can’t remember exactly) on her show if the loopy Lindauer was not in fact Jew. Just some trivia that might come in handy someday.

    But thanks for the compliment.

    As for the bird in our sites, did she work for the likes of Saddam? Are you saying she did? Are you just repeating the allegations? I never said she worked for the likes of Saddam.

    My feeling is that she’s an operative or asset for one of the alphabet agencies, tasked with blowing psychedelic smoke all over any serious attempts to investigate 9-11.

    I’m sure she never worked for Saddam or Khadaffi or anyone else like that, even if she did. Even if she did, she wasn’t working for who she was working for. Who knows who she was working for? If she’s as cuckood as the court witch doctors alleged, maybe she’s confused now too about who’s in charge. She’s off the chain, a raggedy ronin in skirts, a Jason Bourne without the killer skills or even anything approaching Damon’s mediocre acting abilities.

    I mentioned the Jew York Times coverage of the charges against her, because they contradict her assertions that she was arrested just because she was anti-war, and that she was charged with being an unregistered foreign agent on the basis of a meal or two.

    As bad as the JYT is, I doubt they list criminal charges laid unless they were true, or they’d be facing lawsuits all over the place.

    And the charges were dropped either because for once the court-appointed jew-voodooists were correct in their diagnosis, or because her handlers thought it would add prestige to her uncover jacket to have briefly been detained, then let go.

    + + +


    Since when was Piperakhim my friend? What? Do we go bowling or sommat?

    If you’re suggesting that Mohammadans are bollock-deep in Jewism, you’re right there! Broken clock, twice a day, etc.

  9. Carolyn on February 19th, 2011 12:00 pm


    I appreciate your comments here. I have the same reservatons about Lindauer, but have not done the research on the name as you have–which you are very good about doing in these instances. I did ask: Is she a Jew?

    First, to clarify–I never mentioned S. Lindauer on my program, The Heretics’ Hour. I did mention her in a comment I made on the program page of Feb. 14. I was basing my views on her article at Veterans Today website *and* her appearance here with Tom and on other recent radio programs.

    I came to the same temporary conclusion as you, that *maybe* this time the U.S. Justice system is telling the truth–she is just loopy, suffering from delusions about her own importance in the scheme of things, and has always had this “defect.” Either that, or she is a plant, but she does seem too stupid and unconvincing for that to be true. However, since so many are falling for her without question, it can be that “they” know that they can just throw anybody “they” have out there without worrying too much about it. That really does seem likely. The purpose being simply to blow smoke around the issue, as you say.

    I think we should continue investigating this woman, and I would hope Dr. Sunic will take a more critical look before recommending her book, praising her unconditionally and having her on again. One thing I question is that with all her good family connections, why was she left to suffer a year of incarceration with no charges against her? Did her family agree that she was “cuckoo”? Were they glad she was “shut up” for awhile? She seems to be completely on her own with no family support. So much in her story doesn’t make sense, which host Sunic seemed to imply at times, but at the end was very gracious and complimentary.

    All in all, I’m glad she was here on VOR so we could get our own look at her. It was a revealing program.

  10. johnUK on February 19th, 2011 6:21 pm


    Since when was Piperakhim my friend? What? Do we go bowling or sommat?

    I could be wrong but I don’t remember you listing Islamic Jones as one of the “disinfo” agents in the comment section?

    If you’re suggesting that Mohammadans are bollock-deep in Jewism, you’re right there! Broken clock, twice a day, etc

    Literally, in fact it was how I discovered about Jewish political and economic influence with Simon Wiesenthal publically urging Bill Clinton to intervene on behalf of Bosnian Muslim jihadists and KLA terrorists with international Jewry, the media and US and European political figures lead by NATO commander Wesley Clark being Jewish using this Holocaust iconography crap to demonize the Serbs.

    U.S. Jews say Shoah lessons justify Kosovo action

    It was Richard Perle that represented the Bosnian delegation at the Dayton peace accords the same government that gave Bin Ladin and the senior 9/11 masterminds Bosnian citizenship and wired money to Atta in New York according to Bosnian TV from Bin Ladins Vienna based Third World Relief Agency (TWRA).

    This is something Mike “Islamic Jones” Piper won’t touch about the Jewish-Muslim alliance.

  11. Mike Conner on February 19th, 2011 8:42 pm

    A couple things…

    @Akira, I generally like your comments, but I think you missed my point here. Either you have good evidence that Lindauer’s family is Jewish, or you don’t. If you don’t, then it’s somewhat pointless to dwell on idle conjecture, or to grasp for straws in Alsace. Reflexively looking for Jews everywhere is both futile and liable to get us perceived as crackpots. Let’s avoid that.

    Secondly, and more on topic, I wish to point out that the value of this interview is found in the fact, if nothing else, that this woman was charged with “acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government”. Given the existence of AIPAC, I find it richy ironic that this person’s feeble attempts to influence US policy could result in serious charges, regardless of the exact nature of Ms. Lindauer’s activities. The fact that Lindauer brings attention to the Patriot Act is also valuable.

  12. A German on February 20th, 2011 12:26 pm

    totally right!

  13. Tim on February 21st, 2011 9:36 pm
  14. Joetx on February 27th, 2011 9:38 pm

    shocked to hear Sunic obfuscate on 911 saying something to the effect that he really didn’t know who did it and didn’t like the conspiracy angle, wow. I think given the evidence with Building 7 you’re either ignorant (and perhaps too lazy to look at the facts), stupid (the truth cant sink in despite what your eyes are showing you) or a combo of a lier/fraud or a coward. So I don’t think Sunic is stupid