The European American Hour: Dr. James Choron, Part One

February 10, 2011

Flag of Texas
Flag of Russia

Tonight’s the European American Hour features Dr. James Choron. Jim was born and raised in Texas of Russian refugees of German heritage. Jim has a graduate degree in Optical Engineering from Texas A&M University.

Jim and Stan discuss Jim’s grandparents’ escape from Russia during the 1905 Russian revolution. His grandparents eventually settled in Texas. Jim’s life migrated back to Russia. This program is part 1 of Jim’s life.

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One Response to “The European American Hour: Dr. James Choron, Part One”

  1. johnUK on February 15th, 2011 10:45 pm

    Good interview, glad it will be covered in 2 parts.

    I hope he discusses Belarus and Siberia in the second part of the interview.

    Not to sure about Gorbachev being an honest man after all the shock therapy economic advisors were trained under his rule in the late 80′s in London, Vienna and Budapest.