Jamie Kelso, Feb. 8, 2011: Cyndi Steele

February 8, 2011

Cyndi Steele, wife of patriot attorney Edgar J. Steele, is Jamie Kelso’s guest on February 8, 2011. Joining Mrs. Steele is her attorney Wesley Hoyt. Mrs. Steele and Mr. Hoyt give listeners the latest news in the attempt by corrupt elements in the government to railroad a lifetime imprisonment for a leading legal defender of our First Amendment rights. Listeners to the Jamie Kelso Show have now heard an unprecedented 12 hours of absolutely conclusive support for her husband’s innocence from the wife who these corrupt elements want America to believe was the target of a murder-for-hire plot that would be laughably funny were not the criminals who have launched it such a dire threat to the remaining freedom and future of all of us. You can learn more at and

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2 Responses to “Jamie Kelso, Feb. 8, 2011: Cyndi Steele”

  1. Expose Them All on February 11th, 2011 8:01 am

    Just downloaded this and look forward to listening on the MP3 as I go about my daily activities. This is such a tragic case, I feel for the Steele family. So sad when our illegal and illegitimate government commits to such atrocities. Thanks Jamie, hoping the best for Mr. & Mrs. Steele as well as their children.

    Also, much thanks and appreciation goes out to Wesley Hoyt as well, you seem like one heck of a guy. Best to you my friend…

  2. A German on February 12th, 2011 8:56 pm

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