The Heretics’ Hour: Disinformation on the Internet, Part One

January 31, 2011


Who are the culprits and why do they do it? Topics include:

  • Purpose of disinformation is to mislead, deceive or confuse;
  • People are put in place to lead all “conspiracy” movements;
  • Alternative Truth and Political Movements are targeted;
  • The myth of the Swastika-Star of David “commemorative coin”;
  • A giveaway sign: consistent false information with no retraction;
  • Examples of false info from two habitual offenders.

12 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 55 min.

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64 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Disinformation on the Internet, Part One”

  1. frank on February 1st, 2011 10:00 pm

    In the early 1990′s Phil Donahue did a show that featured two holocaust realest named Bradley Smith, and a Jewish man named David Cole.These two were on the show with some Jewish college professor. The professor was trying to shoot Smith, and Cole down. When it was pointed out that the stories about the manufacturing of soap, and the production of lamp shades ALL CONSTRUCTED FROM THE BYPRODUCTS OF JEWISH CORPSES WAS ACTIVELY A LIE, the professor brushed it off by saying the soap, and lamp shade stories were an honest “mistake”. He said nothing at all when Cole pointed out that the death numbers on a plack outside one of the camps were lowered to reflect a more real number. Schopenhauer once said that “JEWS ARE THE GREAT MASTERS OF LIES”. How right he was. (FYI The Phil Donahue show from 1994 with Bradley Smith , and David Cole is on youtube)

  2. Whodareswings on February 1st, 2011 10:13 pm

    That was a great show! I agree that all nine of the bloggers and broadcasters mentioned are either dangerously uninformed or disinfo agents with Webster Tarpley being the least show bizzy and most professorial presenter this rogues gallery.
    I’m a subscriber to the Barnes Review and wonder why Jewish neo-Nazi and convicted pedophile Frank Collins and “Gestapo Chief ” (the Heinrich Meuller biography) fraudster Gregory Douglas (aka Peter Stahl ) are published there.

  3. Carolyn on February 2nd, 2011 10:29 am


    Glad you liked the show. As to your questions, I am not the right person to address them to. But, I would say it is just peculiar decisions made by the publisher of the magazine that are the exception rather than the rule.
    People who are interested can read a critical review of “Gestapo Chief” here:

  4. A German on February 2nd, 2011 9:29 pm

    Carolyn I totally understand your anger about this Duff type and the nonsense he writes.
    But at least we know now why he does so, because he’s a jewboy himself!

    It’s absolutely ridiculous that Duff Beer takes this advertising coin as proof for a Nazi-Israel connection.

    The text says:
    “Ein Nazi fährt nach Palästina – und erzählt davon im Angriff”
    “A Nazi travels to Palestine – and reports about it in the Angriff”

    The Angriff was one of the three nationalsocialists newspapers (Angriff, Völkischer Beobachter and Der Stürmer).

    First of all, no Nationalsocialist called himself officially a “Nazi”.
    That was a pejorative term used by Jews and Communists.
    On the party pin there is written:
    =National-Socialist D.A.P.
    D.A.P. stands for Deutsche Arbeiter Partei=German workers’ party

    Nowhere there is written “NAZI” as autonym!

    Only Dr. Joseph Goebbels used “Nazi” sometimes in an ironic way. Like in his early book “A Nazi-Sozi answers”
    He used it, as Prince Charles would say with tongue-in-cheek “Yeah I’m an eeeevil shape shifting Reptilian” and laugh about it.

    In this way Goebbels sometimes used this pejorative term.
    But it never was used by any other Nationalsocialist or any official publication.

    And Duff Beer should think about another detail:
    Why did these “Nazi Zionists” write PALÄSTINA=Palestine on the coin and not Israel?

    The whole issue is laughable.

    I remember my grandpa had coins of 1970 with the pictures of our national football players, like Franz Beckenbauer, for the football world cup in Mexico. Back then everybody could buy those at gas stations.

    If Duff Beer would now find this coin, with a picture of Beckenbauer and “Mexiko” written on it, he would conclude that Germans support the reconquista of Aztlan.

    Duff Beer really would do that, he is so stupid.

    The Nationalsocialists from the beginning on wanted to send the Jews down to Madagascar! Palestine was too near for them.
    And even back then the Nationalsocialists were very passionionate for the Palestinian people, just listen to Adolf Hitlers words:

    And when the war came and all sea routes were closed, they decided to send the Jews, who were potential spies and traitors like in WW1, to the east.
    I write this for all the others especially Duff Beer, Carolyn of course knows these facts.

    Carolyn I love your 10 best… lists! Hahaha
    Very good.
    Totally agree, Jonestown, Marrs invasion, Icke… only Duff Beer has now to go up some postions.
    He’s really nutty enough for the top 5 LOL
    It’s really appropiate that Duff Beer still believes in the Hitler diaries. Hahahaha

    And Carolyn I don’t understand why you quoted Jim Fetzer at the beginning.
    After you were there as a guest, I listened to some of his shows and I’ve to say he’s not only a Beatles fanboy but also a hopeless liberal.
    All his topics are JFK, RFK, MLK and 911, he always goes in circles and always sees an “eeeevil right wing cospiracy” behind everything.
    Do you remember when he told you Leonardo da Vinci was a Jew? LOL And he meant that benevolent! LOL
    He’s really a jew loving hopless liberal idiot.
    I don’t say that he’s an idiot intellectually, but his liberal attitude is totally idiotic.

  5. A German on February 2nd, 2011 9:37 pm

    Hitler calls the Jewish settlers in Palestine “Jewish invaders”.
    And the Palestinians he calls a “freedom loving people”!!!

    Is there still someone who believes in Duffman’s lies and fantasies?

  6. Bob on February 2nd, 2011 11:36 pm

    Almost ignored this article because it appeared at Duff’s website:

    JB Campbell: By Way of Deception

    Apparently he does not have total control there, although some commenters complain of interference.


  7. Bob on February 2nd, 2011 11:37 pm

    LOL … last time I’ll try that here …

  8. A German on February 3rd, 2011 11:29 am

    To grasp the irony of the advertising coin (especially for Duffman),
    it’s like USA Today selling a advertising coin at the news stand, advertising for an article series about North Korea.

    “A Yankee Imperialist travels to North Korea – And reports about it in USA Today”

    On one side the stars sprangled banner, on the other side the Korean communist sign ( hammer and sickle and a caligraphy brush in the center)

    Does that now mean the USA is supporting Korean stone age communism???

    Folks do you get how ridiculous Duffman is?

  9. Carolyn on February 3rd, 2011 11:54 am


    “Apparently he does not have total control there, although some commenters complain of interference.”

    I have posted some comments there that were immediately removed. They were not in bad taste or crude; they just made the point of the writer holding an unteneble, and obvious, position in favor of globalist power.

    The comments go up immediately with no moderation, but then are censored and removed if someone doesn’t like them. That seems to be the process.

    All disinfo people and sites have to have plenty that is not, in order to appear to be “on your side.” This is what fools most people, unfortunately.

  10. johnUK on February 3rd, 2011 3:01 pm

    Wayne Madsen is one of the best intelligence review commentators out there just now.

    I also like Webster Tarpley and some of his his geo-political analysis as well but he is not as good as F. William Engdahl.

  11. Steve F on February 4th, 2011 1:59 am


    “Wayne Madsen is one of the best intelligence review commentators out there just now”

    Yeah, he’s even better than David Icke

    “I also like Webster Tarpley and some of his his geo-political analysis as well but he is not as good as F. William Engdahl”

    Eric Hufschmid beats them both, hands down!
    Hufschmid’s brother-in-law is James Murdoch, the son of Rupert Murdoch, so we KNOW we can trust HIM!

    Wayne Madsen, Webster Tarpley, and F. William Engdahl; the three men I admire most.
    Warriors for the Truth, they are!
    Why, I would trust these men with my life…..uhh…..that is, if I was suicidal!

  12. hosehead on February 4th, 2011 3:59 am

    Carolyn! You’ve hit the nail on the head – once again!

    I’ve long ago stopped listening to any of these disinformation experts. The mentioning of Hilter was simply too obvious, especially for folks like us who do not take the holocaust story with a pich of salt, but who do not take it at all!! Let me hear Jones and co. debunk the holocaust and I’ll tune in to them again. It’s as simply as that, because, the holocaust is, for me (and I’m sure for many others), THE litmus test that opinion makers have to pass

    Keep up the great work!

  13. hosehead on February 4th, 2011 5:59 am

    Just one more thought on the ‘litmus test’ issue I mentioned in my previous comment. I believe that this test is not only a stop/go issue for us in judging public personages, but also for our enemy. Have you noticed how, predictable as clockwork, whenever a debate is held with the Right on TV, holocaust denial is almost immediately brought into question? A great example of this is the interview with Nick Griffin on the BBC’s Newspeak named ‘Question Time’ program. There is no connection at all between the BNP’s political commitment (i.e. resisting the slow genocide of the indigenous white people in the UK) and the holocaust. Yet, 6:45 minutes into the program, the ‘moderator’ (let’s not go into THAT!) brings in Griffin’s ‘holocaust denial’, with the obvious implication that, whoever denies it, is by implication a totally discredited. The moderator knew full-well that for the sheeple this is indeed the case.

    Yet, I think our enemy is sweating because just as the litmus test of ‘holocaust denial’ gets people to think in one direction today, it might very as well, as is indeed the case as more and more people begin to get informed, redirect people’s thoughts in another direction tomorrow. I don’t not want to be in the liars’ shoes when this happens – but I certainly don’t want to miss the inevitable reckoning!

  14. Carolyn on February 4th, 2011 11:54 pm


    What a name! :-) Yes, I have noticed that.

    Adolf Hitler, the holo, WWII — that’s what they have based their entire political dominance on since 1945. That’s why I wanted to do a radio program on just these subjects.

    Those who say we should not talk about this, and even consider it lost ground and let it go, are just wrong, wrong, wrong because as long as the “democracy and diversity” forces hold those cards, they hold the moral high ground. But should they be proven to be falsifying these subjects …. it’s as you say.

  15. Carolyn on February 5th, 2011 12:09 am

    @Steve F

    The thing about Hufschmid is that his *sister* married James Murdoch, he didn’t. I never had any control over what my siblings did, and I didn’t necessarily like who they married. I wouldn’t use that against EH.

    Where did he get all those fantastic photograph from the 9/11 explosions so early? AFAIK, he never explained that. Did he? The other thing against him is that he became Daryl Smith’s webmaster. He’s smarter and makes a lot more sense than Daryl does. He no doubt did a lot for Daryl and that’s why Daryl hung on to him so long. They both like to point the finger at everyone else as an “agent”; that’s something they share.

    I have this idea that he’s still Daryl’s secret webmaster.

  16. johnUK on February 5th, 2011 10:20 am

    @Steve F

    Wayne Madsen, Webster Tarpley, and F. William Engdahl; the three men I admire most.
    Warriors for the Truth, they are!
    Why, I would trust these men with my life…..uhh…..that is, if I was suicidal!

    Explain exactly what you find objectable to their current geo-political analysis in the post 9/11 era?

    Who do you listen to or material you read about current events especially since 9/11?

  17. Carolyn on February 5th, 2011 10:50 am

    @Steve F,

    JohnUKommunist will grab onto any reply he gets in order to keep putting his anti-European views on this website, and keep a dialog of sorts going. Remember that.

  18. Carolyn on February 5th, 2011 11:41 am

    Gordon Duff’s most recent blog is:

    It’s about how the veterans are being treated. Do you think the headline reflects this in a responsible way? Duff’s consistent refrain is that America is rotten and run by fascists. Doesn’t this bring to mind what the Jews/communists were telling the Germans in 1918 when they brought down the monarchy and instituted chaos and communism? They demoralized the army, and demagogued the populace. There were millions of unhappy, good but gullible Germans who fell for it then.

    This whole article has dangerous, exaggerated talk, such as;

    “Americans, after the last election, found their “conservative” center again, part “Tea Party” and part Zionist/Neocon humbug.”
    * * *
    ” Americas debt stands at 15 trillion dollars, all but less than one trillion run up during the “Reaganomic” years”
    * * *
    “When President Obama was elected, by a large enough margin that the Supreme Court couldn’t step in and overthrow the election, though they have discussed it many times, political opponents declared his election “illegitimate.”

    Wild stories spread by conspiracy theorists working for the media, OK, we can really call it Zionist controlled and accept a truth that is inexorable, we are talking Fox, Murdoch, Hannity and the gang, pushed an agenda to convince our military to rebel against the government.

    Some tried, claiming they didn’t have to serve because “TV commentators” told them the President was an illegal alien. Does this sound like sedition or maybe treason? Funny how patriots can change hats when orders from above arrive.

    Now America is in the process of breaking every promise it has ever made to those who have, maybe not always defended America, not a country whose government is a slave to special interest, organized crime and “other” foreign loyalties, but have given and sacrificed more than anyone can imagine.”

    Does this sound garbled? It is! Just who and what is the problem? It’s vague and sinister, but always the “right wing” of which the “all white” Tea Party is the current representative. And note his words that “veterans have sacrificed more than ANYONE CAN IMAGINE.” This kind of extremist talk is typical of him, and reveals he’s not following a logical thought process and cannot defend his propositions with reason. He has used these kind of words before. Something a kid might fall back on.

    This man is dangerous.

  19. Parvus on February 5th, 2011 4:32 pm

    1) the thing about Hitler’s sister or whoever the heck it was working for a Jewish agency in Vienna was in the disinfo fiction book published NYC 1939 under the title “The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler”. And there she was said to be working as a cook not as the administrator!

    2) DBS’s Bradford component is IRC either his biological father’s surname or that of his mother’s second husband who remarried after death on active service of her first husband. Can’t remember which it is but immaterial given I should think there are plenty here who *can* remember the correct version.

    3: Rafiq and Pidcock: it was not clear from your show if you were intending to defer excoriation of these till Part 2 or if innuendo was deemed sufficient. Please amplify reasons for distrust in either event. Just being “English” converts to Islam insufficient IMHO.
    (Rafiq was mentioned by Alexander Baron (mainly Jewish disinfo) on his interview with DBS in 2005 as having visited AB in prison c1996 when on remand, AB acquitted at trial. Wd be interesting to know how they came to meet up. Baron espouses certain monetary reform platforms so maybe that was it).

    History teaches that whilst life was possible for non-Islamics (subject to paying extra taxes sometimes etc) under the Caliphs etc etc., life under the Jew World Order will be that of the compliant donkey (Rabbi Yosef) or death by that fave rave of the French Revolutionary “Operative” or the Bolshevist Judeo-Mongol, beheading. (Nesta Webster refers to the reintroduction of the guillotine in the GDR post-WW2 by some bloody bitch surnamed Benjamin). I don’t promote the Umma, but there is far, far worse under Noahide Heaven which was inflicted in point of legal theory on the USA in 1991(?)

    4. Duff: a field that was “plowed” initially mid 2010 when it came to an examination of his credentials and plausibility:

    5. Money reform is of primary importance. Bill Still seems to have the most practical grasp.

    The rest however well meaning or not is distraction. MCP at it for 30 years but has the world got better?

  20. Steve F on February 5th, 2011 4:41 pm


    “JohnUKommunist will grab onto any reply he gets in order to keep putting his anti-European views on this website, and keep a dialog of sorts going”

    Thanks for the “heads-up”, Trude; but in the interest of fairness, I feel I should answer his/her/its questions.

    @John UK[]:

    “Explain exactly what you find objectable to their current geo-political analysis in the post 9/11 era?”

    Uhh….lemme see……hmm….boy, that’s a tough question….uhh…..oh, OK…..I got it!…..I don’t like the way their names are spelled!

    “Who do you listen to or material you read about current events especially since 9/11?”

    I’m hopelessly devoted to Alan Dershowitz, and Deborah Lipstadt!

  21. Parvus on February 5th, 2011 5:05 pm

    Forgot to add this clear evidence of Webster Tarpley’s shilldom:

    “RE: World Crisis Radio with Webster Tarpley 2011.01.29

    I’m sorry, but I cannot take WebWeaver seriously. He’s in the same groups as Ralph Epperson. For instance, in WT’s show of 1 January 2011 (“World Crisis Radio” FFS!) recorded 31 Dec Tarpley said smirkingly @32:55m after listing various Goyische names of bank officers that it is absurd to associate certain ethnicities with the banking crimes (“if you have theory that some ethnic group dominates the world…”). Well Tarpley these are just the footsoldiers you weaver of disinfo webs! “Oh What A Web We Weave” should make it his business to check out…35&t=13204
    [url clipped, look under TiU Radio]

    TiU Radio – The Raping of Ireland – guest DBS 21st Nov 2010

    “Ognir: closing quiz, DBS give me your answers:

    a) Q: Who is the head of the Bank of England?
    A: Mervyn King.
    b) Q: Who is the head of the Federal Reserve Bank?
    A: Benjamin (Shalom) Bernanke.
    c) Q: Who is the head of the European Central Bank?
    A: Jean-Claude Trichet.
    d) Q: Who is the head of the International Monetary Fund?
    A: Dominic Strauss Kahn {criminal conviction for embezzlement?}
    e) Q: Who is the head of the World Bank?
    A: Robert Zoellick.

    What do the top five bankers in the world have in common? If you’re interested, go to {Well very obviously it’s the Jesuits.} ”
    Bankers names in docx / pdf “

  22. johnUK on February 5th, 2011 5:21 pm


    So basically because they use NAZI references against Israel that seems to be so far your main and only criticism.

    So what! Most commentators and politicians usually reference Hitler, Stalin or Mao when they demonize someone.

    Saddam Hussein was referenced as Hitler and Stalin in the lead up to the Iraq war.

    Serbs and Milosevic were Nazis.

    Putin and is the new Stalin.

    “will grab onto any reply he gets in order to keep putting his anti-European views on this website, and keep a dialog of sorts going. Remember that.


    Yes because became I totally believe what the government and mass media tell us why should I question anything they say.

    Al Qaeda is real and we are facing a global Islamic terrorist threat.

    There is no 9/11 conspiracy.

    Kosovo is a wonderful, democratic country.

    We definitely do not sponsor or support Islamic terrorism.

    And my question was a legitimate one seeing how he was responding to my comment in fact in your program you did not actually mention what on contemporary issues like what is going on just now in Egypt, Iraq and Afghan wars, “war on terror”, etc that they wrote that you find objectionable.

    So who are the people we should read and listen to about current events especially since 9/11?

  23. A German on February 6th, 2011 9:58 am

    Stop insulting Carolyn with “Carolynbaum”!!!
    She’s the best VOR has!
    And works hard for her shows.
    If you don’t like what she says, don’t enter VOR lad!

    We can call you “johnUKommunist” because it’s the truth!
    You yourself admitted that you’re a communist and Stalin fanboy.

    But Carolyn is no Jewess! That’s a harsh insult!
    And you do it again and again.
    You should be banned for that!

    The only thing you contribute to the VOR discussion board is turmoil anyway.

  24. frank on February 6th, 2011 3:40 pm

    A Jewish internet company called 1938 media which is owned by some guy named Feldman had made several internet video’s that tried to make false Holocaust claims. The Feldman family hates all non-Jewish people. He made an awful video aimed at non-Jews in a response to a Jewish woman and her NON -Jewish spouse. The Jewish/GENTILE couple had a funeral for for the husband’s mother. The couple made a youtube that tried to mix both Jewish/ and Non Jewish religious aspects in the funeral. This Feldman produced this ugly video about gentile funerals These people hate everyone.

  25. Steve F on February 6th, 2011 4:52 pm

    Your comment is awaiting moderation

  26. Steve F on February 6th, 2011 4:55 pm


    “JohnUKommunist will grab onto any reply he gets in order to keep putting his anti-European views on this website, and keep a dialog of sorts going”

    Thanks for the “heads-up”, Trude; but in the interest of fairness, I feel I should answer his/her/its questions.

    @John UK[]:

    “Explain exactly what you find objectable to their current geo-political analysis in the post 9/11 era?”

    Uhh….lemme see……hmm….boy, that’s a tough question….uhh…..oh, OK…..I got it!…..I don’t like the way their names are spelled!

    “Who do you listen to or material you read about current events especially since 9/11?”

    I’m hopelessly devoted to Alan Dershowitz, and Deborah Lipstadt!

  27. johnUK on February 6th, 2011 5:48 pm

    @A”SS” German

    We can call you “johnUKommunist” because it’s the truth!

    No it’s not. I am anti-Communist.

    You yourself admitted that you’re a communist and Stalin fanboy

    You made that statement before and you are just lying I never admitted to being a Communist or a Stalin admirer.

    I don’t believe the obvious lie that Stalin killed 20-40 million people prior to WW2 by the mostly Jewish mass media and historians like Pipes, Applebaum, etc. because real unbiased and non-political researchers and historians have done detailed studies and analysis and come to much lower and realistic figures.

  28. Carolyn on February 6th, 2011 8:34 pm

    To all ….. Let’s get back to the program content, shall we.

    Incredible news! This is not a hoax, It came to me from someone on The Information Underground Forum, where “Ognir” seems to be the administrator:

    Re: Daryl Bradford Smith WANTED for attempted MURDER
    by Ognir » Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:05 am

    What are you guys on about, no one hacked my account, Daryl Fucktard tried to kill me last night
    My left leg is fucked up this morning
    I have a gash in my back
    My face is cut in 2 places
    My neck/throat is sore as fuck

    The guy is fuckin nuts and I’ll never work with him again, don’t post his shite here for that matter

    Now just in case anyone thinks this was a drunken fight, let me a sure you it wasn’t

    Directly after being attacked I spoke to Thomas in Sweden, Sullivan from WUFUS, Daryl’s wife Pascale and Rafeeg for over an hour. Ask anyone of those people including Rafeeg if I sounded or acted drunk in anyway.

    That cunt jumped me from behind and if he had had a bottle, knife or gun he’s have used t on me for no reason, he’s completely insane and I feel very sorry for his wife.

    fuck you Daryl ya scumbag

    There are pages of comments on this, if anyone is a member. Wow! I won’t say anymore at the moment.

  29. Akira on February 7th, 2011 11:53 am

    I agree completely with the writer who said that The Hoaxico$t is “the litmus test” regarding anyone who claims to be a “truth-seeker/teller”.

    Anyone interested in dispelling dangerous myths would first take aim at that Hoax. It should be obvious to any sensible person that Nazi persecution of Jews has been massively exaggerated, to say the least.

    + + +

    I think that this whole “Nazi-Zionist Alliance!” scam is so readily believed by many people because:

    (a) we are almost all brainwashed into believing that Nazis and Zionists were completely diametrically opposed; so

    (b) when we discover that Jews had political and financial connections to Nazis,we are usually so surprised — or even shocked — that we are then susceptible to believe anything.

    I had something of the same reaction when I first read books and articles by Sutton, Bremmer, etc. Having been raised to imagine that Nazis went into violent and uncontrollable fits if they were even in the same room as a Jew, it took a while to get around the idea that many of them had no personal animosity towards Jews, but just wanted them to get out of the media (and banking etc) and stop polluting the culture, while others maybe thought they could make some money out of helping Jews move to Palestine, and so on. in other words, life as normal. Some decent behaviour, some corruption.

    I soon realized that the alternate myth (I mean the “Hitler was a Zionist!” myth, versus the “Nazis hated everything about all Jews”) was also ridiculous.

    When we learn more about such things, then we start to realize how brainwashed we have been. And we start to realize that life went on much like normal in the early years of the N.S. regime. The anti-Jewish measures were discriminatory, but less so than the treatment of Christians, Estonians, etc in the USSR, or the race laws in the US at the time.

    We learn that many Americans and Britons had business connections with Germany; and that Nazi Party ideologues were in favour of having Jews emigrate to Palestine, and even promoted measures to have them emigrate there in an orderly fashion.

    In other words, we learn the facts that the world is not black and white, that Nazi Germany was not an absolute dictatorship, and that Germany was a very large, complex, bureaucratic and industrialized state in which many people were involved in all sorts of business and had all sorts of social connections.

    This is twisted by the disinformers into absurd tales of Hitler laughing it up at Rothschild family reunions.

    A rational, objective study of history should, hopefully, lead people to view the Nazi regime as a normal development at that time and place, and not really such a bad place in comparison to many other parts of the world at the time.

    Well, either that, or Hess and Hitler were alien twins conceived in a time-worm with Maimonides as their father and Barbara Streisand as their mother. Could it be? Maybe Rense should look into that…

  30. Akira on February 7th, 2011 12:01 pm

    Have you seen the latest STM lunacy involving DBS and his cuckoo crew?

    This is funny:

    It starts out slow but ends with a real bang!

  31. Akira on February 7th, 2011 12:07 pm

    More chuckles here:


    “News of an Immediate & Urgent Nature:

    “Daryl Bradford Smith WANTED for attempted MURDER”


    These STMs and their hi-jinx are hilarious. I’d love to sit in on one of their script-writing sessions.

  32. Akira on February 7th, 2011 12:28 pm

    I like when the one guy there tries to blame Carolyn Yeager for BS having tried to “murder” Ognir. That’s som effect she must have on these guys!

    I managed to find one account of the evening’s festivities that was relatively free of obscenities.

    Ognir: “That scumbag attacked me from behind without warning and tried to choke me to death. Waking up this morning with cuts on my back, left leg pretty #@%&ed up and a very sore neck/throat #@%&er thrashed my place, broke glass, lamps bottles.”

    Good thing “Veteran” Duff wasn’t there, or he might have thought he was back in “The Nam” and ended up killing everyone in the room.

  33. Carolyn on February 7th, 2011 3:10 pm

    Thanks Akira, for finding the video Ognir made and posted at the forum; someone put it on youtube. The entire site is down now — who’s responsible for that? I read through the entire 11-page thread last night – someone sent it to me.

    It’s amazing this happened right after my program aired. And he was in Ognir’s town to buy silver coins!! After I used the image of the “Nazi silver coin” on this page — the one he has brought up so often to “prove” the “Nazi-Zionist relationship.” Yes, it’s really amazing timing.

    Daryl’s friends were already trying to spin the incident on the last pages of the thread. But he was drinking and everyone admits he’s a violent alcoholic. Some also point out, correctly, that not all alcoholics become violent when drunk; you have to have a violent personality already.

    Only a very few loyalists will stand by Daryl now. This is not the first time he has shown a very ugly picture of himself. Well, one down and …..

  34. Hass on February 7th, 2011 4:08 pm


    The litmus test of yours is very ingenuous and I for one was at first very enthusistic when I heard it.
    I had a healthy laugh when you spoke of Duff’s use of an advertisement gadget as a proof of German-Zionist collaboration (over and above that of which we know, I guess).

    But, on a second thought, I think things are not so cut and dried. It may well be that Alex Jones is a conscious disinfo Trojan horse and he most certainly knows better, cause he’s not dumb.

    But, I suspect that most of the others are probably ignorant or/and are trying to fly under the ADL radar. Some of them may genuinly dislike NS Germany. After all, it was a dictatorship and many millions perished in WW2 (even David Irving now admits that up to 4 million Jews might die of unnatural causes in wartime).

    Now, I will try to get your blood pressure back down: I am aware that it was not Germany who instigated the War and I know of the typhus, bombed transportation etc. I also know that Germans showed an unusual composure in the face of the open Jewish agression from 1933 on.
    Some people are ignorant of these facts or had family members on the other end of a MP40.

    I, for one consider Madsen, Tarpley and even Engdahl to be valuable sources of information despite their leftist tendencies. Madsen, particularly, produces a lot of original newsworthy material, not just editorials and comments like most others. And these three men do not excel in using Adolf Hitler’s name in vain, as far as I recollect.

    But, these reservations aside, I think your test is very useful and I will certainly have it in mind. And, generally, I thank you for taking up the topic of disinformation. It is a very important one, particularly these days where there is so much garbage put out on the web.

  35. Steve F on February 7th, 2011 8:10 pm


    “JohnUKommunist will grab onto any reply he gets in order to keep putting his anti-European views on this website, and keep a dialog of sorts going”

    Thanks for the “heads-up”, Trude; but in the interest of fairness, I feel I should answer his/her/its questions.

    @John UKhazar:

    “Explain exactly what you find objectable to their current geo-political analysis in the post 9/11 era?”

    Uhh….lemme see……hmm….boy, that’s a tough question….uhh…..oh, OK…..I got it!…..I don’t like the way their names are spelled!

    “Who do you listen to or material you read about current events especially since 9/11?”

    I’m hopelessly devoted to Alan Dershowitz, and Deborah Lipstadt!

  36. johnUK on February 7th, 2011 9:07 pm

    @Steve F

    Uhh….lemme see……hmm….boy, that’s a tough question….uhh…..oh, OK…..I got it!…..I don’t like the way their names are spelled!

    You don’t actually know do you?

    I’m hopelessly devoted to Alan Dershowitz, and Deborah Lipstadt!

    Good to know that’s who you base your opinions on, no wonder you don’t like Masden, Tarpley and Engdahl.

  37. A German on February 8th, 2011 10:45 am

    Over one week and we only get Carolyn’s show?
    Why is everything so messed uo here?
    Where’s Mishko???

  38. Parvus on February 8th, 2011 3:15 pm

    Just ignoring the DBS/Ognir distraction circus for a millisecond, here are some book references on the SUBJECT of this podcast so far as relating to the argued financing/other involvement of the USA and specifically, the Wall Street Jewish banking houses in supporting Hitler (in at least the initial stages):

    (a) Anon–”The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler” (1939). [fiction/faction/distraction]
    (b) Hennecke Kardel–”Adolf Hitler: Founder Of Israel — Israel in War – With Jews” (1997) [Nazis were Jews behind founding of Israel].
    (c) Nexus Magazine–”Fabricating The Death Of Adolf Hitler” (2007).
    (d) G.G.Preparata–”Conjuring Hitler” (2005).
    (e) Antony C. Sutton–”Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” (1976).
    (f) Sidney Warburg–”Hitler’s Secret Backers” (1933).
    (g) W.W.C.–”Hitler’s Salad Days” (page 44 et seq of “Living Age Magazine”, September 1933, extracted from “The New Statesman and Nation”, ‘London Independent [sic] Weekly of the Left’.
    (h) Hitler’s family tree at Source?
    (i) Passage in “The Pirates of Finance: The Story Of A Great Conspracy” (1947) by Stanley F. Allen, F.C.A. (Aust.):

    He was very much responsible for the ill-advised return to the gold standard in the 30′s. …
    He went so far as to allow London to over-lend to Nazi Germany and did not exert his influence, as the Bank of England’s Governor, to reduce the enormous German Bank debt.
    In 1939 he even provided a loan of £50,000,000 to Hitler, and when explaining said: “We will have to give Germany a loan of 50 million. We may never be paid back, but it will be a less loss than the fall of Nazism.”
    He pursued a serious policy of financial appeasement to the Nazis right up to the beginning of the war. Even when war started, he strongly opposed a policy of effective exchange control.”

    Allen, specifically, is plausible in “casting aspersions” about Montague Norman and his funding the Nazis because his line is consistent with the fact that Arthur Swan, author of “The Other Road To Freedom”, claimed (per David Pidcock) his WW2 imprisonment for refusing to fight etc was because the Bank of England itself had financed Hitler’s Nazis and their war preparations!

    (j) Edwin Black: IBM And The Holocaust (2001).
    (k) Harold James: The Deutsche Bank And The Nazi Economic War Against The Jews (2001) [pro-Jew but has potential background information]


    Strange Death of Adolf Hitler:

    “But yes,” Captain Roehm proceeded. “Now from such
    a family, imbeciles and geniuses come. There is a halfbrother
    by the first wife, long a waiter, and now a restaurant-
    keeper in Berlin. His [whose? the half-brother's or Hitler's [did he have one??]] sister, Angela, was a cook in
    a Charity Hall for Jewish Students in Vienna: to such
    degradation do these foul parasites force the women of our
    race! The Leader has made her his housekeeper; her daughter—
    the mother is Frau Raupel—was the one woman
    since his mother that the Leader loved and wholly tolerated.
    Adolf himself had a full brother, who died in infancy,
    and a sister, unmarried, still living in Vienna.

    Current dayZionist/Jew backing of the “far right” – a soupcon:
    Zionist financing of European “nationalist” movements agitating against the local Moslem populations:
    The English so-called “Right-wing” political anti-immigrant/Muslim party the EDL / English Defence League:
    see @07:48mins, Disc 3 of “7/7: The Big Picture–full edition with extras” video package where it is stated the EDL is funded mainly by one ALAN LAKE (“pro-Zionist businessman”) who lives in leafy Highgate in north London, England (code words for Jewish area; cue: picture of working class Brits holding up an Israeli flag FFS!).

    Particularly after WW2, Organised Jewry agitated for the admission into the UK of large numbers of immigrants from alien cultures without the support of anything approaching a popular mandate and in retrospect this seems nothing less than laying the ground for a classic Jewish engineering of conflict between its opponents, this time between the Muslim and Christian communities. (self-explanatory, the lowdown on Jone$’s rise and rise) (about Christopher Bollyn etc) (alternative media gatekeepers)

  39. Parvus on February 8th, 2011 3:18 pm

    the url stripped from my post here was (add back in the dots and remove spaces) –

    www jrbooksonline com / PDFs / hitler_family_tree00.pdf

  40. hipster on February 8th, 2011 6:00 pm

    A German:

    Over one week and we only get Carolyn’s show?
    Why is everything so messed uo here?
    Where’s Mishko???”

    Wondering the same thing. Is it lack of funding? Is it stupid infighting?

    I truly hope this project doesn’t fail.

    It would be nice if anyone in the know could write what’s happening.

  41. Steve F on February 9th, 2011 4:28 pm


    “Where did he(Eric Hufschmid) get all those fantastic photograph from the 9/11 explosions so early?”

    Eric Hufschmid said:

    “I gathered all of the information I needed from the Internet by sitting in my spare bedroom with my computer and a modem. However, not all of the photos were free. I had to pay for the photos from Associated Press, Reuters, and Corbis, but I purchased and downloaded those photos while sitting in my spare bedroom”

    “I paid the printer to produce the book with my savings, and I paid for the photos with my savings”

    “I paid somewhere around $5000 for the photos and about $25,000 to print the book”

  42. Carolyn on February 9th, 2011 10:21 pm


    Wayne Madsen and Webster Tarpley are not dumb either. I did not ever mention Engdahl; someone else did.

    I you like to get your information from communists, and think you can select the good from the bad, go ahead. Why not tell us some “newsworthy” information that comes from Madsen that has been worth anything. He says nothing but the obvious, as far as I have heard. Do you pay for a subscription to his “reports?”

  43. Carolyn on February 9th, 2011 10:31 pm

    @Steve F,

    haha, yes it just doesn’t sound convincing, does it? No one believes that, except DBS did, for awhile. NOT. Who would ever believe that Daryl Smith was just an innocent truth-seeker who was fooled and used by those two smarties, Hufschmid and Bollyn?

    DBS was always a foul-mouthed bully, an addict and a con-artist. Maybe Hufschmid was supposed to be his “handler.” Smith, however, is very hard to handle.

  44. Steve F on February 9th, 2011 11:30 pm

    In the 911 Truth Movement, Jim Hoffman, David Chandler, and Jonathan Cole are disinfo agents.

  45. nomik on February 10th, 2011 12:16 am

    Wait a minute. Ognir and company are now calling anyone who wants DBS’ side of the story (which would necessarily come out in an objective police report) a “Jew-tard” or Jew shill… very adolescent behavior. I’ve never cared for the TIU site, it’s full of this type of adolescent crap and a fair amount of misogyny (an asshat who calls himself Christopher Marlowe comes to mind there)

    Ognir – Is that raspy voice of his due to smoking (another clue to addiction, as addicts tend to have multiple addictions) – also the liberal use by both these characters of vulgarity would also point to the possibility that both are alcholics. Ognir’s statement (I didn’t sound drunk when I called Rafeeq, etc) , well, most drunks can hold a LOT of liquor and still sound sober. I do studies on addiction, and trust me, everyone in this party of three should be under suspicion. Why weren’t the cops called earlier? Addicts – you cant trust any of them to tell the truth, but to try to supress the other side? Well, I’ve got a problem with that.

    I have never been happy with a lot of people in the so called truther movement – many, like Makow, seem to have alcohol issues (I will add David Duke to that list as well).

    On another note,

    Calling DBS on the carpet for having a disclaimer on his site as if it’s the equivalent of singing the Internationale is a little silly – I would say it’s more of an attempt to diffuse “hate crime” accusations.

  46. Steve F on February 10th, 2011 12:42 am

    According to Eric Hufschmid, the following people are “Zionist Agents”:

    Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Fredrick Toben, Mark Farrell, Mike Piper, Frank Whalen, Willis Carto, William Rodriguez, Frank Weltner, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Ingrid Rimland(Zundel), Carlos Porter, and Mahmouid Ahmadinejad.

    Ahmadinejad is another Hitler, and like Hitler, Ahmadinejad is a Jew!

    Things are really starting to make sense now, but I can’t figure out why Hufschmid left out Sylvia Stolz, and Horst Mahler.
    I can understand him leaving out Francois Duprat, because he’s been dead a long time, but I thought everyone knew that Sylvia Stolz was a Zionist Agent!

  47. Hass on February 10th, 2011 1:47 am

    @ Carolyn,
    Without the benefit of having listened to your second part, I am piqued by your naming both gentlemen communists. My appetite to hear you talk about them is definitely whetted.

    I must confess that I haven’t done due diligence and checked their background. All I know about Tarpley is that he has a degree in, I believe, history and Italian literature, has done research on terrorism in W. Europe and was a member of LaRouche “movimento”. I even asked L. LaRouche about the background of Tarpley’s ouster but haven’t got any sensible answer.
    Wayne Madsen, former Navy Intelligence officer, a good investigative journalist. In recent months very vocal and unequivocal about the inordinate organized Jewish influence. He actually travels around the country and investigates on the spot.

    Off the top of my head, he reported important facts about circumstances around the explosion of the oil platform in the Mex. Gulf, to include finding the actual mud logs, interviews with workers who witnessed the explosion. He investigated Obama’s (and Rahm’s) mob and gay connections in Chicago.
    Before my time he investigated circumstances of Clinton-Levinsky scandal and the role of Israel lobby. Reportedly, the Clintons read his articles and agreed with his findings.

    No, I do not buy his reports but I listen to his weekly broadcasts at RBN.

    Tarpley’s interpretation of riots in Cairo are in absolute agreement with those of my Egyptian colleague, so here I have a good corroboration of his findings.

    I am looking forward to hearing your 2nd part.

  48. Akira on February 10th, 2011 3:23 am

    Re the comments from “Parvus”:

    First of all I’d take anything from some named Parvus with a healthy dose of skepticism, Parvus being the code-name of the Jew Mason Gelfhand/Helphand, who worked with Jew-run German intelligence services arming Jews in the East and “Young Turks” (Jews & Masons).

    Anyway, the bigger point is what I brought up before:

    – Germany was and is the most heavily populated Country in Central and Western Europe.

    – Germany was and is an industrial power-house and a world-center in banking, industry, academia and the media.

    Therefore, obviously many, many people were involved in all sorts of financial dealings (shady and legit) in Germany. Many were profiting off the post-Versailles destruction of Germany. Others (or even the same one involved in the destruction) hoped to cash in on Nazi Germany’s rise under Nazi leadership. Others hoped to sabotage it. Some supported Hitler, others hated him, others were only interested in investment.

    The bottom line is that: It was almost all just Business-As-Usual.

    Because we are almost all brainwashed into not seeing Nazi Germany as a natural development (not inevitable, but one of many possible and historically rational developments), and because we are conditioned to view it anachronistically, with everything seen through the Jew filter and in terms of “The Holocaust!”, then we tend to be shocked to discover connections between various historical figures and Nazis, or to find out that even prominent Jews may have been involved in supporting few aspects of Nazi Germany.

    In fact, almost all this info is very distorted, but even if so (even if some Jews invested in Nazi Germany) — so what? They are well-known to take an interest in Profit.

    These arguments are like if you find out that some Palestinians are making money investing in the Jew-State in Occupied Palestine, and then saying, “Wow! Palestinian Arabs tricked Jews into taking over Palestine, just to take advantage of them.”

    Also, even if certain (few) globalists in the US and the UK somehow supported ‘The RIse of Hitler’ — again: So What? They could very well have hoped that Hitler would prove disastrous for Germans. Or they needed a strong Germany in order to have a believable “threat” to “justify” pushing for yet another world war, so they would have an excuse to create a United Europe and a ‘United Nations’ (which is what “The Allies” were actually referred to as during the war.)

    Whatever their motivation was, it doesn’t mean that Hitler’s aspirations were the same as those of any person who ever invested in Nazi Germany.

    Promoting such thinking is yet another Jew M.O. — which we can see when some KKK/”Neo-Nazi” group (probably some FBI front group anyway) donates to some Republican or “Right-Wing Democrat”, and the Jew Media starts squealing and bitching until the target politician has to go grovelling to the press and assure everyone that he’s returned the investment and that he is “in no way a racist or an anti-Semite!” For good measure, the targeted politicians usually also have to support increased funding for Hoaxico$ “Museums” and other Jew-brainwashing ventures, and assure everyone that they are slaves of the Jew-State.

    + + +

    The people Carolyn discussed mostly take fairly mundane events, and how in all sorts of speculation and fiction, and then come out with mega-absurd exaggerations and complete nonsense.

    + + +

    I doubt that Icke is crazy. But whether he’s crazy or playing a game, either way he talks $&!#. Either way, the effect is the same.

    The idea that Icke could be some sort of “truth-teller” is itself madness. And the effect that he’s a guest on BBC shows by the likes of Russell Brand and Jonafan Woss confirm that he’s an establishment operative.

    Perhaps some people remember David Shaylar, the “ex” British spy, who showed up all over the UK TV and Press in the years after 2001.09.11, talking about all his “insider information”, assuring everyone that 9/11 was an insider job — and then became a “woman” and said he was “Christ” and communed with aliens. And the dummies scratched their heads and wondered how their “movement” had gone off the rails, as if that wasn’t Shaylar’s mission all along.

    Jones, like Hagee, seems to be just a plain old whore, who will say and do anything in order to become rich and have some sort of following.

    Tarpley et al seem to be ideologically driven. It’s hard to get a good take on him, because unlike people like Jones, DBS, Shaminski, Tarpley doesn’t talk complete nonsense (e.g.: “Katarina de Midici married Charlmagne and they invested in Cromwell…”) But everything Tarpley says is suspect to start with (since he’s a Commie, a “former” (?) LaRouchite), and ultimately worthless anyway, since any sensible person would very quickly disassociate themselves from the likes of Jones.

    Duff, Madsen, O’Keefe et al seem to be mostly following instructions.

    + + +

    Scott Ritter the “great anti-war hero” was another plant, I would say, designed to saboatage ani-war movements.

    Ritter: “I see no difference between the invasion of Iraq and the invasion of Poland in 1939.”

    + + +

    Wayne Madsen, in “Bush and Hitler – Compare and Contrast” (Counterpunch, January 2003)

    “Adolf Hitler would be proud that an American President is emulating him in so many ways.” etc etc.

    Yeah, I’m sure hes so proud…

  49. Akira on February 10th, 2011 3:49 am

    Another thing about O’Keefe (just like that idiot who’s always SHOUTING at Ugly Glenn’s operation) is that his awful English, his atrocious grammar and spelling, are most likely designed to make everything he writes appear idiotic. Of course his rabid man-crush fans (“oooh, he could kill me with his bare hands … that’s hawt!”) see such functional illiteracy as some sort of evidence of his “authenticity”, and moan, “Ah jest cain’t quit yoo Keefe!”

    From: America’s Son turned “Enemy Combatant” by O’Keefe, which is his attempt to get his readers to officially declare themselves as Enemy combatants of the US, so Homeland Security could then take them out. The same tactic was used in Mao’s “100 FLowers” campaign, and the various Soviet self-criticism movements, in which they were also punished if they didn’t criticise Communist officials, and then were arrested after “going too far” in their criticisms:


    America’s Son turned “Enemy Combatant”
    by Ken O’Keefe

    Foreword; My writings reflect the understanding that humanities chosen course of ecological destruction is the essence of ignorance, wholly unsustainable and akin to collective suicide. Worse yet, humanity is additionally seriously flirting with total global nuclear annihilation via World War III. To my mind our very survival is at stake and the status quo is as good as a death sentence for all life as we know it. Those who believe otherwise will likely find my writing “extreme” and/or “offensive.” I make no apologies. Those who think similarly will know that my words are a sincere and passionate call for direct action demanding sanity, justice and world peace… Now! – K.N. O’Keefe


    Wake up world [...] unless you are a passionless robot slave, its coming you’re way as well. Can you say “New World Order.”

    With rare exceptions, I charge America’s so-called “democratically elected leaders” throughout the 20th and 21st Centuries with high treason, understanding that ignorance of a crime and complicity with a crime is no defense.

    “If the Nuremberg laws were applied today, then every Post-War American president would have to be hanged.” – Noam Chomsky

    I say loud and clear to the American people, your Constitution, the “Pride of America,” is now all but dead and buried. You have your “leaders” (more correctly identified as traitorous puppets), your apathy (otherwise known as “economic prosperity”) and your ignorance (self imposed denial induced by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and just plain BS) to thank for that. Can you say “Martial Law”?


    Just like the “decent Germans” who did little to nothing to stop Hitler, most American’s are likewise shaming themselves with their 21st Century Nazis. Yes I am comparing Bush and his clan to Hitler. Chancellor Bush and President Hitler, manipulators of World War and “Masters of Death,” only worse this time around, as long as our fears and ignorance continue to shut out our hearts and minds.


    “Comfortably Numb in America,” like a bear waking up from hibernation to find a roaring wildfire surrounding him. What should he do? How about waking up sooner!


    As for the Constitution; it would be more useful in its current state as toilet paper, yet it is effectively paraded in front of the “sheeple” for show trials like O.J. Simpson and Enron. But if your not O.J. Simpson or a multi millionaire executive in front of a national television audience, you can forget about the Constitution. How would I know? Because I am not a robot, I think for myself, plus I have experienced and documented violations of Article I, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, & XIV of the Bill of Rights firsthand. Don’t know what those rights are? If you’re an American perhaps you should? Maybe I learned it because I skipped my Flag Waving 101/How to be an “American Hero” class?


    I have relinquished my U.S. passport to the U.S. Government twice and have had it returned to me twice and was therefore compelled to burn it. This was necessary to make clear that I am not a U.S. citizen; furthermore I am not the property of the United States, despite the fact that the State Department essentially claims me as such.

    [Note that he still is by US law a US Citizen. He keeps saying he's not, because he burned his passport, which is ridiculous. -- Akira]


    I am openly ‘hostile’ to the United States Government at virtually every level, especially environmental and foreign policy, and I have publicly called for revolution. Yes I said revolution, look up the definition if you don’t already know it. Better yet, read about Gandhi [a Mason -- Akira] , the “Greatest Revolutionary of the 20th Century.” In addition I fully intend to contribute to the mortal blow that will ultimately destroy this government of traitors to humanity once and for all (albeit through lawful, peaceful means). As such, according to the legal definitions recognized in U.S. law, I am an ‘antagonist’ and I am definitely an ‘enemy’ of all agents, governments and nations that perpetuate the status quo of global injustice and tyranny.


    Add to that the fact that I am a ‘Seditious Conspirator’ (according to the United States perspective) with an absolute commitment to getting the U.S. Government and Military out of Hawaii by supporting the true Hawaiian Government


    No matter what I will talk with and associate with any and all people I choose, no matter how the United States Government or its lap dogs labels them. The fact is that I want to hear firsthand what the enemies of the U.S. feel, some may be completely mad with hatred, others I am sure will be level-headed and truly interested in justice and peace. But if I am to be falsely labeled (because I seek to understand) as a “terrorist” by the “Greatest Terrorist,” is in many ways an honor.


    The “Founding Fathers” themselves, America’s Greatest Patriots, were (according to the British Empire) nothing more than violent “traitors,” the 17th Century equivalent of today’s “terrorists.” If there was a King Bush at that time you can rest assured he would have murdered every last one of them had he the chance. Today’s King Bush is doing just that, seeking out America’s best and brightest and finding ways to eliminate them. So as a U.S. target I am in the company of those I respect most; Malcolm X, Huey Newton, the Black Panthers, Leonard Peltier, Alicia Rodriguez and all Puerto Rican Independence Warriors, Sitting Bull, Geronimo, the American Indian Movement (AIM), Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Earth First, and so many more that most have never heard of.


    I urge all who resist (once again), to hit your enemies at their greatest weaknesses; Truth, Non-Violence and Law. When these strategies are met with apathy or hostility thereby failing to prevent further injuries (as they all too often do), then property destruction that hits at the heart of the most powerful (without killing people) is in my mind strategically very useful and wise. This is the same strategy employed by Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress.



    I have a lot of sympathy for Palestinians, especially the children, but they are incredibly stupid, always allying themselves with the worst “friends”, getting sucked into every Jew con, widely supporting stupid things like aircraft hijackings, spouting all the “We are treated just like the poor Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto!” nonsense, and so on.

    The fact that Fatah and Hams officials as well as other prominent Palestinians think that O’Keefe is their friend just confirms how stupid so many Palestinians are. (But to be fair: they’re in a very desperate situation). Not as dumb as Americans of course, who do nothing to overthrow these filthy Jews who pump swill into their minds day after day in the US (i.e. Jew) Media.

    They (Palestinians) should apply the “litmus test” mentioned above:

    They should tell anyone talking rubbish about “The Holocaust” and “Gaza is like Auschwitz” should be told to take a hike.

    [Atzmon, btw, as far as I'm aware, only brings up Nazi analogies in order to say something like: "However bad the Nazis were or may have been, the Jews in Palestine are WORSE, since at least the Nazis were sincere, and were fighting for their real homeland, and weren't just out to make a profit, and didn't depend on others for support..." etc]

  50. Akira on February 10th, 2011 4:09 am

    Hawaiian-Palestinian citizen Krazy Ken O’Keefe:

    “I would have been willing to die in fighting the Nazi’s, as did countless Americans, Europeans and others”

    Translation: “My greatest regret is that I have only one life to give for Jewry. You too would die a noble death if you fell on the battlefield in defense of Jew principles. It is sweet and fitting to die for ‘the good Jews’, like Chomsky. Not enough goyim died in The Big One, WWII — O that was The Good War…” et cetera.

  51. Hass on February 10th, 2011 5:15 pm


    You know what? Your writings make a lot of sense to me. But please understand that people in this country have been condition to view NS Germany and AH as absolute EVIL that many can’t mentally resist to use the cliché or simply don’t know better, which of course betrays mediocre intellect. Or at least – a lazy, uninquisitive intellect. It took me some time myself to come to the weltanschauung which is somehow comparable with yours and Carolyn’s (sorry Carolyn) a couple of years and lot of research.

    Some people may just use the Nazi scarecrow per kneejerk or knowing that hte American public is conditioned, without considering the broader implications.

    Of course, greater minds like Gilad Atzmon with whom I had pleasure corresponding, sees thru this all and doesn’t make the mistake. The same, strangely, Bro Nathanale who is holier than Thou when we talk Hitler. Still, I believe he is authentic.

    Which reminds me of two quotes from the man whom I really really admire, David Irving (at the moment writing his Himmler biography and the 3rd Churchill volume) who said that Hitler was before his ascendance largely financed Berlin’s two biggest Jewish bankers. Questioned wh? he said: “Hitler took money form everybody stupid enough to give it to him”.
    The same did Lenin and Trotsky. The question is always: who is fooling whom. The one with a better plan and who is smarter is likely to get more from such transactions, I think.

    I will be repeating myself here, but Irving’s most recent assessment of dead Jews because of WW2 is up to 4 million. Which is more than the average revisionist thinks. That is because Irving has seen many reports of massacres in the East.

    Ugly things happen in wartime, when you gather lots of humanity in artificial enclosures, when lots of hatreds and fears are unleashed. Hitler knew probably less than you and me what happened in his name. The Himmler book will contain the actual breakdown of death numbers, my sources close to, very close to Mr. Irving told me.

  52. Carolyn on February 10th, 2011 7:50 pm


    Ken O’Keefe is truly an imbecile. I didn’t know he used the Hitler allusions so often. He and Gordon seem to be close buddies.

  53. Carolyn on February 10th, 2011 8:05 pm


    I think you are perhaps the victim of a public relations campaign to prepare a good reception for Irving’s book on Himmler.

  54. Hass on February 10th, 2011 8:18 pm

    You are a real investigative genius, not that whimper of Madsen! You have got me here.

    But: as I mentioned to you, there is some interesting from Kinky Balloon on Tarpley here:

    Mike is warning everybody against the Khazar King Balloon, who shall we believe?

  55. nomik on February 12th, 2011 1:58 pm

    Re the following radio show, which partly goes into the Ognir – Smith debacle:

    This sounds plausible – there is no reason to NOT contact the police, unless Ognir was ALSO drunk and disorderly. Both have a drinking problem, IMO.

    If someone tried to kill me, and I was stone cold sober, as Ognir claims he was, the FIRST people to be contacted would have been the cops. He waited far too long, and now his minions (or maybe his alter egos?) are telling him on his forum not to contact the police.

    It’s like Dr. Phil says, those with nothing to hide, hide nothing.

  56. Akira on February 15th, 2011 8:02 am


    “Ken O’Keefe is truly an imbecile.”

    Either that or a good actor. I guess they’re well-trained though (no wonder all those acting coaches are Jew….)

    The other thing about these people is that they end up on CNN, BBC, FOX, RT (which is looking more dodgy all the time).

    Remember Bollyn was the first prominent “Troofer” to get a major Jew media profile? When he appeared on Prime Time CNN on a Jew show (I know, they all are, but I mean the host was too. Was it the Jew Blitzer.) Then they cut to some old Jew moaning about the Hoaxico$t and how outraged he was, and a Black man and a Black woman yapping about how incredible it is that people can believe such “crazy talk”. Then Bollyn got masses of followers by claiming he’d been messed over by CNN. And they didn’t think, “Wait a minute — how’d this guy end up on CNN in the first place?” Like CNN really wants to know the truth about anything.

    But the people who end up in jail don’t get screen time. They’ll talk to convicted pedophiles, killers, rapists, terrorists on Talmud-Vision, but they don’t want to get Michael Hoffman on and even ask him, “How can you write such a terrible book!?” Too much danger that viewers night have a spark lit in their dim minds.

    D. Duke was on CNN too of course, but then he’s ran in elections, he’s well-known already. And they thought he’d be a good whipping boy, but he made Blitzer look like (“look like”?) a shill, so no invite back (as far as I’m aware).

    Shayler, Icke, O’Keefe — they’ve all been given prime time BBC and ITV soapboxes.

    Tarpley, Madsen and Atzmon are the “go-to” guys at “the opposition station” RT.

    As soon as I saw O’Keefe on the BBC going on about MLK, Gandhi, Mandela, Chomsky, etc. I thought, “CIA?” “Mossad?” Who’s his boss?

  57. Akira on February 15th, 2011 8:15 am


    Re: “please understand that people in this country have been condition to view NS Germany and AH as absolute EVIL”

    I know. Me too. I always thought the whole emphasis on THE HOLOCAUST to the exclusion of other people’s sufferings was bizarre, and figured the munbers must be exaggerated a bit (since that’s human nature) but I still accepted that “of course” millions were murdered and so many gassed and so on.

    It seemed madness to me that people could lie about such things, or that “respected” reporters and historians and so on could go along with such a massive lie. But that because I didn’t understand the real nature of Jewism, Jews, Jewry, Jew-think, and their modi operandi.

    But if it hadn’t been for people Faurisson or Duke or Irving just saying straight out “the Jews stole Palestine — end of story”, “Jews control America”, “the US presidency is decided by the media, which is Jew, and he candidates are bankers pawns, and the bankers are Jew”, or “there were no gas chamber mass murders — it’s a fabrication” “Hitler was a better human being than Stalin or Roosevelt”, “the Talmud is filth, Anti-Christ, Satanic” etc — saying such things so forthrightly, so I had to start investigating things I thought I already knew — if I hadn’t had those examples, then I would probably still going around saying, “of course most Jews are very decent people”, “it’s the fake Jews that are the problem”, and all the other nonsense and equivocations that so many people spout.

    So I’m all for shocking people out of their stupor.

  58. Hass on February 15th, 2011 1:23 pm


    I do not even remember when my real education started.
    Can be that the first impulse in my head came out of the realization that Jews I knew (and I knew and socialize with many) were different. Difficult to describe in which way but different. More intense and emotional, above all.

    Then, I couldn’t understand what kind of quarrel AH had with them. So I have read “Mein Kampf”. And then the avalanche started. You are absolutely right in that the authors who shoot straight shaped me the most. They are indispensable. I would also mention people like Kevin MacDonald, Revilo Oliver, William Pierce and William B. Fox who provide theoretical background for what is going on.

    However, some people who avoid the basic stuff are useful in providing current facts but one has to be very careful and be aware of their bias which is often semi-conscious..

    Today I listened to Tarpley’s analysis of Egyptian revolt-coup and things made sense. I knew he would avoid analysis of the Israeli role and he did. This part I will have to find somewhere else. The problem is that information is scattered and one is compelled to go to different sources. Heck, I often read NYT and Haaretz.

    We simply do not have one, reliable source of info about everything. A kind of “AlterNYT”.

    But all those conformists or cowards muddy the water for people who are just breaking out of the matrix and need fresh, clean truth instead of half truths and fables about reptilians. On the other side, shocking people carries the risk of radicalization and may scare off people from the other side who would want to join our side but will be afraid of getting rejected or worse, eventually.

    To sum up: straight shooters are indispensable in, as you say, shocking people out of their stupor. But shooting straight needs to be very accurate and responsible, which Mike Piper embodies for me.
    All those half-truthers are sometimes useful and I can’t avoid them altogether but there’s definitely a great deal of damage done by the likes of Alex Jones and Tarpley.

  59. Hass on February 16th, 2011 2:58 pm


    Although “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

    remember that “by their fruits ye shall know them.”

    Which brings us to your post about,among others, Ken O’Keefe. He is a man of action who hasn’t so much time to read learned books and study the advanced lore of antijewism.
    His fruit, however, is good and he is an authentic freedom fighter. So much I know. And I know it well.

  60. Akira on February 16th, 2011 4:55 pm

    Re: “Ken O’Keefe. He is a man of action who hasn’t so much time to read learned books”

    That’s funny, because he keeps quoting his heroes, the Jew Chomsky and the Jew Zinn, and says the Palestnians should be likewise Jew-guided.

    He likes to boast about his degrees and how well-read he is.

    Mr O’Keefe:

    “I commenced to an ongoing course of study in the areas of anthropology, history, politics, ecology, various forms of law with emphasis on human rights law. I have been profoundly impacted by authors such as Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn along with many others. Books that forced me to confront my own indoctrination and ignorance about the hidden America; The Auto-Biography of Malcolm X, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Black Like Me, Animal Liberation, The Universal Kinship, Diet for a New America, Necessary Illusions, A peoples History of the United States, and The End of Nature. There are so many more but I list these for the benefit they can offer to anyone seeking the truth.”

    He’s a man of action?

    So was Orde Wingate. So was General der Nachrichtentruppe Fellgiebel. So was General Lansdale. So was Major General Polyakov. So was Colonel Aviem Sella. And NIS’s Jonathan Pollard …

    I don’t get your point.

  61. Hass on February 16th, 2011 6:44 pm

    To Akira:

    Funny you mention Chomsky. On my way out of the controlled media environment I had a period where Chomsky was “the Truth” for me too. This is a long time ago now. I can also mention that my way out was a long one because the point of departure was very low.

    We can become sick paranoiacs because of the real danger of disinformation and subversion, agreed. Sometimes one has to use personal channels and in this case I did and I maintain what I said.

    You can trash each and every person because he or she said something you don’t like. But this is not the way to achieve anything. At best you can have some moments of cheap glee in front of your keyboard to sweeten your solitude.

  62. Akira on February 18th, 2011 3:24 am

    I never trashed “each and every person [who] said something [I] don’t like”.

    If I did that I’d have no time to sleep or eat.

    I trashed these people who talk nonsense, who outright lie, and act like lunatics and then post their private phone-calls online, and so on.

    All this talk of “agent”, “spy” is thrwon around way too easily. However, to consider O’Keefe as a possible spy is not far-fetched at all.

    O’Keefe strikes me as a classic infiltrator. To consider him as a possible government agent is not unreasonable, since he was a marine. In other words, he was already in the system.

    Then his drive to get himself into the heart of everything. He didn’t just go to Iraq and try to report on life there or anything like that. No, he boasts “I was the LEADER of the Human Shields movement.” The leader mind you. On the M. Marvara, he’s not just along for the ride. No, he takes charge. He’s The Man. Well, maybe just his personality and training. Or is it his need to get himself recognized as “The Leader” of the anti-Jew-state movement?

    He claimed he would end all chances that the US would bomb Iraq. Fail, Keefie. Of course, he was hampered by the fact that the Iraqis deported him as a suspected U.S. spy.

    His hyperbole is absurd too. He always speaks over-the-top. I referred before to his many degrees. Of course he boasts about all his “courses of study”, but no, no degree. Jack of all trades Ken. He must have a PhD in chutzpah though.

    And his nonsensical claim that he’s renounced his citizenship, when in fact he hasn’t. He knows very well he’s still a US citizen, and standing up and saying “I renounce my citizenship” means nothing.

    He says, “They won’t let me renounce my citizenship!”

    That’s a lie. Complete rubbish.

    I know a guy in Korea, ex-army, married a Korean woman, owns a house there, has kids. One day he realized he was never going back to the US, and wanted Korean citizenship, so he renounced his US citizenship, no problem.

    O’Keefe could too, easily. No with his fictitious “Hawaiian citizenship”, or his unrecognized-by-anyone Palestinian citizenship. But he says he’s an Irish citizen, and could very well be with his surname. All he’d have to do is assert that he’s Irish, not American, and settle all his outstanding taxes.

    So he’s a liar, or he has other reasons he can’t renounce citizenship. Outstanding child-support or something like that?

    Anyway, there he is now, right in Gaza, mixing with the Palestinian elites, media, militants. Classic spy profile.

    And then on top of everything else his incessant Jew propagandizing.

    Not only does he shill for Chomsky. He’s also a Zionist. He completely accepts the Jews’ “right” to steal Palestine, just not the West Bank and Gaza. He’s all full of sympathy for the poor Jews. He just criticizes the Jew-state’s leaders for failing to live up to some mysterious “high and noble Judaic values”,

    And his access to the media, worldwide.

    Here he is in Belfast last year, in front of a oohing and aaawing bunch of groupies:

    “Kenneth O’Keefe has no hesitations about saying that he failed completely to foresee the Israeli naval operation against the Gaza flotilla, even though he had a convenient observation point aboard the Mavi Marmara.”

    Some marine. And this guy’s the self-proclaimed leader of every movement. The very dogs on the street knew that the Jews would assault the M.M.!

    Everything about him reads: Phony, narcissist, lunatic, Jew-propagandist, spy.

  63. Akira on February 18th, 2011 3:56 am


    “O’Keefe’s body is covered with political tattoos such as “Citizen of the world” and “Truth, justice, peace.” He is against all forms of nationalism (“It’s ironic that because of opposition to the occupation I find myself supporting a Palestinian national struggle. I long for the day where all people see each other part of one human family, regardless of lines drawn on a map.” ). He believes that the United States government was involved in the 9/11 attacks and views Zionism as an offshoot of Western imperialism.”

    Sure. Zionism is an offshoot of Western Imperialism.

    He’s also said that there’s nothing Jewish abut Zionism. It must be Buddhist or something, I guess. No wait, the Dalai Lama supports his charity that he set up with Tony Blair’s sister-in-law. So I guess Zionism is not Buddhist, not Jew. What on Earth is it. Oh right: An offshoot of Western Imperialism. It was invented by the DUke of Wellington, was it?

    What’s his complain against Zionism anyway? He is a Zionist.

    More Jew-speak from O’Keefe:

    “I agree with Nelson Mandela 100%” Mandela, another puppet for the Jews.

    He says in June of 2011 he’ll lead another flotilla into Gaza: “We will have 9-11 family members, hopefully Hugo Chavez and Nelson Mandela and everyone serious about justice and peace.”

    We’ll see. Don’t hold your breath. Anyway, Chavez and Mandela are Jew tools.

    The reason O’Keefe gives for his “renunciation” of US citizenship not being recognized? Because on his written statement renouncing citizenshi, he claimed he was “a lawful citizen of the Commonwealth of Hawaii” — of course no US civil servant is going to accept such a document. And he knew that when he wrote it. But still he urges other people to stick their heads out and renounce citizenship. Citizenship that is their birthright, whatever the government does. That way they’ll get a nice CIA/FBI file set up just for them.

    From O’Keefe’s list of “Words I Live By” :

    The Jew Chomsky (Zionist, Communist, “Guru”):

    “Democracy requires dissolution of private power. As long as there is private control over the economic system, talk about democracy is a joke. You can’t even talk about democracy until you have democratic control of industry, commerce, banking, everything…”

    The Jew Zinn (Communist, Zionist):

    “(Nationalism is) a set of beliefs taught to each generation in which the Motherland or the Fatherland is an object of veneration and becomes a burning cause for which one becomes willing to kill the children of other Motherlands or Fatherlands”

    So O’Keefe wants no countries, no borders and complete government control over everything that moves?

    If that’s not Jew, then what is?


    “World citizenship transcends the nation/state system which is inherently divisive”


  64. Hass on February 19th, 2011 12:22 pm

    I won’t defend every statement or citate of Ken.

    What I do know is that he certainly has his heart at the right place and is fighting against a very defined adversary which you also seem to be against.