The European American Hour: Thinking Outside the Jewish Box

January 13, 2011

Michael Santomauro

Stan Hess interviews Michael Santomauro, a New York City resident and the editorial director of Stan and Michael Jewish influence in government, business, and the media.

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One Response to “The European American Hour: Thinking Outside the Jewish Box”

  1. A German on January 21st, 2011 11:02 am

    Will this now become a regular show on VOR?
    Would appreciate that.

    I’m a bit confused, Mike, after his recovery, loaded so many shows up.

    Michael Santomauro, I can tell you why so many Mossad agents, disguised as art students, where in NYC on 911!
    They were in the town for days, to record the “event” for the world media.
    Just think about, if two cars crash on the street, how high are the odds that 1,2,3… different people with cameras film the impact of the one car into the other?

    These people were all placed there and waited, because they knew the major news networks would not have caught the impact of the planes, because they didn’t know that anything would happen, but the Mossad did!

    And they knew, if they would send the tapes afterward to all the big networks ABC, NBC, CNN, FOX…these would be a perfect propaganda weapon!
    No one talk anymore about the Palestinians or their own state, Saddam would be killed etc.

    That was the reason why these Israelis danced and cheered on the parking lot!

    CIA agent Susan Lindauer approved this story on The Kevin Barret Show!
    She said that right after the impacts her CIA chief called her and said: “Susan did you see all these different recordings of the impact? All these “coincidental” camera men were placed there for the “event” and ALL were Mossad agents. Don’t call me back, we must never talk about that again!”