The Heretics’ Hour: German Nationalist Günter Deckert returns

January 10, 2011

Carolyn & Günter Deckert discuss the political and other forces shaping the European future, from immigration to manufacturing. Topics include:

  • Carolyn’s remarks on the new year;
  • How books by Thilo Sarrazin and Judge Kirsten Heisig have aroused German public opinion and political parties;
  • Wikileaks in Germany;
  • Germans “Out of Afghanistan”?
  • China to be new one-world power based on population, resources and manufacturing.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 56 min.

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20 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: German Nationalist Günter Deckert returns”

  1. A German on January 11th, 2011 7:13 am

    Kamerad Günther was a bit excited this time, eh? ;-)
    And he seems not to know that one cannot translate German proverbs directly into English.

    “wie ein Elefant im Porzellanladen”
    like an elephant in a porcelain shop (false translation)
    = like a bull in a china shop

    “Kreide fressen”
    have eaten chalk (false translation)
    = to eat crow

    I knew what he meant, but I think this time it was tough for Americans and Brits to understand him.

    All he reported was quite correct, but I wouldn’t call the “FREIHEIT” party (lead by Rene Stankewitz, I call him Stink-ewitz) and the PRO party, right parties, they’re pure Zionist jewslave parties.

    They wave more Israel flags on their demonstrations than national flags. And their anti-fascist rhetorics are as bad as the Antifa’s. And they hail traitors like Stauffenberg.
    And their main topic is Israel Israel Israel.

    And the funniest thing is, although the NPD is still the biggest nationalist party, they call the NPD and the free comradeships “NS fools fringe” LOL

    Now they even call the Palestinean Westbank, “JUDEA and Samaria”, because their Jewish lords told them so when they made the pilgrimage to Israel.

    There they met the Schas-party, the Jewish version of the Hamas, which has a big picture of rabbi Yosef Ovadia in their office, who recently said:
    “They Goyim are cattle. Their only purpose for existence is to serve us JEWS. So we JEWS can sit and eat like an efendi (master)”

    And THAT was visited by this bunch of so-called European “right-wing” parties.
    And they call themselves “European Freedom Alliance” LOL
    Yes, freedom by kneeling into the Jewish yoke.

    The Heisig case.
    Here Günther is totally right, it was murder and it gets surpressed.
    Even a detective chief superintendent said now that it was murder.
    He criticised that the paper work was crap and that the evidence was not secured good enough.
    I personally don’t think that someone murdered her because he wanted to join a right-wing party, those are too small and the TPB don’t care about that.
    I presume she was murderd by someone who she convicted as judge, possibly a Turk or Arab, because she mainly worked on these cases.

    Günther is also right on the Afghanistan issue, the German public never wanted this operation.
    If the people could decide, our boys would be home tommorrow.
    But as always, our traitor-politicians decide exactly contrary.

    He is also right on the issue that Germany has to pay all bills.
    - 10% of the UN budget
    - 200 billions to Israel in 60 years, 40 billions more in the coming 30 years, 3.3 billion per year, only the US pays more per year, 3.7 billions
    - we paid 200 billion Euros more into the EU in the last 20 years than we recieved from the EU
    - we have to pay for all state bancruptcies: Greece, Ireland, Portugal… always with the argument: “this is without an alternative”
    Like Paulson, when he threatened with martial law in 2008
    - an official goverment study showed that the immigrants cost Germany 1 TRILLION more than they paid into the systems.
    Germany has 1.7 Trillion state debt!

    But I don’t agree with Günther about China and Russia.
    We always hear that by right-wing radio hosts “China and Russia take us over” yada yada ya
    I don’t believe that, because both countries are only strong on the surface.

    China has still 40 million people who live in dugouts!
    And hundreds and hundreds of millions of pauperized peasants and migrant-workers.
    China only appears strong on the east coast and in Bejing.
    These are Potemkin villages.
    Yes the Chinses have a great production capacity and they steal and copy everything they can get. But their copies are baaaad.
    Every Walmart client knows how bad Chinse products are.

    And there’s also a big difference between the North Chinese and the South Chinese, the southerners are lethargic like Arabs and Turks, they don’t achieve anything. The northerners are much more ambitious, almost on the South Korean level, but the Japanese level they will never reach.
    In inner China the situation is still so bad, they still recieve developement aid from Germany!

    And for their Army, yes they have a giangantic army, BUT quality is more important than figures!
    And there the Chinese lack.
    99% of the Chinese aren’t supernatural Kung Fu masters! LOL
    I always refer to Southern Chinese and Southeast Asians as “spider-humans”, because they’re so skinny.

    I bet a Marine or another Western elite trooper can catch up with 10 Chinese soldiers. That’s also the problem of the North Korean army, they’ve weapons make a big fuzz, but look at their soldiers, half-starved nobodies.

    And so it’s with Russia, on the surface they recovered and the Russian bear seems to be awake again, but if you look into the heartland and Siberia you’ll see that the country is totally messed up.
    Bad army equipment in the regular units. Pauperized countryside population, vodka epedemic and giant demographic problem!
    Even worse than in Europe!!! In the Russian Army already 40%!!! are Muzzies!

    So folks don’t take Russia and China too serious it’s all exaggerated. Günther is right, we shouldn’t bound our exports too much to only one partner, but without the Western World, the US market, China is doomed too, they wil have a giant revolution if the markets break away.

    It’s like in the movie “The Defiant Ones” where Tony Curtis is chained together with the Negro Sidney Poitiers, both hate each other, but have to stick together to escape.

  2. A German on January 11th, 2011 5:19 pm

    50 years ago the WALL was built!!!
    Look folks what Communism can do to your country.

    BORDER REGIME,property=Download.pdf

    THE WALL,property=Download.pdf

    ORDER TO SHOOT,property=Download.pdf


    LITTLE BERLIN,property=Download.pdf

    HUMAN TRAFFICKING,property=Download.pdf



    EVERY DAY LIFE WITH THE BERLIN WALL,property=Download.pdf

    THE BERLIN WALL FALLS,property=Download.pdf

    OCCUPIED ZONES,property=Download.pdf

    ACCOUNTING FOR THE PAST,property=Download.pdf




    CLASS STRUGGLE,property=Download.pdf

    PRACTICAL POLITICS,property=Download.pdf

    BUILDING OF THE BERLIN WALL,property=Download.pdf



  3. Carolyn on January 11th, 2011 10:27 pm

    Hi German,

    Thanks for explaining the “eating chalk.” I couldn’t figure that out. :-)

    Stankewitz’ party is right-wing because of its immigration stance. That’s all it takes. I read the Spiegel article about him – in which the journalist makes fun of him and his associates (they always do that, don’t they, but publicity-hungry people accept it) – and it said he wasn’t too bad because he was anti-Hitler.

    And the Zionists are right-wing too — for their own country, not anyone else’s. That allows the Zionists and the Freedom parties to fit together nicely. Oh, poor Germany.

  4. Rob on January 12th, 2011 1:20 am

    German, what do you think the chances are Germany will return to the D-mark in the near future and abandon the Euro? Also, do you foresee the NPD-DVU finally breaking the 5% threshold and getting into the Bundestag? It’s really sad when I read about what’s going on in sick modern Germany. The mobbing of Germany students by muzzie gangs, the crime, the exploitation of the social services system. And on top of that, the growing brazenness of the extreme leftists who actively seek the death of their own nation. These people are just plain sick! But on top of that, it seems to me the only real reason so many Europeans have a problem with muslims is because of their greater conservatism. Euros don’t seem to have a problem with blacks and Asians or others, as long as they buy into the liberal consumer culture. Or am I way off base?

  5. Steve F on January 12th, 2011 1:29 am

    Hello, Carolyn, and German!
    You both misunderstood Gunter Deckert about the “eating chalk”.
    Gunter said “it’s like the Wolf pretending to be Grandma……where it was like eating chalk”
    Gunter is referring to the Grimm Fairytale of “The Wolf and the Seven kids”, in which the Wolf ate chalk to change his rough voice to sound more like Mother’s voice.

    “We will not open the door,
    cried they, you are not our mother. She has a soft, pleasant voice,
    but your voice is rough, you are the wolf. Then the wolf went away
    to a shopkeeper and bought himself a great lump of chalk, ate this
    and made his voice soft with it”

    -Steve- (yes, Carolyn…..I’m THAT Steve)

  6. A German on January 12th, 2011 2:39 am

    I don’t when it will happen but I think WE WILL return to the D-Mark.
    There’s the Prof. Hankel, former social-democratic finance minister, who warns now for years that the Euro will collapse because of the weaker South European countries.

    And also the former chairman of the united German industry, Hans-Olaf Henkel, warned that the Euro will collapse.
    He champions a “North Euro” and a “South Euro” as solution.
    Liberals and EU deciples smear him as “Euro-Sarrazin” for that.

    I garantee you if in the near future Portugal and Spain actually collapse too, the Euro will be dead.
    Because Germany can’t bail out them too. That would be even too tough for the Germans.

    And from the beginning until today a majority of the Germans want the D-Mark back.
    Because all prices doubled!
    The exchange rate between the Euro and the D-Mark was 2:1,
    but all diners, retailers etc. just did a Euro sign behind the D-Mark price, so the prices doubled.

    The traitor-politicians contradict that, but it’s true.
    They always fearmonger that their is no alternative to the Euro and the constant bailouts, they say a return to the D-Mark would cost Germany billions (but doesn’t the bailouts cost that too?) and say that the downfall of the Euro will destroy German industry and economy.

    The only group who’s backing the Euro in Germany are the traitor-politicians and they always act against the will of the people.

    They’re always fearmongering.
    Just as they constantly say Germany has a skilled worker shortage and because of that, Germans have to accept mass immigration from Anatolia. LOL
    Or they tell us that Muzzies who are robbing, raping and killing us are an “enrichment”. LOL

    And for the other groups, Germans also despise Negros, but they aren’t not so much until now.
    But when I was in Hamburg I felt like in the Congo, hordes of Negros, all with expensive leather jackets, golden rings and golden bracelets. We now how they earned that ;-)
    But as I said, they aren’t as much as the Muzzies.

    And for the Asians, they’re also very less and they only act in their community and mainly act decently.
    For example, I never would throw out the couple of thousands Japanese around Düsseldorf. They’re decent and diligent.

    “brazenness of the extreme leftists who actively seek the death of their own nation. These people are just plain sick!”

    There you’re totally right!
    I just give you a few quotes of some weirdos from the Green Party, I call them green Marxists:

    Jürgen Trittin, former Green enviroment minister:
    “Germany is vanishing every day a bit more. And that I think that’s GREAT!”

    Joschka Fischer, former Green Secretary of State:
    “Germany has to be fenced in from the outside and has to be heterogenized by immigration, quasi has to be diluted.”

    Claudia Roth, former Green Party chairwoman:
    “Germans are non-migrants, nothing more!”

    Cem Özdemir, actual Turkish Green Party chairman:
    “The German offspring is now named Ali, Mehmet and Mustafa”

    Daniel Cohn-Bendit (Bandit), the Jew and pedophile who sits for the Green Party in the EU parliament:
    “We Greens have to push for as many foreigners coming to Germany as possible. When they’re in Germany, we have to fight for their right to vote. When we have succeeded that, then we will have the percentage of votes by which we can transform this republic.”

    Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg, Also Green Party:
    “Migration is a fact in Frankfurt. If you don’t like it, move to another place!”
    (answer to the complaint about integration-problems, by 50 German residents)

    Arif Ünal, Member of the parliament of Northrhine-Westphalia for the Green Party, 1st term!!!:
    He demanded in broken German for the abolition of the form of oath: “for the benefit of the GERMAN people”!!!
    And the traitor-politicians approved 100%

    Sieglinde Frieß, Green Party:
    “I wished that France would reach to the river Elbe and that Poland neighboured France directly.” so said in the German parliament, the Bundestag, in the building of the Reichstag!!!

    They’re sickos.

  7. Rob on January 12th, 2011 4:07 am


    I try to practice my German reading comprehension by reading articles on the NDP, Junge Freiheit, and Kopp Verlag websites, so some of what you posted above is familiar to me. Now there is the scandal revolving around what that leftist bitch who had a public conference with a former RAF member and gave a public speech about what the proper path on the way to communism is. These people are in favor of genocide against the German people, plain and simple, and the mainstream politicians are either aiding and abetting that extinction, or are spinelessly going along with it. One reader’s comment on JF put it well: it’s as if the DDR absorbed the BRD, not the other way around. What somewhat disappoints me, though, is the comments I read from other readers on the Junge Freiheit website. I would say at least half were in favor of the trip to Israel by some of the so-called European “nationalists”. The judeo-philia is nauseating. On the other hand, I’m sure many of the posts are not getting through and are being edited. I know I posted a few comments there, and only one of them were posted. It seems to be allowed to talk about “cultural” preservation, but the issue of “ethnic” or “racial” is mostly off-limits.

  8. Rob on January 12th, 2011 4:10 am

    German, I meant NPD of course, not NDP.

  9. A German on January 13th, 2011 4:26 am

    Fine that you learnt/are learning German!
    Greatly appreciated. 

    Look the party you’re speaking of, DIE LINKE, came just to power in 1945 because they were backed by the Soviets. And they forced the Social-Democrats to join them and so they were the only party in the DDR until the end.
    After the revolution in 1989 they gave themselves a new name, PDS, because they were so defamed. And in 2005 West German weirdo Communists and far left loons of the SPD and Greens joined them and they finally named themselves DIE LINKE (=THE LEFT).

    I always call them SED-PDS-LINKE wall murderer party, so the people know where they’re coming from.

    And despite all these renamings and the great attention the media gives them, they still stayed an East German party, because they’re full with Stalinists, like Sahra Wagenknecht, old SED fat cats and bureaucrats and Stasi officers. They get elected in East Germany because the so-called democrats CDU-SPD destroyed almost any industry in East Germany and many people are now unemployed for 20 years! And the Communists simply lie to them.

    They’re strong in some Eastern German federal state parliaments and they are part of the Berlin government, but they change NOTHING! They only try to establish the old DDR way in the parliaments.
    For example in the federal parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, there they are so strong that the “big” parties CDU and SPD had to join a coalition to prevent a SED government.
    And it’s really funny there, the SED includes themselves in the term “democratic parties in this house” when they speak of themselves.
    But at the same moment they established the abolishment of free speech, even for ELECTED members of the parliament.

    For example, when an NPD member, the last real opposition, speaks he has to take care not to say any wrong word or he immediately gets an “Ordnungsrug” (=call to order), if he gets 3 he gets excluded from the parliament for a certain time.

    And they get these calls to order for the most ridiculous reasons.
    There’s for example one NPD man who denies to address the house with “honourable ladies and gentlemen” and says instead “citizens of the land”.
    He immediately gets 3 calls to order in a row and is excluded and they do that again and again.

    Another NPD man got a call to order because he used the term “Gypsy”, although Gypsies themselves use “Gypsy” as autonym.

    The whole charade you can watch on the YT channel faktorxxx.
    Even many non-nationalists criticise this dictatorial behaviour and make fun of that.
    The local NPD for example called their weekly podcast “call to order TV” :-D

    And almost the same the NPD has to suffer in the federal parliament of Saxony.
    Although there it isn’t so harsh.

    And now these Communists, DIE LINKE, openly lauded Communism!
    Their chairwoman Gesine Lötsch did that and wanted to meet an RAF (for our British Kameraden RAF does not stand for Royal Air Force, but Rote Armee Fraktion=Red Army Fraction, they were violent Commie terrorists in the 1970s and 1980s and committed many bombings) female terrorist and got publicly criticiased and then refused to met her.

    And what’s also funny about DIE LINKE, they laude Communism, but other big shots for the party live like big capitalists, for example Oskar Lafontaine, he lives in a big mansion in the Saarland and always makes vacation in the Toscana and another big shot, Klaus Ernst, drives a PORSCHE sports car for 100,000 Euros LOL
    Critics call such Commies “red vine Communists”. ;-)

    And for the newspaper Junge Freiheit, Rob, you have to consider that they are “respectable” right-conservatives, they absolutely don’t mention the race issue.
    These traitors even sell t-shirts with the likeness of the traitor Stauffenberg!!!
    There you will never get comments through about race or so.
    But also many true nationalists are reading it, because at least it’s not Zionist like the internet news service PI.
    And you also have to consider that the word “race” in German is a total taboo,
    when the sheeple hear that they react like Pavlovian dogs and wail and cry and scream.
    That’s why I use substitutes like “Art (German word)” or “Kultur” in such comments to reach the sheeple.

    But be at peace, until now the Zionist jewslave right-wingers are not strong in Germany.
    Perhaps because the CDU, SPD, FDP, Greens, i.e. the big parties, are still Zionistic enough.

  10. A German on January 13th, 2011 4:30 am

    Look folks what Communism can do to your country!
    50 years ago the Berlin Wall was built:

  11. Carolyn on January 14th, 2011 12:14 am

    Hi Steve. Welcome to the VOR comments!

    You are right; I listened carefully and he is saying that the American diplomats and such as that speak in a “soothing” voice when IN China; they only criticize when they’re outside China.

    I had certainly never heard of the wolf eating chalk or soap to soften his voice. The versions I’ve read did not include that! Funny you should know that.

    “Whatever” needs to come by, as he will find German, Carolyn and Steve in the same place. I think “Whatever” thinks you are a different Steve though … Ein Anderer Steve. :-))

  12. Steve F on January 14th, 2011 1:58 am

    Thank you for the welcome, Carolyn!
    To say that I’m Ein Anderer Steve is putting it mildly, as I’m sure you can tell by the “Merry Christmas” I emailed you!
    Who is “Whatever”, and who does he/she/it think I am?

  13. A German on January 14th, 2011 2:14 am

    “I had certainly never heard of the wolf eating chalk or soap to soften his voice.”

    Carolyn this German proverb derives from the German fairy tale of “little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf”, where the wolf eats chalk to sound like grandma to decieve Red Hood and eat her.

    Perhaps you may say a German cersion of Taqiyya or cow-tow.

  14. Steve F on January 14th, 2011 3:24 am

    Hi, German!

    The Wolf eating chalk is nowhere to be found in “Little Red Ridinghood”, nor in the much older, “Little Red Cap”.
    It is from “The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids”(goats), as I said in my first comment.
    Perhaps you didn’t see my comment, since it took almost two days to “moderate”.

    On another forum, someone named “Ralf” said:

    “In the German version of Little Red Riding Hood the wolf eats chalk to make his voice softer in order to convince the lambs to open the door for him so that he can eat them”

    Of course he’s confusing three different Fairytales.

    Then “MrPedantic” said:

    “In Little Red Riding Hood?”

    And finally “Yankee” said:

    “I also think Ralf might have been thinking of a different fairy tale — the one with the wolf and the seven little goats/kids (not Red Riding Hood)”

    Are we off topic yet?

  15. A German on January 14th, 2011 4:05 am

    “The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids”(goats)”

    You are of course right! Mea culpa.
    I guess it’s too long ago when my grandma read all the Grimm’s fairy tales at night at my bed.

    Confused that.

    And you’re right with the “moderation”, didn’t see your comment.
    Mike needs a whip on his ass.

  16. A German on January 14th, 2011 4:06 am

    But the point is: the German proverb derives from German fairy tales.

  17. Carolyn on January 14th, 2011 3:58 pm

    Steve F — As to “Whatever” and all that, it’s too confusing so I’ll just let it drop. There are of course several Steves floating around. Keep the F after your name!

    This group of comments has been both enlightening and humorous. Thanks to all for that. And Hail to the wonderful Grimm brothers.

  18. whatevah on January 15th, 2011 1:34 am

    dude steve, sorry man.
    I got the wrong one. I was mixed up. I thought you were the guy that calls into that piper’s show.
    oh yeah and

  19. Steve F on January 17th, 2011 4:49 pm


  20. Carolyn on January 17th, 2011 5:59 pm

    @Steve F

    I was looking for something in my past emails and found your Merry Christmas message. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. Very inspiring it was. I’ll remember who you are from now on.