The American Debt Issue of 2011 and the Logic of Capitalism

July 21, 2011

By Matt Johnson

US National Debt Chart 2010

While dealing with the vulgarities and deception of American “debates” on economic issues is normally not my thing, the recent discussions about American debt default have been more absurd than normal. If anything proves general illiteracy on basic economic topics, this typically media-crafted debate does. Yet, few have noticed.

Nothing makes sense about how the media have crafted this debate. Debt means two things relative to the federal government: debts owed to foreign investors, and debts owed to domestic ones. Hence, it is the global elite, by and large, who control this debt, including banks, corporations and states.

American debt, both public and private, amounts to about $60 trillion, with private sector debt being far higher than the government’s. The American taxpayer will not balance his books, so why should the federal government?

I wonder how much debt, in the broader sense of the word, the U.S. actually owes. I recall fevered discussions at the University of Nebraska about how much the U.S. owes to the United Nations. Professor David Forsythe would pontificate ad nauseam on how much is owed to the UN. I, a lowly graduate student at the time, made the error of raising my hand and asking, “Yet, David, did not the U.S. fight a large part of the war that made the UN possible?” In other words, since the U.S. lost almost 500,000 men and financed the war efforts of the Soviet Union and Britain in that conflict, how is it even remotely possible that we “owe” the UN anything?

Well, you don’t talk like that to tenured professors.

When we consider international political economy, we are speaking, of course, about the “rules of the game.” The global political and economic Regime is the creation of the United States and its post-World War II supremacy. Even the Soviet economy was largely the result of American and Western investment, though this topic has long been thrown down the memory hole. Israel is exclusively based on American dollars, as is Egypt, Taiwan and South Korea. Who owes what to whom?

The point is that the U.S. created the present global trading regime—for better or worse—and has spilled much blood and treasure in defending it. Trillions of dollars in foreign aid, low cost loans, security, legal enforcement, NATO operations, diplomatic missions, U.S. backed investment, infrastructure improvements and hundreds of other immensely expensive operations were financed by the endlessly bamboozled and clueless taxpayer. Yet we’re the ones in debt?

It is suspicious how none of this is considered as part of the American balance sheet. None of the monies were ever repaid for the U.S. role in World War II, or in any battles against the USSR. How many billions are owed to the U.S, by Great Britain or France? Why is this never considered as part of the American macroeconomic picture?

In fact, America remains a creditor nation in a very real sense. The world owes it its very existence – the U.S. created the present New World Order, while those who have profited from it hold that it owes the U.S. nothing, and—the very epitome of chutzpah—the lowly taxpayer owes them money.

The American taxpayer is considered an ignorant golem, a mercenary force that could be used to create and defend the new economic order. This order made a tiny percentage of the globe’s population wealthy, while the taxpayer was cast away into the dust to eke out a living paying the wealthy the cost of making them wealthy. Like it or not, this is the logic of modern capitalism.

How much did the U.S. taxpayer spend to defend the world since 1900? How many have died in the wars that made others wealthy? Why is this not even an issue? Where are the tin-pot patriots?

Debt? America has no debt—the world owes it an immense sum.

What made China wealthy? The American consumer. What made the EU wealthy? The American consumer, and this, after the Marshall Plan and the American efforts to rebuild a destroyed Europe with taxpayer cash. Has this been repaid with the requisite interest? Yet, their success could not have existed unless the U.S. a) created the system in which this trade could flourish and b) that the U.S. consumer bought and paid for every scrap of metal used in the Japanese, German, Korean and Chinese economy. Even more, it was largely American investors and scientists who created this technology that is making China and India rich in the first place.

This is the logic of capitalism: An American car is made in China. It is the product of American minds, technology, labor and consumption at every single step of its development and production. The result? The U.S. owes China money. This is how oligarchy works.

While the Chinese elite, for example, claim the U.S. is massively in debt to them, the fact remains that there is not an atom of their productive capacity that was not developed in the West and perfected by the United States. Nothing in the Chinese economy could exist unless American consumers did not themselves go into debt to pay for it and American technology went into creating it.

USD100-bills going down drain

Yet, American labor remains passive while their children are handed a massive and unrepayable bill for wealth their parents created. If the minimum wage were equivalent to American labor’s productive power, it would be well over $50 an hour. Where does all that excess value go?

Needless to say, this is not an apologia for the New World Order. For all its injustice, it is an American creation root and branch. For better or worse, the current global trading system is based exclusively on American cash, blood and, just as important, its massive market that has kept global capitalism afloat even while the American consumer has gone into un-repayable debt. Britain, China, Japan, Korea, India, Taiwan, France, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, the UAE, Germany, Malaysia and the rest of the global first-world could not have made a nickel without American protection, investment and consumption. Regardless of whether these elites deserve their power is a separate issue—their power is based on the sacrifices of the American taxpayer and consumer at all levels. Yet they dare lecture the U.S. on being “in debt.”

The fact that the U.S. can be considered “in debt” is the height of absurdity and shows the literal and metaphorical bankruptcy of modern economics. If the U.S. is “dependent” on foreign oil, just how long would these oil-producing states last without American protection?

The United States, if it were sane, would simply repudiate all its present public and private debt, at least to foreign creditors. She would announce that the American market is henceforth closed if there is even the threat of any financial retaliation. She would announce that this debt repudiation is a) a reward for the constant sacrifices of the American taxpayer and b) the price that China, Korea, Taiwan and the rest will have to pay to get the U.S. market back.

The fact that the U.S. market is the very linchpin of global capitalism and the only reason it still functions has yet to be introduced into this media controlled “debate” over American debt. The U.S. market, itself, is the American nuclear weapon in global economics, yet it has never been used. In fact, there is no “global economics” without the American market.

Since this alleged “debt” is held by the world’s elite, and this elite controls nearly every facet of American life, it is difficult to see how the world’s “sole superpower” is in any position to make demands at all. Yet, our own consumer dollars are the chief weapon that sits in the silo, collecting dust while the Regime figures out how to suck yet more from the ignorant and indebted American consumer.

NPI Conference: Towards a New Nationalism, Sep. 10, 2011

July 21, 2011

Immigration and the Future of Western Nations

Towards a New Nationalism Conference

Conference Overview

NPI’s 2011 conference will address the consequences of mass immigration into the United States from cultural, political, and biological perspectives. It will feature prominent experts, panel discussions, and ample time for speakers’ interaction with attendees.

This year’s presenters include Peter Brimelow, Sam Dickson, James Edwards, John Glad, Alex Kurtagić, Keith Preston, Byron Roth, Richard Spencer, Tomislav Sunić, Jared Taylor, Jonathan Bowden, and others.

When & Where

The National Policy Institute’s first public conference will take place in Washington, DC, on September 10, 2011 from 9am to 7:00pm EST in the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, just north of the National Mall.

Conference Speakers

Peter Brimelow – The ‘Sailer Strategy’: Triumphant and Denied

Sam Dickson – The Idea and the Ideal of the Ethnostate

James Edwards – Obama and the “R Word”

John Glad – Mass Immigration and Dysgenics

Alex Kurtagić – Masters of the Universe

Keith Preston – Mass Immigration and Totalitarian Humanism

Byron Roth – Multiculturalism and Ethnic Activism

Richard Spencer – Why HBD is Necessary

Tomislav Sunić – Prospects for a Real Nationalist Right in America

Jared Taylor – White Identity: Why We Need It

Jonathan Bowden – Man and Superman

To register, and for more information:

The Mark Weber Report: `Nazi War Criminals’; an Important Best Seller

July 20, 2011

Thilo Sarrazin

Part 1: Why the Campaign Against `Nazi War Criminals’ is Unjust and Harmful

What’s behind the seemingly endless campaign to prosecute and punish “Nazi war criminals”? Weber cites specific cases to show that the decades-long effort to punish those who killed or mistreated Jews during World War II is motivated not by honest regard for justice, but to further Jewish-Zionist group interests. “Justice applied selectively is not justice, but a form of injustice,” he says. Weber also examines the widely repeated claim that “Diversity is our strength.” As he points out, the politicians and Jewish-Zionist groups that push for policies to promote “diversity” in the US and other countries simultaneously insist that Israel must be maintained as a specifically Jewish ethno-religious state.

Part 2: The Sobering Message of a Important European Best Seller

In the second half of this broadcast, Weber takes a closer look at the message and impact of the most important and influential books of recent years, “Germany Does Away With Itself,” a work by German writer Thilo Sarrazin that has sold more than a million copies.

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Contact Mark Weber:

The Stark Truth: Interview with William D. Johnson

July 20, 2011

William D. Johnson

William D. Johnson is the chairman of the American Third Position (A3P) political party. Topics include:

  • Involvement with the Ron Paul movement & the Democratic Party; Running for office;
  • Political ideology of the A3P and problems with liberals and conservatives;
  • Explicit v implicit pro-white debate within the A3P;
  • Candidates both current and potential;
  • A3P platform: economics, saving the middle class, problems with capitalism and socialism;
  • The environment.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 56 min.

Contact Robert:

Jamie Kelso, Jul. 20, 2011

July 20, 2011

Sir Arthur Keith (1866-1955) published his A New Theory of Human Evolution in 1948. Raymond Cattell, Kevin MacDonald, John Phillipe Rushton, and other key thinkers on the science of racial groups continuously refer to Arthur Keith as one of the great thinkers in this science. In his July 20, 2011 radio show, Jamie Kelso refers to the online version of A New Theory of Humuan Evolution. There may be no available print version of this key work introducing new ideas in group selection, enmity vs. amity behaviors, and in-group vs. out-group behaviors as essential facts of the evolution of our race.

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The Fighting Side of Me: Getting to the Truth

July 19, 2011

Almeric Hugh Paget
Lord Queensborough

Paul Fromm:

  • Probes Chinese gangster Lai Changxing who was ordered deported, sought “refugee” status in Canada but was involved with illegal gambling operations the the Big Circle Boys;
  • Reveals Zionist background of trash journalist master Rupert Murdoch;
  • Points out Red China has a 99.88% conviction rate but Canadian Human Rights Tribunal from 1979 to 2009, until the Lemire case, had 100% conviction rate in free speech cases;
  • Remembers intellectual banquet provided by Instauration Magazine for 25 years; now all on-line at thanks to Jamie Kelso;
  • Highlights contributions of Baron Almeric Hugh Paget (Lord Queensborough) in exposing the origins of communism.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 57 min.

Contact Paul:

The Sunic Journal: Interview with Daniel Sienkiewicz, Part 3

July 19, 2011

Daniel Sienkiewicz's Logo

Dr. Sunic graciously allows Daniel to play the lecturer; and present his thesis on the intersection of individuation and gender differentiation. Taking a post modern turn, on individuality, viz. autobiography and gender relations, he traces autobiography in theory and practice in the example of his own history as it intersects with radical, modern and post modern feminism.

Topics include:

  • Specifically, how it is that anti-racism is not innocent;
  • Proposing a non-Jewish definition and criterion of leftism – the White Class;
  • Functions of The Autobiographical Self;
  • Hippies as a movement for Being, an incommensurate gender agenda with feminism’s quest for Actualization during the 1960s;
  • Relevant historical exemplars of feminism: from the radical de Beavoir to the modern Friedan to the neo-traditional Gilligan;
  • Transforming Maslow’s hierarchy of motives into an optimal management of Being, Selfhood, Socialization and Self Actualization.

The full (long!) essay that Daniel wrote based on this interview can be found here.

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Contact Tom:

Press Release: A3P Demands More Action Against “Flash Mobs”

July 19, 2011

For Immediate Release

Contact: William D. Johnson, Chairman
American Third Position Political Party

Tel: (561) 351-4424


Web site:

American Third Position Demands More Action Against “Flash Mobs”
Vicious Mob Assaults Targeting White Americans Must Cease

Social media technology is being used to plan and organize “flash mobs” and “flash robs” by groups of young teenagers.

In Chicago, four violent assaults and robberies occurred in Chicago’s upscale area of Streeterville. One white man was dragged into the street and beaten by a group of 15 to 20 teenage males after a baseball was thrown so hard at his head that his motor-scooter helmet was knocked off. Another man was robbed of his cell phone and camera after being knocked off his bike and punched by a group of teenage males. Three teenagers were recently arrested due to their alleged involvement with these strings of flash mob robberies, four of which occurred within a 10-minute span.

On July 4, a large mob of minority youths in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago targeted a man who was subsequently hospitalized with multiple stab wounds.

In Akron, Ohio, construction worker Marty Marshall and his family were attacked by 30 to 50 minority teens, who shouted ”This is our world” and ”This is a black world” as they confronted Marshall and his family of six. The assault, in which Marshall suffered extensive head injuries from repeated kicks and punches to his skull, has not yet been ruled a hate crime by Akron police. In a letter to the FBI, Mayor Don Plusquellic asked the federal agency’s local office to help determine whether any civil-rights violations or hate crimes occurred during the attack last month on Marty Marshall and his family.

And on June 9, Jesse Andersen, the 35-year-old brother of Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan, was punched in the face as his iPad and money were stolen by multiple perpetrators.

One week earlier, in Washington, D.C. workers at a retail store in Dupont Circle were caught off guard as a group of about 20 African American teenagers swarmed the store, stopping to look through sizes, taking over $20,000 worth of merchandise and promptly exiting the building.

In Las Vegas in May, 20 teens were caught on camera as they robbed a convenience store and stole about $600 worth of merchandise and the clerk’s cellphone.

We demand that the FBI and the Justice Department take more action against these “flash mob” and “flash rob” criminal attacks committed against white Americans and businesses.

# # #

For more information about this issue, or to schedule an interview with a representative of the American Third Position, please contact (561) 351-4424.

American Third Position • PO Box 5400 • Grand Forks, ND 58206

The Heretics’ Hour: Interview with Rodney Martin

July 18, 2011

Rodney Martin

Rodney Martin is a committed activist for White traditionalist political and family values. He and his wife home school their five children, ages 9 to 16. Always especially interested in the period from WWI to the end of WWII, he’s developing an organization that will present seminars, cultural events and film festivals showcasing the great cultural upsurge during the Third Reich. Martin also believes we need to record the stories and memoirs of our own survivors from this period, and has been doing just that.

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Contact Carolyn:

Jamie Kelso, Jul. 18, 2011: Harry V. Bertram

July 18, 2011

Mr. Harry V. Bertram, A3P candidate for Governor of West Virginia in the upcoming October 4, 2011 special election is Jamie Kelso’s guest in his July 18, 2011 radio show. The theme of this show is that you, the listener,like Harry Bertram, may be the sort of middle American candidate material that the American Third Position is ready to help get started with a run for office.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 57 min.

Contact Jamie:

Jamie Kelso, Jul. 15, 2011

July 15, 2011

Ever heard of the Lone Scouts of America, the LSA? You haven’t. Why? Because the Media Lords that have controlled the information your mind is allowed to process have edited the Lone Scouts of America out of your people’s history. Did you know that the founder of the Lone Scouts of America, Willliam Dickson Boyce (1858-1929), who was also the founder of the Boy Scouts of America (in 1913) put this masthead atop the LSA magazine: “The White Boys’ Magazine”? Of course you didn’t, that information has been deleted from all mention in all forms of media and history. Jamie Kelso remembers his days in the Boy Scouts, back in the 1950′s and 1960′s in his July 15, 2011 radio show. And Kelso talks about the completely White world of William Dickson Boyce in the 1920′s that persisted all the way up to Kelso’s own Eagle experience of scouting thirty years later. Read more about Boyce and the LSA at Kelso’s website

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The European American Hour: Troubadors of Change: The New Imperative

July 14, 2011

Bob Dylan and John Lennon

Stan discusses the singer- musicians Bob Dylan and John Lennon and asks the question where are our troubadors of change?

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Contact Stan:

The Orthodox Nationalist: Matt Johnson on Rick Adams Uncensored #5

July 14, 2011

Rick Adams

This is a prerecorded appearance on Rick Adams’ show that aired May 16, 2011, replayed here with kind permission from Republic Broadcasting Network.. Topics include Matt’s new Putin book, Middle Eastern riots, World War II and the New World Order, among other things.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 52 min.

Contact Matt: fr_raphael

Visit Matt’s VoR program page, for books, essays and articles.

Jamie Kelso, Jul. 14, 2011

July 14, 2011

The National Journal for July 14, 2011 gives good coverage to the Harry Bertram campaign, discussed by host Jamie Kelso in his July 14, 2014 radio show. The new website for the American Third Position is

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The Mark Weber Report: Charles Lindbergh: An Authentic American Hero

July 13, 2011

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh became an instant world celebrity at the age of 25 when he made a grueling 33-hour flight from New York to Paris, becoming the first person to fly the Atlantic ocean, alone and non-stop. His daring flight, and his aviation pioneering afterwards, made him, for some time, the most admired man in America, and the most admired American in the world. He was also a prolific, prize-winning author, inventor, explorer, and social activist. But his greatest act of courage was in speaking out — eloquently and frankly — against the deceitful campaign to push the United States into war. Lindbergh deserves to be remembered and honored today, not only as an authentic American hero, but also because much of what he wrote and said is instructive and relevant in our own age.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 56 min.

Contact Mark Weber:

The Stark Truth: Interview with Max Riekse

July 13, 2011

Max Riekse

Robert interviews Max Riekse [pronounced RICK-see], a presidential candidate for the Citizens Party. Topics include:

  • Max’s experiences with the Constitution Party;
  • Past wars, war profiteering; the case for a non-interventionist foreign policy;
  • US policy in regards to Israel; AIPAC;
  • Oil, energy, and the environment;
  • Wall Street and speculation;
  • Immigration and trade;
  • Citizens Party process for presidential candidates and VPs.

Max Riekse is an American nationalist, populist, and America-Firster from Western Michigan. He served as a military intelligence officer in the US Army in Vietnam, and later as a public school teacher. He has a wife and one son.

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Jamie Kelso, Jul. 13, 2011

July 13, 2011

How did the great racial realist genius Hendrik Verwoerd (1901-1966), Prime Minister of South Africa, and the liberal humanitarian moonbeam genius Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965) agree with each other on the racial reality of African genetics? That’s one of the subjects of Jamie Kelso’s July 13, 2011 radio show. The newly-uploaded July 1990 issue of Instauration magazine provides an article on Schweitzer and Verwoerd.

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Contact Jamie:

The Fighting Side of Me: The Hypocrisy of Political Correctness

July 12, 2011

Norman Bethune, Maoist

Paul Fromm discusses:

  • A new book exposing Canadian hero and Mao pal Norman Bethune as a failure, a medical bungler, a fraudster, an abortionist and a communist fanatic;
  • Toronto Board of Education says Moslems have right to prayers in school but Christians cannot have a Christmas Assembly;
  • Families of Air India terrorist bombing reject gov’t $24,000 offer as an “insult” but it’s not about the money!
  • NDP socialists launch petition for special privileges so Sikhs can pack their kirpans (daggers) in any government institution.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 57 min.

Contact Paul:

The Sunic Journal: Interview with Andy Nowicki

July 12, 2011

Andy Nowicki

Tom and Andy Nowicki discuss Nowicki’s novella, The Columbine Pilgrim and its wider meaning in our rootless and decaying world. The main character of the novel uses the real past event of the Columbine high school massacre for contemplating and then carrying out his own killing spree. In a senseless world of ours more and more people, after having lost their real identity, i.e. their real names, resort now to expendable “usernames.” The powerful message of the book must be urgently read.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 56 min.

Contact Tom:

The Heretics’ Hour: Interview with Fredrick Töben

July 11, 2011

The intrepid revisionist from Australia gives his views on a wide-range of subjects, including his home of Adelaide; the Adelaide Institute; arrests, court cases and latest efforts to bankrupt him; Bishop Williamson’s latest appeal loss; the state of Revisionism; Nationalism; developing character; the similarity between 9/11 and Holocaust; and more.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 56 min.

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