The Heretics’ Hour: Nazis in America; Duff on the holocaust

December 13, 2010

Is the Nazi Hydra controlling Amerika?

Carolyn looks at the role of the 1942 U.S. Rubber Crisis in the war hysteria and show trials put on for political benefit. Then, how sincere is Gordon Duff’s questioning of Hitler/Holocaust myths? Topics include:

  • U.S. war effort benefited from the prior cooperation between Standard Oil and Farben in synthetic rubber production;
  • U.S. govt., including Congress, punished Standard and others for this relationship in order to instill fear of Nazi “takeover”;
  • U.S. intelligence knew what was going on at Auschwitz from 1942 onward;
  • Duff: Is what we know about WW2 wrong?
  • Duff: Vietnam vets suffering not comparable to “death camp” survivors;
  • Duff: No evidence of “death camps” because Nazis destroyed it;
  • Duff: Never again — to what?

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2 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Nazis in America; Duff on the holocaust”

  1. A German on January 4th, 2011 10:53 am

    Great research Carolyn!!!
    It’s so easy to disprove this Duff guy.

    And he’s really a strange guy, on one side he calls it fraud, on the other side he’s a believer, a disciple of the holy H.

    But he’s certainly wrong on this Nazis-US industrials issue and the Nazis-took-over-America-after-WW2 issue! That’s total BS.

    For the holy Holocaust I only say:
    FOLKS! Go and research the official victim numbers and add them together!!!
    In all concentration camps there were almost no Jewish victims!
    Most were political or criminal prisoners and a concentration camp had not more death victims than a POW camp.

    One can only find masses of Jewish victims in the 6 death camps, of which 4 for of them have under 100,000 victims, (closer to POW camp and KZ numbers), in the “mass executions” in the east and the “death marches”.
    And the last 2 ones (executions and death marches) one cannot prove nor disprove, they could claim any number.

    But just take these official numbers, doesn’t matter how high and exaggerated they are, one will come to the result of !3.5! million victims!!! With the official numbers!

    !2.5! million are missing in the calculation!
    2.5 Million are all Western European war victims together with the American war victims.

    That’s why they have such a huge gap in the Auschwitz numbers!

    More I won’t and can’t say to this issue. I love my freedom ;-)

    It’s also proven that, for example Tito in Yugoslavia dictated the Yugoslavian War victim number of 1.6 million dead.
    He made it a state dogma.
    He mixed all fractions together, Slovenian Home Guards, Croatian Ustasa, Serbian nationalists, Serbian monarchists, Serbian Communist partisans and he exaggerated the number.

    Tito did that so he could demand more after the war.
    All Yugoslavian historians had to repeat this number again and again in their publications, although all knew that this number was false. And even in the year of Tito’s death 1980, one historian publicly dared to state that this is all bogus and he was imprisoned for years lost his position and all his retirement benfits.

    Dr. Sunic surely can confirm such stories from Communist Yugoslavia.

    And Stalin did the same, he exaggerated, put millions of victims of his terror and gulag system into the Soviet number.
    And even if the Soviet number would be correct, Stalin caused half them anyways, because he threw unsrupulous millions of poorly armed Russians against the Wehrmacht just to safe his behind.

    And Stalin exaggeraed the victim number for the same reason as Tito did, to be able to demand more after the war.

    And then we’ve a state who demanded and got 200 billions from Germany and will get 40 billions more until 2040, gets 3.7 billions every year from the US tax payer!
    (tongue in cheek)

  2. A German on January 4th, 2011 7:45 pm

    Comrades! Please listen to the Michael Collins Piper show!
    The man is a genius!!!

    I wished he would join VOR and become a VORrior.