Jamie Kelso, Dec. 13, 2010: April Gaede

December 13, 2010

Jamie Kelso’s guest on December 13, 2010 is April Gaede. In the first part of the show April talks about her good friends Edgar J. and Cyndi Steele. April talks about the kind of man she met as a guest in his home, and how those like herself who know Ed and Cyndi personally know that federal chages of murder-for-hire against Mr. Steele as conspiring to kill his wife are insane. In the second part of the show April discusses her efforts in a Northwest Migration to help White folks considering relocating to her town of Kalispell, Montana (pop. 29,000 in the city).

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2 Responses to “Jamie Kelso, Dec. 13, 2010: April Gaede”

  1. A German on January 4th, 2011 7:15 am

    That was really a good show Jamie!
    Very informative and investigative.
    One really can sense that April and Jamie chime together, that they’re friends. :-)

    I only missed one question:
    How do the twins do?
    Did they cancel the band for their college carreer?

    I guess April gets this question perhaps 10 times a day, but I didn’t hear anything about that. I’m not on the WNN forum.

    Anyways, Jamie if you go this path with your show, I will become a regular listener to your show again.
    This 1 hour interviews are much better than hour long described internet searches.
    Just a hint.

  2. A German on January 4th, 2011 7:25 am

    And just another thing,
    I hope too that Ed got trapped by the FBI and gets free again,
    but one has also to confess that people sometimes actually snap!!

    For example I know an old married couple, aquaintances, both over 70, very rich, a nice home, clean cut conservatives, traditional Christians, but all the times I saw the husband on parties he acted very strange.

    He always sat in the corner of table, said nothing, very silent only sniffed with his nose or blinked with eyes, a tick.

    And now I heard that they had to bring him into the closed mental hospital, because one day he suddenly, without any reason he attacked his wife with an axe.
    God be thanked, she didn’t get hurt.

    But that really came out of the blue, they’re married 50 years and had no relationship problems, everything was fine.

    Sometimes people do snap!
    If someone gets a mental disease everything is possible and such a disease comes out of nothing.