Jamie Kelso, Dec. 10, 2010

December 10, 2010

Jamie Kelso remembers meeting Aimee Allen, the singer/composer whose Ron Paul Revolution song brought roars from 15,000 patriots on Sept. 2, 2008 in the Ron Paul counter-convention in the Target Center. When we heard Aimee Allen raise the rafters in the jammed Target Center the world had not yet learned that only two months, or so, before she had been nearly killed by illegals outside a Los Angeles recording studio in the middle of the night. Kelso had the unforgettable privilege of being in the front row in both the Sept. 1 outdoor warmup rally and the Sept. 2 main Target Center performances by Aimee Allen. Not to mention the hug from Aimee Allen after 15,000 of us yelled ourselves hoarse on Sept. 2 in the audience video below. The professional video was shot at a Ron Paul march on Santa Monica Pier (here and here). Kelso expects another Ron Paul run for the presidency in 2012 that will dwarf the unseen-in-our-time mass Paul Revolution of 2008. Kelso also talks about the upcoming new VOR radio show hosted by good friend Stan Hess, to be aired live every Thursday night at 10pm ET. Stan has been among the key patriots marshalling a push-back from patriots to stop the railroading of 1st Amendment attorney Edgar J. Steele. Ten hours of Kelso interviews with Mrs. Edgar J. Steele are archived for your listening and linking out to others here on VOR.

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