Jamie Kelso, Dec. 9, 2010: Wesley Hoyt & Roland Hinkson

December 9, 2010

Attorney, and former prosecutor Wesley Hoyt, and patriot author Roland Hinkson are guests on the Jamie Kelso Show for December 9, 2010. Kelso is greatly saddened to learn on the air that David Hinkson the patriot son of Roland Hinkson, age 81, who was able to call out of the Florence, Colorado prison last week to talk about his having been railroaded into prison as a completely innocent man has now been denied any ability to even make such phone calls. The image of a totally innocent David Hinkson, who has done no harm or wrong to anyone, losing even his ability to telephone out of prison after having made a few phone calls while (Kelso now learns on the air) he was in shackles (!) leads Kelso to observe that we are closer to a Mexican or Soviet system of (in)justice than even Kelso had thought up to now. Kelso, Hoyt, and Roland Hinkson also talk about the similar injustice being perpetrated on 1st Amendment patriot lawyer Edgar J. Steele. These two jailed innocent patriots are supported at the websites and As well as at Kelso’s own forums at and

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