The Stark Truth: Interview with Keith Johnson

December 8, 2010

Keith Johnson

Robert interviews Keith Johnson. Topics include:

  • Keith’s upbringing in a Christian Zionist household and his changing outlook on religion and politics;
  • The co-option of the tea party and patriot movement;
  • How bankers control the politican system;
  • Poverty, economics, and immigration; the gap between rich and poor;
  • Solutions to the false Left-Right paradigm;
  • Zionism.

Keith Johnson is a retired private investigator and polygraph examiner who has worked extensively with law enforcement, as well as a number of Fortune 500 companies. Now resigned to private life, Keith uses his time to reflect and write about current affairs and politics. His articles have regularly appeared on Infowars, Prison Planet, Blacklisted News, The People’s Voice, What Really Happened, Republic Broadcasting, Lew Rockwell, Jeff Rense, David Icke and many other alternative news sites. A collection of his articles can be viewed at his blog site. On November 1st, Keith launched his own alternative Web site.

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4 Responses to “The Stark Truth: Interview with Keith Johnson”

  1. A German on December 17th, 2010 11:27 am

    Congratulations Stark! Again a nice catch!
    This man is so awake and has such clear mind.

    He has seen through JUDEO-”christianity” and their lies and also is so right on the economy and the social care for our kinsmen.

    If you have him on again some time, please take more time for the inner workings of these Christian Zionist circles.
    That’s interesting, since I saw “Jesus Camp” I’m very interested in these weirdos and how they brainwash our children.
    That should be brought much more into the daylight of the public!

    The only thing where I disagree with you both:
    the mantra “Chupacabras and Muzzies and Negros are not to blame”

    This is simply false!
    When you have a pain in the teeth, first you do something against the symptomes of the pain and then, the next day you go to the dentist and do something against the cause of the pain by taking the tooth out!

    And so it is with the invaders in America and Europe and the perpetrators of the Multi Cult: the Jews!

    Chupacabras, Muzzies and Negros are killing our people on the street, right now, Negros raping 36,500 white women annually in the USaway!!!

    So, we HAVE to do something first against them! To stop this atrocities. And then, when we have fought the symptomes, we go after the causal agents: the JEWS!

  2. Luke on December 29th, 2010 1:52 pm

    This Keith Johnson guy comes across, at least to me, as a very confused, inconsistent, former flaming, white-guilt-ridden liberal who is going through some kind of metamorphosis process whereby he is starting to ‘see’ portions of the truth, but he still struggles with the residual traces of his deeply ingrained white guilt and liberal notions of impossible racial equality and Utopianism. I tried to listen this radio show, but Keith Johnson drove me away – with his repetitive ranting about all religious people being evil.

    I have listened to Johnson on several radio shows, and while I do share his disdain and utter contempt for ‘Christian-Zionists’ – I don’t necessarily believe that all flavors of Christians are as evil, vile, and destructive to the world as those of the Christian-Zionist variety. Traditional, un-brainwashed Christians are very wise to the jewish enemy – at least to varying degrees, and I don’t think it’s fair to lump them all into the same pile for criticism. Rev. Ted Pike is one who is almost completely awake, but even he isn’t perfect – because he clings to the false idea that we can eventually persuade jews to abandon their evil ways and see the light.
    These creatures are incorrigible and are never going to change. They’ve been doing the same evil stuff for 2,000 years. Give up, Ted.

    Anyway, one thing about Johnson that irritates me and which clearly proves my point about him being confused and inconsistent – is that he frequently harps on the evils of ‘racism’ and he will spew venom in the direction of his fellow whites who are merely trying to do what’s natural and perfectly normal for any race – which is to look out after, and be concerned with, their legitimate ethnic interests. Doing this is nearly impossible if you think you can manage it without stepping on the toes of some of your racial competitors, because – duh – they are after something that your race has, and if your race is not willing to surrender it, then conflict is not going to be avoided. This ‘something’ could be your women, your daughters, your sons (to fight wars with), your paycheck, your entire nation, and your precious liberties and freedoms. All of which are negatively affected by being reduced to a subjugated minority inside your own nation, right?

    Besides, as someone has stated before, the very words ‘racism’ and ‘racist’ were invented by Leon Troksky, a.k.a. Bronstein – who was a jew, and the purpose of these words is to stifle political debate and to cow political opponents who opposed the jewish agenda. So, why is Keith Johnson always harping on these jewish invented weapons which are being used to cow and stifle and intimidate whites who resist the jewish genocide of their race and the destruction of their nation? Is it possible that Johnson is insufficiently awake to realize that he is actually helping the enemy that he thinks he is fighting by pushing their anti-white agenda?

  3. Chris on January 2nd, 2011 6:36 pm

    Very nicely put, Luke.

  4. Hadrian Wall on January 24th, 2011 3:22 am

    Once people wake up and begin to recognize the Jewish Trojan’s Horse that is Christianity, the interpretation of history will take on a clearer and focused character.