Jamie Kelso, Dec. 2, 2010

December 2, 2010

For December 2, 2010 Jamie Kelso gives his listeners a guided tour through his forum Kelso highlights WhiteNewsNow Sr. Moderators including April Gaede, Bob Whitaker, Paul Fromm (VOR host), Ron Doggett, 30.06, Alexander Hamilton, Smedley Butler, Poor Richard, Keltoi, Benjamin Franklin, and FL Patriot. Distinguished Members including leading patriot poet Ellin Anderson and theoretician (and VOR host) Dr. Tom Sunic also come under discussion. WhiteNewsNow has become the second-largest White nationalist forum on the web in only fourteen months, during which WNN has gone all-out in widening the audience of the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network, Instauration Magazine online, and The American Third Position. Kelso walks the audience through WNN subforums that have led the way in the subjects they cover: 9/11 Was An Inside Job; The Global Warming Hoax; Nick Griffin and BNP Victory; Ron Paul Revolution; Rand Paul For Senate; Paul Fromm’s Cafe, and Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance.

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