Jamie Kelso, Nov. 30, 2010: Cyndi Steele

November 30, 2010

Listeners to the eighth hour of Jamie Kelso’s interviews with Mrs. Edgar J. Steele on November 30, 2010 hear more of the development of an historic case in American law. Whoever set up Cyndi Steele’s husband and intended to railroad this distinguished patriot attorney from Idaho into jail certainly never expected that Mrs. Steele herself would find a way to shatter the lying government case with extended radio appearances. Mrs. Steele, and her attorney, former prosecutor Wesley Hoyt, are building patriot outrage with the immensely persuasive facts that they are able to present in these extended radio broadcasts. The ludicrous implausibility of U.S. Attorney Traci Whelan’s case becomes ever more evident as Mrs. Cyndi Steele and Mr. Hoyt pile up the mountain of government contradictions, inconsistencies, deceptions, and derelictions. The discussion continues at Kelso’s websites and More facts and ways to help defend Edgar J. Steele (and American freedom) are to be found at Former prosecutor Wesley Hoyt shows how the Edgar Steele frame-up fits an all-too-common pattern of use of criminal “cooperating witnesses” to put innocent patriots in prison. Mr. Hoyt saw the same pattern with patriot and brilliant inventor David Hinkson, sentenced to 43 years in prison on such fabricated hearsay testimony from a dirtball “cooperating witness”. Listeners can follow the David Hinkson case at and at David’s father’s website: Roland Hinkson has guested on the Jamie Kelso Show. Mr. Kelso has now spoken with David Hinkson by phone twice at the Florence, Colorado prison. The national outrage over these imprisonments based on fabrications has led even the New York Times to run an article that points to David Hinkson’s having been railroaded.

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