This Week in Disorganized America, Nov. 26, 2010

November 26, 2010

Eric Cantor

American traitor or Israeli loyalist? You decide.

Mishko & Mike Conner host. Topics include:

  • IRS being asked to revoke AIPAC’s tax exemption;
  • Eric Cantor, incoming House majority leader in US Congress – a rabid Zionist Jew – pledges allegiance to Israel’s leader over the US president;
  • UK Independence Party’s Nigel Farage taking on EU president Herman Van Rompuy then and now — as Rompuy declares homogenous nation states to be “dead”;
  • Meanwhile, the tide “turning” against Europe’s immigrants.

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38 Responses to “This Week in Disorganized America, Nov. 26, 2010”

  1. kilgoretrout on November 28th, 2010 5:53 am

    Hey guys cantor is a very Jewish name. Didn’t you see that old movie ” the jazz singer” with the Jew Eddie cantor? A cantor is a type of Jewish preacher that does some kind of wailing preachy kind of jewtalk. They are usually hereditary, and it takes years of training. As tho anyone would want to? Anyway I live in vA. I never have trusted the guy because of his DNA.

  2. China Boy on November 28th, 2010 9:28 am

    I heard you guys talking about China. You do have at least one listener in China. I love your show. However, when you speak of China you seem to underestimate China. It is true that in the post-Confucian era, China has lost the technological lead. Mishko is right that the West (Europe and America) are the world’s leading innovators and creators. Mike is right about the ticking time-bomb of pollution in China too. But China is not as insignificant as Mishko implies. You should start brushing up on your Mandarin, because China will be ready to step up when the Jewish created derivative bubble bursts. China has substantial savings and can ride-out the chaos when the USD collapses. The derivative bubble will inevitably burst.

  3. A German on November 28th, 2010 11:46 am

    Cantor means chanter/choirmaster and organist in a synagogues!
    It’s like the name Kaplan = chaplain/vicar

  4. Akira on November 28th, 2010 1:23 pm


    What is your obsession with “hook noses” and all that?

    It’s hard to believe that you just realized that Jews aren’t a race or have a certain physiognomy or skin-colour or accent.

    It’s true that the majority of US Jews are “Askanazis”, often with “swarthy” complexions and hooked noses, but not all, and also many other people from the same region have similar features (Armenians, Turks, etc).

    Michelle Malkin, if not “officaily” a Jewess (if not an actual convert) is married to a Jew, and has an Askanazi name.

    Marylin Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Scarlett Johanson, Drake (rapper), Yaphett Katto! : Jews.

    I just mention them because they are celebrities, on screen, easy to jewgle and see pics of.

    But they have thousands and thousands and thousands of counterparts who are not known, not celebrities — in the media, in bureaucracies, in local government, in schools — Black Jews, Blonde Jews, Red-head Jews, East Asian Jews, converts, people married to Jews, people with Jew in-laws or grandparents they never met and so on — and even if they are only part Jew, they often or usually make a big fuss about it, as if they are “chosen” or something .., And the idea that one is oppressed is very appealing to sick minds, so many part-Jews embrace their “history of (phony) oppression, and “stand with the Jews!” accordingly.

    Your obsession with Cantor’s accent was especially disappointing. What do expect him to sound like, having been Virginia-born-and-bred?

    A bit surprised too that you couldn’t spot Cantor as a Jew — he does in fact have certain Askanazi features, and his name is very Jew, as other commentators have pointed out.

    The PRC (which is a vile Jewbified state btw) definitely has a dire future, but is not beyond hope. If I were a leader there — speaking objectively! — I would get rid of the one child policy and start breeding and sending excess population throughout Asia and America. If some leader there gets the same bright idea, then Whitey’s days are surely numbered.

    (Personally I think Whites will increasingly decline in number and influence globally — it’s hard to see any alternative — but of course I lack the power to prophesy — but if Chinese start breeding even normally (2.x kids per woman), the day of doom (from your perspective) will just arrive much sooner).

    “Does anyone think the Chinese can do things better than us [Whites]?”

    – Yes, I do think it’s possible. I think your also making the mistake of assuming that the PRC = Chinese people. Chinese people throughout East and South East Asia, and in the west could easily put Whites to shame in the next decade.

    I’m not Chinese, btw, and am not thrilled about a Chinese-dominated Asia again, but I can think of worse alternatives, including the present Pax Americana under the Jews’ Slave -State America.


    I don’t think you got “too wound up”, as you put — it seems you’re just starting to realize how utterly thoroughly slavish and Jewed the US is.

    It’s easy to understand why so many people around the world view the destruction of the US as an essential factor in any struggle against Jews/Zionism.

    Ireland is also depressing. On Irish blogs and so on, they rant and rave about stringing up the bankers and politicians from lamposts, but I doubt anything like that will happen. And if it did, the state’s crackdown would just increase Irish slavishness. They need someone like a Putin to put things right, but they’ll probably need decades of suffering (as Russians went through) before they reach the point of being able to act).

    Regarding your comments about the absurdity of the line that “Muslims hate us for our freedom” — and, as you rightly ask — “What Freedom!?” :

    That line better describes Jews.

    I say often, “The people who did 911 us hate our freedoms! That’s why they killed Christ too.” Hopefully it’ll sink in to a few Jew-brain-washed minds.

    Best wishes to both of you, except for you silly “muds” talk,

    God bless you both.

    – Akira

    P.S. I wonder if Nigel Farange is going to have a mysterious fall down a flight of stairs soon…

  5. Akira on November 28th, 2010 1:35 pm

    Von Rompuy’s poetry:

    “Puddles wait for warmth to evaporate. Water becomes a cloud.”

    “A seagull on a post staring standing at the sea. The cold harms her not.”

    “EU Triumverate: Three waves roll together into the harbour. The trio is home.”

    “The harvest is in, and the trees are already thinning. Evening is near.”

    “A fly whisks and hums, dipping and diving round the room. It pains nobody.”

    That great White genius for art…

    If you’re dying to, you can see EU president Rompuy walking bare-arsed around Belgium:

    Oy, such an inspiration.

  6. Mishko on November 28th, 2010 4:12 pm

    Akira, I’m not sure what you’re getting at by saying that I just realized they’re not a race. When it suets them, they are a race, and when it doesn’t they’re victims. They are not a white race because they don’t aspire to be white, they are nation wreckers, and their goal in life is acquiring the shekle. The rest of your comments are just minor attacks, that bother me like a cloudy day.

    Regarding the Chinese. They are a rude and crude race. They are not creators, they are immitators. They are for all intense purposes slant eyed jews, and offer no benefit to white civilizations, unless you’re interested in poisening your children or dogs.

  7. Akira on November 28th, 2010 5:13 pm


    I’m not sure what you’re getting at with your “I’m not sure what you’re getting “.

    I was simply surprised that you were so surprised that the Jew Cantor didn’t look like you imagine a Jew ought to look; and especially that you were so amazed that he had a Southern accent, and didn’t sound like some Yiddish pedlar trying to sell clothes in the market square in Minsk, “So lemme make ya an offer already! Fer you I can take off …2 .. no … 3%! But yer killin’ me heah! Oy Oy Oy!”

    Re “The rest of your comments are just minor attacks, that bother me like a cloudy day.” — well, they weren’t attacks, just observations andspeculations, so I’m glad they just induced a minor cloudiness. You VoR types seem quite hyper-defensive. Maybe you need a nap.

    The Chinese have certainly been creators. Not so much these past few centuries. But they do think long term. And as 1.5 of the planet, they can afford to be patient. — They’re not going away anywhere anytime.

    I’m not sure how the Chinese are Slant-Eyed Jews. Unlike the Jews, Chinese aren’t standing over America, micturating down everyone’s throats in the land of the fleeced.

    And Chinese food is without a doubt the greatest cuisine on the planet. Of course not the toxic slop they serve in American “Chinese” restaurants, that should be closed down as frauds, for violating truth in advertising laws.

  8. Akira on November 28th, 2010 5:23 pm

    “The Chinese are a rude and crude race”?

    Of course. Unlike these gentlemen:

  9. A German on November 28th, 2010 10:20 pm


    A police team tries to inspect a crime scene where a rape happened. Suddenly they fet attacked by “youths” (in fact a horde of Negros) who throw a tear gas grenade at the policemen and one tries to attack a poliman witha baseball bat.
    That policeman only can hold him off by grabbing his gun!

    The people spoke and voted for the deportation of criminal foreigneirs= Muzzies and Negros.
    For crimes like murder, rape, men trafficking and drug trafficking.
    Switzerland seems to be tha last real democracy=rule of the people.
    Hail Helvetia!

    Jews are a race! Semites from Southern Arabia and converted Turkic Khazars!
    Just because they have some bounty-Jews among them who appear white does not mean that they’re white!

    And even in the white appearing ones you can discover Jewish traits! Look at Summer Redstone (Rothstein) MTV!
    He’s blond-red haired but still has a curvated nose, half closed eyes, and a thick hanging underlip!
    Same with the blond Jew Silverstein!
    Jewish nose, Jewish eyes (deceitful), Jewish lips!
    As Tim “the snake” Wise, who appears white, but also has the hanging deceitful Jewish eye lids!

    And their’s also a much more important component: The Jewish RACE SOUL!
    As the NS chief idologue Alfred Rosenberg described in his magnum opus: The Myth of the 20th century
    “What makes a Jew really a Jew, is if he shares the JEWISH RACE SOUL, if he has internalized the Jewish Race soul.
    Then he can appear as “Aryan” as he wants, he’s the bearer of a sick spirit of deception!”

    And the same is valid for Aryans!
    It doesn’t matter if they look 100% nordic, if they share adn internalized the ARYAN Race Soul and if they have fully internalized this spirit of decency!
    So, a brown haired Austrian can be a much better Aryan as a blond haired Aryan traitor! It’s important to become a bearer of the Aryan=noble spirit!

    So, Akira stop attacking moi drug Mishko!
    He’s totally right in what he does!
    The Jewish issue has to be hammered again and again like glowing iron, until YOU can give it the form YOU want!

  10. Akira on November 28th, 2010 10:31 pm

    A German,

    I wasn’t aware that I attacked Mishko. If he and you are so sensitive, maybe you should have a pot of calming chamomile tea together, watch Waiting To Exhale, and have a nice little cry.

  11. China Boy on November 28th, 2010 11:08 pm

    China’s “Golden Age” has long since passed. When Magellan “discovered” Cebu in the Philippines he was a bit surprised to see Chinese goods there. The Chinese had been trading with the Philippines for centuries before the arrival of Magellan. When Alexander the Great was busy conquering his world, you may recall that he did not bother with China. That was very fortunate for Alexander the Great. At that time, China has the bronze crossbow with a lethal range of 800 meters. That was during the “Warring States” period when the Chinese had plenty of men with combat experience and weapon development that was ahead of the rest of the world. The came Kong Qiu, known in the West as “Confucius.” “A good son is a son who does as his father did.” The leaders embraced Confucianism because it was easier to control the people who obeyed authority. Creativity went downhill from there until 1988. I have some bad news for those who think China is insignificant. China took a wrong turn 2500 years ago, but is now on the right path. There is a resurgence in innovation and creativity in China.

    Many casual observers may pay attention to China’s fledgling space program, or advances in super-computers, but those things are not where the big changes are occurring. The USA would be thrilled if they could trick China into trying to match the old outdated carrier based naval power. China is kicking ass today in cost effectiveness. How much does it cost to build an aircraft carrier and support ships? How much to operate them? The correct answer is “much more than the deployment of sufficient YJ-22 and similar classified countermeasures.” China has also paid attention to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan with a keen eye on cost effectiveness. The role of the special forces has been especially interesting to China. China has plenty of people. Currently the Chinese military has been ramping up the special forces because they are seen as more cost effective than expensive tanks or aircraft. China has sufficient means to train and field tens of millions of special forces if the need should arise. China also has insertion and extraction capabilities worldwide. The Soviet Union went belly-up because they could not afford the cost of the cold war arms race. Go ahead and keep making those $600 toilet seats for your military, please.
    Every major city in China is full of pedestrian underpasses. The underpasses permit people to pass walk under busy city streets without impeding traffic. The major cities have thousands of these underpasses. The underpasses are often dual use. Vendors set up shops in the underpasses. Some sell food there. A high percentage of these underpasses have sturdy steel outer doors that can be closed in an emergency or when the underpass is shut down. If there is ever an all-out nuclear war, these underpasses can accommodate hundreds of millions of people. Is there a bomb shelter within easy walking distance from where you are right now? China does these things very cost effectively.

    The Jews have looted America with their derivatives pyramid scam. They have effectively transferred almost all of America’s wealth to themselves. They are now busy printing funny-money to prop up the derivatives pyramid scam a little longer as they try to hide the loot they have stolen from America and erase the traces to themselves. Of course they will find some goy fall-guys. But the bottom line is that White Americans have allowed this to happen. Who is at fault? China has no culpability in the derivatives pyramid scam. That is entirely a Jewish swindle. Why do Whites allow themselves to be robbed like this?
    When the USD falls, who can step up to replace it? The BRIC maybe. India is the weak link in the BRIC chain, but perhaps the BRIC will evolve into the BRC. Brazil, Russia and China may form a basket of currencies to replace the USD.

    The USA has the most powerful military in the world, but the Jews are in charge of the US government and they will insure that America’s military might continues to be used to serve Jewish interests. Jews have been courting China for the past few years. There are thousands of Jewish boys enrolled in public schools all over China today. I have seen many of them and talked to several of them in person. Unfortunately for the Jews the Chinese government is not as completely corrupt as the American government and cannot so easily be controlled by an alien group. Jews may be more clever that White Americans, but we saw them coming here in China and we will not let them trick us.

    What do White Americans have to be proud of? Are you proud that you have been outsmarted by the Jews? Are you proud that Jews completely control both houses of congress and the executive branch of government? Speak of that, they also have a lock on the judicial branch of your government. The American people are brainwashed by Jewish propaganda disguised as entertainment. Are you proud that your people are so easily controlled and brainwashed? Are you proud that black men are breeding white women at record rates? Are you proud that your youth try to emulate black rapper culture?

    This White pride reminds me of a recent survey of students worldwide. The students were given math tests, and then were asked how they felt they had performed on the math test. The Americans had the most pride and confidence in their test performance. Unfortunately for them, their actual scores did not support their pride. You are very proud, but why? You had good run, but were just a flash in the pan. From the Golden Age of Greece until 1933 the Whites did have something to be very proud of, but that is history now. China had a Golden Age too, but likewise that is just history now. Face the reality of today.

  12. Mishko on November 29th, 2010 12:03 am

    LOL @ Akira. I’m sensative? Oh man I don’t where to begin with all your comments, but they’re so out of wack I’m not going to try.

    Have a great week.

  13. Akira on November 29th, 2010 12:31 am

    I never said you were sensitive, but the German is very concerned about you crying, because I’m so “mean”, just because I find a few people ruder and cruder than your average Chinaman.:

    “Akira stop attacking moi drug Mishko!”

    Oy Vey — Everybody relax…

  14. Akira on November 29th, 2010 12:37 am

    BTW, Eddie Cantor’s real name was Isidore Iskowitz.

    That’s how stupid he was. He tried to hide his Jewbiness by taking on … another Jew name … ?

  15. Akira on November 29th, 2010 8:47 am

    @ China Boy

    China’s alleged lack of creativity is the fault of Confucius? Sounds like typical Jew-Com propaganda.

    Re: “Creativity went downhill from there until 1988.”


    – What miracle happened in 1988?

    Some historical context on Chinese creativity:

    Confucius: 551-479 BC

    Tang: AD 618–907
    Song: AD 960–1279
    Yuan: 1271–1368
    Ming: 1368–1644

    Feeling embarrassed?

    Anyway, yes, whatever problems China will be dealing with over the next century as a result of having followed insane Jew ideologies for the past 60 decades, the Chinese people are and will remain at least 1/5 of the global population, and Chinese culture will still be thriving (assuming the Jews don’t engineer global nuclear annihilation…) long after the USA will be nothing but an enigma and a shameful memory.

    History Quiz 2250:

    Q: “What was the USA?”

    A: “I think it meant Unknown States of America that was a country that thought they had global empire but was run by Jews and finally everyone got sick of it and then it was gone. I think it used to be part of Northern Mexico and Far West China. And some parts are now Russia and Japan.”

    Re: “…White Americans … Why do Whites allow themselves to be robbed like this?”

    - Because their “leaders” are Slavemasons, who helped the Jews take over — just like in China from 1910-1949; but they are still alien to China, whereas Slavemasonry is ingrained and essential to American statehood and society.

    - And because the Slavemasons and the Jews created American mis-education system and their filthy, execrable culture, so most Americans are dumber than “Dumb & Dumber”.

    I hope China doesn’t come to dominate Asia again, because so many Chinese are bloody annoying, but that does seem to be the future; though more likely Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Korea will also become more powerful and influential. Let’s pray that the Jew-created DPRK doesn’t get into a real war with Masonic ROK, with “The World’s Yankee Policeman” sticking his big nose into everything. Amen.

    Re: “From the Golden Age of Greece until 1933 the Whites did have something to be very proud of…”

    What happened in 1933 that was so shameful?

    You seem to like these strict cut off dates. I can just picture you lecturing: “In 1933 and 1988 the world changed in essence in nature in it’s very reality! Shazam!”

    Also, you seem to be confusing Americans with White People. It’s true that most of the West (former Christendom) is Jewed, but that’s mostly thanks to the British and American slavestates’ Noachidic sacrifices on behalf of their Christ-Killer masters.

    When America falls, you can expect most of Europe to become less Jewed. Of course, by that time, Europe will also be much less White.

  16. Akira on November 29th, 2010 8:49 am


    “…having followed insane Jew ideologies for the past 6 decades…” not 60!

  17. China Boy on November 29th, 2010 10:51 am

    Confucius was a great philosopher and a good role model. However, Confucianism rewarded those who were obedient to authority, and especially those who did not rock the boat. It is not the fault of the philosopher but facts are facts. China had a highly developed culture before Confucius. That is a well-documented fact, not “Jew Con Propaganda.” China fell far behind the West over the centuries after Confucius. Again that is a well-documented fact, not “Jew Con Propaganda.”

    In 1933 the Jews took over control of the Executive branch of the U.S. government. That was a defining point in history.

    In 1988 China opened to the world. China has been on a much better path since the 1988 opening.

    Some historical context on Chinese creativity:

    Confucius: 551-479 BC

    Tang: AD 618–907
    Song: AD 960–1279
    Yuan: 1271–1368
    Ming: 1368–1644

    Feeling embarrassed?

    Why would I feel any embarrassment over dynasties that prove my point and verify the time-frame I have already specified?

    It is true that the early communist leadership of New China followed insane Jewish ideology because communism and Jewish ideology were one and the same. However, the current leadership of China is communist in name only. China discarded the insane Jewish ideology in 1988.

    There is one thing we can agree on, and that is the damage the nation wreckers have done to America.

  18. Akira on November 29th, 2010 12:55 pm


    Still you are spreading Jew-Com propaganda.

    The classic “thumbnail history of development” and the Hegelian categorization of history, in which he declared two centuries that China was dead, and said it had been dead for millenia.

    You are reflecting classic Masonic and Jew Frankfurt School propaganda.

    Just as in US Universities now they denigrate Plato and Shakespeare as “Dead White European Males”, so they first attacked Christianity in the West — urging everyone to be Buddhist, Jew., Muslim, New-Age, Wicca, whatever — and would put down European classics while praising the Oriental Classics

    Then they’d go to China and say, “Oh all this stupid old Chinese stuff is rubbish! You should be reading Voltaire and Marx and Lenin!”

    The times I mentioned, Tang to Ming, all between 1 and 2 millenia after Confusius — that is the era that defines almost everything that is now identified as Chinese culture.

    Li Jiao, Su Weidao, Cui Rong, Du Shenyan, Wang Ji, Wang Bo, Yang Jiong, Lu Zhaolin, Luo Binwang, Chen Zi’ang, Zhang Jiuling, Wang Han, Wang Wan, He Zhizhang, Bao Rong, Zhang Xu, Liu Shenxu, Meng Haoran, Wang Wei, Chu Guangxi, Chang Jian, Zu Yong, Pei Di, Qiwu Qian, Qiu Wei, Gao Shi, Cen Can, Wang Changling, Wang Zhihuan, Cui Hao, Li Qi, Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Liu Yuxi, Yu Xuanji, Shan-shui painting, Zhang Zeduan, Cui Bai, Su Han Chen, Mao Yi, Fan Kuan, Li Anzhong, Guo Xi, Zhang Shengwen, Emperor Huizong of Song, Gunsho Mingwang, Li Kan, Mi Youren, Chancellor Sima Guang, Huang Zhucai, Emperor Huizong of Song, Chen Rong, Ma Lin,, Yi Yuanji, Xu Daoning, Liu Songnian, Mi Fu, Mei Yaochen, Su Shi, Li Qingzhao, Chancellor Fan Zhongyan, Ouyang Xiu, Huang Tingjian, Xin Qiji, Song Qi, The New Book of Tang, The Zizhi Tongjian, Zhu Xi, Xü Xi, Li Fang, Prime Tortoise of the Record Bureau encyclopedia, The Jiyun, The Blue Cliff Record, The Dream Pool Essays, Qin Guan, The Can Shu, The Ben Cao Tu Jing, Su Song, and tens of thousands of other great works of art, poems, novels, essays, encyclopedias, and developments in military strategy, mathematics, astronomy, meteorology, geology, geography, metallurgy, engineering, hydraulics, architecture, zoology, botany, agronomy, medicine, anthropology, archeology, agriculture, cuisine, pharmacy, medicine, economics, geography, art, literature.

    All post-Confucius. So your idea that Chinese culture and society died out after Confucius is absurd.

    Besides that, Confucius wasn’t that influential, and all through the same post-Confucius time period, Daoism and Buddhism were just as influential, as well as hundreds, thousands of other influences.

  19. A German on November 29th, 2010 3:12 pm


    Oslo–>Norway–>Novel Prize ceremony



    Mike please present him a world map for Christmas!

    Mishko did you have a bit too much Slivo for Thanksgiving? ;-)

    And Mike you’re right! The Romanian government is totally hypocritical.
    They also don’t want the Gypsies. They even officially said to their 2-3 million ex patriots in the EU:
    “Don’t come back, we can’t support you in Romania!”
    And of course they mainly meant the wandering Gypsies from Romania.

  20. A German on November 29th, 2010 3:16 pm

    Nobel Prize, of course XD
    But perhaps we should rename it Novosel Prize

  21. China Boy on November 29th, 2010 10:33 pm

    Akira, Let me reiterate for clarity. Confucius the man was not very influential, and especially not influential during his lifetime. However, Confucianism was and remains very influential at every level of Chinese culture.

    It is true that Chinese society and technology continued to advance throughout the Tang and Song dynasties. But you fail to see the forest for the trees. Confucianism rewarded those who were conformists, and the leaders of China have long embraced this ideology. Evolution and selective breeding does not produce results overnight. Rewarding conformists had a long-term genetic effect on the Chinese gene pool. Those who were more inclined to blindly follow and obey authorities were more likely to successfully procreate in post-Confucius China. Independent thought was not rewarded and those with an independent streak were less likely to perpetuate their genes in post-Confucius China. In the long-haul this reduced creativity, but it is not like flipping a switch and instantly killing all creativity. You must stand back from the trees a bit to see the forest.

    I never said that Chinese culture and society died out after Confucius. I said creativity went downhill in post- Confucius China. Going downhill does not immediately equate to dying out. But speaking of absurdity, your statement is absurd , “The times I mentioned, Tang to Ming, all between 1 and 2 millenia after Confusius — that is the era that defines almost everything that is now identified as Chinese culture.”

    In your Western view, perhaps what you identify as Chinese culture does come from the later eras. The Eastern view is different. The chu-tzu pai-chia era “all philosophers hundred schools” began centuries before Confucius. This was an era of great cultural and intellectual expansion in China. Silk was developed 4000 years ago in China. Many people rightfully associate silk with Chinese culture. The Great Wall was begun during the Ch’in Dynasty. Again many people rightfully associate the Great Wall with Chinese culture. Paper and ink were invented during the Han Dynasty, long before the rise of the Tang Dynasty.

    Speaking of the Ming Dynasty, the West should be thankful that the later Ming Dynasty pretty much finished off China as a significant world power. Admiral Zheng commanded the most powerful navy that had ever existed. He could have easily taken on and destroyed every navy on earth. This was before Columbus was born. The nine-masted treasure ships were the most advanced design on earth. Chinese shipwrights built hulls of successive layers of sheathing reinforced with interior bulkheads, a method which equals the strength of steel and permits vessels of great size. Chinese inventions include the stern rudder, watertight compartments, leeboards, fully battened sails, gunpowder, cannon, and the magnetic compass. What did the Ming Dynasty do with this great navy? They burned the ships and cut China off from the outside world on a whim. When the European age of exploration began, the early explorers heard stories about the fleet of massive Chinese ships, but the stories seemed too fantastic to be true. In fact, the stories were true. Some of the remnants of the great navy have been recovered recently by archeologists and they match the carefully documented historical records of the era.

    China’s greatness is long gone, but today China is moving in a different direction and is back on a more desirable path. China will be in a strong position when the USD collapses.

  22. Akira on November 29th, 2010 11:09 pm

    “Admiral Zheng commanded the most powerful navy that had ever existed. He could have easily taken on and destroyed every navy on earth”

    Sheer fantasy. You should learn to distinguish facts from nationalist and multikulti propaganda (“Oh the Chinese were so wonderful they did this they did that…”). It was a fleet mostly made up of treasure ships. It didn’t carry many fighting sailors, mostly labourors and the soldiers were trained for land warfare. And besides they never faced any other navy. And I don’t they could have outfight a Spanish Dutch or English fleet (or Roman for that matter). It wasn’t a real ocean-going navy, It was a pleasure cruise from port to port doing trade mostly.

    I seem to recall the Spanish Armada was unbeatable, the Titanic was unsinkable…
    Besides that, most of the nonsense surrounding Zheng’s voyages is based on the writings of Jew Neo-Cons such as Goldstone.

    Anyway, what most people identify as Chinese culture is definitely from the Tang to Ming dynasties: That’s the basis of virtually all Chinese art, scientific and medical achievements, the images, the fashions, the food, the poetry, the art, the ceramics, the territorial expansions into Yue and Sichuan, and so on. Your argument is like saying that French culture is based on Socrates and Aristotle, or some Gallic federation, and that “all that other stuff” (the French language, courtly poetry, knighthood, Joan of Arc, The Crusades, Charles Martel, Charlemagne, the Hundred Years War, Matisse, Moliere etc) is just ephemeral or something.

    Likewise your idea that ancient philosophical writings and the ancient development of silk and paper mean more than the bustling and dynamic culture of China’s thousand-year-long “Golden Age” of cultural achievements — it’s … well … it’s bizarre..

    Re: “What did the Ming Dynasty do with this great navy? They burned the ships and cut China off from the outside world on a whim.”

    – Nonsense. You make it sound like the largest Empire on Earth then was run by schoolchildren. They had fiscal concerns, they didn’t need a navy, they need a larger land army to deal with northern threats, the capital was moved north, they built greater fortifications in the north, and Zheng was not trusted because he was a Muslim, making deals with his fellow Muslims everywhere he went.

  23. China Boy on November 30th, 2010 10:10 am


    Admiral Zheng He aka Ma He (Cheng Ho) (1371-1435) dispatched 317 ships with 27,870 men, women and children to collect tribute from the barbarians from beyond the seas. The Chinese Emperor wanted ‘All under heaven’ to be civilized in Confucian Harmony. Admiral Zheng He aka Ma He (Cheng Ho) (1371-1435) personally conducted 7 voyages of exploration between 1405 to 1433, the first being 62 of his 317 ships this year in search of the former emperor who fled likely toward Fu Sang (America). Each fleet of ship was self contained including onboard gardens. Chinese artifacts discovered in Fu Sang (America) suggests some of the Chinese fleet landed on both the east and west coast of the Fu Sang (Americas). The largest flag ship was 400 feet in length with a beam of 160 feet. The main fleet sailed to Calicut, India and back (1405-1407) in trade.


    Admiral Zheng He aka Ma He (Cheng Ho) (1371-1435) made a 2nd trading trip to India returning in 1409.


    The 3rd Chinese expedition consisted of 48 ships and 30,000 men and the King of Ceylon (Sri Lanka became aggressive and was defeated and taken as prisoner back to China. This trip was (1409-1411).


    At Neakahnie Beach, Oregon, Ming porcelain is found on netarts sand spit. A pulley is dated to 1410 and it is believed a Chinese junk went down off shore based on other Chinese records.

    Parts of a ships wooden hull is discovered off the coast of Sacramento, California


    The 4th expedition consisted of 63 ships, 28,560 men and sailed to the Persian Gulf at Hormuz, then south to Mozambique. This trip was (1412-1415)


    The 5th expedition (1417-1419) repeated the 4th expedition.


    A Chinese map of 1418 clearly shows Australia, North and South America. This appears to be compiled on the 4th expedition of Admiral Cheng Ho (1371-1435).

    1421 6th Chinese expedition (1421-1422) repeat of 4th & 5th expedition but the whole fleet was likely not committed to this routine run.

    Admiral Zheng He aka Ma He (Cheng Ho) (1371-1435), a Muslim eunuch, commanded the Chinese navy that consisted of 317 ships with 28,000 to 38,000 sailors. It is believed his navy explored Fu Sang (America) on several occasions. China at this time had the largest ships and the biggest fleet in the world. The flag ship was 475 feet long, by 193 feet wide, European ships by contrast were about 100 feet long. Europe at this time was considered an uncultured backwater place by the Chinese with nothing of value in trade. Admiral Zheng the explorer circumnavigated the world for Emperor Yong Le visiting 30 countries returning October 23, 1427. About this time the Rhode Island Tower believed to be built by Chinese colonists that were abandoned due to a ship wreck. The Tower is believed to be a light house likely to signal the Chinese navy. The total fleet is recorded to have visited 1,000 countries.

    The Netarts Sand Pits in Oregon contained porcelain from the Chinese Emperor Zhu Di’s reign which is the same time period of Zheng He around the world trip.

    Vancouver Island appears on a map of 1507 and it is called Colonia, Chinois. The Squamish people reported the Chinese visited Vancouver Island before the Europeans.


    The 7th and final expedition of Admiral Zheng He aka Ma He (Cheng Ho) (1371-1435), with 100 ships and 27,500 men sailed for Malacca, Siam, Australia and America. The trip was (1431-1433).

  24. A German on November 30th, 2010 9:23 pm

    Unfortunately Dr. Matt Johnson has no comment section, but I have to state somewhere how great his broadcast about Savonarola was this week.
    It’s simply fantastic that we get such good historical information on VOR. What a high academic standard.
    I also appreciated that he left a bit the orthodox only field in this broadcast and spoke more to all Christians and interested persons out there.
    Keep on the good work Dr. Johnson!

  25. Mishko on November 30th, 2010 11:35 pm

    When are all you “typists” that have so much to say on your keyboards going to call into a Friday show?

  26. kilgoretrout on December 1st, 2010 10:52 am

    Mich you are absolutely right. We should call in if wee are burning to say something. I admit that I enjoy the show so much more when there are callers. I just can’t ever seem to remember which night the show is on. Does it come in live on the website? I have never called in to anyone, But I enjoy your show very much and I will try to be a more active participant.

  27. kilgoretrout on December 1st, 2010 10:55 am

    China boy
    That’s fascinating! Where can we see some of these maps and learn more about Cheng Ho!

  28. Akira on December 2nd, 2010 6:51 pm

    I hope they had proper visas:

    “Admiral Zheng the explorer circumnavigated the world for Emperor Yong Le visiting 30 countries. … The total fleet is recorded to have visited 1,000 countries.”

    And you say that Chinese are good at maths?

    Where are these thousand countries? Did he visit Atlantis? (Sorry, I mean “Malta”, the centre of the Universe…)

    And who visited the other 970 countries? Funny that Zheng’s name got in the history books, but the guy who went to the 970 countries is forgotten.

    Do you think they made it to the moon?

    Put the hookah pipe down and exit the opium den.

    “Admiral Zheng commanded the most powerful navy that had ever existed. He could have easily taken on and destroyed every navy on earth”

    “Each fleet of ship was self contained including onboard gardens. ”

    So that’s when global warming started!

    Yeah, they could have thrown pineapples in any fight!

    Anyway, I don’t envy Zheng, no matter how many thousands of countries and hundreds of continents he went to. He was, after all, a eunuch.

    I can just picture him arriving in “Mozambique” or Rhode Island or any of the other thousands of countries he visited — coming ashore with his tens of thousands of pineapple-wielding soldiers, terrifying the locals, and then he opens his mouth and starts issuing the Mandate of Heaven in his castrati screech.

    I can just imagine the fleet coming across an island full of bare-breasted beauties.

    The crew: “Wow! Hey Zheng, check out the local talent!”

    Zheng: “Okay, Okay. Don’t rub it in. You guys go have fun and I’ll go look at my stamp collection.”
    China Boy:

    China Boy:

    “About this time the Rhode Island Tower believed to be built by Chinese colonists that were abandoned due to a ship wreck. The Tower is believed to be a light house likely to signal the Chinese navy.”

    Are you sure? I guess it must be true because it’s written on the Internet in black and white … But I thought the Rhode Island Tower was built by Finn MacCool to send Morse Code signals to Harry Potter after he cracked the Enigma Code.

    “The Tower is believed to be a light house likely to signal the Chinese navy.”?

    Believed by whom? Charlie Chan?

    I think you’re great. Please do a show with Lowell. Who needs drugs when such derangement is free on the web?

    You’re also funny, China Boy, in the way you ape all these boastful White boys:

    “We did this, we did that!”

    Whites invented telephones? And then what? They invented TVs? And then what? Chinese will do this, Chinese will do that? And then what? Last time I checked, everybody dies.

    I guess I don’t get it ‘cos I’m not boy. Or a eunuch, like the globe-traversing high-pitched Zheng.

  29. Akira on December 2nd, 2010 7:07 pm


    “When are all you “typists” that have so much to say on your keyboards going to call into a Friday.”

    – Do “muds” have to call in on a special line?

    – How can we be sure you’re there when we call, and not “polishing your menorah”?

  30. China Boy on December 2nd, 2010 10:01 pm

    Mr. Genius aka Akira,

    You wrote:

    And you say that Chinese are good at maths?

    Where are these thousand countries? Did he visit Atlantis? (Sorry, I mean “Malta”, the centre of the Universe…)

    Such brilliance, bravo!

    In the year 2010 there are much fewer countries than there were 600 years ago. At that time countries were much smaller than today. For example, China itself is composed today of what was more than 1000 countries in the distant past. What is now a hamlet or village was once a kingdom and a country.

    While I am on the subject of your brilliance, or apparent lack thereof, It is a well-known fact that gun powder was invented in China about many centuries before Roger Bacon “invented” gunpowder in the West. Cannons were also invented in China. Cannons were first used on ships in China. In those days a ship with cannon had a distinct combat advantage over those without cannon. Thus is the basis for my claim of the combat superiority of Admiral Zheng’s fleet.

    A few tidbits from Wiki for your Eurocentric perusal:

    The Chinese invented technologies involving mechanics, hydraulics, and mathematics applied to horology, metallurgy, astronomy, agriculture, engineering, music theory, craftsmanship, nautics, and warfare. By the Warring States Period (403–221 BC), they had advanced metallurgic technology, including the blast furnace and cupola furnace, while the finery forge and puddling process were known by the Han Dynasty (202 BC – AD 220).

  31. China Boy on December 2nd, 2010 10:04 pm

    On the subject of brilliance, I see now after looking at my post that I should have written “far fewer” instead of “much fewer” but you know how it is when you write and send and then notice what you just posted makes you look like a moron.

  32. China Boy on December 2nd, 2010 10:20 pm

    While mocking Admiral Zheng’s pineapple throwing fleet, you should note the Chinese have a long history of the study of food and herbs. Early European sailors found out the hard way about scurvy. Admiral Zheng’s massive fleet was divided into several smaller task force groups. They sailed in different direction and carried out different tasks, thus expanding the mission capabilities over a single massive fleet.

  33. Akira on December 3rd, 2010 4:51 am

    Cina Boy

    You keep contradicting yourself.

    You first said that Chinese civilization was ruined by Confucianism. I pointed out what nonsense that is, since almost everything considered as “Chinese” and 99.99% of Chinese achievements came centuries or millenia after Confucius kicked the bucket and went to that Great Scool in the Sky.

    I listed many of these achievements above.

    Now you’re boasting about about Chinese invented this Chinese invented that, thereby disproving your initial assertion.

    You change your mind so often, are you sure you’re not China Girl? “I’ll give you television, I’ll give you eyes of blue.”

    I’m beginning to suspect that Mishko might be on the right track in his crude and rude analysis of your crude and rude race…

    + + +

    I know I shouldn’t lower myself like this, but “Cannons were first used on ships in China” is utter nonsense. You may have beaten even The Lowell in absurdity.

    Cannons were invented in Europe, and were first used as naval artillery in Europe, and were best developed in the Royal Navy.

    Chinese gunpowder was used (in bamboo) to make big bangs and flashes and make people go “waaaahhhh”.

    Gunpowder was first used for projectile (ballistic) force in Europe.

    Metal cannons were forged first in Europe.

    Cannons were introduced to China by the Portuguese, then better ones later from England and Holland, then Germany, Russia, etc. But even just having cannons (which the Chinese didn’t have before Europeans came) doesn’t mean one can just pull a trigger and fire ‘em, “yeehaw”. It takes generations of experience and theory and training to develop them as tactical and strategic weaponry, and to be able to aim them effectively, so they can actually do damage. And it’s especially difficult to develop artillery effectively for naval use.

    And the Muslim Admiral Zheng had not even one cannon, since, as I’ve already stated, he was a eunuch.

  34. China Boy on December 3rd, 2010 5:33 am

    Lets’ see who agrees with you Akira:

    Here is the top link on Google:

    The history of cannon spans several hundred years. First used in China, they were among the earliest forms of gunpowder artillery, and over time replaced siege engines—among other forms of aging weaponry—on the battlefield. The first cannons in Europe were probably used in Iberia, during the Islamic wars against Spain, in the 13th century; their use was also first documented in the Middle East around this time.

    12th century

    In the 12th century, China’s first permanent standing navy was established by the Southern Song Dynasty, the headquarters of the Admiralty stationed at Ding-hai. This came about after the conquest of northern China by the Jurchen people (see Jin Dynasty) in 1127, while the Chinese court fled south from Kaifeng to Hangzhou. Equipped with the magnetic compass and knowledge of Shen Kuo’s famous treatise (on the concept of true north), the Chinese became proficient experts of navigation in their day. They raised their naval strength from a mere 11 squadrons of 3,000 marines to 20 squadrons of 52,000 marines in a century’s time.

    Employing paddle wheel crafts and trebuchet’s throwing gunpowder bombs from the decks of their ships, the Chinese became a formidable foe to the Jin Dynasty during the 12th-13th centuries (see also Battle of Caishi and Battle of Tangdao). With a powerful navy, China dominated maritime trade throughout South East Asia as well. Until 1279, the Chinese were able to use their naval power to defend against the Jin to the north, until the Mongols finally conquered all of China. After the Song Dynasty, the Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty of China was a powerful maritime force in the Indian Ocean.

    The Yuan Emperor Kublai Khan attempted to invade Japan twice with enormous fleets (of both Mongols and Chinese), in 1274 and again in 1281, both attempts being unsuccessful (see Mongol invasions of Japan). Building upon the technological achievements of the earlier Chinese Song Dynasty, the Mongols also employed early cannons upon the decks of their ships.
    While the Chinese Song Dynasty built its naval strength, the Japanese also had considerable naval prowess. The strength of Japanese naval forces could be seen in the Genpei War, in the large-scale Battle of Dan-no-ura on April 25, 1185. The forces of Minamoto no Yoshitsune were 850 ships strong, while Taira no Munemori had 500 ships under his command.

    Note the years above, Mr. Genius. The Chinese were using naval cannons in 1274and 1281 in battles against Japan. This was more than a century before Admiral Zheng was born. How ridiculous is it to assume that Admiral Zheng would use cannons on his ships 150+ years later? Are simply trying to be funny? By the way, your humor is much better that your “logic,” and I do use the term loosely.

    Now about my “contradictions” again you fail to see the larger picture. Your protestations are akin to those who decry evolution by saying how ridiculous evolution is because they cannot see it now. They say life is not evolving because it is not visible in their time-frame of reality. Selective breeding does not produce immediate results. China had a long way to fall from their heyday of creativity. Even today Chinese on average have larger brains and higher I.Q.s than Caucasians. It is very true that modern Chinese lack creativity, but my argument is that has not always been the case. Creativity has gradually eroded in the Chinese gene pool due to an ideology that rewarded conformity and punished those who stood out from the crowd. Paraphrasing in English, Confucius said: “If a nail protrudes from the floor, it should be nailed back down to make the floor smooth.” This was interpreted by many to mean that people should conform and not try to be unique or different.

  35. China Boy on December 3rd, 2010 11:44 am


    The trebuchet appeared in both Christian and Muslim lands around the Mediterranean in the twelfth century. This one invention seems to have appeared in both the East and the West at roughly the same time. I am not going to claim that it was invented in China, but it was in use in China in the 11th and 12th Centuries. It is possible that the trebuchet was invented in the West, but due to the “Silk Road” news and inventions occasionally made their way from the West to the East and vice-versa.

    Regardless of where it was invented, it was used on Chinese war ships almost 1000 years ago to hurl gunpowder-filled bombs at enemy ships. The trebuchet was the most accurate heavy-load firing weapon of the time. Eventually cannon replaced it.

    Earlier you suggested that even Roman ships were superior to Admiral Zheng’s fleet. The ancient Romans were not famed for their naval prowess. The Romans sometimes used ships to transport soldiers and occasionally engaged in naval battles. It is fun to imagine such a confrontation as the Romans engaged in a naval battle with Admiral Zheng’s fleet, but the outcome would have certainly not favor the Romans. On land, the Romans could probably have given Admiral Zheng’s marines a pretty good fight, but even on land, the more advanced weaponry and armor of Admiral Zheng’s marines would have been formidable.

  36. Akira on December 3rd, 2010 11:52 am

    “Throwing gunpowder bombs from the deck of their ships” is not CANNONS!

    That’s like saying that playing baseball is the same as launching a sattelite.

    You seem to have missed the key word in this sentence from your cut-and-paste job:

    “Mongols…attempted to invade Japan twice with enormous fleets”

    No, not just “Mongols”



    A fat lot of good lobbing a few whizz-bangs from the decks of their ships would have done … what did they do? Throw them onto the beach?

    In fact the Japanese chronicles record the Mongols and their Chinese and Korean slaves throwing firecrackers at them. I believe they wrote, “Oooh, we were so scared we almost dropped our Samurai swords… Bwaaahahahaha.”

    See here? Not much room for a cannon:

    A few thousand Mongols and 150,000 of their Chinese and Korean slaves couldn’t even take one lousy beach in Japan, and this is your great example of Chinese naval prowess?

    It’s painful to see you embarrass yourself like this.

    Are you trying to make Chinese people look stupid?

    Besides, I already said I think inventing “neato devices” is not the be-all and end-all of civilization. If it was, then Americans would have been the greatest nation on Earth after the invention of the Chia Pet.

    That’s it now. I’m done with you.

    Besides, these White folks will be wanting to get back to their own vain boasting. They have no time for Chinese boys.

  37. China Boy on December 3rd, 2010 11:57 am

    Let me see if I have it right. I am absurdly nonsensical because I cite and quote well-documented facts are internationally recognized by almost everyone. OK, I can see your point there Akira. Yes, it is absurd to cite facts to someone who is a “true believer.” Regardless of the facts, you will continue to live and believe in your own little imaginary world. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? It is better to just be a true believer and ignore the truth. Better yet, why not outlaw truth like the Jews have done in Germany?

  38. China Boy on December 3rd, 2010 12:22 pm

    Akira, The Japanese have long been a seafaring nation, often raiding Korea , China and elsewhere. The Japs have long been formidable at sea and on land. The Mongols had little seafaring experience prior to their conquest of China. Unfortunately for the Chinese, they were under the command of Mongols during those battles with Japan. The Japs were hard to beat in those days, and even if the commanders had been Chinese, the Japs would have probably prevailed. I must reluctantly admit that the Japs were superior to us. No Europeans beat the Japs either. Fighting formidable enemies is a good way to raise the bar. It took nuclear weapons to finally neuter the Japs. Now the Japs are almost as sissified as Europeans and the fat lazy White sports fans. I seem to recall that in one European country there is a law where men must sit down to urinate in public toilets. You have women “leaders” all over the West, and even Hillary (is she technically a woman?) Women still know their place here in China, and it is certainly not in positions of power. In the West, you are “all equal.”