Jamie Kelso, Nov. 23, 2010

November 23, 2010

On November 23, 2010 Jamie Kelso’s topics include Wilmot Robertson’s appreciation of Hendrik F. Verwoerd in the June 1984 issue of Instauration magazine. Instauration editor Wilmot Robertson assesses the South African Prime Minister from 1958 to 1966 as one of the greatest White statesmen of the 20th century. Verwoerd ememplified tho tactic of accomplishing goals for our people by working tremendously hard and smart by political means. Verwoerd was instrumental in creating the National Party in 1948 and in instituting the term and policy of living apart, apartheid in that election. Had Verwoerd not been assassinated his policy of separating our race in order to ensure our survival very well could have been realiized, so great was Verwoerd’s political effectiveness, both with Afrikaners and English. Verwoerd’s policy of promoting the development of all races by working for their own independence and separation from other races is still the only viable political path today for all White peoples. Verwoerd captured the moral high ground by calmly proving that forcing races to live in a miscegenating jumble was an immoral act of damage to all. VOR listeners are the first to know that this June 1984 issue of Instauration was put online by Kelso today, here.

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