Jamie Kelso, Nov. 19, 2010: Pat Shannan

November 19, 2010

Pat Shannan, author of “Everything They * Ever Told Me Was A Lie” is Jamie Kelso’s guest on November 19, 2010. Investigative journalist Shannan talks about his chapters on the obvious coverups surrounding the missing Obama birth records, the possible assassination of a liberal patriotic Pat Tillman by our own government, and the framing of right-wing patriot Edgar J. Steele by “our own” government. You can find Pat Shannan’s upcoming article on the very surprising Geraldo Rivera show this week in which this ultra-liberal states that the “9/11 was an inside job” chanters surrounding his live New York City show three years ago during a week of 9/11 Truther rallies in September 2007 may have been right. The TV clip that Rivera showed this of those patriots yelling “9/11 was an inside job” live on camera only a few feet from Geraldo back in 2007 includes host Jamie Kelso and 9/11 Truth rally leader Alex Jones.

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3 Responses to “Jamie Kelso, Nov. 19, 2010: Pat Shannan”

  1. Harumphty_Dumpty on November 21st, 2010 12:03 am

    “Gen Wesley Clark…states…’ORDERS CAME FROM THE VERY TOP’ to murder the former NFL star because they feared he was about to become an anti-war political icon.” (My caps)

    Jamie, you apparently read this statement from your guest Pat Shannon’s book, a little after 41:43 minutes into the program.

    That’s total whackado stuff. I don’t keep up with the news at all, but I knew in an instant that Gen. Clark never said that, or even I would have heard about it.

    It took me 5 minutes to find out what Gen Clark did say: “Where did the idea that you shouldn’t give any indication of what happened to Tillman; just go ahead and go through with the burial ceremony; give him the silver star… where was that idea blessed…someone approved that ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP…” (My caps)

    In other words, Gen. Clark didn’t say that instructions for Tillman’s death came from the top. He said that instructions for the COVER-UP surrounding Tillman’s death came from the top. Huge difference.

    Gen. Clark makes his statement shortly after 1 minute into this clip:

    Gen. Clark can be seen giving the same statement 15 seconds into the following clip, which gives some context concerning the way the clip has been distorted :

    Jamie, I’ve really appreciated your interviews with Cyndi Steele (I hope you’ll report the devil out of that case for us!), and I know you don’t have time to vet everyone, but…but….I get so tired of people like your guest in this program, who for reasons I DO NOT UNDERSTAND will apparently say just about anything, wasting our time and making us all look like idiots.

    Now if I referenced the wrong clips, and Gen Clark made elsewhere the statement your guest claims he did (I think it’s fairly evident that’s not likely to be the case), I’ll be very happily corrected, and will realize that the world is full of Smedley Butlers after all.

  2. Pat Shannan on November 22nd, 2010 7:34 pm

    Your responder is right on! Unfortunately, he gets to hide behind his anonymity, while you and I have to stand publicly naked in front of mankind to face all of our errors. I pondered his comments, looked at the TV clips and had to think for awhile to conclude that this is one of the pitfalls of taking four years to complete a work.
    Here is what happened, I am 99.44% certain:
    My original news story quoted Gen. Clark correctly, saying that the orders FOR THE COVER-UP of the murder “came from the top,” meaning to me the Bush White House (reeked of Big Dick Cheney himself). I know it said this because I found my original from 2007.
    However, somewhere in the transition — either between me and the AFP publication in 2007 or between me and the book publication in 2010 — one of the computers lost two important words that then constructed an error in fact, which your astute listener was sharp enough to catch — sharper than my editors I might add.
    Now his logical question would be: “Okay, Shannan, then why weren’t you sharp enough to catch it?”
    (Good question, and the answer is mentioned above, but to explain further)
    Because after three years since the article was published, I very well remembered Clark’s “Orders from the top” comment but simply did not remember that it was the cover-up and not the murder itself that had been ordered from the top. Therefore, I did not catch what had been printed in the book three years later.
    I wish Mr. X would make himself known to me in order that I could not only thank him and let him know that this will certainly be corrected with the upcoming second printing but ask that he avail himself for a future editing job.
    I would also like to impress upon him that an error in fact does not make the reader look like “an idiot” but rather the author himself.
    Pat Shannan

  3. patthemick on November 23rd, 2010 8:15 pm

    You know something I’ve noticed about these frame ups by the FBI. They always have a convienent informant to claim he was hired by said leader of the right wing group to kill someone. If you are a publicly know white rights spokesman you must have some guts and don’t you think a person with guts would be brave enough to do his own killing? Just a twisted thought.