This Week in Disorganized America: James Edwards

November 13, 2010

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For the first hour, Mishko & Mike Conner are joined by James Edwards from the Political Cesspool. Topics include:

  • James’s book Racism, Schmacism;
  • James & hosts discuss Tea Party movement, communicating ideas, the prospects of the coming years, and more.
  • In the second hour: Israel military getting $400 million worth of free stuff, unauthorized missile launches and other major military mishaps;
  • American middle school forcing American kid to stop flying American flag;
  • Somalis in three states running sex rings with 13 year old girls while SPLC ominously warning cops about the dangers of drivers who display conservative bumper stickers;
  • Call-ins.

26 MB / 32 kbps mono / 1 hour 56 min.

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4 Responses to “This Week in Disorganized America: James Edwards”

  1. A German on November 13th, 2010 5:05 am

    Mish-ke thanks for the show.

    Flag issue, I think you’re still in a very good situation.
    In Germany it was for a long time an issue of shame to fly or wave the flag, even the Weimar black-red-gold.
    You got strange looks and were almost considered as “Nazi”, even with Weimar’s black-red-gold.

    That changed since the Football World Championship in Germany in 2006. The people got a more natural feeling to their own flag again and millions flew the flag in these weeks.
    Four years later it became a bit lesser but still is now accepted as normal and “unsuspicous”.

    A swedish comrade told me that in Sweden it’s considered “racist” to fly the country’s flag and if you even take it in your hand and wave it, the police will visit you.

    I also heard that in England it becomes more and more difficult to fly the English flag or the Union Jack. MuzzieCabras feel “insulted” by it.


    Have you seen the video of the guy, ex Ranger, who cut down the Mexican flag?
    In Reno.
    The Chupacabras flew a Mexican flag and right under it a US flag.

    The vet went right to the flagpole, took out his Crocodile Dundee-like knife (that’s a knife!) and cut off the US flag, took it with him and threw the Muzziecabra flag in the dirt.

    Here only Marxist Antifa pigs atack our flag.
    In the internet they publish vids where they desecrate a flag or they destroy giant flags on house facades, or they steal hundreds of small car flags and burn them publicly.

    Perhaps to prove that liberalism is a mental disorder ;-)

    And for your callers question how long Germany is considered to pay to IsraHell:
    I recently have read that it’s planned that Germany has to pay additional 40 billion Euros till 2040!
    Besides all the military equipment they get for free anyway, like 5 German U-Boots with the ability to shoot off ICBMs!
    Officially it was a selling, but in reality the German tax payer had to pay for it.

    And also the Israeli tank Merkaba is full with German technology, like the Rhein Metall barrel, the best tank barrel in the world.
    I think it’s even in the Abrams tank.

    And beside all that, we have to pay for the renovations of all concentration camps.
    Last year the Polish authorities announced that Auschwitz will soon lay in ruins because they haven’t the finances to maintain or renovate it, so Germany had to wire a few million Euros.

    As usual.

    That’s perhaps the only reason I’d welcome a MuzzieCabra take over in my country, because then the money flow will finally stop!
    The MuzzieCabras will deny to pay and won’t be able to pay because then Germany is an agrarian sh*thole like Turkish Anatolia. Then it won’t be famous anylonger for cars and engineering but goat herding.

    Perhaps that’s the reason why the Jews want to end the payments in 2040. The time of downfall.

    But that will also cause their downfall!
    The crusader state existed almost 200 years. Why did it collapse?
    Because it got no support anymore from Europe.
    The Templars, the crusader state’s “US cavalry”/”Waffen SS”/”US Marines” were totally bled to death and even the pope had forsaken them.

    That’s the reason why the Jews invented Neocohenservatism/zionist right wing-ism/anti-islamism and pushes it so hard right now.

    I say:

  2. Ragnar on November 13th, 2010 11:46 am

    Great show, but please try to get the volume of everybody on the show on the same level.

    Thank you.

  3. Mishko on November 13th, 2010 1:54 pm

    Ragnar we’re going to look into that. I do know the reason James is low is because he’s on a land line and not on Skype.

    We’ll try to and fix that.

  4. Luke on November 20th, 2010 9:14 am

    I just got around to listening to the archive of this interview with James Edwards and, I will agree with Mishko and Mike that it was one of their best shows.

    However, there was one thing that I disagreed with – when Mishko asked Edwards about the ‘jewish’ role in what clearly amounts to a 50 year long war of white racial genocide being waged against our race, the answer Edwards gave was less than inspiring. His notion that we can’t name the jew too soon, or we’ll frighten away too many whites – since they’ve been so thoroughly and hopelessly brainwashed by the jewish controlled media – this is a very dangerous notion to promote.

    There is a huge danger to adopting this mindset and strategy, and I’m surprised that it wasn’t immediately obvious to Mishko and Edwards – and it is this: By postponing the identification of the worst and most dangerous enemy of our people, those people are left unaware of the primary force behind their own ethnic group’s destruction, right? On election day, these people will be therefore insufficiently prepared to scrutinize their choices of candidates, and ask themselves whether it is a smart thing to vote for a politician who is jewish, or to support a gentile politician who is an open and avid jew and Israel toe kisser, and who has jewish money behind him.

    This works in the favor of our enemy, because they can then continue to stack our Congress and legislatures with more and more of these anti-white jews or jewish puppets who are equally anti-white . And, our own race of people help this process by voting for these candidates who are working for our enemy.

    Does this not allow the white genocide program of our enemy to continue, unimpeded by any of the people who whites have helped put into office?

    Which causes a suspicious minded, alert individual such as myself to begin to wonder if Edwards and Jared Taylor are merely controlled opposition and part of their role is to lull whites into a ‘marching-in-place’ kind of situation, to buy time for the enemy to complete their genocide plans.

    Regardless of this final point, whites have to be told and educated as to who their enemies are, and be taught how to root them out of the endless parade of Judas Goat puppets who our enemy parades past our faces.

    Just my two cents.