Jamie Kelso, Nov. 11, 2010: Cyndi Steele

November 11, 2010

Mrs. Edgar J. Steele guests in a live interview with Voice of Reason Broadcast Network host Jamie Kelso on November 11, 2010. Cyndi Steel is joined by her attorney Wesley W. Hoyt in the second of a series that is shocking patriotic Americans with an outrage against justice and the rights of all of us in Idaho, where her husband Edgar J. Steele has been falsely charged with a murder-for-hire attempt on his wife and her mother. Join Cyndi Steele as she makes it crystal clear that whoever the criminal minds are in “our” government, in perfidious NGO’s, and/or hired and criminal agents have badly botched a set-up designed to silence one of America’s leading First Amendment attorneys. This set-up, outraged listeners are learning from the intended victim herself, is also designed to intimidate and silence you as a patriot. This is a good reason for you to help defend Edgar J. Steele by donating generously to his defense fund at, for in so doing you are donating to the defense of your own freedoms. Your rights have been sitting in solitary confinement for five months with an ill Mr. Steele who is being railroaded by rogue elements who thought they could get away with this. It’s our duty to stop them. Tune in again on Monday, November 15 when Mrs. Steele comes back on the air live with Mr. Kelso and Mr. Hoyt here on the Voice of Reason.

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