Jamie Kelso, Nov. 4, 2010

November 4, 2010

The August 1982 issue of Instauration magazine is the most recently uploaded by show host Jamie Kelso at Our November 4, 2010 Kelso show includes another trip in an H.G. Wells time machine (Wells coined the term in 1895) back 28 years to the California Senate primary in which Jerry Brown (who just won the Governor’s race 48 hours ago as a gray-haired version of his 1982 self) beat out Gore Vidal’s 401,000 votes with his own 1,352,000 votes. But in that same Democratic primary, Tom Metzger pulled a very respectable 74,000 votes. And in the Republican primary of 1982, Paul “Pete” McCloskey, a gutsy opponent of the Israel Lobby came in second to the eventual winner Pete Wilson (825,000 votes) with 552,000 votes, which marks one of the only strong opponents of the Israel Lobby ever to poll more than 500,000 votes in recent times. A remarkable footnote to that Republican primary was the 8,000 votes won by the White patriot scientist William Shockley. All of this, and more, is shared for the first time with the VOR audience from the just-uploaded August 1982 Instauration magazine.

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