The Stark Truth: Interview with Dennis Mangan #2

November 3, 2010

Dennis Mangan

Dennis Mangan is a blogger and a contributor to Alternative Right. Topics include:

  • Men’s issues;
  • The current sociosexual landscape;
  • How these relate to evolutionary psychology.

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4 Responses to “The Stark Truth: Interview with Dennis Mangan #2”

  1. A German on November 8th, 2010 6:00 am

    On one aspect I agree with this analysis here, women became much too choosy, which hinders matchmaking and at the end getting children.

    I think there’s no concept that was so successful in destroying the white family like “finding Mr. Right”.

    This deadly concept lead to perfection or infertility.

    Where I don’t agree is this reactionary family concept of the two interlocutors here.
    Why in the hell is an “illegitimate child” a problem???

    We should thank GOD for every illegitimate child he bestows to the white race!
    In fact we all should live like these crazy Mormons to get our numbers right again! Polygamy!

    We should prohibit the Jew pushed anti-baby pill and punish it’s use, production and selling of it with prison!
    And we should punish abortion with prison for women and death penality for physicians.

    Abortion should only be allowed in the case of rape, especially rape by non-whites, interracial intercourse and serious damages to the child, so serious that it isn’t fit for life and it would be simply a torture to toss it into life.

    By that I don’t mean children who don’t have the right eye colour or have a crippled hand, no, I mean serious mental disabiltity and congenital malformation like no arms and legs at all.

    On the other side, we should force the pill and abortion at full throttle on non-whites IN WHITE COUNTRIES!
    What they do in their non-white countries is not our buisness.
    This could also force them to leave our countries.

  2. bandana on November 13th, 2010 10:20 am

    I wonder if there is a way to blend PUA techniques and The Cause?

    Wherever the women go, the men follow. Is there a way using PUA theory/technique?

    This is exactly what has been done to us. They snagged the women, and the men followed.

  3. deandio on November 20th, 2010 9:30 pm

    This topic again? My god, any white man with REAL integrity will tell you this schism between males and females is an easy fix; STOP MAKING NON-WHITES (INCLUDING JEWS) ALPHA MALES BY WATCHING TALMUDVISION AND LISTENING TO RAP! No offense but white guys like stark and mangan must not be fighting the good fight while amongst white females. If you are afraid of getting your ass kicked for your principles you won’t be wooing any white females any time soon, that’s for sure.

    Most every white male I know of is so busy trying to get on top of another white male and crush their fellow whites’ ego to the ground but, will pave a path in gold for any jew, black or hispanic that comes within arms reach. There are a million things wrong with white males and blaming white women is just another excuse. I had to turn this show off early because it was so pathetic. Sorry but that’s how I feel. I didn’t hear any criticism about the whigger punks listening to rap, talking ghetto, having a chip on their shoulder against other whites, hating other white males more than any jew can or how white males have ZERO integrity with respect to who THEY screw. A woman is damaged goods when she screws around but a male isn’t? This BS is just a smokescreen for white cowardice and indulgence. White males have absolutely zero integrity or humility which are two very important building blocks of not only solidarity with males but females as well. I’d be hard pressed to find a white boy that wouldn’t put a knife in my back to show the jew status-quo HOW LITTLE solidarity they have and what a team player they are. How is THAT a white girl’s fault???

    White males worship authority and will sell ANY OTHER WHITE MALE OUT WHO RESISTS! THIS is the truth and yes it is a painful pill to swallow. You are patting white punks on the head and telling them “you are doing good, it is the evil women who are the problem”, how pathetic. Man up and admit that white boys are sellouts and it was just a matter of time before white women would go to the highest bidder. White women are just following the standards YOU YOURSELF ARE SETTING!!! Keep watching your ghettoball and listening to black nationalist music in front of your daughters, sisters and women you work with but you need to STFU when it’s time to pay the piper. And no, it was the MEN who sold out first and the MEN who started listening to rap in the early 90′s AND MEN who never turned around and said “damn, I’m not putting the game on during thanksgiving because I can’t eat and watch a bunch of sweaty blacks jumping all over each other.”

    This is just more of the same s**t, it’s someone elses fault. I will say, it is a good way to boost your listenership but it CERTAINLY is not honest. I notice this is exactly what whites want to hear so give them the rope I guess. However, you will never realize what needs to be done to fix things going down this path. As a matter of fact, you will only make a pompous, self-righteous bunch of sellout whigger alpha-black male worshipers stronger and thus make it that much harder to set things right. Humility, decency and self-discipline is needed not more victimhood rhetoric and white males/female divisiveness.

  4. Chris on November 22nd, 2010 4:10 am

    Deandio, did you even listen to the show? The issue is not white women running off with non-white men, it is their chasing of alpha (usually white males) and ignoring decent betas. No amount of humility, decency and self discipline will attract them because their hypergamous urges do not direct them toward men with such qualities.