The Nationalist Report: Interview with David Duke

October 27, 2010

David Duke

Mike Conner & Mishko Novosel interview Dr. David Duke. Topics include:

  • How organized Jewish power has used the mass media and mass immigration against the peoples of the West;
  • Dr. Duke’s YouTube videos, and how his channel was removed from YouTube and restored;
  • The importance of communicating effectively with our people, and some pointers;
  • The Tea Party, Glenn Beck, and Martin Luther King;
  • The Muslim issue in Europe and Geert Wilders.

About David Duke

David Duke is a former Louisiana State Representative, author of two books, My Awakening and Jewish Supremacism, a PhD in history, and a well-known spokesperson for White civil rights, freedom, and heritage.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 57 min.

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8 Responses to “The Nationalist Report: Interview with David Duke”

  1. on October 28th, 2010 1:33 pm

    I agree with Dr. Duke. The best way to get white people to start thinking racially is to expose the Jewish supremacist domination of the mass media, and how they use guilt as a mind control technique. Once a white person is aware of these facts, they will become immune to white guilt propaganda. This will allow them the ability to become racially aware, and later pro white.

  2. A German on October 28th, 2010 9:44 pm

    This was one great great great interview!
    Thanks Mike and Mishko!

    This time we got the serious, respectable Mishko.
    Which is also a nice side of him ;-)

    And Dr. Duke is totally correct about the directness of his videos.
    How he quotes their words, shows us their faces.
    This technique is really marvelous.

    By his videos I even could convince some borderline nationalists and even apolitic persons.
    These videos are so powerfull. Our Aryanwood.

    And if Dr. Duke has there an unknown soldier of video who creates all this for him, I salute him too!
    I really like how he zooms in/out of the pictures pans over them, lets them fly over the screen, that’s really very professional.

    Yeah Mike, I also get mad about the wimp Glenn Beck who wants to make an icon of Martin Lucifer King Kong.
    Everyone knows he was in fact a Marxist, criminal, wife cheater and wife beater.

    Mike you’re totally right, they use him as shield not to get called “rayceest”.
    Same here with witrh new “right wing” Zionist parties, Wilders types.
    They also use Jews as shields not to be called “Nazis”, what the leftists call them anyways.

    The use quotes of Jews on banners on demonstrations, constantly speak of “Judeo-Christian” values like the NeoCohens in the US. And on their demonstrations they fly more IsraHell flags than national flags. Unbelieveable.

    And then they’re only against Islam, but in a sick and perverted way. They’re anti-Islam but not anti-Muslim conquerer.
    That means if they tear down their monster mosques, convert to Christianity or become atheist, they’re fine with millions of Muzzies in our continent!

    These new “right wingers” didn’t even understand the core of the problem, the problem of diplacement, conquest and outbreeding.
    The racial question.

    And then they constantly defend any crime of IsraHell because they’re Aniti-Islam.

    These new Zionist “right wingers” make me really sick.
    But until now they haven’t much success, even Wilders in Holland is still not in power.
    And the leftists attack them even more as the real nationalists.
    Because these Zionists are mostly lame old people of which the antis have nothing to fear.

    And for Wilders, a Dutch comrade told me, he’s half Indonesian and has an “Hungarian” wife.
    Sarkozy also was “Hungarian”.
    He lived for several years in IsraHell and annually makes a pilgrimage to IsraHell.
    My Dutch comrade also told me, that he’s often seen with a yarmulka in the Dutch public.

    And when in the Berlin the German sister party of Wilders party established a few weeks ago, the whole event was packed with Israeli Jews who shook hands with the chairman and invited him to IsraHell.
    And then they invited Wilders for a speech and behind him the screener projected something written in 3 yard big Hebraic letters!
    In Germany.

    And the BNP in Britain unfortunately becomes also borderline Zionistic with Kemp and Darby, who consider the key question, the Jewish question “backwarded”.

    The Tea Party is really a good counterpart to the European Zionist “right wing” parties where Zionists and “conservatives” try to re-catch the current dissent in the population.
    Totally the same. Fake revolutions.

    Mike was Dr. Duke in studio?
    His audio was damn good! Thanks for that!

    K U L T U R A !!!

  3. Carolyn on October 28th, 2010 10:34 pm

    I listened to this in the archives this afternoon and thought it was the best and clearest David Duke I have ever heard. A powerful broadcast ! In everything, he was right on. This time his soft voice didn’t put me off “just a little” because his words were so true and strong; he didn’t miss a beat.

    If Duke always talks like this, he can, in my book, be looked to as “leader.” I have a new appreciation for him.

    German, I think the audio was so good because Duke was using Skype, with a good mic, not on a telephone. Thanks, Mishko and Mike.

  4. Peter on October 29th, 2010 2:42 am

    I think David Duke’s “My Awakening” is a must read for all White people!
    I was reading about statistics on Harvard University’s acceptances of new students. It seems that Whites made up only 40% of new students, and of these, 20% were Jews. That means non-Jewish Whites make up only 20% of new entrances though they compose 70% of the total population. Jews, who are 2% of the American population have the same acceptance rate as non-Jewish Whites. This clearly shows that non-Jewish Whites are targeted to be 2nd class citizens! If we don’t do something we will be wiped out!
    Our ancestors, who built this and other countries intended it for their offspring and people in the same way one would give one’s inheritance to one’s children. This generation has given their children’s inheritance to strangers. That is theft of the worst kind! If South Africa is an example of our children’s future, they will be massacred. The South African Blacks are reverting to eating “muti”, which is human flesh, especially White human flesh! No other people would do this to their children. They diserve to have a country of their own, one their ancestors fought for and built!

  5. Carolyn on October 29th, 2010 11:48 am


    I agree with you 100%. In my own two-Heretics’ Hour program of last Monday with Dr. Wesserle, I think the pattern of what we have to look forward to was pre-figured for us in the experience of the Germans of 1944 to 1947-48. Their nations and homelands were stolen from them. This was genocide, and the way it was done is quite instructive to what we can expect if we don’t make a big shift and take the control that we are still capable of taking. Yes, we still have strength but not for much longer. Don’t depend on the Tea Party!

    Germans today are not the people they used to be. Sad but true. De-Nazification is still going on , as it will always go on, as the spirit that lives in the soul of a German must not be allowed to flare up! Our rehabilitation of the National Socialist period is necessary for the renewal of the true spirit of the white race; those who go along with the Jewish demonization of these people and this period are hampering our progress, not helping it.

    I encourage people to listen to that particular program with today’s genocide of American/European peoples in mind, and see the parallels for themselves. Thanks.

  6. A German on October 30th, 2010 1:11 am

    Here’s some information about your nemesis Alex Jones:

  7. hosehead on November 3rd, 2010 7:04 am

    Great interview – more a discussion really.

    I really liked Mishko’s point about Gert Wilders when he mentioned that Wilders is wrong in his reasons for opposing the Islamic immigration invasion as Wilders wants to get rid of it in order to protect the liberal degeneracy! Spot on!

    Yes, Islam is a mortal threat to western man, but, Islam still is a world view based on the notion that desire leads to transgression, and, not transgression leads to desire, which is what the Jewish revolutionary spirit which has infected most of the Western world is all about.

  8. Ragnar on November 5th, 2010 4:53 pm

    “And the BNP in Britain unfortunately becomes also borderline Zionistic with Kemp and Darby, who consider the key question, the Jewish question “backwarded”.”

    The BNP is pro-Israel, and boasts that it has Jewish members – sickening!

    The BNP is no longer White Nationalist.

    The BNP is not the answer to the problems in the UK.