Radio Free Indiana: Interview with Dr. Kevin MacDonald

October 27, 2010

Dr. Kevin MacDonald

Matt Parrott interviews Dr. Kevin MacDonald, a professor, relentless advocate for White American families, and author of Cultural Insurrections: Essays on Western Civilization, Jewish Influence, and Anti-Semitism. Topics include:

  • Ethnic competition and the diversity racket;
  • Christian Zionism;
  • White culture.

About Kevin MacDonald

Professor MacDonald hosts The Occidental Observer, a site presenting original content touching on the themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the West. He’s the author of several insightful books. He’s appeared on The Political Cesspool, submitted several articles to VDare, and is a Director of the American Third Position.

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6 Responses to “Radio Free Indiana: Interview with Dr. Kevin MacDonald”

  1. Mishko on October 28th, 2010 11:00 am

    Another great interview.

  2. mattparrott on October 28th, 2010 11:32 am


    I appreciate it. I really enjoyed your and Mike’s interview of Dr. Duke.

  3. Northeastern listener on October 28th, 2010 9:36 pm

    Mr.Parrott,I think you’re doing a superb job with your Radio Free Indiana radio show!

    I downloaded and saved this particular broadcast – I’m a great admirer of Dr.Kevin MacDonald and his work.
    I’ve listened to other Dr.MacDonald interviews in the past and I find your interview to be one of the best.

    Keep up the great work Matt!

  4. A German on October 28th, 2010 11:52 pm

    Great job Matt! Again!
    You continue to go the good path.

    What white countries will look like when we lose the the majority?
    Look onto South Africa, Simbabwe, the war zone of the Rio de Janero favelas (=slums), many many many European cities, Detroit, Southern California.

    We’ve enough horrorfying examples what will be.

    Here in Germany/Europe the leftists talk the same rubbish:
    “So what? If our demographics go down? Then the Muzzies will become “Germans”, pay taxes, pay our pensions…”

    And the reality?
    Government sources recently announced that in 40 years of non-white immigration from Turkey and Arabia these “migrants”
    took ONE TRILLION more out of the German security systems than they paid in!

    Just for comparison: Germany has 1.7 Trillion state debt.

    That means, what generations of hard working Germans saved for the security systems, like pension founds, unemployment benefits, health care etc., was plundered by the Muzzies like locusts in only 40 years.

    Prof. MacDonald is totally right, the non-whites won’t and cannot maintain the western civilization. That’s totally insane by the leftists and capitalists to think like that.

    That’s also the reason why Dr. Sarrazin wrote his book “Germany is abolishing itself”. He’s an economist who graduated with summa cum laude.

    Christian Zionism:
    I once saw the documentary “Jesus Camp”.
    That was totally disturbing, how they indoctrinated themselves and their children with this theocratic ideology which has nothing to do with real Christianity.

    Here I’m as Prof. MacDonald totally desperated.
    One cannot talk with these people.
    They’re totally irrational. And favor IsraHell over their own people.
    It’s like asking a Junkie not to take Crystal Meth anymore.

    These Christian Zionists are totally defective.
    I don’t think we can use nor rehabilitate these people, they’ve a broken soul and psyche.

    And what’s also ridiculous, Christian Zionism is totally contrary to Protestantism! And to what Martin Luther, the founder of protestantism, said and wrote.
    He once wrote, when he finished the bible translation:
    “now I’ve discovered that the Old Testament is describing a people who is totally different and foreign to us, that’s why I command all good Christian people to abolish it and only to rely on the New Testament and the word of our lord Jesus Christ!”

    In fact what later Jefferson did with his “Jefferson bible”, in which he only compiled the moral teachings of Christ, no magic and wonders and no Old Testamentarian superstition.

    Luther also was very critical of the Jews and Turks in other books he wrote.

    And bishop Marcion was in a way Luther’s counterpart in antiquity.
    He also discovered that the Old Testament has nothing to do with the real Christian faith and tried to abolish it.

    And now these crazies worship the Old Testament and IsraHell!
    So much so, that Christ even is only accessory anymore.

    Luther today would rotate in his grave like a fried chicken if he could see that HIS protestants in America became Old Testamentarians.
    I think he he would curse them as papists.

    In Europe we’ve the other extreme. There the church is totally liberalized and near to self-abondonment.
    The worst situation is in Britain with the Anglican church, where they accept homosexuality in the church and ally themselves with Islam “because at the end it’s faith based”.
    The Anglicans are so crazy that their churches are deserted.
    The English vote with their feet about this treason of the Anglican church.

    Many English see the Anglican Church today as sick and perverted.

    In fact I think, the Anglican Church in England produced more agnostics and atheists than radical atheists.

    2nd worst in Europe may be the protestant church in Germany.
    Who’s also mega liberal and allying with Communists, homosexals and even Muslims when it goes against nationalists.
    They’re even allying with groups who want to destroy the church!

    In this perspective it is now undestandable that Hitler, who believed in GOD and Christ, sometimes said in anger “Christianity is proto-Communism”.
    And in his time the church was much more conservative, patriotic, anti-communistic, nationalistic.

    But from our perspective today, one can understand Hitler’s verdict.

    Only the Catholic church tries to stay conservative in some branches. A few months ago a bishop sat with a homosexual film maker in a talk show and they discussed homosexuality and the failures of catholic priests.
    The bishop said to the gay director “But homosexuality is a sin! You know that you’re committing a sin!”

    And he was booed and almost seen as he would have denied the holy holo or eaten a child on the stage.

    That’s how brainwashed the public is.
    Liberals and homosexuals have gained total air souvereignity over all subjects and their perversity is seen as “normal” today.

    Concluding, Matt, next time I would like to hear how Prof. MacDonald survives in the university.
    Because today all universities are Communistic.

    I saw a video on Youtube where some leftists students harrassed him in class.

    And I know how it is in universities from my own perspective and experience. The Communists totally rule everything there!
    Often they hang out wanted posters of people: “ACHTUNG NAZI !”
    And then those people have to leave the university not to be harrassed anymore.

    Universities today are really like Stalin’s show trials.
    You only can survive there if you totally shut your mouth.

    And Prof. MacDonald is also right about Brasil.
    For everyone who wants to get an inside view into this country and the race issue there, I recommend the movie “Tropa de Elite”.

  5. Czar Peter on November 1st, 2010 3:14 am

    I feel sorry for white people. I’m not supposed to, but I truly do.

    That very moment, that second when stewardship of Christendom and western civilization passes from white men to the multicultural hordes, very dangerous times will prevail in the West and perhaps the entire Earth.

  6. Ragnar on November 5th, 2010 4:33 pm

    Very good show.

    Thank you.