The Fighting Side of Me: Interview with Brad Love

October 26, 2010

Brad Love arrested

Tonight’s programme was an interview with Canadian political prisoner Brad Love who was handed an 18-month sentence for writing non-threatening political letters to 20 public officials. An inveterate letter writing and workingman curmudgeon, the populist Mr. Love has written more than 10,000 letters in a 30 year career. Hew served a further 56 days and six months for more letter writing after his 2003 sentencing.

Mr. Love works in FGort McMurray, Alberta.

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One Response to “The Fighting Side of Me: Interview with Brad Love”

  1. A German on October 29th, 2010 8:51 am

    Thanks Mr. Fromm for this horrorfying story.
    Something like this has to be brought in the daylight of publicity.
    To arouse the people!

    A man inprisoned, his whole life ruined, just because he wrote letters. Unbelievable.

    That reminds of the jail movie “Felon” with Val Kilmer.
    Where a family man and construction entrepreneur gets inprisoned in one of the most brutal US prisons after smacking down a home invader with a baseball bat.

    But because he smacked him down on the front lawn and not in the house he gets imprisoned for manslaughter himself.
    And he only gets 8 years, “only”, because he pleads guilty, otherwise he would have got life.

    Meanwhile in prison he has to deal with all the gang and non-white violence in prison and outside his construction buisness breaks down, he loses his house and his marriage is on the brink of failure.

    And then he even is forced into illegal fights in the prison by corrupt prison guards, of which a black one is the sadistic overlord.

    This story is no fiction anymore.
    On Jim Giles there was also a white nationalist who was inprisoned just because of his political beliefs.
    And he then had to survive for years in a hostile non-white prison.
    He only survived because he had some white comrades who protected him.

    But everything he had outside was ruined.

    How can something like that happen in so-called “democracies”??

    In Germany we have so many cases where Germans just get inprisoned for what they said.

    Axel Reitz, inprisoned for 2 years because he allegedly made an “anti-semitic” remark in a sentence in one of his public speeches.
    First they wanted 3 years for him, but because of good behaviour he was released after “only” 2 years.

    Ernst Zündel imprisoned for 7 years just because he published, not wrote, something.

    Horst Mahler inprisoned for 12 years, because he insulted a Jew in an interview and sent some literature to several authorities.

    Manfred Roeder, almost 80, got inprisoned for 1 year because he called the politicians in the parliament a pack of pigs.

    Udo Pastörs, leader of the NPD in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, got sentenced for 1 year on probation and a fee of $10,000 for calling the Federal Republic Germany a “Jew-Republic” in his speech.
    =”incitement of the people”

    Silvia Stolz inprisoned for years and stripped off her lawyer license for “incitement of the people”. What she really did was just stating her political opinion.

    Herbet Scheiger, 87 years old, a veteran, got sentenced for 2 years in Austria because of “re-engagement in National Socialist activities”= because of 1 sentence in his book!

    Ursula Haverbeck, also over 80, a very nice old lady, gets constantly sued by the Central Council of Jews in Germany.
    And for what? Stating her opinion.
    In several court cases she was sentenced to pay thousands and thousands of Dollars.

    Michael Regener, imprisoned for 3.5 years for singing nationalstic songs.

    Jürgen Windhofer, inprisoned now for 2.5 years because of “re-engagement in National Socialist activities” in Austria.

    What shall he allegedly have done? A leftist anti reported him to the police that Windhofer went on his balcony and made the “Hitler greeting”. His balcony is viewable from the city center and no one saw him only this leftist.
    And when they were in front of the court the leftist drew his accusation back because he was anxious to commit a false oath.
    The state prosecuter meant: “The Nazis intimidated the witness”. And without any proof or witness Windhofer was sentenced to 2.5 years.
    He never commited any felony before and has a 2 year old daughter.

    We have to end these crazy “hate laws” which criminalize normal citizens and punish them harder than actual violent criminals!!!

    And on the other side we get reports like that:

    A Turk who “honour” killed his sister got only 9 years in prison and than should be deported.
    But he sued Germany not to deport him, out of the prison.
    And? The German court agreed not to deport him because of his “positive social prognosis”
    A MURDERER has a “positive social prognosis” in the eye of a German court!!!
    Now he plans to marry a Turkish women with German passport after his release and then he isn’t even deportable if he commits felonies again !!!

    That’s how crazy the German and also the Western judical system is.

    Other cases:
    A Turk beats a family man into coma and gets probation.

    Turks kick an old man in the head in the subway and get probation.

    A Turk stabbed a young German and the judge is delaying the arrest so long that the Turk could flee to Turkey, where he’s almost not detectable because Turkey is a jungle.

    Other Turks have to commit 100 felonies until they get into prison.

    It’s totally riculous.

    And then on the other side Germans, Whites, get inprisoned only for their spoken and written word.

    Immediately a legion of policemen came after Mr. Love, same in Germany with the pro-white activists.
    But when the minorities riot, then one cannot see a single policeman for hours.

    Often German courts don’t go after immigrant crimes anymore because they call it “cultural distinctiveness”.
    But still Germans get imprisoned for the same crime.

    Or many German courts meanwhile use Sharia law in private law.
    For example an Iranian woman wanted to be divorced from her violent Iranian husband.
    But because the marriage was established under Sharia law in the Iran and the husband is not willing to pay back the $200,000 bride money, German courts don’t divorce her and she will be his wife until an Iranian Sharia court will decide differently!

    As I said, our judical system is totally rotten.

    Mr. Fromm I very much like the music you’re playing!
    But your audio quality has to be improved, that was sub-optimal!