The Heretics’ Hour: Dr. Andreas Wesserle on the German “holocaust,” 1944-46

October 25, 2010

Dr. Andreas Wesserle

Special two-hour program! Topics include:

  • History of the region & persecution of minorities;
  • Arrival of the partisans; terrorism in German Slovakia;
  • Saved by an SS police detachment, move to Prague;
  • American bombs and violence by Czechs;
  • Flight to the new German border;
  • Life as refugees in Bavaria.

Andreas Wesserle emigrated to the U.S. with his parents in 1952, to Chicago and then Milwaukee. He began college at North Park University, then to Marquette, Univ. of Wisconsin and Southern Ill. Univ., eventually earning four degrees: in Political Science, History, Sociology, and Urban Planning. He taught Political Science, History and History of US Foreign Policy at seven universities in this country and in Europe, including the Univ. of Munich. He’s the author of many hundreds of publications and commentaries. He lives today with his wife in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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13 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Dr. Andreas Wesserle on the German “holocaust,” 1944-46”

  1. Wilhelm on October 26th, 2010 11:32 pm

    a wonderful and in its first part very instructive historical review of 2000 years SE European history To your very proper questions Dr. Wesserle answered out of his deep knowledege of that regions history and the deep inolvement of German immgration and industrious activities for hundreds of years .
    So tragic the second part, Driven out of their “Hauerland”, deprived of home. farm and factory , tortured, murdered and raped by a mad soldeska and civil militia the smal remaining Volk from Karpathe found refuge in Germany and Austria and-like Dr.Wesserle in the USA -
    .Twenty years ago , July and August 1990, ,driving nearly 4000 mile through SE Europe, I spend a few days at Dr.Wessele`s Heimat
    Schrems. Krems, Rosenau, Banska Bistrica and Kaschau. The buildings and its gabels and facades still reminded me of the German past. The cemeteries were overgrown with gras and so loansome and quite .
    Thanks for those 2 hrs .wilhelm

  2. Carolyn on October 27th, 2010 7:48 pm

    To Wilhelm:
    Thanks so much for sharing your sentiments with me. I confess I am as appreciative of this program as you say that you are.You have your own painful experience of that time, so you feel Dr. Wesserle’s story deeply, as is evident from your words. We are all bound together in this, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to spread a real sense of the German tragedy – from people like you and Wesserle – to as many as I can.

    I sure appreciate all the great help from Mike Conner too. Very best regards to you.

  3. A German on October 28th, 2010 7:04 pm

    Very good historical description at the beginning!

    Here’s a map of the “Ostsiedlung” (=eastern settlement) of the Germans.
    Acording to the German dialect groups you can nicely reconstruct where and how the German peasants settled in the lands east of the river Elbe.

    The north Germans, shore dwellers, settled along the coast to Mecklenburg, Pomerania, West Prussia, Danzig, East Prussia and Memelland.

    The Phalic Germans (Westphalia and Eastphalia, i.e. South of Lower Saxony) settled in Northern Saxony-Anhalt, North and Central Brandenburg and the newer and

    now lost East Brandenburg.

    The Frankish Germans (Thuringians, Hessians, Bavarian Franks) setteled along the Sudete mountains in Southern Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Southern Brandenburg,

    Silesia and the Northern Sudetenland.

    The Bavarian Germans, they pushed forward through the Bavarian frontier into “Ostarrichi” (Ostmark=eastern borderland), today central-east Austria.
    The settlement border before was at the city of Linz, Hitler’s home town, not birth place but home town.
    They colonized central-east Austria and then in the 12th century the more difficult to reach regions of the Alpes, like Tyrolia (north AND south) and

    Southern Styria (Schwarzenegger-land) and Karantania (Dr.Krissmann-land).

    The German tribes in the west could gain only few new territory, because it was already occupied. Also evidence that the east was very scarcely pupulated.
    And then the western tribes of the Alemans could only spread to Alsace and to the today German Swiss.
    But that happened before 900 AD, in 600-700 AD when even the Frankish empire wasn’t fully established and hadn’t yet absorbed the Alemans.

    The tribe of the Swabians was sqeezed between Franks, Alemans and Bavarians and so they couldn’t spread near by as the other German tribes.
    That’s the reason I think why they settled far away in Hungary and Yugoslavia along the river Danube. And later even in Western Ukraine, the Crimea, Moldavia

    and Russia.
    And so the Swabians became synonymous for GERMAN in South-Slavic countries.

    Remarkable, the Siebenbürger Saxons (Transsylvania) were no Swabians, but Rhinelanders who came to this Hungarian borderland in

    the 12th century.

    And for the rest of the territory between today Central Poland and Western Ukraine one has to imagine hundreds of little Germans settlement islands, like an


    The Ostsiedlung began in 900 AD when the first German kingdom was established under the first kings Otto I. and Heinrich I.

    Then German settlers, peasants, began to cross the river Elbe and river Saale and went over the Bavarian frontier into “Ostrarrichi” (=Austria).

    This colonisation between river Elbe and river Memel began 900 AD and almost ended in 1300 AD.
    Today it’s mostly depicted as they “robbed” the land form Poles, or Western Slavs and assimilated the Western Slavs.
    But that’s not true.

    Most of these lands were mostly unpopulated, with thick primal woods. The medieval German settlers were those who hacked these primal woods down and

    transformed the landscape to it’s actual design.

    And then the Polish king actually even called for the Germans!
    Because he wanted his northern border to be protected of the heathen Old-Prusians, who were Balts, and lived in Western Prussia, Eastern Prussia and Masuria.

    And there’s also another factor:
    “Western Slavs” most probably are crypto-Germanics!

    They always told us that between 500 AD and 900 AD in the lands between the river Elbe and river Wisla the East Germanic tribes COMPLETELY migrated to

    Western and Southern Europe.

    Well, I never could understand that. I never believed that all these tribes COMPLETELY left this space as big as Texas suddenly and then the Western Slavs

    moved into it from the Pripyet swamps (Belarus).
    Then I discovered two maps:
    One of the ancient Germania with all the Germanic tribes.
    And in Western Mecklenburg there was the GERMANIC tribe of the name “Warnen”.
    Then I found a post 500 AD map and at the exact same spot there was now depicted the tribe of the “Warnabi”, now so-called “Western Slavs”.
    Then I understood that this taught transition of East Germanics-Slavs-German peasants was bogus!
    In fact many East Germanics never left the regions east of the river Elbe.
    It’s totally illogical that all tribes left the Germanic space between river Elbe and river Wisla in 500 AD completely, such abomination only happened after

    a total war in the 20th century.

    I suspect that all the “Western Slavs” were in fact East Germanics, or at least they lived side by side with the newcoming Slavic migrants.
    But never ever they completely left the place and Slavs replaced them. That’s not logical.

    Another evidence:
    The Teutonic knights were successful in Western Prussia and Eastern Prussia, exactly where East Germanic tribes settled:
    Goths and Vandals.
    In territories where never Germanics settled, like Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia the Teutonic Knights couldn’t enduringly succeed.

    Right now I am reading a good book about this topic:

    “Lothar Greil – Die Slawenlegende, Die Deutschen Opfer einer irrigen Geschichtsauffassung, Aufklarungsdokumentation (1972)”

    (=The Slav-legend, the Germans as victims of a misleading understanding of history, documentation for enlightment)

    In which the author shares the same opinion and tries to prove this via medieval sources, that the “Western Slavs” were in fact crypto-Germanics who only

    differed from the German peasants in being heathens and not Christianized yet.
    That’s also the explenation why they so easily were assimilated, where in the more distant east it became more difficult.

    He also sees evidence in the fact that all these “Western Slavic” countries quickly adopted the medieval German law system, which derived from Germanic moral


    Greil can relate almost any name of a “Western Slavic” tribe to an ancient Germanic tribe.
    Like the secundary name of the Slavs, “Wenden”, used by the Germans, which he thinks derives from Vandals!
    The East Germanic tribe who settled in Pomerania, Central Poland and Czechy.
    The Sudete mountains even once were once called “Vandalian mountains”.

    He also thinks that the Czech Bohemia derives from the Celtic-Germanic tribe of the Bojer, boio-hemum= home of the Bojer.
    The Bojer later were even assimilated by the Germanic tribe of the Markomannen, who lived in today Czechy and northern Austria.

    Greil thinks Charlemagne and the later the early German kings “Slavisized” the Germanic tribes east of the river Elbe in the consciousness of the West

    Germanic tribes, to have a rationale to conquer the territory of these heathens.
    But instead of long hard battles, the inhabitants east of the river Elbe easily let themselves be assimilated.
    Because beside the Christianity, the ethnicity of the German peasants was not foreign to them.

    In the artificial state of Czecho-Slovakia there were more Germans than Slovaks!
    And Woodrow Wilson possibly favored the Czechs because they were the strongest and the most dominant group in the new Czecho-Slovakia.

    Side note: to get an idea how Slovaks look like, Jesse Ventura is of Slovak origin.

    Here you can see how wide spread German settlers were in Eastern Europe:
    - Poland-Germans (hundreds of German isles inside Poland)
    - Galicia-Germans
    - Carpates(Slovak)-Germans
    - Carpates-Ukraine-Germans
    - Slavonia(Croatia)-Germans
    - Hungary-Germans
    - Danube-Swabians (in Hungary and Northern Serbia)
    - Batschka-Germans (also Serbia)
    - Banat-Swabians (Western Romania)
    - Bukovina-Germans (Northern Romania)
    - Siebenbürger Sachsen (Central Romania former Hungarian borderland)
    - Bessarbia (today Moldavia)-Germans
    - Dobrudscha-Germans (Romanian Bulgarian borderland, river Danube mouth)
    - Black-Sea-Germans (Southern Ukraine)
    - Volhynia-Germans (Western Ukraine)
    - Crimea-Germans
    - Volga-Germans (Russian heartland, later deported to Asia)
    - Lithuania-Germans
    - Balt-Germans (Latvia and Estonia, Alfred Rosenberg chief NS ideologue was a Balt-German)

    Otto Rhies late Ritterkreuzträger=Knight of the Iron cross
    was a Sudeten-German too and told how he was forced as a pupil by Benes, who, as Riehs said, was a Jew, and the other Sudeten-Germans to speak and learn Czech in school.
    But the Germans there never spoke Czech and so they denied it.

    It’s like the Mexican presidente one day forcing Texans to learn Spanish in school.

    Also interesting, Otto Riehs said in a speech that in 1913 there was the Jewish world congress in Hamburg, exactly one year later the first World War broke

    In 1938 then the next Jewish world congress was in Riehs’s hometown Marienbad in the Sudentenland.
    And again exactly one year later the 2nd World War broke out.

    Also remarkable, in Marienbad, the Jews stated that there are 15 million Jews on this planet.
    And on the congress after WW2 they stated: 17 million.

    What’s also strange, the congress in 1938 in Riehs’ Marienbad was directly at the German border and that after the Jews in all international newspapers

    declared war on Germany in 1933!
    From the first day on.
    Was the choice of this place for the congress meant as a prvocation to Germany?
    It’s like Iran making an Iranian congress at the Israeli-Jordani border or Canadian-US border.

    Good that Dr. Wesseler told us this small episode of his mother with this Communist partisan.
    Exactly that happened millionfold in Poland.
    Often they came to the last remained Germans’ houses and said with their rifles in the hand in German: “German? – OUT!”
    And so, many Germans had to leave with no more than their clothes on their body. And even this was luck for them. Many were shot by the Communists.

    Dr. Wesseler is totaly right.
    The East peoples policy of the Nationalsocialists was totally wrong, we should have build much more alliances with the Ukrainians and even Russians to defeat Stalin.
    But I think what lead to this wrong policy was, that soon the German soldier couldn’t differentiate between friendly Ukrainian and Russian and Soviet.
    Like the Americans quickly couldn’t differentiate between North and South Vietnamese and felt surrounded by enemies.
    One has to consider, the partisans in Russia looked like ordinary people, hide themselves in the villages and constantly attacked the German troops.
    My grandfather told me once that he found his very good comrade, who was chosen as night guard, on the next morning with his throat cut.
    From ear to ear! And that happened constantly.
    I think then it’s understandable that troops go savage and make no difference between friend and foe anymore, if they feel surrounded by enemies.
    Like in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.

    Also constantly to differentiate if they’re enemies or not makes you vulnurable.
    Like the coalition forces costantly palaver in Afghanistan and try to honour tribe traditions, but the result is:
    they get decieved and attacked.

    Yes, and the Cossacks were really brave soldiers.
    As I once mentioned, my grandfather fought side by side with them.
    And later he had to watch how the British wanted to send the Cossacks to Stalin, and all the Cossacks with their wifes and kids committed suicide.
    My grandfather, decades later telling us of this story had tears in his eyes.
    “They helped us not to be captured by the Bolsheviks and later we couldn’t help them.”
    That’s why he was very angry about the Brits, how they handled this chivalrous warriors.

    Isn’t it remarkable what atrocities happened of which Dr. Wesseler told us in this broadcast?
    And this is totally VERBOTEN to mention in the German public, these stories only survive by family traditions.
    And on the other side every Jew who got slapped in the face got his own Holo museum.
    The Chupacabras in Mexico City now have a Holo museum too!

    Or the Sudeten-German victims get labelled as “Jews”.
    Like they did with the German mass grave victims in Marienburg, today Poland.

    The lie is omnipresent.

  4. Wilhelm on October 29th, 2010 12:00 am

    German – quite a histical review also ; a smal addendum :the Goth`s and the Langobards , Both setled at the hightr oft heir empire buildin mot fasr away from my home grounds. The Langobards at Cividale ( kinng`s seat) near Udine/Gorizia and some of rhe Eas tGgoths still today ” residing at a smal valleys South of the Brenner pass -the village” Gossensass”( seat of the Goths) Wilhelm

  5. Carolyn on October 29th, 2010 10:35 am

    German! You are amazing. I like the idea you are putting forth – that the “Western Slavs” were actually Germanics and that’s why the newer German settlers were accepted there so easily. Am I simplifying it too much?

    This is pretty similar to what Dr. Wesserle says. Could it be argued that there were Germanics and there were Slavs/Russians, and the Slavs succeeded in convincing many of the peoples who lived there a long time that they were Slavs? Just asking.

    Was there an effort to create distinct groups where none needed to exist? Pan-Slavism seems to have been based on much erroneous thinking. But who is interested in telling the truth about this today??

    I thank you for the effort you make to elaborate on what is presented in the programs. The images you include (maps, pictures) are really appreciated by me. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to be a guest sometime? I’d like to get you on in a three-way with Dr.Wesserle or Dr. Kriessmann.

  6. Peter on October 30th, 2010 8:52 pm

    I am an Aryan.I want to live in a White country and develop as an Aryan. All White countries, countries that have been founded, cultivated, and developed by Whites, are heavily colonized by foreigners who within 10 or 20 years will be the majority. This was allowed to happen because of the influence of social Marxism which believes all people are identical, simply units of labor and consumption. I believe races are distinct and different, both physically and intellectually. Different sports are dominated by specific races. Scientists like Philippe Rushton have proven that the races have different IQ’s, so it is genetically determined. American Black I.Q.s are between 15 and 20 points less than White, and African IQs are 30 points below Whites, and that’s after eliminating for social and environmental factors. A physical Anthropologist can easily specify the race of human bones. The races are different. It is detrimental to throw the races together to compete in the marketplace. As races have their own physical and intellectual characteristics, they must have their own specific institutions taylored to their particular needs. As an example, it is detrimental to throw children of different races together under a single curriculum. They hinder each other. “Affirmative Action” is wrong! It institutionally handicappes White non-Jews and unfairly enhances the prospects of the others. Jews are already the dominant group in America: They do not need any further advantage. Orientals are just as intelligent as Whites, if not more so. Affirmative Action is racist! Blacks act out against other races with violence. Blacks rape 25,000 White women each year, and that’s only those officially registered. Whites rape against Black women is statistically nil. Whites are being brutalized by Blacks and they are prohibited from reacting. The reporting of racial asaults againt Whites is repressed by the media and political elite. Affirmative Action trains Whites to accept a secondary position in society. This is how one develops a cast system, and Whites are on the bottom. Today, there is a vast slave market of White women. This is abhorrent! The races must live separately!The media and political/economic elite repress White aspiration. In most White countries, “hate laws” have been introduced to prevent Whites from understanding and responding to what’s going on, and Whites are legally prohibited from learning about their true history. We are still feed war propaganda. Today, many White nationalists are in prison. The changes to our nation’s “Rights and Freedoms” that were put in place to protect us from Islamic violence have been used to attack White nationalists, the assertion of White aspirations, and uncensored White history.The coercive forces of society have been focused on destroying White Nationalists. They have sent many whites to outrageous prison sentences for simply stating their views, and some have even been murdered! Jeff Hughes, a White Nationalist, who lived in Nanaimo, BC, was shot to death on his doorstep by the RCMP. They left 10 bullets in his body, and one week previously he had been threatened by a big shot RCMP officer from Ottawa. There is an unstated war happening right now against any Whites who express pro-White views. We live in an evil social Marxist police state.Whites must stop working, and maintaining the welfare state that allows other races to come here and breed. We must breed! Whites, stop working and start making babies! Help and encourage other Whites to have White children. White women must be paid to stay home and raise our children. This is the most important work and women have been genetically perfected for this profession. To make a woman work in an insignificant job is a waste of talent, and it’s cruel! Always help and protect White children, for they are our blood and future.I believe in the 14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

  7. brucewhain on October 31st, 2010 9:05 pm

    Thanks Carolyn Yeager for all these enlightening broadcasts: the most convincing thing going revisionist-wise, and thanks especially to Dr. Wesserle for this super broadcast. No one could possibly doubt this person… tho they’d probably say they did.

    Peter (and even Carolyn) should be careful when saying things about blacks. Only two generations ago Obama’s grandfather was jailed & tortured at the hands of the Aryan elitists. This is why he had Churchill’s statue sent back to England from the Oval Office where Bush placed it.

    While it’s true that there is a conspiracy amounting to genocide against white western Europeans, and believe Japanese as well, it’s probably not because the conspirators dumber than us, ya know. Whoever may be the cause of that, feel hope for humanity may lay with blacks. It’s certainly not those running the show here in America right now, who insideously prodded Bush into conducting a genocide against the Arab world, thus killing two birds: killing a bunch of Arabs and turning long-term world opinion against western European whites. Brilliant. ‘Course you’ve still got the three B’s and all the rest vs. just Mendelsohn & Mahler – Goldmark, maybe – and Mendelsohn sounds an awful lot like Von Weber while Mahler sounds an awful lot like Bach… still there’s little doubt we become dumber with opression.

    Which reminds me: Am taking three transit agencies and FTA to court and have done this before and it nearly killed me. So I’ll tell you something, Carolyn: It might be best (Re: Wiesel) just to leave it alone, because I speak from experience when I say they can destroy you.

    Think Heretic’s Hour is great service to our cause. Maybe (instead of Wiesel?) someone could work on all-inclusive contributory database of bogus assertions by the Shoah Bunch. There’s certainly a lot of them. But believe even a Google Search is sensored: like when I tried to look up that time the guy responded to Codoh’s “One Person With Proof” offer, then tried to sue. There’s way more on how he was right – which he was not at all – and almost nothing on how we made a fool of himself in court before the Jewish judge walling his eyes at it, etc. It seems an inclusive documented database would help our ultimate demand of geting this Quatsch & defamation off the internet and out of the media. And better before they do away with the evidence: Like have my doubts about the library fire in Weimar.

  8. Carolyn on November 2nd, 2010 8:19 pm

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for your friendly comment and your appreciation of Dr. Wesserle.

    Yes, Wiesel has the most powerful people in the world watching out for him. I try to have an even greater power looking out for me. So we’ll see, but I thank you for your concern.

    Other people have talked about a database documenting all historical lies, countering with the truth kind-of-thing, but no one starts doing it. The information can be found in separate books and articles, speeches, films etc. however. Most of the (few) people capable of doing that are still producing books on particular aspects of it.

    Are you talking about Mel Mermelstein in court? I guess it makes it easier when you have no compunction or shame about lying. We’re trying to tell the truth and they’re trying to tell lies. Interesting, isn’t it.

  9. kelvinator on November 3rd, 2010 11:10 pm

    Peter, Bravo Aryan Brother.

  10. Andor on November 4th, 2010 9:40 am


    Good interview with Dr Wesserle.There would be many similar stories out there.A piece of history buried underneath the weight of the alleged shoah.

    I would like to add a few details which Dr Wesserle did not mention regarding ethnic peoples of Germanic origins within the borders of pre 1919 Magyarorszag(Hungary).

    Schwabian,Saxon,Bavarian etc people have settled in various parts of Hungary including Erdely(Transylvania) since the 12thC as Dr Wesserle mentioned.Large settlement of peoples from Germany and what is now Belgium/Nederland occurred in Hungary around the 13-14thC after the Mongol invasions.A large portion of the population were killed and Hungary was in need of new settlers to work the land.Some also became nobility.After the Ottoman invasions and 150 year occupation of a large portion of the country more Germanic people settled there.

    The two kingdoms/nations have had a strong friendship and trade for over 1000 years,even today Germany is Hungary’s #1 trading partner.German was the official language in Hungary during a few periods.A significant part of the Magyar language is German.

    These German settlers have been accepted and assimilated long ago but were allowed to also continue the culture of their origin.You are looking at a very large amount of people over hundreds of years that have also mixed in with the original Magyar and Slavic occupants of the land.

    The expulsion and murder of ethnic Germans in Hungary in the mid to late 1940′s was at the hands of the Russian red army and Jewish/Communist occupational government as in CzechoSlovakia and elsewhere in Central and Eastern Europe.Some of my own family were lucky to get out alive.Both my parents are Hungarian born WW2 migrants to Australia,hence my interest in the area.My grandfather who was an officer in the army only got out of a Russian POW camp in 1950.Even then he had to escape.Then back in Hungary the commies threw him in gaol.As i mentioned there are millions of these people that suffered for money grubbing scum as you know.

    Of course the situation regarding ethnic Germans in Czechia,Slovakia and Poland is different because these were people displaced by border changes.I can’t hate the people of Poland,Czechia or Slovakia because of this.The bulls### version of events such as WW1,2 and other events in history will continue to be considered the truth by the majority.

    The nations/people of Europe must begin to drop the chauvinism and become one against the Jewish/Zionist control that is destroying it.Our differences are minimal if any.I for one have had people ask if i am German,Polish or Russian even Irish.

    We are very fortunate here in Australia to still have a larger than 90% White population.Though looking at parts of Sydney and Melbourne you would not believe it.The rot is at work though.

    All the best to you Carolyn,you seem very dedicated,great work.

  11. Carolyn on November 4th, 2010 9:25 pm


    Thanks for this nice comment. I have a personal connection with Hungary and good feelings toward that people. My family on both sides were among those Germans who settled in the land in eastern Hungary in 1700, those who are called Donauschwabens. Though they lived in their own German town, ran their own schools and spoke German, they picked up some Hungarian culture, certainly in cuisine. For example, the goulash my mother and those in my parents’ circle fixed was Hungarian-style goulash, not German style. (They’re both delicious, though.)

    They sometimes referred to themselves as Hungarians, and a few Hungarians were mixed in with the substantial German group that emigrated around 1900 to the place that became my hometown. But German they were and German they remained. And yes, relations were harmonious through the centuries as far as I know.

    I’m sure there were members of my ‘family’ who were caught in the brutal persecutions after WWI and even more so after WWII. But I was never told of any relatives there even though they had to be there.
    I could say a lot more, but I don’t want to reveal too much about myself … after Bruce Whain’s warning, heh heh.

    So I greet you in the spirit of a common connection and fondness for the good and strong people of Hungary. I can’t agree, though, that the behavior of the Czechs and Poles is justified by “border changes.” Yes, we need to join together against the common enemy, but a more common “truth in history” has to be established first. Impossible? Well, then unity will continue to evade us. I believe all good people need to work at that.

  12. Andor on November 5th, 2010 9:54 am


    My reference to ethnic Germans in Czech and Poland as border changes was to illustrate the difference compared to ethnic Germans in Hungary.Meaning large sections of Germany being stolen by the two bordering countries.As you know Hungary was victim to the same injustice at Versaille leaving millions including many of the ethnic Germans living in another country.Sorry for not elaborating on that the first time,no malice intended.

    Your family’s origin explains your strong interest in this particular European history.

    I honestly have not read into the persecution of the ethnic Germans in Czech and Poland post WW2.I do though think it’s possible some of it would have been carried out by the Soviet/Jew tyrants as in Hungary and the rest of Europe that was handed to Russia.Of course i also cannot deny the fact plenty of local Czechs,Poles,Slovaks,Magyars turned against their own and the ethnic Germans.It’s also well known in Hungary the Gypsies and Jews were used to carry out much of the dirty work.Most of the Soviet block governments were made up of Jews.A contributing factor in the 1956 revolution.

    So you have influences from two European cultures in your family,not a bad thing.Looks like you can trace your family tree back a few centuries.I have never tried to do mine,no further than the early 19thC.Must give it a go one day,a branch or two may lead to Schwabians.One quarter leads to Krakow,Poland 18??

    Good to hear you enjoy Goulas,you must be familiar with the entire menu.Prost.

    A show with @A German is a good idea.He has plenty to say and seems to be well read on matters VOR.

  13. Carolyn on November 5th, 2010 12:01 pm

    I didn’t detect any malice in your comment at all. :-) I’m just always trying to clarify the issues. It’s true the Hungarians were dispossessed along with the Germans — even some Poles were stuck in that awful Czechoslovakia “multicultural nation.”

    Yes, it is a fact that the communists/jews were directing the expulsion of the centuries-old German communities, but the regular Czech and Polish citizens joined in with more fervor than in non-slavic countries. In Yugoslavia, the communists led by Tito had been organized for a long time and carried out massacres against everyone and everything anti-communist … not just Germans. That is true. It was a real blood-bath. But the emphasis on “German atrocities” is what is used to keep all this under-reported and unknown to the general public.

    I don’t think A German wants to come on the program. He never responds to that suggestion. But I agree he’s a great asset. He must work very hard at what he does.