The Sunic Journal: Interview with Kyle Bristow

October 19, 2010

Kyle Bristow

Kyle Bristow is a University of Toledo College graduate law student, political activist, author and writer. Topics include:

  • The public events organized by Kyle as chairman of the Michigan State University chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom (MSU-YAF), and the violent left-wing protests and mainstream media coverage that ensued;
  • How liberalism permeates academia;
  • Kyle’s novel White Apocalypse, which revolves around the Solutrean Hypothesis;
  • The Solutrean Hypothesis, Kennewick Man, and the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA).

More about Kyle Bristow

Kyle’s novel White Apocalypse is available at Amazon. To read other Kyle’s writings, visit his Web site

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4 Responses to “The Sunic Journal: Interview with Kyle Bristow”

  1. Amadan on October 22nd, 2010 9:08 pm

    Another interview with Kyle Bristow will occur here:

  2. Giorgo T on October 23rd, 2010 11:06 am

    I see we’ve found Kyle. I’m surprised that Doctor Sunic doesn’t question Kyle’s use of “left”. It seems that Kyle uses liberalism in the traditional Republican/movement conservative way contrary to the wider usage common on the Sunic Journal. Maybe this distinction was not apparent because there was no mention of homo oikonomikos and the “free” market of Anglo-Jewish lore.
    I sure hope that Doc Sunic’s mic isn’t garbled on purpose. Great note to end it on, I’d be hard pressed not to believe in the eternal oneness of the superior man after the outro song.

  3. NewsGuy on October 23rd, 2010 12:18 pm

    Kyle talks more about Solutrean Truth and his book White Apocolypse:

  4. A German on October 23rd, 2010 6:43 pm

    Dr. Sunic if you speak our values and principles,
    call it
    K U L TU R A

    Gospode Novosel gave a wonderful and perfect defination of that.

    K U L T U R K A M P F
    K U L T U R G E D A N K E

    Nice that Kyle goes forward and tries to spread the hidden history of the Solutreans into the public. Especially by partially fictional novels. That might be be even more effective.

    I myself got very interested in this subject after seeing both professors, Bradley and Stanford,
    who brought the theory in the light of publicity.
    And after seeing Stephen McNallen from the Asatru organisation AFA
    who fought against the Redskins to get the Kennewick remains and that they won’t destroy them.

    After really a hard study and research into it, I came to the conclusion that the Solutreans were the western branch of the Cro Magnons and came to America 17,000 BC.
    I was much more convinced by the tons of Solutrean spearheads which were found than by the skeletons or the DNA.
    Kennewick Man, in my opinion could also be an Ainu because of his broad cheekbones, but the Ainus seem to have also migrated from Europe to Japan.
    Pure Ainus look really quite European, even today.

    But at the end I’m convinced the Solutreans entered America from Europe. Bask-like language speaks for that and especially the spearheads. It’s also very remarkable how north eastern Indian tribes differ from the other Indian tribes. Some look very European, so there has to be a pre 1600s impact.

    Back to the origin.
    I believe the Cro Magnons were speezed apart by the growing ice shields of the last Ice Age. And that caused the seperate developement of the Solutreans in the West (of which Basks are the last remains) Haplogroup R1b and in Central and Eastern Europe there developed the two “Aryan” branches Haplogroup I (Scandianavia-Germany-Croatia) and R1a (Eastern Europe), which later melted together into the cultural-linguistic group of the “Aryans” or Indo-Europeans (Indogermanen).

    Those then spread over whole Europe (3,500 BC) and overlapped the Solutreans. And so the Solutreans adopted the “Aryan” Celtishness. The Celts in origin were an Aryan tribe, most probably haplogroup I. And so all the “Celts” in Western Europe were in fact crypto-Solutreans.
    The Aryans then later also spread to Southern Asia were they got their name from, from the region of “Arya” (Iran-Afghanistan).

    I also think that their is a slight visual racial difference between Solutrean Whites and Aryan Whites. Aryans (I and R1a) are more pale skinned and Solutreans (R1b) seem to have a redishness to their white skin. Perhaps caused by the Ice Age circumstances.
    That’s why some Anthropologist call the Solutreans / pre Aryan white Europeans “the Red Race”.

    I think also, that this Ice Age which speezed the Cro Magnons apart and seperated them for some centuries, caused food shortages, and so the Solutreans were forced to discover new food sources and by that the Americas.
    Like it was depicted formidable in the documentary series “Ice Age Columbus”.

    And so Clovis in 9,500 BC was a follow up of the Solutreans, perhaps already an amalgam of Indians and Europeans.

    I think the Indians stopped the Solutreans in the Americas from 10,000 BC on by warfare, genocide, but also soft genocide, i.e. outbreeding. Their Indian legends seem to speak for that, mentioning white red haired people who they often fought against.

    The purest descandents of the Solutreans in Europe seem to be the Basks (95% R1b). But also the ancient Iberians, Ligurians and Picts seem to have been pre Aryan white Solutreans.
    R1b is also strong in Galicia, Britanny, Cornwall, Wales, Northern Scotland, Ireland.
    Typical “Celts”, in fact crypto Solutreans.

    It’s also remarkable how the “official” science tries to suppress the scientific results or biase them.
    On the Professor Stanford for example they made an onslaught ad hominem, to destroy his reputation and ridicule him.
    But in my eyes he still is the best expert on the Solutreans and especially on their spearheads.