The Fighting Side of Me: Debut show!

October 19, 2010

Paul Fromm

Paul Fromm launches his new live show on VoR! Topics include:

  • Why Paul is running for Mayor of Mississauga;
  • Multiculturalism is mental AIDS;
  • “Affiirmative Action” is destroying the Mounties.

13 MB / 32 kbps mono / 0 hour 57 min.

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5 Responses to “The Fighting Side of Me: Debut show!”

  1. Mishko on October 19th, 2010 11:51 pm

    I listened to the show live tonight and I have to say great show, and I really do mean that. From the bottom of my heart I think VoR has become the best network on the internet, and that’s coming from Mishko’s listeners perspective.

    Every show is awesome, and I’m so happy to be a part of it, it warms my heart.

  2. roman88 on October 20th, 2010 11:55 am

    I agree wholeheartedly Mishko!

    Mr. Fromm, I however think that Canada should NOT try to “absorb” (miscegenation) or assimilate with those 3rd worlders already in Canada. NOBODY asked Canadian, Americans, Brits, Russians, Germans, or French if they want to be REPLACED in their OWN heartlands.

    How would the world react if someone tried to “immigrate” 10 million ethnic Chinese to Tibet?! Wouldn’t that be considered genocide as is already stated by the UN? I think it would spark an outrage.

    So why must White nations assimilate, tolerate, integrate which all comes down to White racial genocide and the White race is already < 6% world population.

    Canada, USA, Europe and Australia need to REPATRIATE those already in the nations who are not representative of the majority or share the land (for the especially wimpy).

    This is happening in Russia, with millions of Central Asians flooding Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large Russian cities which were 100% white just 15 years ago. There is already a 20% Muslim population in the city of St. Petersburg!!

    It's the replacement of every White ethnic pool in the world and it needs to stop, period. It is genocide!

  3. Akira on October 22nd, 2010 1:37 am


    “NOBODY asked Canadians…if they want to be REPLACED in their OWN heartlands.”

    That’s not quite the case. Unlike in the US (with the refusal to deal seriously with the southern border’s porousness, while deceptively claiming to take measures) and the UK (where Con-Lab pols have fed the populace on lies about the “benefits” of the Commonwealth and the EU) — unlike in these cases, Canadian politicians have been very open about their goals to make Canada into a multikulti “hotel for the world”

    And Canadians have overwhelmingly granted their tacit approval, with many Canadian Whites ecstatically praising the multikulti schemes.

    In my experience, the average Canadian will insist that “Canada belongs to everyone” and that they themselves are all immigrants (except for Natives), even if their families have been there for generations.

    Things might change with a massive economic downturn, but I doubt it, since most Canadians think (or think they think) that increased immigration is good for the economy.

    Of course the Jew Media (the Jew Adler, the Asper Jews, the NatPost, the Jew editors at the G&M, etc), the legion of Jew lawyers, B’nai B’rith Canada, and the Jew-Masonic miseducational factories have all played their poisonous roles in this.

    As for the idea that “Canada…need [s] to REPATRIATE those already in the nations who are not representative of the majority.”

    Do you seriously imagine that this could ever happen. If so, please disabuse yourself of your delusion. Such a thing will NEVER EVER EVER happen. Besides the fact that such a development would require an amendment to Canada’s unamendable Constitution (legally amendable, but practically impossible). it is completely beyond the realm of possibility in Canadian culture that masses of non-Whites could ever be “repatriated”, or that even one person could be deported on the basis of their ethnic group, religion, skin colour, etc.

    The number of people who wold seriously work towards such a goal could probably not fill up a community centre basement in Moosejaw (and if they did, they’d most likely get busted for “hate crimes”.)

    In fact, if anyone publicly advocated such a scheme, the only effect would be an increase in immigration, in reaction, as Canadians would fall over each other in a rush to prove how non-racist they are!

    In Canada today, it often takes a fortune and years of bureaucratic and legal headaches to even deport convicted murderers and rapists and drug-dealers.

  4. roman88 on October 22nd, 2010 9:32 am


    “… unlike in these cases, Canadian politicians have been very open about their goals to make Canada into a multikulti “hotel for the world”

    Politicians in Canada, US and Europe, do not represent the interests of the majority, period. And while I do realize that the change is still a ways off to come, it will come simply because the Canadian infrastructure and welfare programs are coming to an end along with USA’s.

    I won’t speculate what will happen ultimately, but the options as I listed them for the “wimpier” nations is either repatriation or becoming a nation like Brazil and perishing forever. And I do rather feel that the latter is most likely what will happen to Canada and USA, unless during the coming worsening of the financial crisis will create an opportunity for a white nation. Failing that, it’s going to be a colored 3rd world police state, as is the case with most S. American countries.

    But my case still stands, that this is all genocide by replacement of the white population across the globe. That cannot be argued against, because no nations except White nations are forced to assimilate and integrate unassailable foreigners, in order to create a “blend” of humanity (genocide of original ethnic groups) in their respective lands.

    And while i agree that Canada’s liberalism is astounding, don’t think that there aren’t people who are willing to stand up and fight for Canada to remain white. I think Paul Fromm will agree.

    But eastern europe certainly has no such fantasies!

  5. A German on October 23rd, 2010 3:03 pm

    Welcome Mr. Fromm in the VOR family!
    You’re really a great gain on this network.

    For your topics:
    I’m really a bit astonished that it is so bad in Canada / Mississauga too!
    Burkas, “honour” killings etc.

    Here in Europe our politicians always quote Canada as the role model for good and practical immigration.
    They give us the impression that only MDs and engineers can enter Canada.
    So I’m a bit suprised that you get flooded by the Multi Cult too

    And for Merkel.
    She totally social-democratized her former conservative party.
    She always supported the Multi Cult and the Turks in Germany.
    Set in a Turk-slave as our president, Turk-Wulff, who himself set in the first Turkish female minister in the federal state of Lower Saxony, where she immediately prohibitted Christian crosses in public buildings.

    Now Merkel says “Multi Cult is a failure”
    But what she really meant was: segregated Multi Cult is a failure!
    She now wants that all the Turks and other Muzzies and Negro soul brothers intermingle into the German people!
    That’s what she really meant!

    And she also said that to calm down the remaining small conservative base in her party and to catch the recent dissent in the population.

    This witch is totally not trust worthy!
    Her father was a pastor and lived with his family in Hamburg, but then they settled voluntarily in Communistic East Germany!!!
    Only red terrorists in the West and convinced Communists did that.
    And then she became FDJ secretary (the Communistic youth organisation in the GDR) and later even a Stasi spy, IM “Erika” (IM= Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter=unofficial co-worker, Stasi term for rat).
    Possibly to get the allowance to study physics in the GDR.

    Merkel is the German Hillary Clinton.
    The Wicket Witch of the West and the Wicket Witch of Central Europe.

    Like Cameron in Britain, she already announced that she’s for an EU membership for Turkey.
    That’s high treason!

    Your definitien of the Multi Cult:
    The Jew Wiener aka Michael Savage always says:
    “Liberalism is a mental disorder”,
    so your conclusion “Multi Cult is mental AIDS” is totally justified.

    Sad that the iconic Mountie is disappearing by Affirmitive Action.
    Here more and more they, the liberals, try to adopt this American failure too, besides seeing the negative side effects in America, i.e. discrimination of Whites.

    And our police has totally different problems.
    Recently the police union publicly stated that they’re no longer able to control “migrant” quarters, i.e. occupied territory by Turks.
    And so they plan to import Turkish policemen in Turkish uniforms to do the job.
    Total surrender!
    Wonderful Multi Cult.

    Good luck for your candidacy Mr. Fromm!
    And keep on the good work on VOR!