This Week in Disorganized America, Oct. 15, 2010

October 15, 2010

Rupert Murdoch

Mishko & Mike Conner host. Topics include:

  • US physics professor says, “Global warming is the greatest and most successful pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life”;
  • ADL gives an award to mass media boss Rupert Murdoch for a lifetime of advancing Israeli and Jewish interests;
  • Call-ins;
  • Extra hour: Bud White speaks about economics, finance, and demographics.

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6 Responses to “This Week in Disorganized America, Oct. 15, 2010”

  1. Gibson on October 16th, 2010 7:31 pm

    I think Bud is mistaken about Fractional Reserve Banking. If you put $100 in your account, the bank can loan up to $90, and has to keep the other $10 in reserve in the vault.

    That means the loans can be up to 900% of what’s in the vault, which is the same as saying loans can be up to 90% of what has been deposited. The bank cannot loan more than 90% of what has been deposited.

    Money creation by Fractional Reserve Banking is a hypothetical phenomenon, based on a whole series of loans and deposits. For each of those deposits, the bank still has to keep at least 10% in reserve in the vault. The bank does not really “create” any money – only the Federal Reserve can do that.

    Currently, banks are not lending up to the 90% limit, which is why the Fed is using Quantitative Easing (printing money) – to encourage the banks to lend more. If that stops deflation, it’s probably a good thing. We can easily cope with some inflation, but with a few percent deflation, no-one would spend any money, and that would destroy businesses and jobs even faster than in your nightmares.

    That aside, great show, as always :)

  2. Chris on October 22nd, 2010 4:13 am

    Mishko, I really enjoyed your show but wanted to make a small point. Your technique for appealing to whites to get of their ass and do something seems to be based on an economic appeal i.e. we must do something about the demographic problem or we’ll lose our standard of living.

    But honestly, has anyone ever fought (including taking up arms) to defend their standard of living? I think not. The only things that have ever motivated men to fight are their family, kin (including race), God, and land. This is how the appeal needs to be couched. The white man is being dispossessed from his own lands and his people attacked.

    The best part is, subjective arguments cannot be argued with. They are emotional appeals.

  3. A German on October 22nd, 2010 3:27 pm

    Hey Mishko!
    If you really intend to rename the show
    name it K U L T U R A
    You gave such a fine defination of it.

    I think at the end our whole struggle is K U L T U R A

    And I love it when Mike explains and defines things, he should do that much more.
    As Mishko says: ” Man, you’re so dead on!”

    And of course global warming is a total scam!
    I wouldn’t say that there is now natural global warming per say,
    but a man-made global warming is idiocy.
    We have not the slightest idea how much the sun activity is really influencing our planet.
    And then we’re so small compared to our planet, like microbes or smaller, in no way we could influence the world climate!

    And Murdoch may not be a biological Jew as Mike says, but Mishko wants it ;-)
    So let us say he jewifized himself like a Khazar.

    živjela pobijeda

  4. A German on October 22nd, 2010 5:17 pm

    When the one caller said
    Jaqueline Bouvier Kennedy was a Jew and shot JFK, that really gave me a mega laugh LOOOOOOOOL

    I think you both thought similar as you lost your voice about that.

    Jacky was from an arch-catholic family. That’s why she was chosen as match by JFK’s father Joseph, Irish-catholic.

    And then she went on and said:
    “Lincoln was shot by the Jews because he wanted to break away from the FED”

    The FED was founded in 1913!
    Even I, as German, know that.

    I mean the Jews did many evil things, but that went too far!

    Sic semper tyrannis!

    I think she was a regular Alex Jones listener, eh Mishko? ;-)

    On one thing she’s perhaps right:
    That Jews abuse others sexually when they have the power.

    On John de Nugents site I once have read that Marilyn Monroe replied after recieving the Academy Award and was asked:
    “in what way will this award make your life easier?”
    Marilyn answered:
    ” I won’t have to suck Jewish dicks anymore!”
    Very disturbing.

    And Jewish directors like Otto Preminger were infamous for their couch-casting.

    That’s exactly the way Jews act when they got money and by that power over others.
    Before, they always play the weak victim, oy veh!
    And crowl in front of you.
    But if they get money/power they catch your throat!
    go to 0:40

  5. A German on October 23rd, 2010 12:26 am

    Mishko you’re totally right when you say:
    “more diversity and this and that… What?!? That’s to me a criminal statement!”

    Our European polticians do that for decades.
    In reality they’re all high traitors.

    Merkel lately said: “Multi Cult is a failure”, but in the following sentences she said “but we must not think that those migrants who are here now, will leave the country, that’s an illusion. We HAVE to live with them!”

    And that exactly shows her thinking.
    She always pushes Muzzies and especially Turks in Germany and what she actually meant with “multi cult is a failure” is:
    segregated multi cult is a failure.
    She wants to mix them totally into the German population instead to repatriate them!

    But the worst defeatist in the moment is our president
    When he still was governor of Lower Saxony he set in the first Turkish female minister
    who immediatelly prohibitted Christian crosses in public buildings, demanded more Turkish judges in Germany and planned to force the press to only report positively about the “migrants”. (which the pig-press already does voluntarily, catchword: “youths”)
    Which is totally against the freedom of press.

    And then Turk-Wulff went on and is now constantly speaking of Germany’s Christian-JEWISH values, like a NeoCohen.
    And then he even tops that in saying: Islam is part of Germany!

    Where are Jewish values in my country? In my history?
    And where is Islam part of my country?

    This Wulff traitor is totally crazy.
    This week he was on state visit in Turkey and again he totally curry favor with the Turks.

    This guy was pushed into office by Merkel totally undemocratic.
    Because the people aren’t allowed th elect the president.
    Only parliament members and 600 people chosen by the parties in the national parliament, Reichstag.
    And Merkel had a clear majority in this election, and still Wulff needed 3 turns to be elected.
    Only after she forced the electionmen to vote against their conscience, Turk-Wulff was tossed into office.

    And Wulff swore after his election “to serve the GERMAN people, avert any damage from the GERMAN people”
    Now he always emphasizes: “I want to be the president of all who live in Germany”
    The Germans meanwhile have the feeling that he’s more the president of “all”, meaning the MuzzieCabras, than of the Germans.

    But he’s not the only enemy of the people in Germany.

    Some quotes:
    Joschka Fischer GREEN party (GREEN Marxists), former secretary of state, former vice-chancelor, professor in a US university without any degree, awardee of B’Nai Na Brith:
    “Germany has to be fenced in from the outside, and has to be heterogenized from the inside, i.e. has to be diluted until there isn’t any Germany anymore”

    Claudia Roth (chairwoman of the GREEN Marxists):
    “Germans are non-migrants, nothing more”

    Jürgen Trittin (GREEN Marxists, former minister for enviroment):
    “Germany gets every day a bit more non-German and I think that’s fantastic!”

    Vural Öger (Social-Democrat, EU parliament member, a bloody Turk):,,432999_1,00.jpg
    “What Kamuni Sultan Süleyman started with the siege of Vienna in 1529, we (Turks) will finally succeed with our strong men and our healthy women!”

    And there are several other German-hostile/hating comments by “our” politicians. Member of our federal state parliaments, member of the national parliament and EU parliament.

    One Turk of the GREEN Marxists in North-Rhine-Westphalia, Arif Ünal,
    demanded in his very first speech in broken German (after livin 30 years in Germany) to abolisch the oath formula “for the welfare of the GERMAN people”. And?
    The traitors in this regional parliament votede YES!!!!!
    Can you imagine that?

    These traitors do that openly and even don’t get critisized.
    That’s why always 95% of the German public is against something and our politicians vote for it.
    Minaretts, Mosques, repatriation of unemployed or criminal MuzzieCabras, power loss to the EUssr, paying for the EU (in 20 years Germany paid 200 billions more into the EU than they recieved), paying to IsraHell, mercenary wars for IsraHell…

    That’s why Turk-Wulff is a 5% president. Only the liberal hyaenas, MuzzieCabras and the establishment celebrate him.

    And I think the problem is, that millions don’t vote anymore.
    And so these mafia-parties can go on and can rule German-hostile.
    In North-Rhine-Westphalia in the last election, 40%!!! didn’t vote!
    These are millions!
    The two big parties, the Social-democrats (ShariaPD) and the “conservatives” (* crescent DU)
    got together lesser votes than the non-voters!
    And so both parties got 30%, if the millions of non-voters would have been counted in, they only would have got 15% each!!!

    That shows how the people hate the 5 ruling parties, who are in fact only 2 parties (left / center “right”), or even one big party.

    If the non-voters only one time would vote for only real opposition in the country, the NPD, then they would have an effect.
    Of course even with 40% the NPD would’t rule, because then all the other parties would form a big emergency coalition.
    But it would at least have a big effect! Shocking the establishment and forcing them to do finally what the people want!

    But instead of that millions trash their vote, because they’re scared, totally scared to vote right-wing, after all the propaganda which was hammered for decades into their brains.
    They’re so scared to vote right-wing, they even don’t dare to vote these new zionistic right-wing parties.
    Those who are anti-Islam (not anti-Muzzie) and wave all the time IsraHell flags on their demonstrations.

    Even to vote for them, these fake right wingers, the non-voters are too scared.

    And that Mishko I think is our greatest problem, the non-voters!
    They hate the establishment parties but don’t vote and so they secure the rule of the left & center “right” in Europe and the rule the Rep&Dems in America!

    That’s our great misery.
    And if some of these non-voters get active again, they let themselves again and again be decieved by the “conservatives”, like the Tea Partidiots.
    Who think “wow the conservatives finally understand me, the conservatives reformed, back on the right track”
    And then?
    After the election, using the masses as voting-cattle, they again betray the people!


    Dwa-jedana! Hravtska beat the sh*t out of IsraHell!
    Great Mishko! :-D
    And the best, most of the Croats play in the German Bundesliga!
    K U L T U R A

  6. A German on October 23rd, 2010 7:55 am