The Stark Truth: Robert Lindsay on advancing White interests

October 13, 2010

Robert Lindsay

Robert Stark & Robert Lindsay discuss:

  • Robert Lindsay’s ideas for reasonable positions that Liberal Race Realists and White Advocates could take that the majority may support;
  • The death of white middle class culture;
  • The demographic situation in california;

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4 Responses to “The Stark Truth: Robert Lindsay on advancing White interests”

  1. A German on October 14th, 2010 6:25 am

    In Germany everyone born here can later get the German state-citizenship and with that his/her parents are almost not deportable.

    So in fact, we have this anchor baby thing too.
    And the weirdos of the Green party and the Commie party, DIE LINKE, are even more extreme!
    They recently demanded German state-citizenship for everyone who sets foot in Germany, from the first minute on!

    In Saxony the Commies (DIE LINKE) demanded more immigrants, because the few immigrants in Saxony feel “alienated” and that can only be overcome by flooding Saxony with more immigrants!

    That’s how crazy our German left is.

    To show how Marxist the Green party is, here are some quotes of Green party members:

    Joschka Fischer (former Secretary of State and vice-chancelor):
    “Germany has to be fenced in from the outside and dissolved from the inside!” Fischer later was professor at a US university without any degree!!! And he got a medal from Brai N’Brith!

    Jürgen Trittin (former minister for enviroment):
    “Germany vanishes everyday a bit more, and that is fantastic!”

    Claudia Roth (Green Party chairwoman):
    “Germans are non-migrants, nothing more!”

    And the IQ test for immigrants is a good idea!
    It would immediatelly and naturally stop Turkish and Arab immigration to Germany and Chupacabra immigration to the US without any restrictions.

    That’s why the left hyaenas immediately cried out when the IQ test was in the debate in Germany.
    Even the Turkish state intervened in that debate and condemned Germany.
    Thilo Sarrazin also stated that most MuzzieCabras have an IQ of 85 not more and they almost burnt him at the bonfire.

    And so the IQ test is not debateable anymore.
    Instead we have a luke immigrant test with 20 questions, who everyone can answer who has read the wikipedia article about Germay 1 time. Ridiculous.

    I once saw a nomination of New-”Germans” in Berlin.
    They got a certificate on which was written that they’re now “German” and got a new passport. Then a band played the national anthem.
    And the New-”Germans” were supposed to sing it.
    Well the Negros only hummed the melody and instead of singing the lyrics of the anthem they made some guttural sounds.

    Like if you hear a song on radio and only can sing the chorus and then end up in lalalalala.
    And a Turkish woman bluntly said, I would rather sing my anthem, the Turkish anthem, I don’t feel German, for me it’s only important to have the paper (passport).

    Lindsay is right about this “diversity” charade.
    Here it’s totally the same.
    Instead of “diversity is strength”, here the liberals say:
    “Bunt statt braun” = coloured (not racial) instead of brown (political)

    And what is the result?
    In Berlin city quarters like Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Wedding 2 German kids end up in a class with 27 MuzzieCabras.
    And then they get bullied because they have blond hair, get called potatoe, pig-devourer, Christian pig, German pig, and the MuzzieCabras say to the German kids:
    “You have to speak like we do, otherwise you won’t be accepted!”
    They mean by that, speaking Pidgon-German.

    This whole multi cult and dieversity is a mental illness of the liberals.

    And Lindsay is correct again!
    Here the liberals who force the minority of poor or lower middle-class German kids into this Turk-Arab classes, live themselves in the exclusive residential areas and send THEIR children into private schools, no “diverse” schools.

    It’s the old liberal story, preaching water and guzzling wine.

    Here I disagree.
    Not with real Pan-Aryanism, but how you both define it. That’s ridiculous!

    Yes there are Whites in South America!
    Millions of Germans, Italians, Spaniards.

    But how can you consider Moroccans, Syrians, Iraqis white?
    Are you blind? Moroccans are Arab-Berber muds, Syrians are Arab Semites as Iraqis.

    And even Iranians are mostly not white or Aryan anymore.
    Iranians are Turkish-Arab-Mongol mongrels.
    Just look at this picture:

    Ahmadinejad a “White” LOOOOOL

    You really have to study more on that!
    Iran was Aryan and white in ancient times, before all the Turks and Mongols stormed through and before they were racially influenced by the Arabs!
    Today Iran, Pakistan and Northern India just speak Aryan languages, but most of them aren’t racially Aryans.

    That’s like in 100 years in Britian, when the population is a total mix of Negros, Pakis and Arabs and then someone calls them the true descendants of Celtic Britons or Germanic Anglo-Saxons because they still speak English!

    The Indo-Iranian branch of the Aryans started up in the Ukraine in 3500 BC and they migrated to Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.
    From that time, 3500 BC, until Alexander the Great 300 BC they were perhaps actually white, but that is long over, like East London being English anymore, or the Bronx being white.

    We also have to consider that the Aryans were just the ruling upper class, a minority, in these South Asian countries.
    That’s why India has a caste system!
    The dwellers of these countries only adapted the Aryan language!
    Like the 90% racial Aryan Hungarians adopted a non-Aryan, a Finno-Ugric language!

    Being for true Aryanism is not immediately Nordicism.

  2. AllanHampton on October 15th, 2010 1:56 pm

    In fixing problems with government what is wrong with Americans holding Officials accountable to the 1787 Constitution’s Oath of Office?

  3. Patrick on October 16th, 2010 11:10 pm

    Mr Stark can you please not allow the people you are interviewing to use skype. Skype creates breaks in peoples sentences, please do not let your interviewers use skype.

  4. Stug on October 23rd, 2010 1:06 pm

    Lindsay is so intent on “mainstreaming” WN’s he sounds like the tepid Republican he probably really is – White’s not being for repealing the atrocious anti White Civil Rights laws – YES THEY WOULD. True, liberal idiots and people form places like, say, the States of Washington, Minnesota, Idaho, Oregon and that ilk wouldn’t – but most American Whites WOULD support a leader/organization perceived as capable of repealing these vicious laws.