The Sunic Journal: Speech in Vancouver, British Columbia

October 12, 2010

Tom Sunic

Tom spoke in Vancouver, British Columbia on Jun. 7, 2010.

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One Response to “The Sunic Journal: Speech in Vancouver, British Columbia”

  1. A German on October 14th, 2010 1:16 am

    Thank you Dr. Sunic!
    Thank you for your truthful report about the tragic history of the Germans!
    Thank you for your friendship to my people, my nation!

    It’s very important, that you as a foreign national, enlighten other people in the world about the German misère.

    Ja sam jako zahvalan!

    Because you’re not a German, nobody can accuse you for being a “mean biased German revanchist”, like the do with Erika Steinbach.

    And you’re totally right: Geography is destiny!
    Spain is almost an island, they only had to protect their southern border of the Moors. Their northern border was secure, because France had no ambitions there.
    Same with France, only two land borders, in the south and west.
    The southern border was secure because Spain also had no ambitions there, and of the Western border only the German part and the Italian part was sometimes vacant, the rest of France is sourrounded by the sea.
    Britain also was very secure because it’s a true island.
    Italy was also secure, almost an island with the Alpes protecting the northern border. They only had some difficulties in the south with the Moors, like Spain.
    Holland was also secure, because Germany never wanted to absorb them. It was accepted that they were Germanics, but no Germans. And so Germany never had any ambitions for their soil.
    Even the Nationalsocialists only wanted to integrate Holland in a loose Germanic federation.

    But Germany itself was always in danger.
    All their neighbours had all the time ambitions for German soil.
    France always wanted the river Rhine as its “natural border” and by this French chauvinists did not only mean the German Alsace but the whole German territory west of the Rhine!
    Napoleon proved that when he annexed it with large parts of Lower Saxony.
    Switzerland, had no ambitions for German soil, but broke away finally in 1648 from us.
    Belgium had ambitions to German soil, until today they occupy the German territory in East Belgium.
    Even the very less imperialistic Holland had a hunger for German soil once. Which was expressed by the Dutch ideology of “Ons land”, where they claimed Lower Saxony and Westphalia for themselves!

    The Danes always had ambitions for German Schleswig and Holstein.
    The Swedes had ambitions for German Mecklenburg and Pommerania.
    The POLES had always ambitions for Germany’s whole eastern territories and wanted the river Oder-Neisse border, some even the river Elbe-Saale border (center of Germany)!

    The Chechs always casted an eye on German Sudetenland.
    Benes even before WW2 oppressed the Germans and tried to Chechy-size the Sudetenland. Not as harsh as the Poles did, that came after 1945.
    That was the reason why so many Sudetendeutsche feeled liberated in 1938 and cried on the streets while greeting the German troops!

    Hungary always had ambitions for the German Burgenland in eastern Austria.
    Italy had ambitions for the German Südtirol, to establish their northern border exactly at the Alpes. And until today they occupy the still GERMAN Südtirol!

    So we can see Germany was and is always a cheese which was nibbled off from all sides because of its geographical central postion.
    Today it’s even nibbled off from its inside!
    By Turks and Arabs.

    Here are some examples for the folks how extremely the German borders changed during the centuries:

    There are only few countries who can be compared to this loss of territory:
    Hungary, reduced to a small core after 1919. Treaty of Trianon.
    Poland, I will confess that, 3 Polish partitions, no doubt about that.
    And a more actual example, Serbia.

    But what differs their territory losses from the German loss, they lost territory, but their people were not completely ethnically cleansed from that territory!

    Serbia really comes nearest to the German misery.
    First the stripped of Macedonia, which Serbs consider Serbian.
    Then the lost the Kraijna and East Slavonja, CROATIAN, but settled by ethnical Serbs!
    Then they segregated the Republika Srpska in Bosnia from Serbia.
    Then they cut off Crna Gora / Montenegro.
    And finally they cut out the Serbian Kosovo, Serbia’s cradle, Serbia’s Jerusalem!
    And Romania and Bulgaria even claim a strip in eastern core-Serbia now.
    Perhaps they finally lose the Voijvodina, North Serbia.

    No country on this earth should be handled like that!
    This is a dishonorable bahaviour by the perpetrators.