The Heretics’ Hour: Sobibór—Death Camp or Deportation Center

October 11, 2010

Cover of Sobibór book

Topics include:

  • Russian historian speaks out on lack of German peace treaty from WWII;
  • Ursula Haverbeck found guilty of Volksverhetzung in Munich;
  • New book Sobibór shows John Demjanjuk could not have brought about the deaths of 29,000 persons—no more than 10,000 died there!
  • No “gassing building” found—only a wooden “dressing” barracks.

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18 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Sobibór—Death Camp or Deportation Center”

  1. A German on October 12th, 2010 3:16 pm

    Carolyn, good show!
    Especially the last part had some nice new information.
    Would it be possible to bring Jürgen Graf on or does he fear prosecution?

    And for the Ursula Haverbeck-case:
    I totally lost hope in our German legal system, especially in these politically court cases.
    There our judges and prosecutors just act like rabid hyaenas.
    Very inquisition-like.
    “One had the booklet on his lap, the prosecutor: well, there we’ve our next case” says it all.

    For me it’s not understandable at all, that one can persecute and actually sentence a such nice and lovely old lady like Ursula Haverbeck, a storybook grandma, so hard.
    Wether she’s right or wrong.
    At least she’s just sentenced for her OPINION!

    And on the other side, the same judges and prosecutors give violent MuzzieCabras, who kick old people in the head in the subways, always parole.
    Or they give child predators almost no real punishment.

    Our whole legal system is totally rotten.
    I totally lost hope in that.
    In front of German courts you cannot get justice anymore.

  2. A German on October 12th, 2010 4:07 pm

    Carolyn did you hear already?

    An economic professor of the MIT named DIAMOND got the Nobel economic prize for this year!

    The guy demanded in his first statement a new stimulus!
    And will soon be on the board of the FED.

    What a coincidence. ;-)

  3. A German on October 12th, 2010 4:21 pm

    Another news:

    Horst Seehofer, the chairman of the Bavarian chapter of the (* crescent DU, the CSU, demanded:
    “We’ve to stop anymore immigration from Turkey and Arab countries. We only should take immigrants from our cultural circle!”

    So he tried to make the Sarrazin, but only one day later, he retracted his demand after the red hyaenas went wild on him and compared him to Sarrazin. In clear speak: He should be fired like Sarrazin.

    These are our “conservatives”!
    Populist use of a thesis as long it is popular and when the storm arises they retract immediately.

    And the Bavarian chapter, the CSU, is even a bit more conservative. But also liberal-ized.

  4. A German on October 13th, 2010 1:48 am

    Carolyn, some impressions from the German-Turkish soccer match last week!

    In Berlin NOT Istanbul, even if it seems so.

  5. A German on October 13th, 2010 1:57 am

    Look at 00:06!
    The Turks are are wearing the same uniform hats like the Ottoman invasion troops wore in 1529 & 1683!
    I think the message is clear.

  6. A German on October 13th, 2010 7:52 am

    Ursula Haverbeck is acquitted in another court case!

    In the trial court she was sentenced to pay 2700 Euros = 3500 Dollars for saying:

    “She should leave this “terrible” country Germany, if it doesn’t please her here anymore, and return to her country of origin, inner Asia”

    She said that to Charlottle Knobloch (=Garlic), the chairwoman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany.
    Germany’s ADL and Germany’s Abe Aby Foxy Foxman.

    Now in the last resort, Mrs. Haverbeck was acquitted.
    The case is closed and the FRG has to pay the court fees.

    Just for such a simple sentence they want to rob 3500 Dollars from this old lady!
    Rotten German justice.

  7. Carolyn on October 13th, 2010 1:18 pm


    Thanks for sending the video. Shocking! And in that grand Olympic Stadium designed by Albert Speer. It’s more than disgusting — it’s a desecration.

    The German people should rise up and throw these pigs out, but I can see they are too beat down — well, they’re brought into criminal court if they even say a word, like Ursula Haverbeck. Even in the USA we can’t say anything without being attacked on all sides. But this is anti-racisim in all its glory.

    This is what the great Allied victory of 1945 has brought us.

  8. Carolyn on October 13th, 2010 1:36 pm

    The Virtual Jerusalem website carried the conviction of Haverbeck, but not a report of her acquittal. I bet no Jewish outlet will report it.

    If a person like Haverbeck brought a libel or slander case against a person like Knobloch (garlic – haha) and lost, would the FRG pay for it? How does that work?

  9. A German on October 13th, 2010 8:07 pm

    If the prosecutor, the state, is on the side of Mrs. Haverbeck and she would lose, then all fees have do paid out of the treasuary of the FRG.

    But in this case the prosecutor (state) was on Knobloch’s side because, it was not only a personal defamation, but at the same time Volksverhetzung=”incitement of the people” (foLLkzferhatsoonG) an official crime!

    But I’m no jurist, ask Kamerad Deckert the next time.
    He has more experiences with German courts ;-)

  10. A German on October 13th, 2010 8:44 pm

    Carolyn I told you about the fake right wing party PRO NRW/Köln who’s only Anti-Islam (not anti Muzzie) and judeophile,
    well now the (* crescent DU Berlin excluded a member who was too “right” for them, Rene Stadtkewitz.

    (Meanwhile of the party exclusion of Sarrazin one hears and reads nothing anymore)

    What did Stadtkewitz do?
    Immediately he formed a new right wing party, DIE FREIHEIT, according to Geert Wilders’ Partij voor Vrijheid.
    This “Freiheit” (=freedom, liberty) is also anti-Islam and judeophile like PRO NRW.
    That’s why they bla bla-ing us now with judeo-Christian values!

    And on the very first day of the party formation, at the very first gathering and speech marathon of the “FREIHEIT”, the room was full with Israeli Jews!

    This video is a very good example:

    The interviewer, who wears a FRG-Israel pin like a NeoCohen, interviews a Israeli Jew who lies in the camera about the “atomic menace” by Iran, that their nukes could reach Germany.
    And he knows exactly that IsraHell at the same time has directed nukes at European capitals to blackmail the West!
    The Samson Option.

    This lying snake!

    A dutch comrade told me that Geert Wilders is pilgriming to IsraHell very often. That he’s often seen with a kippa in the Netherlands.
    And that’s why gives so much speeches in Holland and abroad, Israeli Jews then come and only for sitting in the front row and listening to his speech they donate him 10,000 Dollars.

    That brings me more and more to the conclusion that all these new “right wing” parties who are anti-Islam and judeophile, Partij voor Vrijheid, PRO NRW, FREIHEIT, LEGA NORD, Front National (boderline), BNP (borderline) are Mossad operations.

    After the old and wrong American doctrine:
    “My enemy’s enemy is my friend.”

    And so many people who are against the Islamic invasion are forced to support IsraHell.

  11. A German on October 13th, 2010 9:01 pm

    Jews try to catch in right wing dissent and opposition and to use it for their dark purposes.

    Simply disgusting!

  12. Carolyn on October 13th, 2010 11:30 pm

    I’m in total agreement with you. I couldn’t finish watching either of these videos. In the first one, both the interviewer and interviewee were revolting. You are right; it is Mossad or some similar operation. No one should join these parties; they are not of the folk.

    I would rather see Muslims all over Europe and kick the Jews out, and send them into some kind of exile forever, than join with the Jews and give them even more power. They are the greater enemy. Ahmadinejad and Iranians are quite decent. Anyway, Muslims are better neighbors than Jews, if you have to choose.

    Will Germans have the sense to see through this?

  13. A German on October 14th, 2010 12:42 am

    Here I disagree with you Carolyn!
    Old American mistake:
    My enemy’s enemy is my friend.

    Until this enemy of your enemy, who you considered a “friend”, stabs you in the back.
    –> Uncle Joe Stalin, Mao, Ho-chi-Minh, Osama Bin Laden…

    I don’t want MuzzieCabras NOR Jews!
    I refuse both.

    I’ve no problem with MuzzieCabras in their stone age countries, but if they civil-occupy my country, my continent, I’ve a problem with them.
    Same with the Jews, if they would behave decently in Madagascar or Birobijan, and not constantly try to dominate everything and command people what to say and what to think, I would have no problem with them either!

    But that’s lala land, Jews and MuzzieCabras are as they are, they won’t change, it’s their genetical program.
    And so they’re my enemy, I don’t ally with them!

    And the German John Doe’s of course don’t see through this, because the are dumbed down and Holocau$t batted down like the common Middle American.
    BUT the nationalist fraction is very aware of this Zionist game in the new “right wing” parties.
    That’s why PRO Zion aka NRW didn’t went over 5% at the last NRW election, i.e. didn’t enter the federal parliament of NRW.
    Because traditional nationalists are well aware of this Zionistic scheme and don’t vote for them.

    And I think, even if the German John Doe is not aware of that, he begins to ponder, when he sees Hebraic writings and more Israel flags on this party gatherings than German flags.
    I think that estranges him, even if he doesn’t know of the dark charade behind that.

  14. Carolyn on October 14th, 2010 4:59 pm

    I sent your post of “A German on October 13th, 2010 8:44 pm” to Guenter Deckert and asked him to comment. This is his reply:

    The German who wrote the comment below is quite well informed though I do not share his conclusions hundred per cent.

    It is indeed strange that all those movements, groups, parties that are better called “populist” movements are in favour of Israel . That may imply that they realize the “influence of the Jews” as more important than the impact of the Arabic & Islamic states.

    As to Germany the PRO party will not gain ground. It is more a local populist group (Köln) with some other strongholds in the Land (province of) Nordrhein-Westfalen.

    The “new” party of the former CDU “local counsellor of Berlin ”, supported by Wilders, will share the same sort as there are NO structures and well known supporters. What may and can work outside Germany – see the Vienna elections (FPÖ made 27 %) – will NOT work inside Germany. It takes more than dissatisfaction with the actual mainstream policies (or politics). – It is however possible that they may succeed in Berlin .

    There is also another prospect in Hamburg as the result of a voters´ vote against the new educational reform by the local government of CDU and the Greens.

    As to Wilders and others, it is right that they make pilgrimages to Israel … – There is an unrest in the BNP as well as in the FN as parts of those parties are NOW PRO Jewish / Israel .

    To finish, I want to tell you that Sarrazin´s book does not attack Jewish immigrants. He is in favour of them, stating that their IQ is much higher than even the one of the Germans.

    Beste Grüße

  15. A German on October 16th, 2010 11:22 pm

    Hitler explains his reasons for invading the Soviet Union

    “Stalin and the Bolshevism already raised his rifle to his shoulder to shoot! And I don’t let myself be shot, I pull the trigger!”

  16. Carolyn on October 17th, 2010 12:38 pm


    Thanks you for posting this stunning new video. This truth about Operation Barbarossa is coming more and more into the light. I’m pleased to say that Dr. Kriessmann and I have just submitted our translation and commentary on “Operation Barbarossa” from Hermann Giesler’s book “Ein Anderer Hitler” to The Barnes Review magazine. It’s almost entirely in Hitler’s own words, as recalled by Giesler in one-on-one conversations.

    [Our "Sea Lion" piece was moved up to November, so "Barbarossa" won't appear until the Jan. 2011 issue. Disappointing, but that's the publishing business.]

    I want to comment on one of the comments on the video. Someone named CrimeReport wrote:
    His (Hitler’s) anti-Polishness did him in. Poles are ethnic Indo Europeans and deserving of self preservation just like Romania and Finaland.
    Regardless, Hitler viewed Slavs and untermenchen. He should have viewed them as potential allies against bolshevism, and had he done so, he could have marched into Moscow and strung Stalin up on a yard post by the toes.

    The truth from me: This is an old saw that all anti-Germans and national chauvinists like to repeat, but with no real basis.
    Poles feel enmity toward Germans, not the other way around. Poles were persecuting ethnic Germans in the borderlands of the territory they were GIVEN by Versaille Dictate from 1919 onward. They lusted after a “greater Poland” that would swallow up not only German territories, but Ukrainian, Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Russian, etc. etc. Hitler sought good relations with Poland in a spirit of equality for years, but the Poles were always treacherous, and in the end sought war with Germany when they thought they could win with the backing of England and France.

    No Poles or Czechs joined the National Socialst movement under the Waffen SS … they always looked to Britain as their ally against Germany. They were never trustworthy and could not be turned into allies. That is a dream without foundation.

    Hitler did not see all Slavs as untermenchen … that’s like an uban legend. Propaganda. What he saw was: who had integrity, who had character, who had the courage to fight and also willingness to follow orders, who hated bolshevism. The idea that Poles were potential allies that were “thrown aside” and “not used” is just plain wrong. Whether they are “Aryan” or not makes no difference. The Russians are Slavic Aryans too, but they didn’t utilize the Poles until after the June 21st invasion. Then they threw their Polish prisoners out there to fight defensively.

    The Poles are a problem. They always have been. They also had the hightest Jewish population of any nation in the world up to that time.

  17. AJHenry on October 17th, 2010 3:23 pm

    Carolyn, great program and site. Many thanks! May I offer the moniker “Oily” to add to the current “Weasel.” Think they go together well.

  18. Carolyn on October 17th, 2010 6:12 pm

    Thanks AJHenry. Always good to hear from someone for the first time. Yes, oily and slippery. But he won’t get out of our grasp! :-))