Jamie Kelso, Oct. 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

For many years Instauration magazine ran a never-equalled column by a mysterious insider’s insider with the pen name of “Cholly Bilderberger”. In his May 1979 column he describes his first awareness of the “sickness” of the White upper class among which he grew up, in his family’s 5-story brownstone in Manhattan, with 70 to 80 family and servants living under one immensely rich roof. In this brilliant and far-seeing column he writes: “My own feeling is that in attacking the unassimilable minorities and ignoring the Majority weaknesses, one is treating the symptoms and not the disease. It is not minority strength but Majority weakness which has brought about collapse, and Majority weakness will not turn into Majority strength by dwelling on the minorities. That can only happen through an understanding and subsequent correction of Majority weakness.” A few paragraphs later he continues: “If it is not understood, the entire Majority-minority struggle…is incomprehensible, and all the sniping at unattractive minorities simply evasive babytalk.” You can read along with all of it at in the May, then June, then July and following columns. Jamie Kelso will have the July column online to join May and June (uploaded today) within an hour of the end of this live program.

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