Jamie Kelso, Oct. 6, 2010

October 6, 2010

Prominent patriot Sam Dickson is so modest that I only learned today October 6, 2010, in reading articles from the October 1978 Instauration magazine, that he had won a most impressive 70,000 votes, 12% of the total, in a run for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia in 1978 on an explicitly pro-White platform. And Wilmot Robertson comments in his Instauration magazine, that “in spite of of…almost insuperable handicaps Sam nevertheless managed to make a sizable dent in the political consciousness of white Georgian voters.’ That was 32 years ago. Those white Georgians that Mr. Dickson was reaching 32 years ago are, most of them, still being reached by both Sam Dickson…and reality, both of which grow ever sharper.

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