The Heretics’ Hour: Günter Deckert from Germany

October 4, 2010

Günter Deckert in 2010, signing his book

Günter Deckert in 2010, signing his book

Günter Deckert gives Carolyn his views on current issues. Topics include:

  • Revisionists still going to jail – the latest, Gerd Honsik in Austria;
  • A closer look at alien immigration problems in Germany;
  • Shultze-Rhonhof’s book Der Krieg, der viele Väter hatte (“The War Which Had Many Fathers”);
  • German Supreme Court upholds right to publish a Politically Incorrect book;
  • End of WWI reparations payments comes as a surprise to most;
  • U.S. deliberately infected Guatemalan mental patients with syphilis to test penicillin, from 1946-48.

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7 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Günter Deckert from Germany”

  1. A German on October 6th, 2010 7:49 pm

    Nice to hear of Kamerad Deckert again!
    Always refreshing.

    I like his saying about false Germanhood.

    I always say:
    “A parrot who meows is not yet a cat
    and a cat, born in a doghouse, is not yet a dog!”
    When anybody tells me this rubbish about “Turks being Germans” or Negros being “Afro-Germans”

    It’s interesting, the same problem of identity was in the 1930s with the Jews being “German”.
    There’s an old NS march with the line:
    “German not only by the tongue, but by the blood!”
    It’s part of the background music of Triumph of the Will.

    All Kamerad Deckert said was very acurate.

    And I’m really curious for friday, because then we’ve a big football match against Turkey in Berlin!
    and the media already reported, that it will be a guest match FOR US!
    Can you believe that? IN OUR OWN CAPITAL!

    And it’s also funny how the media is again publishing thousands of articles of “German-Turkish friendship” before the match.
    In my opinion, they only do that because they fear violent outbreaks. Everytime a “friendship” is so exaggerated it is in reality a deep rooted enmity.

    It’s also not an official friendship-match, this match is part of the qualification for the European football championship.

    What Kamerad Deckert said about Sarrazin, I want to play devil’s advocate.
    No doubt Sarrazin’s, as all managers’ and CEO’s, pension is much too high, but he did accept the 1000 Euro increase and left, because he didn’t violate the contract.
    If he would have been fired, he would have nullified that in front of the court and “our” president Turk-Wulff
    would have to leave office.

    So in respect to the office of the bundespresident, not Turk-Wulff as a person, he gave up and took the 1000 Euro more, so as he would have fullfilled his contract to 2014.
    He didn’t violate the contract.

    And Kamerad Deckert is right, Sarrazin is judeophile, but his special immigration is at least a progress, better as nothing, what we’ve now.

    Dr. Udo Ulfkotte recently published his new book, in which he only used givernment sources and proved that of Germany’s 1.7 TRILLION Euro debt ONE TRILLION was caused by immigrants!
    Especially Turks and Arabs.
    He proves that according to the sources that these Muzzies, took ONE TRILLION more OUT of the German social security systems than they payed INTO it.
    And especially under these Muzzies, most of them unemployed, the myth is vivid “WE reconstructed Germany” LOL

    Kamerad Deckert is also right when he says, that in the moment in every small town, 40,000 inhabitants or lesser, mosques are built.
    Deckert also is totally right about the mental illness of the Germans to support this because of “good will”, especially by the institutional churches who dream of ecumenism.
    That’s what caused so many Brits to leave the Anglican church, which is now totally deserted because of it’s extreme islamophilia.

    For the WW1 reperations and the end now.
    I also was very surprised that we still pay for that.
    I can remember NS propaganda placards of the 1920s in a book, where the reperations were criticised: “Until 1987 you have to work like a slave German! And pay the reperations.”

    I guess the end of payment was shifted from 1987 to 2010 because of WW2 and the reunification.
    Hitler stopped the payments in 1933.

    But isn’t it crazy that they let pay a nation for 70 years? 3 generations.
    I wonder how much and until when we’ve to pay for WW2 then?
    Simply crazy. And that after we were dustified and lost 1/3 of our country.

    A last thing on WW1.
    What Deckert forgot, yes the backstabbing “revolution” was done by reds, but many of them were Jews, especially their leaders.
    And finally a Jew, Mathias Erzberger, signed the surrender and shame treaty of Versailles.
    And then the Jews began to increase their government positions twentyfold between 1919-1933!

    For an American to understand how the sudden surrender in WW1 felt for a German soldier:
    It’s like Americans at the Bulge in 1944 and suddenly the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Morgenthau signs the Allied surrender and all the G.I.s have to leave Europe and the US has to pay TRILLIONS of reperations.
    Or the US Marines reach Faludja in Iraq, close to Bagdad, in 2005 and suddenly Wolfowitz signs the surrender, Americans have to leave the whole Near East and pay TRILLIONS of reperations to Saddam Hussein.

    That was how it felt for a German soldier who risked his life 4 years in the trenches and still occupied Belgium, northeast France and whole Eastern Europe and has defeated Russia.

  2. A German on October 8th, 2010 11:51 am

    I’m totally astonished, the mainstream medai is reporting that Germany still has no peace treaty!!!!
    I knew that, but it’s strange that this reaches finally the mainstream.

    –>Google News–>Ria Novosti

  3. A German on October 8th, 2010 5:08 pm

    Right now our big football match against the Turks ended!
    Our German team was constantly booed!
    In the OWN capital football stadium!!!
    Our Berlin Olympic stadium, in which Hitler opened the Olympic Games of 1936!

    45,000 Turks!

    Can you imagine that?

    The German Football Association was so desperate that they gave cardboards to the small German ranks in the stadium and let them form a big mosaic picture: “HOME MATCH”!

    They constantly booed our players, the vibe was as they would have played in Istanbul.

    Then the 1-0 for Germany happened.

    The Turks began to ignite fireworks in the ranks.
    Acting like animals, as usual.

    Then the 2-0 for Germany happened.

    The Turks stopped finally to boo and left the stadium like they left the battlefield in front of Vienna in 1529&1683.

    And then the 3-0 for Germany happened!!!


    The German fans chanted: “YOU CAN DRIVE HOME!!!”
    And certainly meant not only the Turks who recently came from Turkey.

    One German fan showed an ironic banner:

    I’m curious what will happen in this night.
    The media is constantly imploring “peace” and “friendship”.

    Also the conqueror Erdogan was in the stadium.
    Next week he’s on propaganda tour in Germany again.

  4. Carolyn on October 8th, 2010 9:02 pm

    German —— what spirit you have! I love it. Someone had already informed me about the German win against the Turks, but you describe it deliciously. Like the reference to 1529&1683&2010. You’re like a history book and news magazine rolled into one. Your knowledge is astounding. I like the way you say, “Can you imagine that?” Every German speaker I ask to read your comments says you are totally accurate. We are fortunate to have you instructing us and sharing your perspective here.

    As to the (non) peace treaty — thanks for the link to the article in English. I’m going to speak about this Monday night. How accurate would you say this Russian’s analysis is?

  5. Carolyn on October 8th, 2010 9:58 pm

    @A German:

    I’d like your thoughts on this excerpt from a long comment from another forum — it relates to the book Mein Kampf, but I’m interested in the writer’s belief that only a tiny minority of Jews were responsible for all the trouble in Germany – while the majority were just super-duper Germans. I’m not sure what he’s referring to in the last paragraph. Thanks.

    Mein Kampf is also a forecaster of Hitler’s and Germany’s great tragedy. In this book Hitler clearly blamed all the Jews of Germany and Europe for the sins of a very tiny minority of Jews . This was a tragic error. To start off with, there only were 600, 000 Jews in all of Germany at that time, less that 1% of the total population. what’s more, a list of the Jews who controlled Germany, who had destroyed it at Versailles, who had fooled the USA to come into WW1 against Germany, and who had, incidentally, created the US Federal Reserve that has destroying the USA since 1913… Paul Warburg, Rothschild, ,..), who owned the German banks which had “stabbed Germany in the back” in1918 and had caused the collapse of Germany in that war, and who were communists trying to take over the world as they had Russia in 1917, were a very tiny percent of this tiny number of Jews in Germany. The vast majority of German Jews had been very loyal to Germany for hundreds of years. According to Marks Riggs’s at least 100, 000 German Jews, full blooded Jews, ½ and ¼ Jews , many of them of high rank in the German services, fought for Germany in WW2 as they had in WW1 and in the Franco-Prussian War. Despite their fear and loathing of Hitler whom they hoped would not last, their loyalty to Germany gave them no choice but to defend their country.

    Note that even today, despite all that has happened to the Jews of Europe, the Zionists recently had to force Germany to make laws to force the Russian Jews to emigrate to Palestine rather than Germany.

  6. A German on October 8th, 2010 11:47 pm

    Dear Carolyn
    I think the writer of this excerpt is wrong. I don’t see a bad intention, just naivity.
    “Seeing always the good in humans”

    Yes the Jews were only 600,000=1%, but as in America (3%) they controlled everything!
    Media, government, theatre, newspapers, cinema, literature, finance industry.
    Between 1919 and 1933 the Jews increased their government positions twentyfold. Also in the German universities.
    Like it is now in the States, 250,000 important media positions, 225,000 occupied by Jews. The American universities and text book industry totally controlled by Jews.

    Dr. Joseph Goebbels did not say for nothing in one of his famous speeches: “Now we have again a GERMAN art, a GERMAN literature, a GERMAN cinema, a GERMAN education!”

    Yes of course not all Jews were Warburgs and Rothschilds, but even the small ones were ugly to the Germans as soon as they got money and by that power.

    I can tell you something from my private family history.
    I talked very much to my grandparents, because I was interested in that time. And they never, NEVER, told me a good story about a Jew, a so-called “small” Jew, they all were mean.
    The cattle Jew who tried to cheat the people on the market, the bank Jew who took away the German’s homes, merciless.
    The moneylender Jew, who wheedled his debters too pay back lended money later, in the depression era, so the money got more value again.
    In my city almost all stores and shops were owned by JEWS!
    “Krämer” in German = hucksters

    And you know how these people are, even the gentile ones, they like to outsmart people.
    I’ve read, that in Germany there were only a hand full of German owned banks and hundreds of Jewish owned prvate banks!
    And everyone knows, bankers are parasites, like lawyers, another prefered Jewish occupation.

    And so I came to the result, that this was the real reason for anti-semitism among the population of Germany AND Europe!
    Dishonest, cheating Jews in thousands of cities and villages which were in daily contact with the Germans.

    That’s the same way now an anti-Turkism developed, because common Germans have daily contact to Turks who behave like scum.

    An aversion is always caused by bad experiences and not by “stereo-types” and “reasonless hate” as Jews and leftists say.
    Anit-semitism is like energy, it doesn’t come from the void.

    Why doesn’t the world then hate Eskomos? Or the 15 million Dutchmen?

    Of course there were some assimilated Jews who fought for the Kaiser, but as Hitler mentions in Mein Kampf, most of them “fought” in the Reichswehr’s offices.
    That’s why Hitler wrote: “Some of those must be put under gas”
    But he didn’t mean: gas 6 million Jews, as Jews and leftists are using this quote falsely today.
    He meant the Jewish draft dodgers in the Reichswehr offices, who sat in front of the oven, during German soldiers in the cold wet trenches were attacked with gas GRENADES, like Hitler himself.

    One example, there is the famous Jew Victor Klemperer, who always bragged about fighting at the Western front, later he was a professor of literature.
    During 1933-1945 he survived IN Germany, nobody gassed him or harmed him. And what did he do in this time?
    He had nothing other to do than to smear and defame the Germans and Germany in his famous diary series.
    He even took apart our whole language for “naziesque” German words. (Perhaps a topic for our linguist Dr. Sunic)

    And also for the red rebels, in 1919 and later, it wasn’t always the big Lenin or Trotsky. Every small red group, regardless how small they were, always a JEW was the leader of the gang.
    The “small” Jew.

    So, you see, it doesn’t matter how strong a Jew may be assimilated, at the end he does only what is good for the tribe and smears the host country.

    And so it’s today. Of course not all 15 million Jews are like the big criminals like Netanjahu, Sharon, Bernanke, Wolfowitz…
    But at the end they do only what’s right for the tribe and support the system, the Jewish organisations, the Jewish dominance.
    Perhaps not directly, but in any case indirectly.

    Ask yourself, does anyone become an “anti-semite” because Marx is a Jew or because a Jewish commissar is rubbing his gun directly on his nose, kills his whole family, or the “small” moneylender Jew who ruined a whole family?
    Aversion is always created by direct contact and bad experiences.

    That’s why nobody hates Eskimos and no German hated Turks until 1965 and the following decades, especially the last one.
    And that’s why more and more Americans hate Chupacabras and can’t even stand to hear a word of Mayan/Aztec Spanish anymore.

  7. A German on October 9th, 2010 12:39 am

    Carolyn, for the Ria Novosti article.
    I think it’s fair and correct.

    Of course a slight occidentphobia is in it, but not in the slightest way comparable to RT or JohnUK.

    It’s quite fair.

    I know, because of this missing peace treaty some people even think the Reich is still in legal power.
    There’s an obscure splinter group who call themselves the “Reich’s government” and give out Reich’s passports and desclared a Reich’s chancelor.

    But no-one takes them serious. Even if they’re legally right.
    It’s more a hoax and money scheme.

    But what you should also know, which wasn’t mentioned in the article, the USSR then even wanted to give us East Prussia back.
    And another thing, Gorbatchev is loved and adored in Germany but hated in Russia.
    All Russians I spoke to and even Russo-Germans hate Gorbatchev.
    They see him as a traitor and destroyer of their “glorious” Soviet Empire.
    Even those who aren’t Communistic knuckleheads.

    And for the 60,000 American G.I.s who still occupy Germany, Formenko is also right.
    I too want them out! Not because I hate Americans, but I consider it as an occupation and disqualification of our “souvereignity”.
    Formenko thinks Britain and France wanted them to stay to keep Germany under control.

    I think it’s because of the Jews, who fear a German rebirth.
    And if that happens, they immediately will order these G.I.s to crush it. Like they send the US out to die for IsraHell and fight their proxy wars.

    Still 60,000!
    Our own ground forces are 100,000 and get constantly reduced.
    In Korea, where really a war could break out, there are only 27,000 G.I.s

    In Afghanistan the US only has 35,000 troops! In a war!!!
    In Iraq the US has 150,000 troops.

    Just imagine what the 60,000 troops in Germany costs the US and German tax payer!

    I’ve read that the British had still 5,000 troops in western Germany, but now they will finally totally draw them back to Britian, because of the Afghanistan engagement and the costs.
    They plan to put !POLISH! NATO troops into the emptied west German barracks!!!

    That would be a total affront to the German people!
    Not those who robbed us 1/3 of our country!!!
    And that would prove that we’re indeed still occupied.

    Back to the article:
    Russia will always have an eye on Germany and try to gain influence, that’s just natural.
    Already Lenin said: “Who owns Germany, owns Europe!”

    My grandma liked to say: “Who owns Berlin, owns the world, that’s why they devided it into 4 occupation zones!”

    Zhe vorld ;-)