Jamie Kelso, Sep. 28, 2010

September 28, 2010

The September 28, 2010 Jamie Kelso show wends its way into a reading of Arthur Kemp’s blog. Arthur Kemp is one of the great minds of pro-Majority tactics of survival in European lands. The term Majority, signifying us as White folks, was popularized by another of our great minds, Wilmot Robertson (pseudonym) in his Instauration magazine, the February 1978 issue of which includes the start of an article by a good friend of Arthur Kemp, Anthony Jacob, here (p 7 of the Feb. 1978 issue).

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One Response to “Jamie Kelso, Sep. 28, 2010”

  1. A German on October 2nd, 2010 2:27 am

    Oh my god what a show!
    Hey! Can I also get a show where I speak to myself and tell myself what I’m reading in the moment on the web and then claim that the show is informative?

    And then the laudition of Arthur Kemp.
    As good as his theoretical racial writings may be, but the guy is a wishy-washy nationalist!

    As one life long BNP member said to Kemp after one of his gazillions of lectures:
    “This is only talk! Meanwhile the Muzzies are around us, conquering us and become more and more!”

    Kemp’s response:
    “Sir, do you vote?”
    Critic: “Yes! My whole life I voted the BNP!”
    “We only can change something if we gain political power through votes”
    “For this rubbish it’s much too late! We have to act!”

    The old man who criticised Kemp may not be as “highly educated” as Kemp, but he had COMMON SENSE!
    And said the right thing.
    But Kemp could only react in his lame attitude, as always.

    Immitating liberal intellectuals, just on the right side, like Kemp does, changes nothing!

    And then our “highly dedicated” host of this broadcast, who prefers to manage other things during his own radio show!!!!, then states that Kemp is right in criticising the AWB!

    What a boulder dash!
    In South Africa 60,000 Whites got killed, 90,000 white women raped! The AWB should be much more aggressive!!
    They ought bomb SAF every day, like the IRA did.

    Here Kemp talks total rubbish.

    The AWB was already much to calm.
    What should they do? Waiting for 1% increase in votes, like the Kemp BNP? Idiocy.
    The AWB and the Afrikaners experience physical destruction in SAF, every damn day!

    And then our “highly dedicated” host, who’s managing his website and book orderings during his own radio show, is speaking of a great success of the BNP!

    Hello McFly? Somebody at home?
    The BNP’s only success were the 2 MEP seats, the general election in Britain was a total disaster!
    And now the party is falling apart!

    In Liverpool the party is in a big crisis.
    The local BNP collected 1.9 million Pounds, of which they only used 500,000 Pounds, but now they’re 600,000 Pounds in debt, so there are 2 million Pounds missing!
    Local BNP members are accusing the 2 BNP heads of embezzlement for their retirement seats!
    And now the critics in the party are excluded from all BNP gatherings, doesn’t matter if they were life long members.

    I wished the situation of the BNP would be better, but that is the reality! Everything else is eyewash.
    Also the the BNP under Kemp and Darby is on the brink of Zionism, like the Lega Nord in Italy or Geert Wilder’s Party Of the “Freedom”.

    If the A3P wants to go this way. Nice prospects.
    And then this rubbish of “don’t be too radical”,
    typical old men thinking and talking,
    We’ve no time for that anymore!

    Dude, in 20 years we lose the majority in all our countries!
    The time for wishy-washy talk is over.

    I knew I would get upset about the lameness of this show, but I said to myself: c’mon give him a chance again.
    Again the auto-talk with the affirmation of wishy-washy polticians like Kemp.

    This was really the last trial.