The Heretics’ Hour: Revisionism News

September 27, 2010

The October 2010 cover of Zuerst!

Carolyn Yeager discusses:

  • SPLC “HateWatch” discovers Carolyn’s book;
  • History for the masses: Marvel Comics WWII heroes;
  • David Irving jumps into hot water again;
  • Questions and answers on the Sept. 1, 1939 bombing of Wieluń, Poland;
  • Contents of the August Zuerst!, new right-wing German newsmagazine;
  • Letter from a listener.

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5 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Revisionism News”

  1. Akira on September 28th, 2010 5:39 am


    In Marvel-Color!

    An important aspect of this story is that the comic was created in 1973, when “holocaust” was still generally understood as a disaster, and many people knew that it meant, literally, “a burnt offering”, which would certainly be more appropriate to describe what happened at Dresden, Nagasaki, and so on, than to use to describe what happened at, say, Dachau.

    Jews and Shabbos Goyim of course used “The Holocaust” in 1973 — and earlier — but it didn’t start to become used in the Jew-Stream Media and schools as an exclusive Jew-term until 1977.

    I think that in that year a concerted and centrally-coordinated effort was made to create “THE HOLOCAUST” monolith that is now used to smash our faces in day after day after day after day.

    I remember hearing a speech by Michael A. Hoffman outlining the process, with the dates of certain movies, TV shows, articles and so on, all in 1977, indicating that it was indeed a planned psychological assault — a seemingly widely successful effort to control our discourse, perspectives, language and parameters of debate and so on.

    Perhaps Mr Hoffman wrote about this process somewhere.

    Anyway, the fact that the comic is from 1973 explains why even Jews like Gil Kane (b. Latvia 1926) could draw the cover, and the Jewish letterer Shmuel Rosen could write the text, and editor-in-chief Stan Lee could declare it all kosher to let the writer refer to Dresden as “A Holocaust”. Such a thing would be virtually impossible today. Today, someone wold say, “re-write this!” And if published, some one or some group like the ADL would accuse them of “minimizing the horror of the Jewish Holocaust” and so on. The endless Jew-whinge.

    Another factor: in 1969, Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five was released, and many writers and commentators were starting to talk about the until-then ignored suffering of Germans during and after the war.

    I’m sure that that development started to send ADL-types apoplectic “Oy! Some Goyim are pushing in on our misery-racket!”

    + + +

    I find the Jew colonization of culture especially interesting and of concern. When I pointed out to some people that virtually all US comics are Jew-products (DC, Marvel, Will Eisner, Ditko, Kirby & Lee, Superman, Batman, Shazzam, MAD Magazine, Archie comics, etc — and now Disney too) they react: “so what?”

    The fact is that this is the childhood culture of most Americans, and many others worldwide. And the Jews’ culture is based on vengeance, kabbalism (witchcraft), fantasy completely detached from reality and morality, and so on. The wost thing of all is the constant obsession with vengeance (“Oy Vey! May your name be blotted out of the book of life!”), and the absence of such virtues as forgiveness and reconciliation.

    + + +

    I know it can be serious tedious to read, “The Jew X … the Jew Y … the Jew Z” and so on, but I think it’s important to get through to casual readers how pervasive the Jew presence is in our culture and society.

    For example, a few years ago, the CNN prime-time lineup was Campbell Brown, Wolf Blitzer, Larry King and some other Jew whose name escapes me right now. Altogether that’s something like 2+2+3+2 hours: 9 — the entire prime-time, and 1/3 of their schedule. And of course, many of the other hosts and guests and “pundits” and the channel owners and the show writers and producers — also Jews!

    And some people say, “so what?” But you know, I’m sure, that it’s the Jew filter: Even IF every host and staff member was honest and fair-minded (which is of course not the case), it would still be an entirely Jew-perspective.

    So if you say, “the Jew Brown, then the Jew Blitzer … interviewed the Jew Liebermann … discussing the Jew Emanuel … produced by the Jew X” etc, the brutality of the repetition might just shock some people out of their complacency.

    + + +

    Masonic ADL Outlines the Jews’ Hoaxico$t Strategy

    I cataloged, here, how the Jews at the ADL even boast about how they engineered the “Holocaust” narrative, on the lines established by the Jew witch doctor Bernays:


  2. Regin-Verlag on September 29th, 2010 6:26 am

    Wieluń is not, as Carolyn supposes, a German but a Polish name. (In German you can’t have an accent above the letter ‘n’.) The German name of the city in question was Welun or Welungen. It once belonged to the kingdom of Prussia.

  3. Carolyn on September 29th, 2010 11:20 am

    Thanks, Regin-Verlag. Of course I know German doesn’t have an accent above “n”, but I thought it perhaps had been polonized. I said I thought it seemed like a German name, but then said I could be wrong. You tell us it was indeed at one time called by it’s German name — Welun — and that’s the way I pronounced it as it turns out, being as my Polish pronounciation is even worse than my German. lol

    Can you tell us if it was originally Welun or Wielun’ , with the accent above the ‘n’? That’s what I would like to know – who built the city? I appreciate the helpful information. Do you have any views on the Wielun’ bombing?

  4. A German on September 30th, 2010 9:24 pm

    Dear Carolyn,
    you’re totally right about Potok.
    I always expect to see a splitted tongue streak between his teeth in his ugly crimped face.

    And what he says is ridiculous. He lies without remorse.
    The crazy Jim Giles once had him on for an interview.
    It was ridicoulous what the Podork told the people.

    What’s also funny, my beloved NeoSoviet propaganda channel RT ;-) recently had a piece on, about the extreme right.
    And Besides Podork all the “experts” about white supremacism were in fact JEWS! ADL, SPLC and so on.

    It’s really ridiculous how blatant they lie in a non neutral postion and nobody says anything!
    There was not ONE non-Jewish “expert”.
    Does anyone really expect, one of these “experts” would say something positive?

    For the Marvel Comics:
    I have to confess, as a kid I was a big fan of these comics because of the Amazing Spider-Man and even more because of the Incredible Hulk.
    I also liked Superman and Batman.
    But some day I discovered that all the comic inventors had alias names.
    I wondered why? I also wondered why sometimes there were flashback stories which played during WW2 and why Germans were depicted so ridiculous evil.
    That’s why I never bought or read Captain America comic books.
    They were even more ridiculous with his nemesis Red Skull, a Nazi skeleton.
    I really was alienated by that.

    And then after a bit of research I discovered that these inventors had one in common, they all were Jews!
    Superman – Schuster & Siegel
    Batman – Bob Kane = Robert Kahn
    Stan Lee, who has the status of a god in the comic scene, despite the fact that he’s retired long ago = Martin Lieber
    Jack Kirby, who drew all Marvel series at the start = Jacob Kurtzberg

    Then I began to understand why all heroes had dark hair, and Germans were depicted so badly in flashback stories.
    In Germany we even didn’t get the worst propaganda comics like Sgt. Fury, that I discovered later in the original US issue.

    You also have to notice: in German translated issues all swastikas are deleted from the comic pages!
    So nobody could say they would glorify Nazism, even if the Nazis always were depicted as evil monsters.

    We had one case, were the publisher forgot to delete one 1/4 inch big swastika on one page and a leftist comics hating hyaena reported that to the police!
    And so 200,000 issues had to be pulped.

    When I later saw the Sgt. Fury comics I couldn’t believe that American kids have read that for decades.
    The stories and all diologues were totally ridiculous:
    German soldiers are always depicted as sadists with hate filled faces and speaking a weird wrong German.
    Just to use the buzz words an American kid knows, like:
    “Blitzkrieg” “Mein Herr” “Amerikaners” (corectly: Amerikaner)

    And I fear that really many Americans got their “knowledge” about WW2 from such nonsense.
    That’s why many, until today, say Nazi, instead of German, I presume.
    Same in Britain.
    For example: the paperclip scientists weren’t Germans, but “Nazi” scientists.

    What I also discovered, in these propaganda comics: all white was deleted. The swastika is always on a red ground and not on the white disc, so it appears

    smeary and more evil.
    Same with the rank signs on the collar patches, they’re always red and not silver or golden like it was in reality.

    Ernst Zündel also once made a very good SAMISDAT broadcast about these ridicoulous propganda comics and their weird dialogues:

    This was the propaganda style of Marvel and DC in the 1930s to 1980s.
    Meanwhile the independant comic publishers, like Dynamite Comics, have revived the WW2 topic in comics.
    For example in their ongoing series: Battlefields

    But in a totally different way, here Germans are depicted as normal humans, they differ between non-ideological Wehrmacht soldiers and SS, they show Germans

    sometimes in a chivalrous way (comic about the Africa campaign) and even as innocent victims of war (battle of the Bulge).
    Of course at the end the moralic right person is always the Allied or Soviet soldier, but the topic has drastically changed in comics.

    The dumb propaganda comics can’t be sold anymore I think.
    So much so, that even the newest Sgt. Fury comics are much more realistic and de-propagandized.

    For Wielun:
    It is the Polish name. The German name was Welun and later Welungen, that is so so because the Nationalsocialist
    Germanized some city names even more after 1939.
    So German people called it Welun. But in 1939 it was renamed Welungen.
    Welun seems to be exactly at the settlement border, not the Silesian or German border, but the inofficial border inside the 1919 Poland up to
    which Germans settled.
    Same like with the city of Thorn, Polish Torun, after 1919 it was inside Poland, but a German city at the Southern end of the West Prussian settlement
    area of German people.
    And what shall I say to this issue?
    Poles as usual, others commited war crimes the own crimes are forgotton, like the bloody sunday of Bromberg.
    Poles will never change, arrogant, chauvinistic and self-centered pricks.
    As far as I am concerned, GIVE THEM THE DAMN PEACE PRIZE!
    Obama had it, Kissinger had it, it’s worthless anyway, I don’t bother.

    RT BREAK: “Zhe Yooro vill crush and zhe Deutsch Mark vill return!” LOL
    I love Prof. Wilhelm Hankel’s economic wisdom, but his pronounciation of English is just stereo-typic. LOL
    Fits good to the propaganda comics. LOL But on RT that’s not too tragic, the hosts themselves have a weird accent. LOL

    For the ZUERST magazine:
    It’s a so to speak moderate right-wing poltical weekly magazine.
    But even this moderate-ness made the left hyaenas scream up.
    They immediately called all big print selling retailors not to offer this magazine.
    So you can only buy it, if you go to your local retailer and demand that he is ordering it.
    Some even would deny that for PC reasons, depends.

    For the topics:
    “Bunte” means not coloured in a racial sense.
    Bunt is the buzz word of the left hyaenas, like your “diversity”.
    So the lefties write: “Bunt statt braun”= “coloured instead of brown”, but mean:
    “diveristy is strength”
    And our new president, Turk-Wullf, always says he wants a “Bunte Republik”=”diverse republic”=non-white republic.
    He also says “nice” things like: “unser Land muss bunter werden!”=”Our country HAS to become even more diverse!”
    The racial “coloured” is in German “farbig/Farbiger”
    What’s also hilarious, because it excludes white as a skin colour.

    In the moment Afro-Deutscher and Farbiger is allowed to say.
    Schwarzer=black is almost forbidden.
    And Neger, which we always used until 1990 or so is now totally forbidden.
    It’s not as strong as “Nigger”, but Neger already lets the new speak hyaenas shriek.
    For example, every child in Germany knows “Negerküsse”=literal Negro-kisses.
    These are waffles with white sweet foam and a chocolate skin.
    We called these things for decades like that.
    Now under New Speak it was renamed to Schokoküsse=choco-kisses.
    And only mistakenly to say Negerkuss now, is like Eva Herman saying Autobahn.

    Here’s a picture of Turk woman, Turk-Wulff made minister in Lower Saxony:

    “To look to the people’s mouth” is a quote of Martin Luther who said that one has always to look what the common people think!
    “Dem Volke aufs Maul schauen!”
    Vox populi

    NRW is an abbrevation for the federal state of North Rhine Westfalia!
    Like your WA for Washington state.
    And this group you saw, only acts regionally not nationwide, firstly only in Cologne, that’s why they called themselves
    PRO Köln. Then in the whole federal state of NRW –> PRO NRW.
    But we only call them PRO Zion.
    Because they’re no genuine right-wingers.
    They only protest against the minaretts, the islamic victory towers next to a mosque, and against mosques and islam.
    But if a Turk converts to Christianity they have no problem with him.
    Also negroes, they always have a token negro at their demonstrations.
    And they looooooooooove JEWS. Oh lawdy!
    So they totally blank out the racial question.

    Always quoting Jews on demonstrations, bearing IsraHell flags and comparing islam with nazism.
    Or the left Antifa thugs with the SA, the stormtroopers.
    These Zionists are totally not on our side.
    They’re these new Geert Wilders types, anti-islamic and zionistic.
    It’s almost so, that if they dare to be right-wing, they have to love Jews to legitimate it.
    This whole “burgois movement” is a joke. Filled mostly with old people.
    But they seem to have tons of money. In the last NRW election they plastered whole NRW with their placards, always have nice equipment for their

    demonstrations, but always just a few old people around them.
    I suspect they get money from the Mossad or another Jewish organisation.
    Otherwise I can’t explain why they have so much campaign money with so less people.
    And despite all this effort, they just got 3% at the last NRW elction.
    You only enter German parliaments with 5%, that was established in 1948 because of Weimar, where too many splinter parties were in the parliament and caused

    the parliamentary turbolences of the 1920s.

    That makes me wonder why the wicket witch of the west, Hillary “we’re on IsraHell’s side – NOW AND FOREVER” Clinton, criticises these Zionists.

    Yes, many conservatives respect Helmut Schmidt. Always say: ” A good man, but in the wrong party”
    And Schmidt lately is very critic about the multi cult.
    “We should have send them home in the 1970s”
    He only states this NOW, since he’s retired. As chancelor he never said that, because then he would have been impeached.
    He’s our only “elder statesman” but he also is in a very secure position now to criticise things.
    In active times he never did that.

    The German settlement in the east, “Ostsiedlung”, began already in 911 A.D. when the first German kingdom, the 1st Reich, was founded after the Frankish

    empire collapsed.
    The Poles are always argueing that all the country was Polish until 900 A.D. up to the river Elbe.
    But they always forget certain things:
    1. Slavic is not equal to Polish! Until today Kashubes near Danzig and Masurians in south East Prussia deny to be Polish! That’s why they voted for Germany

    in 1919. And the 30,000 Sorbes in today East Germany also deny it. And Chechs and Slovaks also!
    2. Most of the territory the German peasants settled on were empty space with big forests.
    In fact they were the medieval people who hacked down all the primeval forests and gave these regions their design, how they look today.
    3. Many of the so-called Slavic tribes, were in my opinion left-over-East Germanics. For example we had a Germanic tribe before 500 A.D. (Slavs began to

    spread to the west from 500 to 900 A.D.) in Mecklenburg, called Warnen!
    Later maps show them suddenly as “Slavic” tribe Warnabi, at the same spot. So I think many of the East Germanic tribes didn’t really leave the whole space

    between river Elbe and river Weichsel (Wisla) in 400-500 A.D. when the people’s migration began, but in fact remained and then were mistaken as Slavic tribes

    in later times.
    Another example are the Pommeranians. Poles always argue that they were a Slavic/Polish tribe, but in fact the name derives from Po-mer-anians= the people

    who live at the (Baltic) sea, with no slavic root in the name. So they were Germanics all times.

    The Lega Nord, the Padania movement, is also very zionistic!
    Geert Wilders types like PRO Zion.
    Lega Nord stated: “IsraHell is our ally!”
    Il Duce would condemn them.

    The reader who send you the letter is totally right!
    I absolutely subscribe to what he stated.
    You Carolyn, are the crown jewel of VOR.
    And I am so happy that you’re on there.
    I love Mishko and Dr. Sunic, but you’re really special!

  5. Carolyn on October 1st, 2010 1:51 pm

    @To Akira and A German:

    Thank you both for your elaboration on the Marvel Comic book (Sgt. Fury and the Dresden Holocaust) , and the comics in general. There is indeed so much more that could, and needed to be said about them than I did, so I’m very glad you so ably filled in the gap.

    I agree as to the strong influence comic books have, and now “cartoons” on television. I don’t see them anymore, but I grew up with them too and, of course, we loved them; couldn’t get enough of them. I didn’t usually see the “hero” type comics, but when I did I was fascintated and they impressed me deeply, I think now. I remember something called Rubber Man, but I don’t know if that is the right name. This goes way back. He had an elastic ability and could stretch his arms and legs to extremes, thus able to climb tall buildings, lol.. Very memorable!

    In the end, comics are just another information channel taken over by the Jews right from the beginning. Little did I know, nor would it have even seemed wrong at the time. We are all existing in a constant sea of Lies … yet somehow we can gain a distance from it and see it for what it is. That’s hopeful.

    German, all of your commentary on my topics is excellent and adds greatly to our understanding. I read it religiously. Thank you for it and for being a listener.