The Heretics’ Hour: Interview with Dr. Rudolf Pueschel

September 20, 2010

Rudolf Pueschel

Dr. Pueschel is a writer, translator and publisher of books and papers on contemporary history and human rights, in particular Czech-German relations and the expulsion of ethnic Germans following WWII. Topics include:

  • Benes Decrees legalized violent expulsion of Sudeten Germans from Bohemia and Moravia before Yalta;
  • Recently released video from May 1945 shows roundup and murder of Germans in Prague;
  • Pueschel’s translation of Sidonia Dedina’s book Edvard Benes – The Liquidator;
  • Federation of Expellees led by Erika Steinbach is in conflict with Expeller Nations that seek to control the information;
  • More on Sarrazen book; German govt. repression of political right; German people will awaken.

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7 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Interview with Dr. Rudolf Pueschel”

  1. A German on September 21st, 2010 11:45 am

    This, my dear Carolyn, was again another Jewel in your crown of very good interviews!
    Very good.

    Now I come to a general critique for VOR:
    All your entrance music, Carolyn, Mishko, Stark, Dr. Sunic is much too loud compared to the interview audio!
    You should level that down and equalize it to the speech audio.
    2ndly, why has there to be constantly breaks filled with RT in the podcasts? I understand that you have breaks in the streaming but why in the podcasts?
    And then RT!
    I understand some of you like RT because they let disssidents come on, but at the end this network is a blatant anti-American Neo-Soviet propaganda channel!
    Just look at their schedule:
    They named themselves RUSSIA today and all they broadcast is negative things about the US, US troops and the West and almost nothing about Russia. Only a few military propaganda peices about new Russian weapon systems!
    Everyone with a birdbrain can discover their blatant propaganda.
    So much for the grandpa Simpson rant. ;-)

    Now to the very good interview with Dr. Pueschel.
    First of all: Greetings Dr. Pueschel!

    Yes, he’s totally right, the issue of expulsion of Germans is such a NoGo in the recent German public. Even just to mention it makes you suspicious to be a “bad Nazi”.
    And so more and more of this tragic history gets forgotten.
    Even I, as an interested person, know too little about this sufferage and fate of the displaced Germans.

    In the media these people are shown mostly on their big annual gatherings, “Landsmannschaften” as Dr. Pueschel said, and they get displayed quite negative, as persons who live in the past, wearing outdated costumes, revanchistic, old and politician bashing, because every year a fat cat poltician comes to the meetings, the German minister for interior or the Bavarian minister president.
    And because they’re leftists or traitor-conservatives they oftenly speak pro-polish, pro-czech, and then get booed of course.
    But the media spins it as blatant revanchism, every year!

    What the left media also does with delight, stating that this (true) East Germans all were squire and moan on a high level because they lost their manors. And so the create a certain image of revanchistic aristocrats.
    Totally ignoring that most of the 15 million were just simple people, hard working people who lost everything.

    The media also always apologizes Polish babarism with the argument that “THEY started the war!” And so they should simply shut up!
    Even today they accuse mainly old men, women and children for something they couldn’t control, whatsoever.

    And as Dr. Pueschel said, Germany is plastered with Ho£o€au$t memorials. Every Commie scallywag who got slapped by an “evil Nazi” now has his own memorial!
    And at the same time they cannot finally decide to build a memorial for 15 million displaced and killed Germans!

    For example, in my city there’s always a big hue and cry by leftists about a nearby POW camp and how “bad” the POWs were treated and always they finance the memorial again and again.
    In my city they also planted this infamous golden cobblestones in the sidewalk for every displaced Jew, by which a leftist “artist” earns himself a golden nose all over the country.
    But at the same time they let all war memorials in the town fell into ruins! Especially one, which is totally collapsed for 5 years now.
    Our newspaper wrote: “wind and weather destroyed the memorial”
    Yeah, of course.
    Big fortress-like walls auround it collapsed by the “wind” ;-)
    In fact, some red scum demolished it. But that is verboten to state.
    And now their plan is to remove the walls totally, remove the irreconizable metal plates with the names of the fallen and to halve the whole memorial and put a play ground on one half!!!

    That’s they way OUR fallen and OUR displaced persons get treated by OUR OWN politicians!

    At the same time they restore the big Soviet triumph memorial with millions of Euros in Berlin.
    The one which Soviets (enslaved Germans) built with the marble of the Neue Reichskanzlei.

    Street names get changed, even if they have names of persons who died in the 1920s or 1930, because some leftist say:
    “this man made way for the Nazis ideoligically!”
    Even if the person never was an NSDAP member.
    And at the same time, as you already said Carolyn, we have thousands of streets and squares with the names of Communistic oppressors.

    Back to the planned memorial center for the German Vertriebene,
    now after years of blather they still couldn’t aggree to actually build a center!!!
    And then Poland wanted to decide about a memrial center FOR Germans IN Germany! How it should be and what it should remember the people of!
    Just imagine that!

    And then, when even our slavish government didn’t do what the Polish hardliners wanted, they started to depict Erika Steinbach, the chairwoman of the Vertriebene, as SS dominatrix in their newspapers!
    Just imagine that!
    It’s like: Obama wouldn’t open the borders enough for the Chupacabras and the other day ALL Mexican papers and magazines would depict him as KKK grand dragon.

    The problem with the Poles is:
    They’ve an eternal inferioty complex and so they became mega chauvinistic to compensate that.
    In Poland, there is no strong left, just conservatives (real conservatives, no wishy-washy-conservatives like in the West) and national-conservatives (=chauvinists, Kaczinski twins).
    And they’re totally undiscerning, always hardlining.

    For example, in today Germany there live perhaps 1 million Polish immigrants, they work here and own houses etc.
    If a German, which is very rare, goes for example to Danzig or Breslau and intends to buy a house there and to live there, Poles say immediatelly: “not one feet of Polish soil!”
    Even if it is ex-German soil, they have no remorse to state something like that.

    That’s the big problem with Poles, also in a WN perspective, they’re ultra chauvinistic.
    A WN concert in the states, who start bickering and fighting and brawls?
    Polish “comrades”!
    The German right-wing/NS/WN even came to a quasi good relationship with Russian comrades, but with Poles it’s not possible. They’re the enfant terible in the white community.
    With Czechs it’s also difficult, but as Dr. Pueschel reported, they begin to understand that they commit wrongs too!
    And some start to agree that the Benes decrees and the massacres were a crime. A much better situation as with the Poles.

    It’s also interesting, that in Poland in the whole western part of the country, the ex German territories, the Poles mostly vote for the conservatives, and in the eastern part, true Poland, they always vote for the chauvinistic national-conservatives, that’s the Kazcinski twins’ base.
    For me a sign, that the western Poles are conscious of the fact that they don’t live on soil which became Polish under good cicumstances.

    And a last thing on Erika Steinbach, who isn’t actually the hardliner as Poles might see her, she was really willing all the time for compromises.
    And so she had to work together with Bartoczewski on the Polish side, who’s Poland’s commissioner for Germany and a JEWISH Auschwitz “survivor”.
    He betrayed Steinbach’s confidence and tricked her, he disappointed her humanly.
    And that’s why she recently stated in an interview that “Bartoczewski has a bad character”!
    And immediately the slavish reporter tried to force her during the live broadcast to apologize:
    “I cannot believe that you make such a hard statement here on Bartozcewski Mrs. Steinbach! He’s a JEWISH Auschwitz survivor!
    Don’t you want to withdraw that and apologize here publicly and immediately?”
    She: “No, I will stay to what I said, he has a bad character”

    That’s how our media ticks.

    And then after the interview, the next days the critique became a storm, like on Sarrazin and she finally gave in and withdrew it.
    Now she’s totally stripped of any position in the (* crescent DU, formerly ChristianDemocraicUnion CDU, and also laid down her chairmanship at the Bund der Vertriebene.

    That’s our German “democracy”!

    “In Germany we have no real freedom of speech! Because we’ve no democracy! What we’ve is a mutiple-party-state, which is the status of decay of a republic. And the parties give out speech and thought codes.”
    *Prof. Dr. Karl Albrecht Schachtschneider
    (a very famous German professer of law)

    Back to the Poles and the Polish crisis in 1939.
    As I already stated, since 1919 the Poles were very chauvinistic
    until today!
    The only exception were in 1989 and shortly before, when the Solidarnosc movement had a big influence and helped to bring down the communistic Golem.
    They were eager for reconciliation.

    But today this movement is totally shattered and destroyed itself and the Polish chauvinism rules again.

    For the Polish crisis:
    Meanwhile it’s common knowledge, also due to the great work of Gerd Schulze-Rhonhof, as Dr. Pueschel mentioned, the reason for it and how it started were totally different to what they tell us in the official text books.
    And that’s proven by tons of documents and files of the several foreign ministries of the Allied, Polish, Axis and Soviet countries!

    Hitler made several attempts to forge a anti-communistic union with Poland, he made many proposals to solve the German question in Poland. In fact he wanted to abandon many of the volksdeutsche territory, something which even not the “democratic” polticians of the Weimar republic did!

    But he always was snubbed by Polish chauvinistic hardliners.
    They wanted the Oder-Neisse-river-border since 1919!!!
    They always wanted that!
    I have Polish propaganda placards where they even wanted to establish their western border west of Berlin down to Dresden, or even further west to the river Elbe!!!
    And they also claimed Czechy and Slovakia as “Polish soil”.
    And as the documents show, the Poles made several proposals to the British Empire to attack Germany from both sides. During the whole 1920s, when Germany still was a democratic Weimar Republic!!!

    That was and is the mindset of the Poles!
    And beside these ideologic aims, they oppressed and massacred all minorities in their new Poland from 1919-1939!
    The then established Poland was only 50% ethnically Polish and so they tried to Polonize and catholisize the minorities and if they denied they tried to drive them out by massacres!

    Similar things were tried by Benes in Checho-Slovakia. But not as harsh, that only came after 1945 in Chechy.

    That happened to the 2 million Volksdeutsche in Poland, as to Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Belarussians and even Jews!

    And Bartoczewski, Poland’s “commissionor for Germany”, lied in a recent interview that all the minorities joined the Polish army in 1939 and were eager to defend the Polish motherland!
    That’s his “good and honest” character!

    For everyone who is interested in the real sufferings of the Germans in the 1919-1939 Poland, I recommend the book:
    “Das Leiden der Volksdeutschen in Polen”
    But I warn you it’s very graphic and almost unbearable.
    You can see mutilated, dead and raped German women lying in the road trenches, naked girls who are crucified to protestant church doors etc.
    Don’t know how “Nazi propaganda” could have faked that.

    And remember Katyn was “Nazi propaganda” for 40 years.
    Especially Poles should think about that!

    And so, with all these atrocities in Poland, there came the day when Hitler couln’t be quiet anymore.
    And so he “attacked”!
    But in no other way as the NATO did over Bosnia in 1995.
    A military rescue mission.

    Hitler alledgedly said on the eve of the 31st August 1939:
    “Now even I cannot stop it anymore!”

    And when he attacked and won, he immediately tried to re-establish peace in Europe with many peace offerings.
    Because for him this was just a local rescue mission.
    He later said in the secretly recorded Mannerheim-tapes:
    “If I would have planned for a World War do you really believe we would have equipped our troops in that way? The equipment would have been much more eleborate and improved!”

    Hell, he even ordered an SS honour guard to the grave of the Polish marshall Pisuldski in Krakau, after the victory!

    And France and Britain on the other side had nothing to do then to declare war immediately and to widen it to a World War.
    Dr. Pueschel already mentioned Buchanan and his book “The unnecessary war”.

    Imagine in 1900-1920 when Britain tried to annect Ireland, or the Boer war in 1900, if Germany immediately would have declared war and widened it to a World War!

    For backgrounds of the Polish crisis I recommend the very good internet movie:
    “Hitlers Krieg? Was Guido Knopp verschweigt”
    = Hitler’s war? What Guido Knopp doesn’t tell you (Guido Knopp is a tv mainstream “historian” who only repeats lies and is hated by real historians, because he even doesn’t use sources/footnotes in his books)

    HKWGKV is the “Loose Change” of WW2.
    The creator used Schulze-Rhonhof, Buchanan, and all the documents which are out there, Weißbücher, White Papers of the several foreign ministries.
    You can find it on Jewtube or
    Of course Jewtube banned it immediately for German users.

    You wouldn’t believe how many YT videos aren’t viewable in Germany!
    I get that message every day for some videos.
    Videos and channels are not deleted, but banned for viewers in Germany.
    Like China, only China is honest and confesses the censorship.

    I think there is even an English dubbed version out there.
    Search for it.

    Last point:
    Dr. Pueschel about the Sarrazin affaire.
    Here also everything he said was quite good, especially this omnipresent fear under the Germans to say anything publicly.
    Very good elobarated Dr. Pueschel.
    Only one point of critique:
    I NEVER would put Yugoslavs in Germany on the same level as Turks and Arabs!
    Perhaps surveys show that they aren’t good in school either, but in no way Croats and Serbs behave in the same way as Turks on our streets!

    I have Serbian AND Croat friends and also had fellow students who were Yugoslavs, and they’re not in the slightest way as Turks.
    They totally integrated and assimilated to our society.
    I don’t know how Sarrazin can make this comparison.
    I only can imagine that he meant educational careers but not cultural behaving.

    Even the Russo-Germans, who didn’t quite know if they’re German or Russian and due to this crisis of identity became a crime problem and lived a Russian life style here, are in no way comparable to the Turks.
    And that situation meanwhile flattened out.
    Almost non existent anymore.

    Dr. Pueschel is also right on the estrangement of Germany to many many Germans and that every year hundreds of thousands of well educated Germans leave the country.
    A real exsanguination which leads to the “double dip”.
    The media supports this with suggestive emigrant-sagas in tv.
    Most of them we lose to Australia and Canada and New Zealand.

    All in all Dr. Pueschel described the situation very well and it was a very good interview. Audiolicious.

    Now the REALLY last point:
    Carolyn you should make an inner-VOR-interview with Dr. Sunic!
    He knows very well about the Volksdeutschen.
    Especially the scattered communities in Eastern Europe.
    He proves that in almost every speech he gives.


  2. A German on September 21st, 2010 5:54 pm
  3. Carolyn on September 21st, 2010 6:03 pm

    Very informative, German. Thanks very much.

    I must correct any impression you might have left with your point of critique. It was not Dr. Pueschel who said that immigrants from the former Yugoslavia were among the three greatest problem groups. That came from the newspaper article citing Thilo Sarrizen’s book. It may be accurate and it may not be. You’re going to read the book, so you can let us know.

    I made a serious error (nothing unusual there) by confusing what I was talking about. When I said there were no mass graves in the Czech Republic, I was remembering from my article “Searching for the Bodies” that there were no Jews found in mass graves there; but there are Germans in mass graves, which I wrote about … but not in the numbers Dr. Pueschel mentioned – in Assig hundreds of thousands of Germans! Can you check that out? Someone wrote as a comment under that “Killing the Czech Way” video that 18,000 Germans were killed vs. 300,000 Czechs killed by Nazis. Baloney! No such number, not even close. Czechs were very fortunate during the war, so their incredibly revengeful attitudes were way overdone.

    I was also mispronouncing Dr. Pueschel’s last name — someone now tells me it is like Wiesel’s name, the accent on the first syllable as in Puer’-shel. I had actually been thinking that since the show, it was bothering me and now I know.

    You are so right about the Poles. I was in Poland and Czech Republic for a short time last year; I found the former noticeably arrogant and touchy — also living in greater poverty. Czech living conditions come close to German and Austria; not Poland’s though.

    As to the loud music, I like my intro and outro loud and don’t want Mike Conner to turn it down. That particular music sounds better when it’s loud; it’s supposed to be loud. :-)

  4. A German on September 21st, 2010 7:06 pm

    It’s right behind the Saxonian border.

    The 1930 census says:
    76,000 Germans

    Wiki says 2,000 victims

    Chech historians say 43-100 victims!!!
    Slavish German historians say 220 victims

    I think it’s the same issue as with Dresden,
    reallity is not allowed to be real.

    But frankly, I never heard of that massacre before.
    As I stated above, we know much too less about the suffering of the Volksdeutschen.
    It’s a programmed amnesia.

    And for the pronounciation of Dr. Pueschel’s name, it’s:
    Puisch-ell or Puischl
    ell short! Not like the Frenche -elle.

    The Umlaut ü is hardly to transcribe. ui is the nearest.

    I don’t know if Dr. Pueschel writes his name with ü.

  5. Carolyn on September 22nd, 2010 10:11 am

    Aussig. Dr. Pueschel meant to say hundreds and thousands, not hundreds of thousands. And he is right. They downplay and hide everything while they exaggerate their own losses, and writers, including me, feel they must give “credible” figures so they won’t be accused of irresponsibility because no one knows for sure. This is what I wrote in the TBR article [Jan. 2010]:

    Czechs have not claimed massacres from the war—other
    than the 173 men of the village of Lidice, who were executed
    for harboring the murderers of Reinhard Heydrich, the Reich’s
    Protector for Bohemia-Moravia, as an example to those who
    would cooperate with the Czech underground (considered by
    the Germans as an illegal terrorist organization).

    Still, there was great desire to retaliate following the retreat
    of the German Wehrmacht and the arrival of the Soviet Red
    Army and NKVD. Postelberg/Polstoloprty and Saav/Zatec, two
    towns northwest of Prague, saw brutal massacres of at least
    2,000 Sudeten Germans in the space of a few days in June 1945.
    The largest mass grave contained 500 bodies and had been
    known since an inquiry into it in 1947.

    After that, in August 1947, other mass graves were secretly
    dug up, and 763 bodies were removed and cremated.
    But there still remained more. Meanwhile, documents in Postoloprty were classified as confidential and disappeared into Interior Ministry archives.

    Today, a majority of Czech residents in these
    towns admit the massacre but do not want to talk
    about the case and oppose building any memorial
    structures at the gravesites. (Der Spiegel, “Czech
    Town Divided Over How to Commemorate 1945
    Massacre,” Hans Ulrich Stoldt, April 9, 2009.)

    There was also the Bruenn/Brno Death
    March, which began late on the night of May 30,
    and the Aussig/Usti nad Labem Massacre on July
    31, 1945—Usti in the same area of northwestern
    Bohemia, while Brno is in south-central Moravia.
    Basing their decision on the PotsdamAgreement,
    the Czech “National Committee of Brno” an-
    nounced the expulsion of 20,000 ethnic Germans, mostly
    women, children and elderly (the adult men were all POWs),
    and forced them to march 56 kilometers south to the border of
    Once there, however, the Soviet authorities refused to allow
    them to cross, so they were marched back into internment.
    Many died and are buried along the way; up to 8,000 perished
    in the terrible conditions before the survivors were released.

    The Usti massacre was triggered by an explosion at an ammunition dump.Though the cause of the explosion had not been determined, ethnic Germans were beaten, bayonetted, shot or drowned in the Elbe River, where most still remain in their watery grave.

    No mass graves of Jews have ever been found on Czech soil.
    * * * *
    I’ve been told since that the type of atrocities at Aussig/Usti were almost unbelievable. They nailed living Germans to logs and threw them into the river to be carried downstream. People who are capable of such things are the very ones who fabricate such atrocities by their enemies against themselves. Let’s remember that the communists were in control as soon as the Red Army arrived. Also, I knew nothing and found nothing about the Prague killings, as seen in the newly released video, when I was researching this.

    More is constantly being uncovered now, yet it remains true that
    no Czechs [or Jews] have ever been found in any mass graves in this territory … only Germans. The greatest tragedy is that the German government doesn’t want to know about it.

    You can read this article, titled “Searching for the Bodies” on my website

  6. MT on September 22nd, 2010 10:16 pm
  7. Carolyn on September 22nd, 2010 10:50 pm

    Well. Thanks very much for letting me know, as I’m not a not a reader of Mark Potock’s Blog. :-) Does this mean I’ve moved into the big-time and get big-time abuse?

    I will say this: he quoted the book correctly. I wonder what I do with an article like that – frame it? Send it to my relatives? Considering my Elie Wiesel website, this may be only the beginning.