The Heretics’ Hour: Turks, Jews, Roma—and Revisiting Hess

September 13, 2010

Thilo SarrazinThilo Sarrazin

Topics include:

  • German politics still dominated by post-war “re-education” myths;
  • Gypsies are universally disliked, but we’re not supposed to say so, just like … guess;
  • Home movie of the London Blitz found in attic coincides with 70th Anniversary;
  • Authors disagree on details of Rudolf Hess mystery;
  • Conversation with Myklos Gruner—another Elie Wiesel trial coming up?

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7 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Turks, Jews, Roma—and Revisiting Hess”

  1. A German on September 15th, 2010 4:32 am

    I wonder about the positive etymology of “Gypsy”.
    Just “Egyptian”.


    In German we call then “Zigeuner”,
    which derives from 2 German words:
    ziehende-Gauner, which means wandering crooks/wandrering thieves.

    And they’re really a pest!
    Even in the smallest German town, they sit in front of super markets and mime a disabled person and demand money, or they sit in city centers or limp through it!
    Some young Gypsy women even disguise themselves with heavy make-up as old sick seniors!

    These are all organized gangs who come to Western Europe when it gets warm again, April-Octobre.
    These Gypsy family clans even devide Europe in parts, so one clan goes to France, one to Northern Italy, one to Germany…

    I saw a nice report on these clans on tv.
    These are really criminal gangs who are totally organized, they collect hundreds of thousands of Euros and then back home they have to pay their debts at the local Gypsy lord, who all have big mansions and Mercedes Benz limousines in front of them!
    And that in poor Romania!

    In this report there was even a Gypsy social worker who spoke directly into the camera and warned all German people not to give the Gypsies any money, they only will make the Gypsy lords richer!

    And these lords are really disgusting.
    Anyone remembers this picture of a hairy fat Gypsy in his bathers with huge golden cross arround his neck?

    and the true Romanians, who look actually very white, really get mad when Western media calls the Gypsies always “Romanians”.
    The mayor of Dresden even won the prize of hyper political correctness, when he called them “mobile ethnic minority”!

    And besides that aggressive panhandling in Germany they also can get violent.
    In Berlin for example they annoy people who have to stop at a crossing with forced window cleaning, by which they just smear the window and then demand money.
    One policman said: “You can be happy if they just use actual water!”
    And if you deny to pay, they spit at you or try to make dent in your car or a scratch in your windshield.

    And as many other countries, Berlin also paid them to leave!
    But they always come back.
    It’s ridiculous how Western cities let themselves be blackmailed by this scum.

    And it’s interesting Carolyn, that you said that the Gypsies entered Europe in 1400!
    That’s exactly when the Ottomans/Turks put their dirty foot on South eastern Europe.
    1389 they defeated the Serbs in the Kosovo and then conquered the western hinterland of Byzantine and then finally in 1500 Constantinople fell.

    So everyone with enough brain can guess what happens if Turkey actually becomes an EU member.

    And for the Origin of Gypsies.
    You said India.
    I found a source which describes that they came from South Eastern Pakistan.
    Pakistan actually is parted in two parts, the Indo-Aryan west, Pashtun dominions and Belutshistan where the people are quite fair skinned and the brown East, muslim but racially more Indian.
    And in this eastern brown part there is even a Dravidian region,
    Dravides are these pitch black Indians from South India, and exactly from that spot in South Western Pakistan the Gypsies actually came!

    Some of them brag that they’re pure “Aryan” for 2000 years but in fact their origin was Dravidian and they picked up many other races on their trek, Persians, Mongols, Arabs, Turks, so they’re in fact muds.

    Until the 1960s there was a saying in Germany:
    “Get the laundry and the kids in, the Zigeuner are coming!”

    Also interesting:
    Gypsies have lowest IQ in the world, even lower than West Africans!
    A scientist gave them normal IQ tests to find out how high their IQ is. But shortly after that, the Gypsies complained that the test makes them headaches.
    This problem was only solved when the Dr. gave them simple IQ tests for kids, and even then they scored low.

    And for the German German-haters you’re totally right Carolyn.
    They’re even more vicious than the world enemy.
    An example would be Claudia Roth from the Marxist Green party, she “loves everything lots” which isn’t German, is it normal and German she hates it. An absolute Multi Cult priestress.

    And your mention of Kaufman and his book Germany must perish was also good! A good analogy.
    But he wasn’t the only one who said that, as you know, Stalin too said: “We’ve to bring millions of racially foreign men to Germany and make them mate with German women”

    And even Joschka Fischer (Marxist Green Party) wrote in his book when he actually was German foreign minister and vice-chancelor:
    “Germany has to be fenced in from the outside and racially diluted in the inside!”

    Sarrazin update:
    Yes, he resigned but he achieved a higher pension, so as he would have fullfilled his contract until 2014.
    He thinks that’s right, because HE didn’t violate the contract, it only ended because he steped down.
    A pity that he hadn’t the power and couldn’t overthrow the Bundespresident Turk-Wulff.
    The ShariaPD meanwhile opened the party expulsion.
    But it seems that this is just an alibi act, because the SPD leader anorexia-defeater Sigmar Gabriel, who is a strong Sarrazin opponent and wants him out, now showed a smooth quasi pro Sarrazin rhetoric on a party gathering in which he condemned immigrants unwilling to integrate.
    I think it’s because he knows that the party base doesn’t want to play his dirty game.

    Meanwhile Germany-wide surveys show that the ShariaPD is on one level with the minority party Green Marxists.
    Both 20%!
    Have in mind: of those who actually vote!
    If 100% would vote the SPD would be already under 10%

    For the BLITZ I’ve only to say:
    1 year Blitz, 40,000 dead ammunition workers and people who lived near by!
    RAF over Germany: 800,000 dead civilians.

  2. Norman Lowell on September 15th, 2010 5:26 am

    The first part of Chp 23 of my book.
    It mentions Hess briefly, then goes on to discuss the legal murder of Carmelo Borg Pisani, a pro-Axis Maltese patriot.

    CHAPTER 23:
    As I have discussed in the past, Rudolf Hess was an expert on
    World Masonry. He knew every single lodge in the world and
    kept records on them. He was also in close contact with Scottish
    Masonry. In 1939 Hess flew all the way to Scotland in a final,
    desperate attempt to prevent war amongst racial cousins.

    He could easily have flown to Dover, Cornwall or Margate, but
    instead chose the hazardous, long solitary flight to the north of
    Scotland. His aim was to meet Scottish Masons and urge them to
    convince the British fraternity to avert the slaughter.

    Churchill: an English Lodge Mason killed the Hess peace
    attempt. He even refused to meet him – or so we are officially
    told! The Hess papers; due to have been made public years
    ago, were again wrapped up till 2037. Upon their release,
    Churchill would come out as he truly was!

    After the war Rudolf Hess; a true hero of Europe, the man who
    could have saved millions of slaughtered Whites in that great,
    senseless fratricide, languished in solitary confinement for nearly
    half a century – a sentence not even fit for a murderer. We were
    led to believe that it was the Russians who had objected to his
    release throughout these long years – however, when
    Gorbachev assumed power; one of his first acts was to publicly
    call for the release of Hess. Guarda caso, the British resolutely
    refused – and finally, Hess died mysteriously at Spandau prison
    during the British term of custodianship.

    One autopsy hurriedly concluded that he had died of
    strangulation with a telephone wire, after jumping off a table.
    The second autopsy, commissioned by the Hess family and
    carried out by the world’s foremost forensic expert: agreed
    that yes, death was by strangulation – but that Hess had been
    throttled from behind. There was no evidence of the telltale
    jerk produced by a fall.

    A Scottish lady; married to a Maltese surgeon and now living in
    Hamburg, was the nurse at Spandau. She was the first who saw
    Hess dead in his cell. Perhaps, one day, she may decide to tell
    us what she knows.

    Hess died just as world opinion was pressing for his release. A
    re-united Germany, just a year away, would surely have
    released him. Hess had to die – why?

    Hess had to die because on his release Europeans would
    have been told who were the real schemers, perpetrators and
    victors of World War II. We would have been told that Britain
    knew, conclusively and without a shadow of doubt – that it had
    the proof, in writing and endorsed by a former monarch -
    that Germany would never have attacked her if left alone to
    crush Bolshevism.
    We would have known that World War II was nothing more than a struggle for the soul of Europe – won by the international-manipulators.

  3. A German on September 15th, 2010 5:35 am

    Another thing Carolyn,
    could you make a big episode on the JFK assisination?

    I watched a documentary, in my opinion the best ever made on this subject, called “The man who killed Kennedy” on Youtube.
    It was uploaded by the anti Zionist user Pmtr, now PMnews, because You Tube cancelled his channel for “antisemitic” videos.
    He: “Jewtube, for every channel of mine you delete, I will put up 2! I will not be silenced!”
    A very good guy, who often films himself and philosophises about our broken society.

    Back to the documentary.
    It was for the 25th anniversary of the assination and had 7 episodes, of which the History Channel only could broadcast 3 episodes and then it was shut down and the documentary is hardly to buy anywhere.

    And I don’t understand that, because it shows simple evidences, so clear evidences that it wasn’t Oswalt / only Oswalt.
    After this airing, the case should have been re-opned again in 1988!

    It clearly shows a photography of 2 persons on the grassy knoll, of which one shot at the president! In his forehead not in the back!
    Not far from them the photography shows a young 22yo soldier who filmed Kennedy, and later when the shot happened and he turned arround he saw the both figures.
    He soon then was ordered for !18 months! to Alaska.
    One of the two snipers was costumed as policeman with dark hair, one costumed as rail road worker, both then vanished.

    Another witness, on the bridge saw these 2 guys from behind the knoll and described that the policeman threw the rifle to the rail road man, he disassembled it, put it in his lunch box, and both men left the crime scene in different directions.

    the documentary also shows evidence that Oswalt and Ruby knew each other and met the day before in Ruby’s night club.
    The 2nd part of the documentary even shows evidence that Oswalt mimed the Commie to get into certain circles to PROTECT the president or to reach Cuba and kill Castro with a cancer virus!

    So, Oswalt wanted to be a part of Ruby’s gang to stop it in some way, OR Ruby hired Oswalt as perfect petsy, Communist and so on.
    “Hey do ya wanna earn some grants? Go to that office building tommorrow and recieve a package for me.”

    The docu clearly shows Kennedy’s head exploded! Especially the back part! No small hole from behind who left the head at the top of the skull and thenwent down again and hit governor Connelly in the front of the car! Simply ridiculous.

    The sniper on the Knoll is identified as
    a contract killer from the French (Corse) Connection (Mafia)!

    This name later was admitted by a Mafiosi in French prison, Christian David. The Mafia also admitted that Sarti always used exploding bullets.

    The documentary is packed wit loads of witnesses and experts,
    even one you talked to Carolyn: Jim Fetzer.

    So it seems there were !3! snipers, one on the grassy knoll, Sarti, one behind Kennedy in a building at a horizontal level and one on a higher level!

    It seems that the Mafia wanted Kennedy dead because they felt betrayed, they financed his campaign and despite that he fought the mafia legally.

    The FBI took part because Hoover hated him.

    LBJ seems to be in this boat too because he wanted to become president and then started the whole forced immigration turmoil and multi cult in America.

    The shadow government/ industrial-congressional-military complex wanted him dead because Kennedy avoided conflicts and they wanted a war to earn billions –> Vietnam.

    And some “chosen” people wanted him dead because he planned to abolish the FED!

    So, these groups all allied to kill him, or they did it seperately.
    Oswalt didn’t do it, or at least not alone.
    I prefer that he was Ruby’s petsy. When it happened and he waited in the office building for “the package” he realized that he was put up as petsy and trapped and so he panicked ran downtown shot a policeman and tried to hide himself in a movie theatre.

    Also when Ruby killed Oswalt, doctors in the jail recognized that Ruby was very excited and afraid, only when he heard that Oswalt was dead he calmed down.

    The documentary also shows guys who prove that the picture of Kennedy’s back with the small “entrance” hole was altered, 2-D hair on a 3-D head to cover the big exit hole in the head.
    They also proved that the secret service acted very strange, giving Kennedy no protection whatsoever.
    And later transported the car to the Ford company to exchange the windshield, because it had a bullet hole in the front!

    They also showed a very mirky guy from Texas who was an expert on facial reconstrustion. On the day Kennedy was assasinated he also was called to Dallas and returned only after 48 hours to his family. As Ruby, he was in total excitement and only clamed down, as Ruby, when he heard of Oswalts death!
    The maker of the documentary also proved that this guy and his brother knew Ruby! And met him in his night club.
    Very very strange.

    All in all this documentary is very good piece of work and I’m totally flabbergasted that it had no consequences! Already 22 years old.
    Everyone should watch it! As long as it is up.

    All that is so similar to 911, 3 bullets, one missed and the Warren commission explains it away with a magical bullet to explain the 3 hits and the media buys it.
    3 WTCs came down, explosions and NIST and the 911 commision report explains it away with fires and the media buys it.
    End of discussion.

    I suspect that almost the same people committed these 2 crimes and until today they rule America and the world.

    Carolyn that would really be a nice topic, if you don’t want to concentrate only on revisionism and WW2.

  4. Carolyn on September 15th, 2010 1:34 pm

    @A German

    I DO want to concentrate on holocaust and WWII revisionism. If you want to hear all the research into JFK, go to Dr. Jim Fetzer’s radio blog page:; you’ll find a lot of programs on the subject.

    He’s been studying the JFK assassination since it happened; has written his own book “Murder in Dealy Plaza”. He has three subjects he investigates obsessively: JFK, the Sen. Paul Wellstone plane crash, and 9/11. His 2 hour programs bring out a lot of information and are usually quite good.

    Michael Collins Piper also has a best-seller on the subject, “Final Judgment” wherein he brings in the Israelis, which caused the establishment of conspiracy theorists to shun him at the time. By the way, I’m going to be on his program tonight (Wed.) at 8 p.m. U.S. Central Daylight Time, streaming live at

    Otherwise, you really shouldn’t be posting such long comments on topics that interest you but have nothing to do with the program. Some people will find it interesting though, I’m sure.

    I appreciate your added information about Sarrazin and the Roma; that is very helpful. I like your attention to detail.

  5. Carolyn on September 15th, 2010 1:37 pm

    @Norman Lowell

    Thanks very much for posting the Hess portion from your book. I did not know about his interest in Masonry. I’ll have to look into that.

  6. stator on September 16th, 2010 9:26 pm


    I heard you last night on Michael Piper’s radio web programme (including tonight); I’m looking forward to your book. Take care and Godspeed.

  7. A German on September 19th, 2010 8:18 am,1020,441461,00.jpg
    Romani Rose, the recent Gypsy king in Germany…erm…
    I mean “chairman of the central council of “Roma” in Germany” ;-)