Jamie Kelso, Aug. 31, 2010

August 31, 2010

Voice of Reason Broadcast Network radio host Jamie Kelso opened a brand-new forum website yesterday called In the August 31, 2010 VoR radio show, Kelso reads the mission statement of to make the point that he believes that the psychological approach most likely to work with White folks is one that is immediately, at first impression, perceived by our kinsmen as being remarkably intellectually intelligent, morally ethical, emotionally sincere, and personally family-oriented. An example of such a website, and such an effective psychological approach, is that of Professor of Psychology Kevin B. MacDonald. Nick Griffin and Arthur Kemp, Chairman and Foreign Secretary of the British National Party are employing the same proven psychological approach. Aligning itself with the BNP (Kelso likes to repeat that “A3P rhymes with BNP”), the new American Third Position political party takes the same tack. Kelso is Membership Coordinator of the A3P and Exec. Asst. to A3P Chairman William D. Johnson.

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2 Responses to “Jamie Kelso, Aug. 31, 2010”

  1. Ragnar on September 2nd, 2010 8:44 am

    Why does Jamie Kelso keep on promoting Nick Griffin and the British National Party (BNP)?

    The BNP allows non-Whites to be members and is pro-Jew.

    The BNP is not a success. The BNP did not win one seat in the recent general election!


    I am a British man living in Britain – Jamie Kelso is not.

  2. Akira on September 2nd, 2010 11:54 am

    “A3P rhymes with BNP” ?

    Why not just make your motto:

    “We’re losers too!”