The Sunic Journal: Interview with Kai Murros

August 24, 2010

Kai Murros

Tom interviews Finland’s renowned speaker and revolutionary thinker Kai Murros. Topics include:

  • Finnish history along with its present plight of mass immigration and anti-white “hate” laws
  • Finland’s enormous welfare state as the irresistible attraction to non-European immigration
  • Kai’s involvement with the European New Right and other nationalist organizations
  • The various themes within his book, “Revolution – And How to do it in a Modern Society”
  • The requirements for a new Pan-European Revolution are directly connected to Liberal Europe’s socio-economic collapse
  • Criticism of the West’s decadent, dreary and self-destructive bourgeoisie

About Kai Murros

To learn more about Kai and his ideas for revolution within our modern society please explore his website here. You can also download his acclaimed essay “Revolution – And How to do it in a Modern Society” here.

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4 Responses to “The Sunic Journal: Interview with Kai Murros”

  1. Andor on August 31st, 2010 6:27 am

    @Tom Sunic,

    Revisionist European history concerning the ancient origins of the Magyars has proven the Finno-Ugric and Basque language groups were in fact present in Europe before the arrival of Indo Europeans.These people were living in the present location of Hungary but much larger.Around 2000BC a portion of the population migrated into central northern Asia where they remained for over 2000 years before returning to Hungary in circa 800AD.

    The Finnish people originate from the area of present day Hungary and central Europe.Many people moved north and west when the Indo Europeans arrived.Nordic runes also originate from Magyar Rovas writing.

    Much of the mainstream history regarding Hungary was fabricated by the church,Germany,Austria/Habsburgs etc.This history was being uncovered in the late 19th century by a few historians,one by the name of Adorjan Magyar.Currently an Italian historian Michelangelo Naddeo is working on this branch of revisionist history.Jews are not alone when it comes to fictional history to suite an agenda.

    This is off topic Tom,but may be of interest to you and some of the listeners.

  2. A German on September 19th, 2010 5:04 am

    I once wrote a paper about the Arrow Cross regime in Hungary and for that I studied many books about their ideologic foundations, the sacrification of the ancient Mag(d)yars.
    And in one book was written, that 90% of the Hungarians actually derive from Indo-European tribes like Celts, Germanics, Slavs, Illyrians and only 10% derive of the Finno-Ugric Madyars.
    During their ethnogenese they then adopted the foreign non-Indo-European language like most Irish adopted English.

    Also genetic Studies show that today Hungarians have mainly the European genes R1b (proto-european) I (Germanic) and R1a (slavic/east Aryan) and only a small part have non-Indo-european Finno-Ugric genes.
    In Finland this amount of the Finno-Ugric gene is higher.

  3. A German on September 19th, 2010 5:43 am

    Mr. Murros really is absolutely right and said good things.
    A clear and good analysis.

    I’m also very flabbergasted that Americans ALWAYS think of communism and bolshevism when they just hear the word “social”.
    I think, only people who did never really experience communism can think like that.

    Nationalsocialism has absolutely nothing to do with that.
    What we see today in Europe or in the Obamanation is clearly INTERNATIONAL socialism=Marxism and has nothing to do with national socialism.
    National socialism means the social care for your kinsmen and the abolishment of all classes, because as kinsmen we’re all equal, like family members.

    As Mr. Murros said, it’s obvious that in a country with 40 million chupacabras and 40 soul brothers (USA) and 4 million Muzzies (Germany) socialism can’t work, social security in a whole can’t function and bancrupts the system because there are too many racially foreign leeches.

    But that’s not the true socialism. That’s just the fake version of international socialism=Marxism!

    I’m totally shocked, that with the current system in the USA kinsmen who can’t find a job after 99 weeks (99ers) are totally bancrupt and have to move into tent cities.
    No matter if they worked 40 years before, paid taxes and made the US strong.
    And at the same time, the same state who lets these kinsmen go down the drain, sends billions to South America, Africa and most important Israhell!

    So tell me: Is this kind of capitalism really better than kinsmen-socialism? Where you let your kinsmen die off if they can’t find a job anymore in a depression and aren’t productive anymore?

    Nationalsocialism is not like communism in no way!
    For all Americans who still think like that, come to Germany, visit Stasi prisons, the wall where they shot on their own people, study East German and Soviet history.

    Nationalsocialism is in deed like the early pilgrim society.
    Kinsmen socially care and help other kinsmen like in a family.
    And all are equal brothers because they’re kinsmen.
    No classes and no status groups.

    That does not mean, that they all get the same payment, have to wear worker’s uniforms like in Mao’s China and entrepreneurship is verboten.
    You can wear what you want, you can earn more money than others if you’re able and if you’re hard working.
    And entrepreneurship still is a important column in nationalsocialism.
    But what’s different, your thinking totally changes, you don’t feel superior to your kinsmen who aren’t such successful, you don’t look down on them, you don’t forsake them, because you’re kinsmen, brothers, and as you always help your actual brother, so you help your kinsmen.

    That’s TRUE socialism, nationalsocialism.

    It’s also funny for me to see, that some conspiracy nuts always want to say that everything is “fascism”, because, as they say:
    “corporatism is fascism”.
    That’s totally ridiculous.
    Corporatism IS capitalism, plutocracy, oligarchy.
    And that’s much older than Fascism. And fascism is not equal to nationalsocialism.
    I would describe fascism rather as a more hardcore, simple nationalism, often with a clerical notion.
    For example, Franco’s “fascism” was more catholicism than anything else.

    These conspiracy nuts only base their verdict on one sentence Mussolini once said or wrote. Totally taken out of context.

    What’s also funny for me, to see lower middle-class folks like Joe the plumber eagerly fighting for the super rich fat cats, just in the hope that one day they themselve could be one of the super rich, which has actually the same chance as a snowball in hell.

  4. A German on September 19th, 2010 8:51 am

    Mr. Murros is also very right on the coming civil war.
    I think that either.
    In 10 years we will have an Europe-wide Yugoslav war, by which the white race will be enslaved and perish OR
    Europe will be ethnically cleansed and Europe’s rebirth will come.

    And he is also right, that then nationalist will come to power.
    Just look onto Croatia, a Franjo Tudjman never would have become the Croatian president and not for so long without the civil war.
    In “democratic” times he would have been much to “radical” for the elites to hand him over the power.

    10 years then it will explode.
    In so much areas of Europe it has become simply unbearable.
    South Sweden, Malmö, burnings, rape waves, Belgium policemen get shot at with AK47s, Brussels is not EUROPEAN anymore,
    France had its big riots a few years ago, but that didn’t stop, still they burn the cars there and in some areas you don’t get insurrence for your cars, the media just doesn’t report anymore.
    Even in Germany, every year hundreds of cars get burnt, Berlin and Hamburg, but the media doesn’t report, then we have public demonstrative mass prayers by Muzzies on the streets of France, Germany, Northern Itlaly, Moscow!
    In Spain Muzzies tried to occupy a cathedral for their prayers!
    In Britain so much gets banned because it could “insult” Muzzies:
    public xmas decoration, food, etc.
    Everywhere in Western Europe social security abuse, violent crimes, murders, rapes get overwhelming with Muzzies in the country.

    This can only result in an Europe-wide civil war.
    Bosnia 2.0
    But this time NATO and the US won’t bomb for the Muzzies!

    I also suspect that our elites want that, as it would be their ultimate plan. Otherwise I can’t explain why they don’t change anything poltical and let the Multi Cult go wild.

    Recently Our chancleress Merkel-Urkel (IM Erika=Stasi nickname) stated:
    “The Germans HAVE to get used to Islam. Mosques WILL be part of our skylines!”