The Stark Truth: Interview with James Miller

August 18, 2010

Dr. James Miller

Topics include:

  • The two wings of the globalist agenda
  • How globalist elites use immigration & multiculturalism as tools to dissolve nations
  • Analysis of the anti-war Left and the Tea Party movements
  • Why america cannot be saved at the ballot box
  • Relationship between Jews and Muslims and the west
  • The pros and cons of capitalism and socialism

About James Miller

James Miller is a blogger and political activist from Los Angeles. His blog deals with the issues of immigration, globalization, and ethnic tribalism. He is active in the anti-war and Minutemen movements.

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One Response to “The Stark Truth: Interview with James Miller”

  1. patthemick on August 22nd, 2010 10:30 pm

    I think you underestimate the minuteman and the Tea Party factions in our political discourse. Where you see people who think they can vote their way out of our problems I see people who will be awakened when all their protests are disregarded by the leaders of both the Dems and Repubs. who will be amenable to third party politics as a last resort.