The Heretics’ Hour: Aleut Internment and German Guilt

August 9, 2010

Aleut Internees

In 1942, the US Delarof pulls away from the dock, taking the Aleuts to internment camps in southeast Alaska. Click here for larger image

This show is in two parts:

  • Part 1: Guest Charles Ellis from Alaska joins Carolyn to discuss the little known internment of the Aleuts living on the Pribilof Islands by the United States government during WWII.

  • Part 2: Carolyn discusses the ongoing anti-Germanism that is facilitated by “Holocaust” fantasies and the fear of being perceived as Politically Incorrect.

Also in part 2, Carolyn announces that she will be on “The Real Deal” Internet radio program with Jim Fetzer this Wed., Aug. 11, from 5 to 7 p.m. Central time. The live stream can be found here and the archived program here.

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17 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Aleut Internment and German Guilt”

  1. A German on August 12th, 2010 12:43 am

    The German man you quoted is totally right.
    We Germans have to take this WW2 revanchism in sports all the time. Especially from the Brits. Our Germanic brothers!

    But the last 4 years they got a bit soft on us and just wrote in their papers “Herr ve go again!”
    And after we defeated them 4:1 they wrote nothing anymore.

    In 2006 when we were the host for the World Cup, the Brits were totally amazed that Germans are “humans” and can be happy and friendly too. And so their tabloids became soft.
    But before we always had to take headlines with “Blitzkrieg”, German football players in SS uniforms, “Panzer” headlines and so on and so forth.

    This WW2 propaganda was so heavy in the British newspapers that super-Marxist Joschka Fischer, back then foreign minister and vice-chancelor and awarded by B’nai Brith, even said because he was angered so much about that:
    “German kids have to study British newspapers to learn the high-step”

    This time in the World Cup we had to play Serbia and a reporter asked a Serbian football fan who will win?
    He answered: “We will make the Germans pay for all the things they have done to us” and smiled into the camera. Of course he didn’t mean “football” history.

    But the worst case was the World Cup final 1974 in Munich.
    We had to play vs. Holland. Again Germanic brothers.
    They were the totally dominating team of that World Cup and totally arrogant. They laughed about our players, Beckenbauer etc. and said: “we will blow you from the pit!”

    And before the match and in the half-time break they chanted, drank and celebrated already as they would have already won the final. Totally unfair behaviour.
    But that was only the tip of the iceberg.
    The Dutch coach’s major strategy was to brainwash his team with WW2 propganda movies for days!
    You know the kind, where 1 G.I. shoots and 20 German Landser fell dead to the ground.
    And this mean behaviour against Beckenbauer and his sport-comrades, who all, already were born AFTER the war.

    But surprise surprise, this unfair behaviour motivated our boys, and they gave the answer on the pit!
    Germany became World Champion for 2nd time!

    It’s totally crazy in Britain and Holland it’s totally forbidden to insult any group publicly, you’ll have to deal immediately with the thought police.
    Brits even aren’t allowed to call Arabs Arabs, only “Asians”.
    Newspeak for Muzzies.
    But Germans they can insult in their papers every day.
    With no consequences.

    I lost hope that this ever will change. I’m curious how long the soft way in the tabloids will last.
    I think it’s psychologogical, because we were really the only enemy they totally defeated, that’s why they talk so often about the “Nazis” and revive it.
    Same in the American culture.
    The only enemy the Americans totally defeated were the Germans.
    The Cold War was not really a victory.
    The Korea war was almost lost.
    Vietnam was a catastrophe.
    Afghanistan, Iraq, terrorists is the new catastrophe.
    The only enemy they really stamped out, were the Germans.
    And perhaps the Indians and the Japaneses, but because they aren’t white, it isn’t political correct to celebrate these victories, and in these 2 cases the US made herself guilty in the “public eye”.

    And so ongoingly the “Nazi” gets revived in Britain and the US.
    It’s deeply psychological.
    Presumely the Brits will be soon a califate but they can still slap on their shoulders till the end and say “We beat the Nazis in the Blitz! Wasn’t that great?”

    Same with the Americans when they get transformed to Aztlan.

    And we stew in our infinite guilt cult until we become Northern Turkey.

    The irony of the white race.

  2. Akira on August 12th, 2010 7:20 am

    @ A German,

    Of course the Germans are designated as Eternal Amalek, and remain so even as other Amaleks are added or “resurrected” : Palestinians, Persians, Serbs, etc.

    Most of what you said I agree with, but I think you’ve misunderstood something here:

    “a Serbian football fan…answered: ‘We will make the Germans pay for all the things they have done to us’ and smiled into the camera. Of course he didn’t mean ‘football’ history.”

    – Perhaps he was referring to the German role in setting the stage for the wars in Yugoslavia by being the prime supporter of Slovenian independence when other nations were encouraging caution and negotiation, and by spreading lies about Serbs as “The New Nazis” against “The New Jews” (i.e. Albanian Kosovans).

    Please see the documentary:

    – “Es began mit einer Lüge”

    – “It began with a Lie”

    [Viewable on JewTube and on Jewgle Video]

    Also, Germans deserve to be condemned for supplying the Zionist Entity with Nuclear-Arms-capable subs and for being so craven to the Jews and their American puppets.

  3. Carolyn on August 12th, 2010 11:33 am

    @A German,

    Thanks for this informative comment. I loved it!

  4. A German on August 12th, 2010 3:31 pm

    “Also, Germans deserve to be condemned for supplying the Zionist Entity with Nuclear-Arms-capable subs and for being so craven to the Jews and their American puppets.”


    Why can you folks never differentiate between the German people and the German ZOG?
    I never do that!
    I never say THE Americans,
    THE Russians,

    because I understand that it’s their Zionistic/Jewish occupied “elites”!!!

  5. A German on August 12th, 2010 4:40 pm

    Another interesting info I found in our so-called “constitution”, the Grundgesetz (=Base Law):

    “Artikel 146.Dieses Grundgesetz, das nach Vollendung der Einheit und Freiheit Deutschlands für das gesamte deutsche Volk gilt, verliert seine Gültigkeit an dem Tage, an dem eine Verfassung in Kraft tritt, die von dem deutschen Volke in freier Entscheidung beschlossen worden ist.”


    “Section 146. This Base Law, which will be valid after the succession and completion of the (re-)union and freedom of Germany for the whole GERMAN people, will then lose its validity on the day, when a CONSTITUTION will become law, which will be decided and pronounced by the GERMAN people in a free holding.”

    This shows that our own Grundgesetz states, that it isn’t a real CONSTITUTION! And that we’re still a puppet state!

  6. Akira on August 12th, 2010 5:14 pm

    @ A German,

    So German’s are not responsible for the actions of the German government?

    Americans are not responsible for the actions of the American government?

    You’re all just cows, wandering around the field, chewing your cud?

    If you’re not responsible, then who is? “Society”?

    Is it a case of: “We’re just victims! Oy Vey!” ?

    Get the violins out.

  7. Akira on August 12th, 2010 5:51 pm

    I am sure that one of the factors in the mistreatment of theAleuts is that for over a century and a half, almost all of them have been Orthodox Christians (i.e. “Eastern” Orthodox).

    The Aleuts have been in the Church of Russia, and now the OCA (which developed from the Russian missions).

    Accordingly they were considered enemies of America’s “democratic” and Anti-Christ ally (and creation), the USSR. Since they were connected by faith and by ethnicity with the Aleuts under Soviet domination, I wouldn’t be surprised if their internment was to prevent possible US-USSR Aleut contacts. You never know what might have happened — some Aleut fisherman from Alaska could have handed a Russian Aleut a Bible on some remote island, far from the prying eyes of the NKVD-OSS. The US couldn’t allow it’s great Soviet ally to face such an existential threat!

    I’m sure that if the Aleuts had all been Presbyterians or “Evangelicals”, they would have more likely to have had someone in Washington or the media to make an issue of their internment.

    Even now, most of the Masonic US miseducation establishment treats the Aleuts’ Orthodox Christianity as some sort of “temporary aberration”. US texts and (non-)documentaries typically talk of how “Russian missionaries destroyed traditional Aleut culture,” as if the Aleut aren’t free to be Christian.

    [And no, there was nothing like forced conversions. The Russian and Russian-American missionaries spent decades amongst the Aleuts, setting up hospitals, schools, helping them establish wider trading contacts in Russia and the USA and Canada, creating an Aleut script, writing Aleut-Russian and Aleut-English dictionaries, teaching literacy.]

    Saint Peter the Aleut, Martyr of San Francisco:!Saint_Peter_the_Aleut.jpg

  8. Akira on August 12th, 2010 5:54 pm
  9. A German on August 12th, 2010 6:36 pm

    “If you’re not responsible, then who is? “Society”?”

    As I already stated in the post Akira, THE ZIONIST/JEWISH OCCUPIED ELITES! ZOG!

    That’s why I hate blunt stupid Anti-Americanism in Europe!
    Because it’s NOT THE Americans!

    As a Russian Kulak (peasant) in Yaroslav has nothing to do with the evil deeds of the “Russian” Jewish Oligarchs in his country!

    Get that right BOY!
    There is no collective guilt!

  10. Akira on August 12th, 2010 7:15 pm

    I never said anything about “collective guilt”, “BOY!”

    I’m saying that individual Americans, or Germans, or Jews in the Zionist Entity, or whoever aren’t relieved of all responsibility for their governments and media just by whining, “Oh it wasn’t me, it was the elites, the elites, the elites … it was the Illuminati who did everything … it was the Jews … What can I do? I’m a nobody. I’m just a miserable little worm … Oy Vey!”

    + + +

    The inevitable Masonic connection:

    The order to intern the Aleuts came from General Simon Bolivar “Bollie” Buckner Jr. (ex of American imperial occupation forces in Philippines), who was responsible for their conditions, housing, feeding, medical care etc. He was appointed to West Point by Rothschilds’ puppet Teddy Roosevelt.

    This man responsible for these concentration camps has Fort Buckner named after him, and has a number of Masonic memorials erected in his honour.

    His father, Simon Bolivar Buckner Sr., was a Confederate general who got rich in Chicago real estate rackets, and was twice promoted after surrendering to his West Point brother Ulysses S. Grant. He then became governor of Kentucky. Simon Bolivar Buckner Sr.’s cousin — also called Simon Bolivar Buckner Sr. (and also ancestor to Simon Bolivar Jr., and SBB III-V) — fought for the Union, in the Illinois Infantry.

    Simon Bolivar Buckner III (of the Confederate Bolivarian line) was an officer in the occupation forces in Germany.

    Simon Bolivar Buckner IV (of the Confederate Bolivarian line) is a lawyer involved in foundations/charities tax-laws and with electoral standards. He interned with Senator Danforth, working on ethics committees. He recieved the Schneider, Schamburg and May Award. President of Missouri Rotary Clubs.

    Si! The Bolivarian Revolution continues! No passeran!

  11. Carolyn on August 12th, 2010 11:04 pm

    @A German

    “Section 146. This Base Law, which will be valid after the succession and completion of the (re-)union and freedom of Germany for the whole GERMAN people, will then lose its validity on the day, when a CONSTITUTION will become law, which will be decided and pronounced by the GERMAN people in a free holding.”

    It’s good to have the exact wording of that passage. Thanks.

    Yes, it still hasn’t happened.

  12. Carolyn on August 12th, 2010 11:13 pm


    General Simon Bolivar “Bollie” Buckner Jr. (ex of American imperial occupation forces in Philippines) was responsible for their conditions, housing, feeding, medical care

    So, looks like it was purposeful neglect, after all. The model for the leader of the U.S. Occupation forces in Germany, General Dwight D. Eisenhower? Or just the way all U.S. occupation forces leaders think?

    Here is something ugly I read today in Elie Wiesel’s Memoirs:
    Pre 1950, Wiesel takes a train from France to Germany to visit his sister in a DP camp: : “I rode through a vanquished, ruined Germany. The trains were packed, Germans were not allowed to sit in the comfortable compartments, and white-helmeted giants from the Military Police kept a very close watch. I felt satisfaction at seeing the conquerors conquered and the torturers terrified, yesterday’s victors on their knees before those they had condemned to death just a few years ago, begging for a cigarette, a chocolate bar, or even just a friendly smile.”

    Nice guy, eh?

  13. Akira on August 13th, 2010 12:24 am


    Ol’ “Buck” was too busy dreaming of killin’ him some Jappos to be bothered with the welfare of a few “Eskimos”.

    + + +

    From the Skull & Bones’ TIME magazine, 1945.04.16:



    Lieut. General Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr., after 37 years of soldiering, was content with his first taste of major battle [in Okinawa, where he took it in the neck nad wqent on to Masonic Hell] — Akira].

    Until now, fate had teased him. He had learned to fly in World War I, then had been denied overseas service. At the start of World War II, commanding in Alaska, he was sitting in a strategic hot spot, seemingly destined for speedy, decisive action; but the war, lightly singeing his area, had swirled southward, leaving him in the quiet northern shadows.

    Impatiently Buckner had stamped over the tundra, tended Alaska’s defenses and watched the war. He played no part when U.S. forces cleared the lower Solomons. He and his men stood aside while troops and ships put out from California to drive the Japanese off Kiska and Attu islands, in his own front yard.

    Buckner was still in Alaska, still watching, when Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz launched the drive across the Central Pacific that was to cut a fiery path through Tarawa, Makin, Kwajalein, Eniwetok, Saipan, Tinian, Guam, Peleliu, Angaur, Iwo Jima.

    [The poor guy was missing all the fun! -- Akira]

    A Marine battalion [in Okinawa], hunting the elusive enemy, managed to find and kill but four in 24 hours. Wrote one-Army colonel to another: “Please send us a dead Jap. A lot of my men have never seen one. We’ll bury him for you.”

    With Buckner on Okinawa, even medium U.S. bombers could soon roam Japanese skies. Communications with China would be endangered. The homeland itself faced invasion. In Japanese, “Okinawa” means “Rope off in the Sea”; in any language, it now spelled doom.

    General Buckner had been born for this job. His father, Simon Bolivar Buckner ST., named for the South American liberator, had served with distinction in the Mexican War and worn a lieutenant general’s stars in the Confederate Army.

    [The senior Bolivarian Buckner was in The Aztec Club of 1847, a Masonic outfit that "eschewed politics" but managed to produce 6 presidential and 3 vice-presidential candidates. 8 % of the club's membership. 3 became president, including Grant. Bolivar Buckner Sr ran for VP, and also for a senate seat. -- Akira]

    [After the war] Life at Glen Lily, the general’s 1,000-acre estate near Munfordville, Ky., went on in much the same spacious ante-bellum way. But the general hustled out to enlarge the fortune he had made speculating in Chicago real estate, get himself elected Governor of Kentucky…

    [Buckner Jr] attended various Kentucky schools, then entered Virginia Military Institute a year after the graduation of a football hero named George C. Marshall. Two years later President Theodore Roosevelt awarded Buckner a West Point appointment.

    Twice Buckner returned to West Point to teach and spruce up cadet discipline. While serving there as an instructor from 1919 to 1923, he sat with Majors Edwin Butcher and Charles H. Bonesteel on the famous “Three Bs Board” that controlled plebe training. Dealing in stern justice, this board handed down demerits strictly according to the book.

    [No demerits for letting "friendly captives starve to death, obviously -- Akira]

    Buckner also plumped for physical conditioning to make West Point hard as nails.

    [Ah, he was one of Elder Lowell's manly men of White Zion! -- Akira]

    At summer camp he was horrified to discover cold cream and after-shave lotion in some of the cadets’ tents, and promptly consigned all such cosmetics to a Savonarolesque bonfire. Said Buckner: “Cadets should work and smell like men.”

    [Sperm and sweat is what we need in a real army! -- Akira]

    If he lets wet clothes dry on him, he [Buckner] explained, a man will never catch cold.

    [The Aleuts were just too soft for this man's man! -- Akira]

    Buckner was a colonel in 1940, serving as chief of staff to the 6th Division, when he got his orders to Alaska. There was an immediate promotion to brigadier general in the assignment, and a task no good officer could have faced with overconfidence. Commanding a force that was never to go above 14,000 men until after Pearl Harbor, he had to fortify and guard a sparsely populated region one-fifth the size of the U.S., with a coastline nearly twice as long.

    The brand-new general threw himself into the task of fortifying this land. Everywhere military installations were under construction. The general moved around, cutting red tape and finding short cuts. When cement did not arrive on time, he used stone. When milled lumber failed to show up, he cut down trees. When planes did not arrive on time to man his new airfields, he sent a terse telegram to Washington: FIELD READY FOR FIRST PLANE—FRIENDLY OR ENEMY.


    In all the rush, he never lost his ingrained concern for the welfare of his troops. When two types of Arctic boot were sent to Alaska, he put a boot of one type on his right foot, the other on his left, and went for long hikes in rock and ice to see for himself which was better for the men. When two kinds of sleeping bags were ready for issue, he tried each for a night outdoors, in 60-below-zero weather.

    [What a leader of men! No detail missed. -- Akira]

    the general’s job settled down into an administrative routine. Twice he was promoted, once decorated, for his work in putting Alaska in a sound defensive position. Then came the call to the Tenth Army and battle.

    the General confines his hopes to his favorite toast (invariably drunk in “bourbon and puddle water”): “May you walk in the ashes of Tokyo.”


  14. A German on August 13th, 2010 9:56 am

    Is this the show where you will be a guest?

    I wonder, because the main topic there seems to be 911 and not the Holo€au$t.

  15. Akira on August 13th, 2010 6:15 pm

    Fetzer’s take on The Jewish Question is that all the wonderful and devout Jews are being hurt by the actions of the evil anti-Jewish Zionists, and that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism, which is a wonderful, admirable, and respectable ‘faith tradition‘. He’s very concerned about all the awful antishemites in the world, and the poor Jews and their Holyco$t.

  16. Akira on August 14th, 2010 11:43 am


    Have you heard of the kosher kourt kase alledging that getting sent to Bergen Belsen was a reward?

    So were the Pistols (and Ronnie Biggs) correct when they sang, “Belsen was a gas” ?

    [btw, the Pistols' manager: The Jew McLaren.]


    “Canada’s biggest phone company, Bell Canada, apologized on September 14, 2007 after billboard ads for their Solo cellphone discount service showed a young woman decked out in punk rock attire, with a button that read “Belsen was a gas”.”

    The references to Belsen seem to offend more than the last line of the song does:

    “Be a man, kill someone, kill yourself, be a man. Kill yourself.”

    + + +


    “I don’t wanna holiday in the sun! I wanna go to the new Belsen!”

    How about Club Gitmo? “The New Belsen” AND it’s in the sun!

    Just think — The Nazis will be providing us with Jew-Media entertainment for centuries.

  17. Akira on August 14th, 2010 11:50 am

    Punk, Jews, and the Holoco$t:

    The Jew McLaren was a follower of the impotent suicide Situationist Guy Debord (J. Kaminski’s role model for the “goyim“).


    “And so the Protocols marks a historical turning-point, because this horrible fake turned out to be exactly faithful to the spirit of Nazism, Stalinism and spectacular democracy. It is a “true fake,” as one says today. Joly wrote humorously against Napoleon-the-Small, and the Protocols are, on the contrary, written eulogistically and as if for Hitler. But both this humor and the eulogy spoke of real phenomena. Thus, 1903 is an important date in the appearance of the modern spectacle, which I had previously tended to date at the start of the War of 1914 (the patriotic “ballyhoo,” Kronstadt, the March on Rome).”

    Debord viewed the gas chambers as the “essence” of The Spectacle — meaning the apotheosis of the world as show — the Nazi murder of “The Holy 6,000,000″ as the ultimate expression of the capitalist endgame — the ‘fortunately’ cut-short prelude to our capitalist future.

    Debord dated the beginning of the “modern spectacle” to 1939 (and 1914, and 1903) with the German invasion of Poland. This is a typical Judeo-Masonic Internazi interpretation of history.

    For Debord and the Situationists, the “reality” of the Nazi death camps and gas chambers and genocide and murder of Jews, queers, Communists, anarchists etc., was/is our pre-destined “spectacular”. Debord uses the term, “the society of the spectacle”, to indicate the inevitable Nazi-ization of the West.

    + + +

    The irony is that the Nazi-ization of the West comes not from the Nazis.