Jamie Kelso, Aug. 5, 2010

August 5, 2010

“Slogans for Shunners”, that’s the title of an uproarious, as well as profound, column in the November 1993 Instauration magazine, by the pseudonymous “New Californian” on page 7. Our August 5, 2010 Jamie Kelso Show centers on this writer’s concept that White folks are going to have to learn to “Shun for your life!” and “Shun, shun, shun, for a place in the sun” and “I’m an ancestor worshipper, my religion commands shunning” and “Give creation a helping hand: shun!” and “To shun is not fun. But it is a beautiful, life-sustaining act.” The “New Californian” comes up with two pages of these gems. Read them at, where the Instauration project now has 101 issues and 3,116 pages of Instauration online.

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