Jamie Kelso, Aug. 3, 2010

August 3, 2010

Here on the Voice of Reason Broadcast Network, we have been touting the writings of Wilmot Robertson for weeks and months. Today, August 3, 2010, is another such show. With today’s upload of the 97th of 291 issues of Robertson’s Instauration magazine to the new website, Jamie Kelso has now put 1/3 of Robertson’s 25-year magazine online. As it goes online, the hope (and surely it is happening) is that the work of this great thinker and doer will gain the big audience that it should have had before Robertson’s death in 2005. Right now, Wilmot Robertson’s two principal books, The Dispossessed Majority (1972) and The Ethnostate (1992) are ranked #1,328,686 and #1,116,226 in Amazon sales. This is a sad state of affairs. We’re hoping that a year from now, after hundreds of thousands of patriots have read Instauration online, that these discouraging sales numbers will each be better by a million. The Dispossessed Majority did sell over 160,000 copies while Wilmot was alive, so a re-issued edition, with a new introduction by one of today’s leading thinkers of racial sanity, will have a great foundation upon which to build an even bigger audience.

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