The Heretics’ Hour: Wiesel Web site & German thought-police

August 2, 2010

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Today’s show is in two parts:

  • Part One: Carolyn discusses her new CODOH-sponsored Web site, and the opportunity presented by the Boston University Project. Stephen Bock joins in to tell of his experiences with activism.

  • Part Two: Günter Deckert is once again hauled into German court by the thought-police. A lively discussion follows on several topics.

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19 Responses to “The Heretics’ Hour: Wiesel Web site & German thought-police”

  1. A German on August 4th, 2010 12:31 am

    Thanks for bringing Günther Deckert on again!

    He really knows to bring the topics to the point!

    Isn’t it a shame how they again prosecuted him?
    Now he got the same punishment for helping a bit with a translation as normally Mudslimes get for raping our girls or beating up our teenagers.

    But what do we expect?
    The German judical system is a total whore and rotten to the core!

    Same with Gerd Honsik in Austria.
    Google the picture of the state prosecutor in this case!
    An ice cold psychopath with eyes like a serial killer.
    Who destroys Honsik’s life without hesitation.

    And it’s really funny how they call our “Grundgesetz” a constitution.
    Literally: basic law
    It’s nothing other than occupation law by the Allieds.

    No German ever voted yes or no for this “constitution”!

    And of course we have no jurys Carolyn.
    Because ONE judge and ONE state prosecutor is more easily to be influnced politically than a crowd of common Germans.
    That’s why also have no direct democracy in Germany via plebiscites.
    Our pollticians ALWAYS, always do exactly the opposite to that what the people want.
    It’s all the time like that.
    Abortion, gay marriage, new state citizenship law, immigration,,,

    A “Schöffe” is a lay assessor.

    And Günther is right!
    The normal people, the John Does, are totally fed up by all this stuff.

    They only know Jews as:
    - eternal victims
    - leftwing trouble makers, especially in 1960s
    - eternal blamers
    - money recievers
    - massacering Palestinians

    That’s why John Doe in Germany totally ignores all that stuff and retreats to his private life.
    Also with politics in general, the people are fed up and don’t give an eff… about it anymore.

    And for our new “Bundespräsident” Wulff, he is in nothing different to his predecessors Köhler, Rau, Herzog, Weizäcker.
    They all LOVE the Multi Cult=extermination of the German people and they all LOVE IsraHell.

    And the new one is a really special kind.
    A “party soldier”, who took every level in the party from its youth organisation up to the higher positions. A carreerist.
    A man with no backbone.
    He was minister president in the federal state of Lower Saxony.
    But there he only won in the 3rd attempt when his major rival from the other party didn’t candidate anymore because he became the German chancelor – Gerd Schröder.

    That shows, the people recognized that Wulff is just an apparatshik, and he only won when the Social-Democrats choosed an even bigger dork for the candidacy.

    And now the election for the Bundespräsident was an even bigger joke! He needed !3! rounds of voting! Although his conservative fraction had the absolute majority in the Bundesversammlung= Federal Assembly.
    In Germany the president is not voted directly by the people, surprise surprise ;-), but by 1200 specially chosen people, one half comes from the parties, the other half are electionmen who get chosen by the parties and who are mainly celebrities and sport stars.

    The German people didn’t want Wulff, they wanted Gauck, an East German who was a pastor and fought against the Stasi.
    Wulff’s election was a total charade!
    The national candidate, Frank Rennicke, got totally blanked out by our “free” media. And when he demanded to give him 5 minutes to introduce himself to the 1200 electionmen, they denied ice cold as a block, like in the USSR.

    And when Wulff ruled in Lower Saxony, he ruled the state like a lawyer, what he is, like a clerk. With no own profile. no character.

    The only thing he accomplished, was to set in the first TURKISH minister!!!!
    Who didn’t wait a day to abondon Christian crosses in public buildings and demanding more Turkish judges.
    Because, as she meant: “The Turkish accused would comprehend German judges in court as a FOREIGN power”!

    And now, where he’s president, he even demands more Multi Cult of Death. Which is especially funny because he himself, his wife, and their two kids are super Aryan!

    Hasn’t he so much brain to understand that if his ancestors, only for 1 generation, would have behaved like him, he, his wife, his kids, WOULDN’T EVEN EXIST???

    Wulff is a very good example to show the world how insane our political caste is.

    And they really LOVE IsraHell. XD

    But make no mistake it’s ONLY this rotten political “elite”!
    German John Doe again gives a flying eff… about it.

    And for Cameron:
    Yes, Cameron is a traitor! A traitor to Europe.
    But that’s nothing new for the “Cohenservatives” who claim to be “Christians”.
    In fact they even support the Multi Cult, Islam, IsraHell, Turkey even more.
    Hell, Cameron is even a member of the UAF!!!
    “United Against Fascism”, which is in reality a riot gang who hate all Whites.

    But to give Günther a hint why Cameron is for Turkey, with its 20 million unofficial umemployds, to enter the EU.
    One has to consider the extreme British Euro criticism.
    They always speak of “we and the continent” or “we and Europe”.
    The Brits think, they could weaken the EU in expanding the members to all continents (Europe, Africa, Asia) so it get transformed to a economic union rather than a political union.
    Like NAFTA.

    But the Brits (of course I mean their rotten elite), they will not only weaken the EU, perhaps destoy it, they will destroy whole EUROPE!

    Because not only 20 million or more Turks will come, but also 100 million Arabs etc. who all will claim then to be a “Turk”.
    We’ve this problem in a small version already with the Libanon.
    Libanon doesn’t take back bogus asylum seekers, so every Libanese and Arab who claims to be Libanese is undeportable.

    Same Problem with the Negros.
    There they all claim to come from Burkina Faso, because Burkina Faso takes nobody back.

    Back to Turkey and Europe.
    When the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan visits Germany, the diplomatic meeting with Merkel-Urkel is just a minor matter for him.
    Because she offers him everything anyway.

    His major matter is to visit HIS Turks in Germany.
    He meets them in big football stadiums.
    Where then everything is filled with Turkish flags.
    Looks like the Reichsparteitag of Nuremberg.
    Some Turks dress in histrorical Ottoman uniforms.
    The same uniforms they wore when the besieged Vienna 1529 and 1683.
    And then he speaks to the exstatic masses.

    He then says such nice things like:
    “What we didn’t suceed in 1683 and 1529, today our strong man and our healthy women will succed!”
    “The democracy is only the train on which we spring until we’ve the power”
    “When the Germans demand integration into the German society, that is genocide!”
    “We want Turkish grammar schools, for Turks only.”

    Before his visit there are even weeks before giant bill boards on the street “ERDOGAN IS COMING!”

    That is the REAL Turkey.
    And everyone with a brain, knows waht it will mean if they really join the EU.

  2. A German on August 4th, 2010 12:51 am
  3. What about the kids? on August 4th, 2010 2:37 am

    It’s easier to invade Germany than to stand up to the Jews:

    “Cameron is a traitor!” ?


    Cameron is not a traitor to his Jewish nation.

  4. Von Riemann on August 4th, 2010 2:59 am

    Great Show, and like hearing from Gunther Deckert from the fatherland and what’s happening in Germany and Europe and would like to see him a regular.

    Hey Carolyn,

    I was just doing research into my fathers family during (WW2). I just came across this story and needs to be told. It is about the Erich Riemann and our family and his village who were tortured, raped, murdered, and force out by the Soviets. I sent it to Mark Webber asking him to post it on his (IHR) website as he did the story about my grandmother [Erika Riemann]. It is of extreme historical importance, and between all the Jewish hype and non-stop pandering about the “Shoah”, we need to hear about the real Holocaust inflicted by the Allies.

    The website is in German, and I had to translate it via Google because I don’t understand Deutsche but only speak. Here is a

    “It was a little calmer, less air raids – and then a Russian came into the basement and wanted to have girls, grabbed a 13-year-old and a 15-year-old, raped her and raped her again. It was not long, as the same Russian came back, drunk and wanted to have a certain girl who refused. In a rage, he took his machine gun and cocked it. We saw now what was coming now, and it was followed by calls for help to God, and we begged and begged, but the Russians did not like to shoot. Also our dear sister, may now begging the Russians that he did not shoot it. He is not bothered and just about 50 rounds slammed into the basement into us. After the Russians had left, I asked my wife: “Have you abandoned something?” She said: “No” – very softly, “and you?” “Not!” As time had passed, and said there were other Russians who can still run, should come out to connect.

    My dear little sister was on a dead old man and looked like a dead body. Suddenly she exclaimed: “Eric, help me, Erich, help me, I’m not dead yet”! We are hard it was, we could say we are not saying: “But Lottie, it will be even better.” Now our wounded aunt called after us, and we both brought into the parlor of straw and a Russian sergeant gave us actually bandages. Then it was night and we lay down on the straw to the sister and aunt. Grandmother went on: “Now we must all die – but something like that, but something should be able to think of a man.” Sister asked me: “Erich, Erich hold me but only on the hand, it’s me something easier.” When morning came, asked Auntie if the sister is still asleep and we said: “Yes, she is still asleep, and knew not that God had already established themselves.

    It would be appreciated if for a change if you possibly can do a broadcast on such stories from the German side. I agree that [Elie Wiesel] is con-artist and fraud, but focusing on him and the Jews 24/7 gives only the attention they want while denying the real victims of (WW2) the justice, memory, acknowledgment, etc. Whether it’s Ingrid Rimland’s tale, etc; it should be told before history truly gets overwritten by (PC) propaganda!!!

    Also, your info on your [] is good and thorough—however a-lot of the info is too sophisticated for me to decipher as well the photo’s hard for my eyes to focus and read, which isn’t your fault as it’s not like they are (HD), etc.(lol). I might have a lot of questions, but most of the stuff is fairly understandable. I will go over it time and time again, if need be like you said. I agree with a-lot of what you said, although a few disagreements on how to go about handling ourselves with these criminals, etc.

    May I contact you via email Carolyn, if I have any questions about the Elie site??? I am kind of shy and anti-social though, (lol).

  5. Ed on August 4th, 2010 3:17 am

    Take your single-issue Wilders-esque anti-Islam hype back to some neo-con site where it belongs, alleged “German”.

  6. What about the kids? on August 4th, 2010 3:19 am

    So anyone who is bothered by millions of Muslims in Germany must be Geert Wilders?

    Any German bothered by Turks putting up posters in Germany with the German flag “crescented” must be a Neo-Con?

  7. Chris on August 4th, 2010 4:57 am

    Don’t be a fool Ed. Islam is a major problem, especially in Europe. People like you give anti-semitism a bad name, i,e, it’s only the jew, I can’t see anything else.

  8. What about the kids? on August 4th, 2010 6:09 am

    How come this was deleted? :

    So anyone who is bothered by millions of Muslims in Germany must be Geert Wilders?

    Any German bothered by Turks putting up posters in Germany with the German flag “crescented” must be a Neo-Con?

  9. What about the kids? on August 4th, 2010 6:12 am

    Sorry, some Internet anomaly. Thought the comment had been deleted. The page must have reverted to some pre-comment version in ‘history’. Never mind. Everybody go back to what you were doing…


    Yes, it’s Jews — big problem — Masons — and in France, Germany, UK, Nelgium, Holland: Muslims.

    All these problems are related too.

    And of course the US also keeps pushing the EU to admit Turkey.

  10. A German on August 4th, 2010 12:14 pm

    “Take your single-issue Wilders-esque anti-Islam hype back to some neo-con site where it belongs, alleged “German”.”


    I’m not a Wilders-esque zionist anti-islamist Ed!
    I can assure you that!
    In contrast to Wilders, PI, Pro Köln and alikes, the Turks are still a problem for me, even if the abondon Islam.
    Because they endanger the genetical structure of my fatherland.

    If you presumed I’m such a viper because I used one picture of the zionist anti-islamic website PI, I have to disappoint you.
    I just image-googled it to show the people these disgusting bill boards.

    And I’m also not an “alleged” German.
    Understand me Mr. Ed, the alleged “talking horse”?

    I mentioned mainly the Turks because they’re our biggest problem, who destroy our country.
    If you would have read carefully, you would have discovered, that I didn’t argue religiously but only geopolitical.
    And you also would have discovered that I mentioned the negro-problem too.
    And that I critisized the NeoCohens in this post as in almost all my other posts.

    So, please Mr. Ed, think twice before you write such a nonsense next time. Take a carrot on me old gee-gee.

  11. Von Riemann on August 4th, 2010 5:30 pm

    @ German, I agree with you 100% about the Muslims. Don’t worry brother, America is going to get a rude-awakening soon, as of 2010 there is 20 plus million Muslims in America and rising. Muslims of Saudi Arabia and Jordan now own a majority of shares with the Jew Rupert Murdoch of [Fox News] enterprise, not to mention other industry and even American land. Muslims just got the approval for a giant Mosque at ground-zero where they helped slaughtered 3,000 White people, and (CAIR) or “Council for American Islamic Relations” is calling for Sharia-Law in (US) and the beheading of those who insult Islam.. Here in (WA), the Muslims forced us German-Americans out of business and now they own nearly everything alongside the Orientals and Jews. The Muslims now own all the gas-stations, taxi services, majority of restaurants, and the list goes on and on.

    Don’t let people like (Ed) insult you and try and flame you as he sounds like a straight-up Cultural-Marxist, which won’t be tolerated in our struggle!!! you are on the right path, and it would be clear to everyone that is sane, that Islam and these Mongols of Asia are the biggest problem as they constitute 5-6 billion of the Earth’s population; when Muhammad becomes the #1 name in Europe; low White birth-rates compared to non-whites; European cities being renamed Muslim to suit the new replacement population; and the countless thousands of White girls pack-raped and killed by these savages as White teens beaten to death by gangs, etc. Germany is in dire need for someone to stand against both the Semitic-Islam and Semitic-Israel/Jewry!!! Most of these pro-Islam radicals come from the Liberal “Jew-thinking” Christianity, or, the social-left.

    It’s always clear who the real “Jew” and “Zionist” is, just look at those doing everything they can physically and ideologically to harm/destroy our White people and countries, for the Jew will always be on that side leading/instigating/financing it.

    Keep your head up, and do what you think is right—not (ED)!!!

    If we all did what (ED) wanted us to do, and “took our shit somewhere” else, then nobody would know about these websites like (VOR), Resist.Com, IHR, VHO, etc-etc-etc; which is maybe what they want as surely most are government trolls. If Israel has it’s people trolling the net against Whites to sway opinion in favor of Israel and Jewry or flame enemies thereof, then you know the Muslims are doing it as well for Arabs and Islamification, as Social-Marxist do with Blacks and “Equality”.


  12. johnUK on August 4th, 2010 7:06 pm

    @What about the kids?

    German BND intelligence help foster Turkish/Islamic extremism as a domestic conduit to support pan Turkish nationalism to geo-political gains as Sibel Edmonds revealed in Bosnia, Chechnya, Central Asia and Xinjing working with Turkish intelligence and the Cold War era grey wolves intelligence network.

    It was German Turks that carried out the pogroms against the Han Chinese in Xinjing and Germans are at the forefront of trying to destabilise Uzbekistan.

    All the terrorist attacks or alleged terrorist conspiracies are part of this Bosnian/Chechen/Central Asian network like the recent planned attack uncover in Europe.

  13. A German on August 4th, 2010 7:35 pm

    @■Von Riemann
    Thanks for the support brother!
    Appreciate it.

    And for these undercover trolls you described,
    JohnUK clearly is one of them!

    Always defending the USSR, Stalin, the Red Army.
    That’s the new Russian government lingu.
    Like on RT.

    Just look at his last comment how he makes no difference
    between the BND=German secret service, the German government, Turks who live in Germany and the the true GERMAN people!
    For him it’s all a big “German” conspiracy against foremost Russia.
    Or the “West” against Russia.

    JohnUK is the KGB the Russian people?
    Are Russian oligarchs and the Russian mafia the Russian people?

    So stop blaming all the time the German people!
    Common Germans have nothing to do with all this dirty buisness, as a Russian Kulak in Jaroslav has nothing to do with all of Putin’s dirty propaganda tricks and the attempt to start a new cold war.

    I know you know it better.
    But that is not your goal, you just want make trouble on these comment sites.

    Eff… off Bolshevist! Neo Soviet!
    Go back to RT and try and teach those propaganda chicks there some proper English!

  14. Ed on August 5th, 2010 1:51 am

    “Don’t worry brother, America is going to get a rude-awakening soon, as of 2010 there is 20 plus million Muslims in America and rising. Muslims of Saudi Arabia and Jordan now own a majority of shares with the Jew Rupert Murdoch of [Fox News] enterprise, not to mention other industry and even American land.”

    Oh please, this is Alex Jones type nonsense. Rubbish Jewish propaganda.

  15. Ed on August 5th, 2010 2:00 am

    Von Riemann, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

    “Muslims just got the approval for a giant Mosque at ground-zero where they helped slaughtered 3,000 White people”

    Jews did 9/11. You’re repeating the 9/11 Jew-lie that Muslims perpetrated that act. Your repetition of Jewish neo-con slogans and talking points does nothing for your credibility.

  16. Ed on August 5th, 2010 2:05 am

    “If Israel has it’s people trolling the net against Whites to sway opinion in favor of Israel and Jewry or flame enemies thereof”

    Damn right, and a huge number of those Jewish propagandists are engaged in anti-Islam/Muslim hyperbole as a very effective method of misdirecting Whites.

  17. A German on August 5th, 2010 11:26 am

    @Mr. Ed

    In this issue it doesn’t really matter if Jews or Muzzies did 911.
    We Whites don’t want mega mosques everywhere!
    Nor synagogues.

    Man, we already have !12,000! Mosques in Europe!
    Germany has !3,000! mosques.
    Almost every day a big German city gets a new mega mosque!
    We’ve enough of that!

    I understand your standpoint Ed.
    You mean we should only fight the masterminds of the Multi Cult, the Jews.
    But there I differ, the masterminds are my enemy AS the foot soldiers of the Multi Cult=Muzzies.

    I’ve nothing against Muzzies in their countries.
    But if they come to my country, my continent and try to colonize us, then they’re my enemy too.

    That’s exactly Dr. Duke’s standpoint, which he told the Iranians in Teheran and they aplauded him.
    Anti-Zionistic, yes, but if Muzzies think they can take us over, they’re on the enemy list too.

  18. Carolyn on August 5th, 2010 11:32 am

    To Von Rieman:

    Please write to me at the email address given and let’s work with this. I’d like to have you as a guest on the program. I will ask someone to translate the story you linked to for me. It might take awhile, but we’ll do it.

    Thanks for giving your take on the show content; I know everyone has their own special interest and point of view, and I like to hear what it is. Naturally, I am convinced that putting all the pieces together about Wiesel will be a real blow to the entire idea of survivors as witnesses. I probably have more of the big picture in my sights regarding Elie Wiesel than many of you do. But for that topic, you can send an email to

  19. kelvinator on August 9th, 2010 2:55 am

    I have a dream too that all Anglo Saxon’s around the world find the necessary common ground and come together in support for there race and opposition against communism take that king.