Jamie Kelso, Jul. 29, 2010

July 29, 2010

Fred Barnes earns the dishonor of being named “Majority Renegade of the Year” in the January 1993 issue of Instauration magazine, which show host Jamie Kelso put online for the first time today, July 29, 2010. Reason Radio Network dot com listeners were the first to share this online exact facsimile at Wilmot Robertson’s condemnation of Majority white elitist Fred Barnes proved to be prophetic. On the staff of Martin Peretz’s New Republic then, Barnes is now the Executive Editor of the house organ of neoconservatism, The Weekly Standard. Perhaps Robertson, were he still with us, would have demoted Barnes from Majority Renegade to the lowest form of all: Proditor. The neologism, meaning “a particularly nasty form of traitor” is not Robertson’s but that of the greatest neologist of all time, William Shakespeare. Shakespeare in I Henry VI, act 1, scene 3 wrote: “thou most usurping proditor, and not protector, of the king or realm.” All of these Instauraton issues will be discussed in the coming months and years on Kelso’s website in their own sub-forum devoted to the premier magazine of the White cause in the last quarter of the twentieth century.

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