Jamie Kelso, Jul. 26, 2010: Ryan J. Murdough

July 26, 2010

Jamie Kelso’s guest on July 26, 2010 is Ryan J. Murdough, Republican candidate for the New Hampshire House of Representatives in an upcoming September 14 primary election. Kelso thinks that grassroots local patriots like Ryan Murdough are the wave of the future in retaking our country. Patriots in any State can support Mr. Murdough at his Web site. Three of the five Republicans running with Murdough will make it past the Sept. 14 primary to the November general election, where they will face three Democratic challengers for three House of Representatives positions from Ryan’s district. There are 400 Representatives in New Hampshire’s House, in a State of only 1.3 million citizens, whose powerful patriot motto is “Live Free or Die”. That motto is on every New Hampshirite’s license plate. In Ryan J. Murdough they have a citizen candidate of the people who actually believes in his State’s motto.

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One Response to “Jamie Kelso, Jul. 26, 2010: Ryan J. Murdough”

  1. Patthemick on July 26th, 2010 11:31 pm

    This guy needs t9o work on his voice modulation. He needs to speak up when making a point and avoid the monotone he currently uses. I suggest he set a mirror up and watch himself speak. Your voice sounds different when you smile or grimace and his body language is carried by his voice mannerisms.
    I’m a professional salesman and politics is first and foremost selling. I recommend he looks at tapes of preachers and politicians to get and idea how to motivate a crowd.