Jamie Kelso, Jul. 22, 2010

July 22, 2010

Bob Richards, the only two-time gold medalist in the pole vault is part of our discussion today, July 22, 2010 on the Jamie Kelso show. Kelso is the Exec. Assistant to American Third Position chairman Bill Johnson. Mr. Johnson recently received a personal endorsement of the A3P mission from the “Vaulting Vicar” Bob Richards, whose third-party politics spans from his enthusiasm today for back to his 1984 presidential run as the Populist Party candidate. Richards received 66,168 votes in that election won by Reagan with 54.5 million votes over Mondale with 37.5 million votes. By 1988 Don Wassall (now a Director of the A3P) had become Chairman of the Populist Party. David Duke was the Populist candidate that year, winning 47,000 votes.

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